Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Truth SHOULD Set us Free? By Deaner
Please read the link above and then read THIS by fellow commenter, Deaner:

How does he write this?

First: 9/11 was planned (while Al Qaeda was left ignored to grow, train and fund) when his boss was the president.

Second: It's just been proven that high ranking Dems (Pelosi, etc) knew about the waterboarding which produced useful intelligence that according to the CIA, not just VP Cheney, saved American lives.

Third: How can he say the Bush-Cheney policies didn't keep us safe? The "policies" were implemented post 9/11, and they're out of office now... and we weren't attacked again on U.S. soil.

Fourth: The Waterboarding of the 3 Al Qaeda honchos had little if anything to do with setting the stage to confront Saddam. It was about the 13 previous UN resolutions that demanded Saddam prove he had disarmed himself of WMDs, which he had ignored up to that point.

Fifth: It was Begala's boss who declared The U.S. "policy" toward Iraq was Regime Change in 1998!!!

Sixth: Liberals hate the Vietnam War more than they hate the Iraq War. Could he be more contradictory and hypocritical for the sake of making a point. If Paul was thinking clearly as a person with sincere left-wing positions, he'd be celebrating Cheney for dodging that American slaughterfest, wouldn't he?

I don't how I remain shocked by the unintended irony that spews forth from Democrats, but somehow I am. I think Paul needs a mental health exam to make sure his faculties are working correctly. Although, we're soon to get ObamaCare, so he probably doesn't have the time for the waiting list and finally the exam that will be administered by an overworked nurse because all of the doctors have left the field.

Poor Paul. He's screwed. And he won't even get the irony.

And yes, I do get the irony of me, a conservative, checking the Huffington Post to see what's up. I do read and listen to what the libs have to say, unlike them when they diss Deaner

Z: I read and listen to everything, too, Deaner. I've even got to the point of feeling sick to my stomach watching Olbermann to laughing at him. Thanks for this; we need the truth, no matter HOW the Left will spin it. Would that we had a real media again.



Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

Well look at it this way. Chucklenuts managed to gain absolutely nothing in Iraq except getting us bogged down occupying a country that had no Air Force, no armor, no missiles, no navy, no artillery or anything else with an offensive capability but you right wing stoners ate everything they put on the plate.

Cheney also screwed the pooch in Afghanistan and now we have some real bad folks threatening to take over a country that has nuclear capability.

Well done Cheney, you kept us safe and these right wingers were too busy hiding under the bed to realize how badly they were conned.

Kept us safe? Please, bore me later.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, I'll bore you now.

Cause they never tried to get us here again the whole eight years. Right. See my last comment to you on the "Chucklenuts" post - used more appropriately, thank you very much.

I'll write it again: It was Saddam who provoked the confrontation as the United Nations was the body that demanded he comply.

President Bush and VP Cheney weren't the ones that investigated Saddam. It was the CIA and entire world intelligence community. Again, Saddam had the ability and mandate to prove the intelligence wrong. George Tenet (Clinton's appt) said it was a "slam dunk", my man.

Ever thought about the fact that after we did go prove Saddam would never threaten anyone again with his WMD's (ask the Kurds if you don't buy that he did have them) Al Qaeda swarmed there where they were decimated by not only us, but the new Iraqi army that we helped to build up as they courageously joined up to fight as our allies? You don't think this may have kept the Al Qaeda resources a little busy and hence American soil/lives safer?

Ever thought about how historic it was that Iraqi people (women too) are now able to vote in real elections. You made a comment about the "will of the voters" in the "Chucklenuts" post. What's your take on the will of all these new voters who wouldn't have that right if not President Bush's resolve.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing for Iraq to be a democracy?

What about Saddam being gone? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

What about Hillary, VP Biden, Senator Schumer, etc. supporting the Iraq War? Don't tell me they were lied into this by George W. Bush. Per Pres. Clinton in 1998:

Yawning in anticipation of your retort.



Anonymous said...

Begala, a political hack extraordinaire, spares no talent in constructing an unprovable tale.

His conjecture is based on nameless FBI agents who purportedly said certain things or who, in one case supposedly bonded with the butcher Al Libi. No names, no source. Just the word of Paul Begala who of course is as pure as the driven snow.

Then of course there's the nameless CIA agent who threatened Al Libi with assaulting his mother. No name, no source.

Words like "reportedly", don't quite cut it.

Wait a minute, maybe the source is Al Libi himself. Now that he's conveniently dead, that's a possibility. Also, we all know Islamists never lie, especially to infidels.

Finally, when I think back to that day, 9-11, and picture thousands of people burning to death, being crushed to death, and throwing themselves out high rise windows with only one of two choices, falling to their deaths, or suffering the death of flames as they burn. Do I care about Al Libi being tormented by interrogators?

No I don't. Do I understand why an interrogator might rough up a prisoner? Yes I do.

But, Paul Begala proves nothing, except in writing his story he did what he's always done. Some call it spinning, I call it lying.

And now, today, we're back where we started. Policies that were put in place to learn about attacks have been discontinued. Why? Because the left hates George Bush and Dick Cheney, and have chosen to ally themselves with the very people who are likely to kill here again.


JINGOIST said...

t looks like Deaner has her dead to rights! I'm loving this dem on den violence! :-)

Z, I got your post and wrote another one on the "greenies." I loved your idea, and you're right about MM. You may be smarter than her. :-)

Elmers Brother said...

Do I care about Al Libi being tormented by interrogators?Providing lifetime psychiatric help is still cheaper than paying for the deaths of who knows how many.

beamish said...

I think it's rather telling that we pretty much rolled up the top tiers of international operations planners in al Qaeda after US forces captured the Iraqi Mukhabarat (intelligence agency) headquarters.

shoprat said...

For the truth to set others free the truth itself must be free and right now it's chained down with political correctness and the denial of absolute truths.

christian soldier said...

a little opposition research is a good thing--that's why I read Alinsky's book R for R...Don't know if I'd want to 'stomach' Huff Po very often...