Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Californians voted higher taxes DOWN

If anybody thinks THIS didn't send a message to obama, they're wrong. Anybody seeing any pieces in any newspapers making this point? I'd love to see them, thanks.

The only State Measure that passed was banning raises for state officeholders while California is running a deficit. (or until the 9th Circuit again overturns the will of the people, of course). Imagine needing a Measure for that common sense policy?

Here's a guy with no agenda! Looks like the reporters are working overtime to blame the people now. Check out anywhere which might include how many billions Californians are paying for illegal healthcare and other services. This journalist 'forgot' to mention it. Get this, from this article: Worst-case scenarios also call for the release from state prisons of up to 19,000 illegal immigrants, who would face deportation, and the transfer of up to 23,000 other prisoners to county jails. That's a 'worst-case scenario?' Get the buses.

I'm guessing it'll take a year or so before all Americans will be saying NO MORE TAXES. Would that Washington will hear that. I'm not thrilled that California's facing these problems, but I think this sends a message Washington might be fearing long about now......Arnold was there yesterday.




Anonymous said...

We are broke here in Georgia, to the tune of 3.5 billion in the red. But I would be willing to bet that Obama will take some of the money squeezed out of Georgia tax payers and give it to Arnold to subsidize the socialist paradise out there.

JINGOIST said...

Z I'm not so sure that Obie cares about the message sent by California. He's going full speed ahead with his leftist/fascist agenda for the next year or so no matter what. He doesn't have a Dick Morris like Clinton did to slow him down.

Gayle said...

California wants us to bail it out but they could solve their economic problems by simply allowing drilling for oil off the CA coast. They won't do that though... not with Pelosi as Speaker of the House. It's truly stupid beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

Hermit’s observation is exactly why federal spending runs unchecked. It is purely and simply a redistribution of income scheme. People in GA have no responsibility for the citizens of CA … IF we believe that states are sovereign and have the right of self-governance sans federal interferences. WE must work within our states to return control/power to the people, and the states must assert their 9th and 10th Amendment rights.

The problem within the federal bureaucracy and in states such as CA, which is not the only financially strapped state, is responsible budget management. First, spending must never exceed revenues. Second, state comptrollers must prioritize all spending; he or she must fully fund Project No. 1 before allocating any funds to Project No. 2. This is standard budgeting procedure in the military, so it isn’t a new concept. If the comptroller runs out of revenues before allocating all the programs that pie-in-the-sky lawmakers want implemented (for their own advancement, of course) then the state government must either dismiss them, or carry them forward to the next year. Simply stated, budgeting should be an agonizing process; it is the only way to assure citizens that government is spending their tax revenues responsibly.

The process will illustrate better than any other method that the people of any state cannot have everything it wants. It is the same lessons that we try to teach our children. It is the same lessons that young married couples have to learn. A young family can purchase that new car, but in order to do that, they may have to give up going to the movies every Friday night. Similarly, the citizens of CA may want to maintain MediCal … but they may have to give up homestead exemptions; they may have to restrict access to MediCal by illegal aliens.

Proper budgeting/spending requires that government bureaucrats make tough decisions. It is up to the voters to make sure they make proper decisions, and that those decisions best serve the interests of the state. Should we allow the federal government to exempt itself from this same process?

RightKlik said...

America is FED UP!

highboy said...

Wait, California has a budget deficit? You mean all that socialism didn't work?

Z said...

I don't know ANYONE in California who feels Georgia or anybody else should bail us out. It wouldn't occur to anyone I know, believe me.

A friend who worked for Reagan,(big time), says she's hoping we go into bankruptcy court and let them straighten it out. She has a point. If she's not away meeting with some Board or other, I"ll try to get her to write her thoughts and publish them here.

I DO believe Obama will be unhappy about this vote. The sheeple didn't go for it. Maybe all of you won't go for it, either. But, as you all know, YOU didn't vote for him any more than Conservative Californians vote for leftist nonsense.

Anonymous said...

If Obama bails out California, as he probably will, he can then dictate policy to California and take another giant step in diminishing their state sovereignty. And, Obama's mirror image of California's mileage standards for new cars is simply more of the same power grab. Typical of Obama, it is a lie which has nothing to do with energy or pollution. As Ben Stein pointed out on O'Reilly, these new standards will bankrupt US auto makers and then the government will take them and give them over to union ownership. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Then Obama has the loyalty (and votes) of the union and another step in his "social justice" agenda (read; redistribution. This house of cards is destined to fall, but at what cost?

Michael G. Miller

shoprat said...

Who'd ever have guessed that it would start in California.

Obama already has the message. He doesn't care cause he either thinks we're stupid or hopes were stupid. I hope Benedict Arnold got the message.

Brooke said...

I've been saying no more taxes for quite some time now!

An excellent comment in the post:

(or until the 9th Circuit again overturns the will of the people, of course).

The gov't has a track record of not caring one whit for the People's wishes!

Z said...

Mike, many are hoping we go to bankruptcy court and let real businessmen take over. I'm working on getting my friend's input on that...thanks for commenting! Easy for YOU to say now that you've deserted CA!!! xxx (hi to J)

Shoprat..I'm hoping PAUL REVERE's got the message, right!?

Brooke...thanks. That 9th circuit STINKS. They're the ones OVERTURNING the "No on Gay Marriage" thing Californians have voted TWICE for because it's not "understanding" like Obama'd like judges to be, ain't that a stitch?

By the way, folks..wasn't it IOWA which voted YES on GAY MARRIAGE? Darn all those liberal Californians... mmm

beamish said...

Fortunately, Missouri has a state constitutional amendment that prevents the legislature, counties, and local governments from raising taxes on citizens without voters approval.

The drawback is that Kansas City and St. Louis have to comply with pseudo-Kyoto treaty environmental emissions standards that rise every time California decides to raise our carbon footprint with forest fire residue.

Z said...

Beamish..very good line about the residue, sorry about that!! heh

One thing I will say....we have FAR FAR less smog than when I was a kid, 100 years ago. You'd go to high school and take a deep breath and your lungs would hurt. That never happens anymore.

I've got to admit one thing, though I'm loath to do so; The People's Republic of Santa Monica (what we call that lefty haven) runs pretty darn well and has some nifty features like great parking structures that are mostly free, an amazing walking mall that was created from previously car-friendly streets (and NO gang violence there at all, something I feared once they made it a pedestrian place), wonderful live theaters and great restaurants and parks. Kills me every time I have to admit that, but fair's fair! And, OH, is their city council BOLSHEVIK. It took them forever to finally get the gumption to push the bums out of the bluff park overlooking the ocean. The Santa Monicans kept whining and the bolsheviks kept setting up food lines at the park. !!!
I say 'bums' because anybody who's offered a free roof and 3 meals a day for 3 hours of work a week and won't take it stops being called HOMELESS, in my opinion.

christian soldier said...

Z - as are you- I am proud of this CA vote--I do believe that the FED Gvt will be arm twisted to bail CA fact- I called my out of state family and 'thanked them for their $$$'...
It is time for CA to go bankrupt..

JINGOIST said...

Z, as I see it you guys seem to have some VERY good statewide votes, but the Soviet Suprem Court in Cali wipes them out routinely. What's the solution to that particular problem?

You can bet on hermit's observation being true. Cali voted for Obie, Georgia told him to take a HUMONGOUS flying leap. Ghetto commies are known for their loooong memories. :-)

Anonymous said...

But I had it on good word from Colin Powell that America wanted more government and higher taxes...

Anybody remember when there was talk about ammending the Constitution so the Republicans would be able to run Arnold? That's over now, isn't it?

tio bowser

Anonymous said...

Z, this is another Californian who DOES NOT want this state bailed out.

This state has continued to hire all through this year, knowing the dire economic straits we're in.

They are looking for anything to maintain the status quo.

We've pulled the rug out from under them. It's time they face the music. This isn't just a vote against the legislator and governor, this is a vote against the public employee unions who with the cooperation of the politicians, have done to California what the UAW has done to the automotive industry.

I don't want the American taxpayers to bail us out. Why should they? The only way to force the lawmakers into sanity is to make them go through cold turkey. They are addicted to taxes like a heroin addict is addicted to his drug.

They see thousands of Californians losing their jobs, but the teacher's union thinks teachers should be exempt. They complain that their classes will have to go from 20 in a class to 28!

I suggest that any teacher who can't handle 28 students be fired.

Just think, they have an excuse to get rid of the incompetent teachers. They should grab it!

California could allow drilling off the coast and make billions of dollars to ease the burden. They have refused.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

Z, I am dancing today like I did when we passed Proposition 13. I'm proud of Californians for this vote. I thank the tea party organizers for the California tea parties.

Power to the People!


Z said...

Tio, imagine Powell still id'ing with Republicans? Someone who'd push for obama!??
Arnold turned to the left the day after he hired the San Francisco HIGHLY Liberal chief of staff; I remember hearing something he did the very next day and wondering "what the ...?"

Jingo, good point about GA and how they dissed THE WON (as he's so cleverly been named by my commenter and dear buddy, WVDOTTR!)

Pris.....isn't it fantastic? We're going BUST and we're DANCIN'!
Don't YOU think this sends a signal to THE WON, too?
Great comment.


Anonymous said...

Z, I'm not sure it will affect Obama, but the Congress, yes the Congress, they are noticing. They will ignore this signal to their peril. The House are up for re-election next year.


Anonymous said...

Here's to hoping that 'no' to more taxation spreads to the rest of your nation. Time to vote out that useless, parasitical congress America and serve up a lame-duck to hussien.

Z said...

Pris, if we can get the country as mad as Californians are about spending, they're going to be talking to their Dem and Rep 'representatives'(and I use the term loosely!) AND they won't be voting THE ONE's way!! I'm hoping it somehow affects his goals of ruination!'s hoping!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't the liberals all tell us that the American taxpayers were willing to pay for more Government services...???

Que paso?

Z said...

FJ, looks like even the CA liberals have changed their minds...good point. I heard 2.4 MILLION people had voted BEFORE the election and knew it was all going to go down!
Thankfully, tonight all the TV talking heads are getting my point (heh! they must read the blog, huh?! ! ya, right!)and pointing out what I did this morning: This speaks VOLUMES about the American taxpayer, WILL translate to the national scene.
A VERy good thing.

However, we are in REAL deep doodoo here, of course. By the way, for the record?...
I don't WANT anybody to bail us out. And, also for the record, we're part of America, too. I look at States as the wonderful places you all live, not some enemy place 'over there'. just thought I'd mention that.

David Wyatt said...


I am usually optimistic; though I hate to say this, I must. Re-election means nothing now. We have those nuts at ACORN to do O's bidding now, remember? (pun intended).

FrogBurger said...

I'm not sure if I disagree that much with the reporter. I actually emailed him.

It is true people are at fault for not reading ballots and passing measures that were not financially viable for CA.

On the other hand the legislature is corrupt and is giving money to unions.

I think everybody is at fault. But the difference is, the people are tightening their belt. So now it's the turn of the government. Because if there's one thing we don't vote for is the union contracts, the pensions and the salaries.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

I was encouraged to hear (Calif) congressman David Dreier say he spoke with the governor just before the vote, and the governor said that if the taxes didn’t pass he would work with as much energy for cuts as he had for more taxes. Wish he’d done that first!

350,000 state employees give him fertile ground. My office is on 20% pay reduction now, why not theirs? Today California can: start early retirements (no pension until normal eligibility dates); a 2% workforce reduction over a rolling 90-day period; pay cuts (10% to salaried; 5% to hourly, phased up to 15% and 8% over 90 days); pare down the 4 tax agencies that duplicate the work of 1; conform prevailing wage laws to the Federal statute (saving $1B/year); conform worker’s comp laws to match, say, Arizona (saving $2.5B/year); learn and copy how Florida spends $20k/year on inmates vs. California’s $47k;

….. and SELL OIL LEASES OFF THE COAST!! with every sale dollar matched by a dollar reduction in budget, targeting the 2004 level.

And that's just for today!

Z said...

Frogburger, bonjour!
Funny you said "belt tightening" blog at midnight's on JUST that subject!

Deborah, you did a great job of fleshing that out! Super comment..