Friday, June 12, 2009

The phone is a most powerful Pelosi


UPDATE: I had this post written a few weeks ago and thought I'd know when the right time came to post it; Now's the time, folks. Write to Pelosi and demand the torture pictures NOT get released. If you think it's a good idea to release them, please tell us what reasons you might have. Thanks. Here's the original post:

Please file away this link and let our politicians know how you feel............they DO care about keeping their jobs and they will have to listen if enough good conservative Americans give them a piece of their minds. (with the Left, it's a matter of remembering to KEEP a little of what's left, of course..heh!) Here's what Priscilla has to say on the subject:

If we are to have an impact on the policies which are initiated by the government we have to become involved in the process. People will say it makes no difference, but I don’t agree. The people, once engaged and motivated, can and do have an impact. I give as an example the Immigration Reform Act, which ultimately failed to pass because of overwhelming pressure from the citizens. This proves we can make a difference. The people rose up, made phone calls and sent e-mails to their representatives, opposing this Act, and made it clear it was a watershed moment for those who came down on the side against the people.

I use myself as a barometer knowing I am not unique and if I feel so strongly as to take this action, others must feel the same, and will be so moved to get involved. I think we can see, with the tea parties, and strong feelings among the citizenry about what’s happening to our country, this is the time to let our representatives know. Let’s let them know as often as the spirit moves us. This is our country, we are the government, let’s take it back.



beamish said...

I say release the photos. Mostly because I have a strong suspicion that they do not depict torture at all, compared in the context of actual examples of torture we find in history from what the Japanese did to POWs in World War 2 and the progressive leftist policies towards captured Jews in national socialist Germany under the rule of labor activist Adolf Hitler.

Also because Democrats, including Pelosi, were briefed upon and voted to fund whatever the pictures depict.

Let's see what they paid for.

Z said...

well, Beamish, there IS that. They can't be AS bad as our imaginations take us, either.
Barack's covered both ways, see.
He says "don't release them" and is a hero with the naive and trusting Right...knowing Pelosi WILL vote to........and, if they DO get out, he can rag on the war and our torturing nasty soldiers, and if they don't get out, the world thinks our soldiers did even MORE heinous things because of our imaginations.
Wait, it's almost 1:30 am, did that make sense? !!

beamish said...

I think you're getting worked up over an imaginary situation - a situation where a leftist would demonstrate rational thought, despite the overwhelming historical evidence that precludes such an event ever occuring.

Obama can't have it both ways, and neither can Pelosi.

Release the pictures, and let the chips fall where they may.

We already know, from what has been declassified, is that the enhanced interrogation techniques yielded actionable intelligence that stopped ongoing terrorist plots.

Kept in context, the released photos will only serve to demonstrate what many of us already knew - that Democrats have politicized policies they themselves approved of with scare words like "torture."

Democrats want to claim they themselves paid for torture, let them. Republicans have tried to get them to grow up for too long. You can't fix stupid.

Anonymous said...

I wish you well in getting some sense into Pelosi, i fear anything you try will bounce right off her skull, but it's worth a try.

Pat Jenkins said...

again you are right z!! is it you or am i just that complimentary this morning!! the left has proven they are scared of the people. that is why they attempt to silence them. stay loud!!... p.s is complimentary with an a or an e after the t?

Pat Jenkins said...

1 more to go huh.....

Frank Looper said...

I'm sorry but I do not have a blog or website. I am a conservative and a Christian. I did vote for Ronald Reagan. I am pro-life. I own several guns. I voted for proposition 8 in California to protect the traditional definition of marriage. I pay far too much in taxes.

I never thought this country would consider someone like me to be a possible threat or an enemy of the state. ONLY because of my politics which are the same as about a few less that the amount of people that voted for Barack Obama and did so under the promise of "Hope and Change" and who were cheated. I am fearful about this country's ability to survive four years of this current administration. And I am fearful that my children and grand children will NEVER be able to see the greatness that this country once held in the world.

Ducky's here said...

Watch out what you wish for, Beamish.

Back when it started, Sy Hersh was publishing in the New Yorker and said there where photos of rape and child molestation. Pretty hot stuff.

Indications are that he may have been correct. He has a pretty good track record.

Z said...

Ducky, do you think photos should be released to the public?

And, if there was a child molestation, would you say so many of our servicemen are doing it that we must reveal that to the world? Is it mea culpa from America?

What's the up side to inflaming those fighting our soldiers?
Remember, you're from the same group who blamed Bush for inflaming and breeding more terrorists for the Iraq war. Why's releasing pictures work for the anti-war left now?

Brooke said...

I say call Pelosi out, personally.

If the photos actually depict torture, she is just as much at fault for sitting through the meetings she now denies and OK'ing it.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe political reasons are good enough to warrant release of these photos.

They would be used as a recruiting tool, and to whip up more resistance in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Whatever political gains one thinks it would justify, releasing them would not be worth heightening the possibility of harm it would bring against our troops.

Not to mention, the media would spin it in such a way as to stifle any responsibility on the Democrats' part.

It would not be worth the consequences for our military.

Call Pelosi and your representatives, and while your at it please call about the government takeover of our healthcare.


Law and Order Teacher said...

I'm torn. My instincts tell me to not hide. I don't think that we did anything wrong because I think the techniques were entirely necessary.

If on the other hand they can be misconstrued I don't want them out. I was the victim as a cop of misleading photos, so I understand that they can look far worse than what was going on. I'll have to think this one through.

I hate that this is down to politics though. As I get older, politicians irritate me more everyday. Good post.

beamish said...


I don't often single out one of your daily ridiculous statements from among others, but I don't think you'll top "Seymour Hersh has a pretty good track record" this month.

When does the invasion of Iran begin? Do we really have battlefield mind control lasers?

Anonymous said...

L&O, There's plenty we have to "hide" to use your term. Now is no better a time to "let it all hang out" than it ever was.

The fact that you or I don't think what was done was wrong, doesn't change the fact that this wouldn't be a victim of political revisionism by the left and Islamists.

My daughter, when she was little, would cry and carry on when I washed her hair no matter how careful I was. I'm sure that would have made an ugly picture. Today, I have no doubt someone would call it abuse.

This is what can be done with anything, and the muslim world which seems to be always poised to become hysterical at the drop of a hat or a Koran in their case, would use it for all it's worth.

There is nothing to be accomplished by the release of these photosm except sensationalism and propaganda.

BTW, I decided all those years ago, to cut my little girl's hair into a short pixie cut, and told her when she could wash her own hair, we'd let it grow. Yep, "necessity is the mother of invention". It worked.