Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Faith Blog

"This is what the Lord says...........As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.."
Isaiah 66:14

Happy Mother's Day, Moms...(especially mine xxx)


Always On Watch said...

My mother has been gone for over two decades.

I miss her every day -- especially on Mother's Day.

If you're mother is still living, cherish her and whatever time you have left together!

Anonymous said...

Z, I have noticed that religious people do take a lot of comfort in times of trouble from their beliefs. It has always seemed to me, that made those beliefs very powerful, regardless of their actual validity or lack there of.

Z said...

Always, what a beautiful reminder. A testament to your affection for each other in your reminder for US to cherish our moms who are still with us. thanks.

Hermit, that's the rub. Many less religious people think it's the tough times when those beliefs just somehow SPRING into a comforting mode. When, actually, those are very often the toughest times in which to take's sort of the "i'm upset, things are bad right now, how the heck could God be here?" thing.....when, in actuality, it's a seasoned believer who doesn't let those times deter but strengthen. THAT, my friend, can be QUITE a job, QUITE a painful attempt to remember what we KNOW.
That's POWERFUL, watch people of faith REALLY suffering and remembering He never promised us a rose garden, as a matter of fact, He SAID we'd suffer.
Remember, what's documented in history, not the Bible, is that 11 of his apostles died martyr's deaths for their having seen what they saw and believed (when He died).....I always consider that they could have said "Hey, STOP that, I was just kidding about this guy being resurrected...this is going WAY too far, guys, OKAY, OKAY, the joke's over, cut me DOWN from here!"

but, they didn't. End of sermon :-).
(and, trust me, nobody doesn't makes you think and research more, which is probably the idea behind it, whether WE like it or not! xx)

Z said...

Always On Watch has this article on her site about Mother's Day, by someone who recently lost his mother.

I believe it's a comfort to those of you who have lost your mother and a powerful reminder to cherish ours for those who still have our mothers with us....(even when you don't feel like it!? YOU know who you are!) Great find, Always, thanks.

Z said...

The above link is one you might NOT want to check into. Yahoo saw fit, on it's home page, to link to a piece "What a Mom's Work is Worth" dollars and cents.
Somehow, I found that sad.
and typical Yahoo, somehow. might be kind of clever if it wasn't mother's day.

Oh, well...we all know what OUR mothers are worth, and it isn't in dollars and cents, is it.

Joe said...

My mother died a couple of years ago and not a day goes by that I don't still miss her. I think, "I need to call Mom, today..." then I remember.

But I remember not sadly, only fondly.

Happy Mothers' Day to all.

christian soldier said...

Happy Mothers' Day ..
and especially to the Mothers of our BEST!

Jungle Mom said...

Today is a difficult one for us as it is also the 15th anniversary of my mother in laws death. Never take your mom for granted!

Anonymous said...

Z, I guess I would not have made a very good early Christian. Have you ever seen the movie "City of God" about the siege of Jerusalem by Saladin? As the Islamic Army surrounds the city, and all appears lost, the Bishop says "convert to Islam now, repent later!"

What I really need is a deity that helps me out when I'm in trouble.

That doesn't keep me from admiring those with fortitude, though, who are strong believers in adversity.

Always On Watch said...

Thanks for the link in your earlier comment here.

This is a "down day" for me.

Susannah said...

Always, Joe & Jungle~ Our small group said a special prayer this morning for friends in your situations. Hope you know that comfort today.

Hermit~ "I guess I would not have made a very good early Christian." Me either, but hey, there's still time!
"What I really need is a deity that helps me out when I'm in trouble." You do, dear have NO idea!!

Z~ beautiful sermon! I like your style! :)

Happy Mother's Day everybody~~

Z said...

Hermit! are you kiddin'?
You said "What I really need is a deity that helps me out when I'm in trouble." You don't have to look much farther! He won't pay the bills or heal us every time we ask, but his comfort is beyond imagination. And, looking back after troubles, we see His hand WAS at work so often.

I hope I didn't imply Christianity doesn't give comfort! That Bishop's line in your film would NEVER EVER EVER represent the God of the Bible, you know that!! No! No Christian gives in to another religion ... just to survive this earth.

And, oh, does Christian faith give comfort! I don't know how I'd get through what's going on in our country if I didn't have faith that GOD IS IN CONTROL and there is a better place and that this place is better because of our faith, it's just better, far more joyfully lived, because of it.

You said also "That doesn't keep me from admiring those with fortitude, though, who are strong believers in adversity."

"Believers in adversity?" As if we WELCOME it? NO! BUT, believers know that it does sharpen our faith and deepen our trust, that's a very good thing! I just got defensive because I thought you were suggesting that people turn to faith ONLY for comfort in hard times........I'd NEVER say adversity doesn't rock ALL Christians, it does, for a while...then that rocking becomes the rocking of a cradle, come to think of it. (hey, I LIKE that, if I do say so myself!.. got to remember that!)
Adversity COMES to us and we believe that He will give comfort..and he does. OH, brother, DOES HE.

Hermit, sometimes I like to admit my periods of doubt because I feel some people think they can't be a Christian if they ever have doubts, and THAT's why I mention mine so often. Does that make sense to you? xxx

Elmers Brother said...


The Bible sasy to consider all joy when we (as Christians) go through trials because it help to mature us as Christians. What Z said is so's not that we never doubt...but in those times of doubt it's God who reminds us of who HE truly is. He's described as a helper..a comforter...etc etc.

I'm reminded often of God's grace (unmerited favor).

Abraham Lincoln said: "Everything I am and ever hope to be I owe to my mother."

I shared those words with my mother today.

It's true.

Z said...

HERE is how much I recommend Christian Soldier's site today....

EVERYONE I've sent it to via email has written back in tears..........yup. it's wonderful and I THINK IT'S A WONDERFUL MOTHER'S DAY GIFT..........
particularly the tears of joy in the soldier's parents' eyes.

it made my DAY.

Elbro...thanks for that reminder say it far better than I do, and always in far fewer words. (HOW DO YOU DOOO THAT?!)

Susannah...thanks so much. That means a lot to me. Happy Mom's Day to YOU, honey. xxx

Brooke said...

Happy mother's day to all, Z!

christian soldier said...

Thank you Z-

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you all.

"As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you..""

There wasn't a time when my children or grandchild were sick, that I didn't pray for them to get well. When they seemed to need more than I could give them I looked to God for help.

We aren't alone, really, there is strength in faith, and hope, and I thank God for these precious gifts called children every day.

""What a Mom's Work is Worth" dollars and cents.
Somehow, I found that sad."

Yes Z, it is sad. There is no amount of money that can pay for the rewards of motherhood. Money can't buy a joyful heart, or the love and fulfillment of being a Mom.

Yes it can be hard work at times, and test one's mettle, but when all is said and done, there is no greater calling, at least for me.

Just having them in my life is all the payment I need. That, and the kisses and hugs aren't bad either.

AOW, Jungle and Joe, I can commiserate with you. My Mom and my Dad are both gone, but I as you, feel the same.

They never really leave us, do they, they're just in a different place. I know we'll be together again someday.


Pat Jenkins said...

thank goodness for all the moms!! wish yours a happy mother's day for me z!

David Wyatt said...


Thank you so much for this thread!

Hermit, as for a Deity that helps you out when you're in trouble, I just have to tell you about the time when I was in the most trouble imaginable. I had put my life in the things that I thought would bring me happiness. Then, one of those "things" just fell apart, & I realized how empty & lost I was. I also realized I was a sinner, I mean a real one, not just a make-believe one. God had said, have no other gods before Me & I had a whole pile of them. But, I also realized that His Son had taken the penalty of my very real sin on Himself for me, & I trusted Him to be my Savior. His Word to me, & you too, by the way, is "Come unto Me all ye that labor & are heavy laden & I will give you rest." I did, & He was as good as His Word. He gave me the rest of forgiveness & eternal life in place of my sinfulness & separation from Him. Yes, I have had trouble since, & though He does not always do things the way I'd like or choose at the time, later I always find that He is working out what is very best for me & all those in my world, as Joseph said way back in Genesis 50:20. When you face God, do you want to do so hoping that you will somehow find Him lenient on your sins, or do you want to face Him with His Son at your side, having Him as your Savior, the One who paid for your sins?
I'm sorry, I just HAD to share that with you! Praise God for Moms,& I am so thanlful for mine, as well as my beautiful wife who is doing the very best she can to raise me right!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

HAPPY MOMMYS DAY hun!..hugs!

shoprat said...

Jesus said He longs to gather us as a mother hen gathers her chicks under her wings.

The Merry Widow said...

Hermit-As a Christian(and a widow and single mother), I can tell you that G*D creates masterpieces. But a masterpiece has no depth or reality without the dark strokes.

The shadows add depth to our character and makes us 'real' people who can look at another's suffering and understand and bear it.

And being 'real' means laying aside pride and arrogance, asking for help or forgiveness, and anchorig ourselves to The Rock of our Salvation. We ALL go through storms, but will the foundations hold?

If we build on sand, all will be lost in the storm and only wreckage left. On The Rock, we may be shaken, but the house will stand!
G*D bless and MARANATHA!


Anonymous said...

Interesting perspectives and I enjoyed reading them. I know religion means something different to every individual.

Z said...

Hermit, I'm glad you came a glutton for punishment ! (Smile)

I just keep reminding myself how INFINITELY better my life's been since I really grasped CHristianity's much calmer I am, how much more optimistic I can be.
Plus, I keep reminding myself that eternity's a LOOOOOOOOONG nasty time if what Jesus said is true.

If what he said isn't true, what the life on this planet was better..that's the DOWN SIDE! :-)

I PROMISE, it's the END of the sermon!! xxx