Tuesday, May 12, 2009

They're STOPPING this program?

HERE's an article you need to read:
(...take some Prozac or something first...)

"The Department of Homeland Security is dismantling a next-generation biological attack warning system in New York City subways because of technical problems, U.S. officials said.

Robert Hooks, a deputy assistant secretary, said the department no longer believes it is necessary to expand the pilot program, as he told Congress in July, because of resource and technology limits. Hooks said a long-planned alternative sensor system, set for initial deployment late next year, also will not be available nationwide until 2012, to allow for more testing.

The deactivation of the pilot program in late March marks a setback in U.S. efforts to detect biological weapons, and its disclosure comes as the Obama administration is unveiling new security priorities as part of its 2010 budget today.

The federal government installed air samplers in more than 30 U.S. cities in 2003 to detect the release of potential bioweapons such as anthrax spores, plague bacteria and smallpox viruses. The BioWatch program, which cost about $500 million, was meant to speed up the response before disease could spread."

Z: If it's a PRIORITY in this year's budget, why are "RESOURCES" (code word=funding) not being THROWN at this important safeguard? You think this is a GOOD IDEA? ACORN is still getting their money, why not THIS?



Debras Page said...

It just gets nuttier every day don't it!

Always On Watch said...

I think that root cause of all these stand downs from measures designed to protect our national security stems from the fact that this administration will not recognize the reality of the numerous jihadomaniacs out there who are scheming to kill millions of Americans.

As far as the administration is concerned, the real threat is dissent to the socialistic plan for America.

Remember Napolitano's term for terrorism? Man-made disaster.

Susannah said...

If I were a really jaded thinker, I would theorize that our own President is stripping us down of all our defenses. If I were really cynical, I would say that he might just be the enemy who has gotten to the top job 'on the inside'...but I'm not that far gone...am I?

Z said...

this administration has shown its willingness for us to be vulnerable on so many counts, can we blame any extremist who'd try again?

A billion off missile defense (after gazillions have been spent readying certain systems, like MEADS), a huge chunk of money taken away from the checking for nuclear matter on shipments in our harbors just got suggested under our radar screen, the border fence just lost more money, we're suddenly calling our military the people to fear in OUR country (witnessed by the Homeland Sec. Report), etc etc......
I'm thinking no matter HOW rotten the economy is, it's more important to keep us safe...without that, who needs an economy?

Ducky's here said...

You going to install these everywhere in the U.S?

Seems impractical and ineffective. Truth is we can't afford every sop desired by the bed wetters to make them feel secure.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, what a moron. Our next attack will be on this man's shoulders and no one elses. Its a sad day when the blood of American citizens is on the hands of the American President.

Z said...

Oh, Kris...I wasn't sure at first if you meant Ducky or our president.

Are you all hearing our president's now asking, through Gates, that our Joint Chiefs of Staff never discuss their opinions on anything military?
Got to keep it only OBAMA'S opinions, or?
What's up...? I haven't heard the news story and am hoping it doesn't go under the radar screen like pulling funding from the border fence did..
if you hear anything, everyone, please let me know.

Brooke said...

Z, if I take a prozac or stiff drink every time I hear this administration doing something this stupid, I'll be an addict or alcoholic in no time!


Ducky's here said...

It's very strange about my right wing brethren. They profess to absolutely hate government and lose no opportunity to trumpet its inefficiencies so loudly that you would think they felt government invented inefficiency unless ... it has something to do with defense.

List the abject failure of the military as a policy instrument from Korea through Vietnam through Beirut through Afghanistan and they will not back off one inch.
Here we have an expensive program that has not demonstrated an ability to protect you from ANYTHING and the right wing drama queens are in a paroxysm. In this case they assume the government was infallible in protecting us under Chucklenuts.
Strange pathology which I think has its roots in their basic xenophobia but maybe there's another explanation.

Anonymous said...

Yes mr. ducky, when government is actually performing one of it's limited Constitutionally sanctioned functions, conservatives ACTUALLY support it.

It's when government starts running car companies that we begin shaking out heads... wondering where those UNLIMITED government functions are mandated by the Constitution.

Larry Durham said...

America has no need of such elaborate warning systems now...we have the compassionate head tilt of Barack Hussein Obama to counter the terrorist...uh, er...insurgents.

Z said...

Brooke..pass the syringe or bottle! Vodka's my choice. !!

Ducky, as FJ reminds: Our protection is one of the only things our constitution DOES allow the president to do (when he's not buying private companies, apparently?)

Typical Leftist; Wait for the NYsubways to have anthrax throughout them which kills thousands, THEN get involved. Thanks.

Larry, I actually am hoping this DOPEY muslim-kissing IS going to work. Maybe he knows something we don't know...maybe he's called off the dogs.
I'd just hate to hear we need to bowing five times to the East for our protection, huh? I guess a Ducky or an obama would think that's better than FIGHTING for our country, though.

beamish said...

Don't you know that the money will go towards the sacred cow of Democrat counter-terrorism defense - nuclear weapon detectors in all of our ports so they can detect a smuggled nuclear weapon before it blows up the nuclear weapon detector, and the port, and the city around it.

Anonymous said...

President Obama doesn't mind risking American lives. He does the bidding of those far leftists who are self-hating Americans who think we're spoiled, and stupid.

Pawns in a power game. He doesn't take seriously a real threat from without, so he rolls the dice and dismantles the policies which were put in place to protect Americans.

He evidently does take seriously a perceived threat from within. Those scary people who attend tea parties, and support the second amendment. Former military personnel, Bible clingers, and dissenters to his plans and policies.

So much for the Constitution. It's gasping it's last breaths.

Now we have to assume that Obama's call for a national civilian security force as fully funded as our military, means that he fears not the Jihadists but, American citizens.

We now have the National Guard, the police, FBI, CIA, AFT, DEA, etc. Why does the President need a civilian security force, who will they answer to, and what is he afraid of, his own people?

So, to you Ducky, I ask what is the purpose of such a force and what will they be for? What will they do?

Is there anything about this President and what he's doing that gives you pause?

Or are you simply another Obama cult follower, no questions asked?


Z said...

Pris.."cult follower" not only no questions asked..NO THINKING ALLOWED.

Zack R said...

For the sake of Ducky and other Leftists, a couple definitions.

Conservative: a person whose desire for government action is based on the specific requirements cited in the Constitution. That would include the derailment of the plans of terrorists, whose goals to destroy Manhattan have already been very well-established, and indeed attempted; for example on 9/11, which perhaps you missed.

Liberal: a person whose desire for government action includes the takeover and intrusion into private businesses, the forced use across the country of new and dangerous lightbulbs based on a new and disputed theory, and the grabbing of other peoples' property to be used for governmentally ordained "higher goals," including shopping malls and land development. Plus a thousand other equally arbitrary incursions, so great in number that it would require a book-length Comment to enumerate them.

That's the basic definitional difference.

Z said...

zack; BRAVO!

Anonymous said...

The one thing that those horrible right wingers think government is SUPPOSED to do is protect us from enemies, foriegn and domestic.

SO, in keeping with that policy, it makes perfect sense for right wingers to expect their tax dollars to go towards devices that might warn them a nasty biological element is in their breathing air or some one is dropping something on them.

A very sane, reasonable thing for tax payers to expect.
Now, sitting around whining about whether breakfast cereals are drugs and cannot make claims as to their abilities to help with health problems, is something most right wingers DON'T think is needed.

See the difference.

The left really are over done , anal retentive nannies who were Puritans in a past life.