Sunday, May 24, 2009

Have FAITH in America...Please READ THIS by Breitbart

When you get discouraged, blog HARDER. Read this and get your blood flowing. America deserves it. Just saw THIS..... They don't know, or they can't face the truth? KEEP BLOGGING.


Anonymous said...

So the pundits of the "Mainstream" conservative press are just now figuring this out?

No wonder we lost the last election.

Z said...

Good point.
But, better late than never!
I don't think anybody expected the extent the Left will go to.
We all remember those calls ONLY just before Bush's election "Well, I AM a Republican, but i could NEVER vote for Bush..."
Ya, right.
Frontpagemag was deluged with that stuff, too. New screen names suddenly sprung up on the articles...'what a coincidence', huh!?
Suddenly, everybody calms down and goes home after the election.
Those callers quit complaining about BUSH after the election. WHY?! HA!

They're so much better than we are at this stuff (a la Alinsky) but when WE speak up, ...oh, man...big problems!

Anonymous said...

"I think it's one of the few times that he didn't think it all the way out," said Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., an unabashed admirer of the president.
This would appear to be one of the problems. Members of congress, even those who share the president’s party, have a sacred duty to perform. They cannot render that service faithfully if they are “unabashed admirers” of the President. Apparently, we Americans have lost our way. It’s past the time for infusing some reality into the way we do business in this country. If Elijah Cummings doesn’t have a clue about this, he doesn’t deserve to be a congressman.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m not loosing heart. Too many Americans have died for our freedom to give up the ship. America’s only been wounded; I’ll go down with the ship, but I won’t abandon her.

Z said...

Mustang, it's such a lie, though. How many times has obama had to say he'd spoken 'inartfully' or a number of other euphemisms for I GOOFED?
That Cummings doesn't admit those is even scarier!!
Sometimes I feel like giving up the ship then I remember it's OUR ship and it's the only ship we have. And, it's been a pretty darned good ship till lately.
I think my second link proves Americans are waking up. We can only hope, right!? thanks for your comment.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Americans will never wake up re: BO. The vast majority of Americans are wracked with guilt over all the injustices done to blacks. This overrides everything including disagreement. BO is untouchable as president, because most Americans are afraid to criticize him. He is golden. Until Americans wake up and see him for what he is, we will languish as a country. Am I a racist for saying this?

Z said...

I don't think you're racist at all...nor is what you said.
But, I honestly do NOT feel that's how most Americans feel.
While obama certainly got some votes for being half Black (what WAS the OTHER half, anybody remember anymore? heh heh), I think most Americans want PAST color division and would be happy to ignore it were it not for some of the black leadership who can't let it go.$$$

Chuck said...

I think the battle is just beginning. The right has made a lot of headway recently.

They are the fastest growing group on Twitter. I have a Twitter account and do it off and on, conservatives have exploded on there. I have a steady flow of new followers and I almost never post. Cable news is owned by Fox now. Literally every liberal news outlet is failing. There is effectively no liberral presence on the radio.

The left can play all of the games they want, at the end of the day the truth is the real qualifier.

The real issue here is not what the left is doing though, it's what the right is not. Look at the last couple of weeks, the right has finally gone on the offensive and are making the left squirm.

I think if Chaney had not entered the fray Congress would have quietly funded the Gitmo close-down. Now they have to be mindful of their vote and voted overwhelmingly to keep it open.

They just need to keep on the attack.

beamish said...

Fire in the bellies.

RightKlik said...

Wouldn't it be nice if the left would invest some time in making some persuasive arguments. They're not doing their share of the intellectual heavy lifting. They're still promoting 40 year old ideas.

christian soldier said...

That 'crazy' Second Amendment just won't go away --for us in the US who know if it is usurped by the 'progressives' - FREEDOM will be lost!
A toast to the Second!!!!!
Great post - Z

Z said...

RightKlik..they don't have to do any heavy lifting. They just speak, the weakened populace believes and the media applauds.

CS...isn't that good information?

And yes, it should light a fire in the bellies, Beamish! xx

beamish said...


Wouldn't it be nice if the left would invest some time in making some persuasive arguments. They're not doing their share of the intellectual heavy lifting.It'd be nice if someone could draw a picture of a 4-sided triangle, too.

You'll wait for that less longer than you will for an "intellectual leftist" to appear.

They're still promoting 40 year old ideas.Older than that. The only real difference between the Old Left and the New Left is that the New Left doesn't put swastikas on their pamphlets.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Hugh Hewitt's popular site shut off its comments section because of the success of these obnoxious invaders.Really?! I thought it had to do with his endorsement of Twittering, a while back. Forgot exactly what he said, but it was in regards to closing the comments section.

I think conservatives should fight fire with fire and be more internet savvy. Obama's team is utilizing new technology to good, sound effect. We may deplore it, but he has the right idea. We need to do the same and take advantage of the internet medium to get our own message across.

Anonymous said...

Will do Z. We have our backs to the wall and we fight, we must. We have no choice, if we do not, the future will be so much worse.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I may have been speaking out of frustration using "vast majority" although I do feel that this applies to man who voted for him.

I looked at the comments section for the article you linked and on cue out pop the trolls and the name-calling begins. So predictable.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how influential MSNBC is or how big the audience is for the derangement of the likes of Keith Olbermann and his sidekick Rachel Maddow. They show no signs of abandoning the topics of right-wing conspiracy or their favorite George W. Bush. I'm not sure how much of this is driven by the likes of Obama and his henchmen, but he does have friends in high places (like General Electric and NBC). It's definitely got a corrupt smell to it and these are the people who railed against others for preferential treatment of the likes of Haliburton and Dick Cheney.

I came across this cute little YouTube Video which doesn't yet seem to have received its proper due. It could be useful in exposing the leftist lunacy, IMO.

"Crazy Barry and Government Motors" ...


Anonymous said...

Great Post Z,
What we have to do, is to keep talking, everywhere, to anyone who will listen, and forget political correctness, dismiss the name callers, and disallow intimidation to creep into our psyches.

Put those bumper stickers on your car, you might be surprised at the thumbs up you get from other drivers as I have.

The more active we are, the more emboldened like minded people will become.

Finally, to hell with the naysayers, this is our country we're talking about. The days of biting our tongues for the sake of "keeping peace" are over.

The time is now. Let's just DO IT!!


Anonymous said...

By the way, does anyone else here think Colin Powell is working for Obama in creating dissention in the Republican Party? Or is just me?

He voted for him. What better way to keep the Republicans off balance than to have a Republican shake things up, and attack the base? They think Powell is highly respected as a Republican and can influence in this regard.

Of course conservatives are Americans first, Republicans or not. I just think there's more to this than meets the eye. Powell's attacking conservatives, calling us far right extremists.

He's no more Republican than Obama is, but he serves a purpose for the left. No real conservative could vote for Obama, or attack other conservatives the way Powell is. I think Barry has him in his pocket.

What say you?