Sunday, May 17, 2009


As I thought he would do, Mr. Obama, today in his commencement speech to Notre Dame, said this in regard to differing viewpoints on abortion:

"But surely we can do so without reducing those with differing views to caricature.”
He called for a new, more respectful tone on the issue, marked by “open hearts, open minds, fair-minded words.” (Sounds so nice in front of thousands, with TV cameras rolling, doesn't it?) We need him to stop the kind of attitude he had on his website before his election: his Web site vowed he would fight “right-wing ideologues who want to take away a woman’s right to choose.”

I'm wishing and hoping he'll remember what he said today and stop his campaign type of thinking. And I hope that rubs off on Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod when they're talking about the half of America who doesn't believe in their agendas on most subjects, including talk show hosts of radio and/or television. One never used to hear presidents or their staffs belittling talking heads from the 'other side' before. Let's hope it stops. Let's hope obama heeds his words of today.

we can only HOPE


beamish said...

As I thought he would do, Mr. Obama, today in his commencement speech to Notre Dame, said this in regard to differing viewpoints on abortion:

"But surely we can do so without reducing those with differing views to caricature.”
Isn't that above his pay grade?

Chuck said...

We also have never had this level of one President belittling the previous one before. There has always been a gentleman's agreement that this was not done. That's over now. Bottom line, no class, no qualification.

Z said...

Beamish, I'm afraid so.

Chuck....when we lived in Paris, I got to watch British politics LIVE and, one afternoon, I happened to find Bill Clinton speaking to the Labor Party at their convention (you get hungry for ENGLISH living in a non-English speaking country, of course!..yes, THAT hungry)...Tony Blair was seated behind him.

CLinton started in on Bush and how he lies and how he's pushed all of CLinton's "wonderful achievements" back and.....I couldn't believe my ears, it was SO undignified. I guess I was most stunned because I'd never seen that in an American president before. But, he probably thought he was safe in Europe....I don't know if the American papers covered the Labor Convention because, obviously, I was there, not here. And, would they have told the truth about their liberal hero, anyway?

Even Tony Blair looked so uncomfortable. This is something totally new. One never saw Bush slam anyone; I wish he had, now, by the way. I wish he HAD made a stink about the Gore team damaging equipment in the WH, I wish he had spoken up for himself instead of saying "they have the right to what they think" so many times. I'm not sure his silence did a THING for the hideous incivility in Washington especially in the last 20 years.

beamish said...

Pride goeth before a fall.

In the 2010 elections, I foresee 15 Democrat Senators in danger of getting the boot, and between 45 to 50 Democrats in the House that as of right now according to home district polling are on shaky ground.

That will only grow more treacherous for Dems as they have to stand with Obama's disaster-in-progress.

If Nancy Pelosi is still Speaker of the House in 2010, bank on America cleaning "House."

DaBlade said...

Advocates of abortion don't deserve a respectful tone. Obama in particular has earned my scorn and contempt. I stopped watching his speech when he tried to draw a moral justification for embryonic stem cell research as providing hope for curing child diabetes. First off, this is an absolute falsehood. Even if it did, it would still be immoral. Much like taking a beating heart from a "donor" for your child with heart disease.

RightKlik said...

Let's do more than hope. Let's take America back.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Obama is great at avoiding confronting issues head-on. He did that today. He made a speech with no opposing viewpoint being expressed. It was just another campaign rally.

He read his teleprompter and left to gather more money. No muss, no fuss. He is fast finding out that being POTUS is all about confrontation of problems. Nt as much fun as campaigning I'm sure.

Those pesky problems just never seem to go away. And no one cheers for him in the oval office. So disappointing.

Anonymous said...

" .. open hearts, open minds, fair-minded words.”
Oh good. So we are no longer going to murder unborn babies because we have opened our hearts and minds. This is great news.

Anonymous said...

Words only matter when spoken with an honest tongue.

I regard not what he says but, what he does.

He won't change Z,he will do what's expedient at the moment, and go on with the agenda he came with, unless the more moderate democrats get skittish, and conservative politicians have some courage.
And if the American people get more restless and downright fed up.

I'm beginning to think Obama only knows how to campaign, and leaves the rest to those in the background. I don't think he has an original thought ever.

I think the reason we don't know who he is, is because there is no there, there.


The Merry Widow said...

I call BS!


shoprat said...

He means for us on the right to be more civil. The left doesn't have to be civil.

Anonymous said...

I believe it has been sufficiently demonstrated that Obama's "words" are very, very meaningful. They mean the opposite of what he says. As has been pointed out, respect for opposing opinion means only of the left's opinion. "Choice" means only for those who choose abortion. "The government doesn't want to be in the automobile business" means he will take over GM and Chrysler. I could add more, but all of you know them better than I do.

Michael G. Miller

christian soldier said...

HOPE - I gave up the word and the thought of it years ago--the process does nothing but waste time so--when BHO's campaign started using the word--I rolled my eyes and said to myself-.."this about ways it all as to what this country is in for--HOPE-w/o TRUTH is nothing---"

Larry Durham said...

As someone above noted, Barry totally avoided the issue. His glib little remarks attempted to draw a moral eqivalency between abortion and life that we pro lifers can't respect. Sadly, his skill with the prompter and his compassionate head tilts work on many Americans. Pathetic.

As for "caricature". Barry screams to be caricatured imho.

Anonymous said...

As Larry mentioned above, how can there be a moral equivalence concerning ones opinion on the life of a baby and ones opinion on the death of a baby? As if both are valid positions and we need to find some middle ground. Maybe something reasonable like a compromise. Well, just have half as many abortions? That's a nice compromise. Of course, there is no moral equivalence. There is no compromise. There is life or death. No middle ground. Obama wants it to be some kind of intellectual exercise involving debate and respect for the other side's opinion. Oh, right! I have respect for your opinion of pro-death just as you have respect for my opinion for pro-life. What a crock.

Michael G. Miller

Z said...

couldn't agree with you more, CS, Larry and MGM.......very despicable stuff going down in our country.
That head tilt is quite the thing, eh, Larry? absolutely.

Mike..."No middle ground" How can that be SO hard to understand?

Anonymous said...

He won't change, he's just like our PM, all talk, smoke and mirrors, once the cameras are turned off they all revert back to the same old socialists they really are.