Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Hooded Sweatshirt: Lethal Weapon BEWARE

PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER 238473084753987 the right >

Macy's is recalling 33,000 hooded sweatshirts. Read HERE. (see the word "voluntarily"? ya)

How the HECK did you and I survive? Did YOU wear a draw-stringed hooded sweatshirt? Did YOU have a crib with wooden 'bars' on it? Did YOU eat peanuts? Did you play with toys with tiny edible eyes on them?

Seriously, will we be officially banning BELTS that could WHIP? Woolens which COULD itch? (Guns that COULD kill, come to think of it). Do you think this hooded sweatshirt and so many of the other warnings is a slippery slope from sanity and freedom and the terrible impending death of "S*** HAPPENS?" ...(And to my liberal friends here, please don't tell us we are FOR letting children POSSIBLY hurt themselves, we are not, and you'll be, again, missing the more important point) ...or are we at the end of the slope....?

Do you think we need to ban and recall because ONE CHILD hurt himself? I'm not heartless, I don't like to see 3 yr olds running with a sucker in their mouth knowing they could fall and badly hurt themselves if the stick was in their mouth...but I'm thinking this constant banning or recalling UNLESS IT'S REALLY A WIDESPREAD PROBLEM is nuts....Do you have an anecdote that relates to this? What do YOU think?


shoprat said...

Any excuse to regulate behavior. Too many leftists think that life is supposed to be one long Kindergarten class and that mans a risk free environment.

Z said...

shoprat, thanks. You ALWAYS 'get' me.

beamish said...

Makes you think they really don't believe in Darwinism.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

What a defeatist, pussified culture. I am SO damned glad I grew up when I did, so that COULD eat paste and run with scissors. I actually HAD a childhood where I actually could PLAY and RUN and BIKE and I possessed some innocence and naivete, at least for a few formative years.

Jesu Christi, dolts, as Warren Zevon sang: "LIFE will kill you, and then you'll be dead!"


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Next: MANDATORY Obama "Nerf" suits for all citizens, compulsory donning of these suits BEFORE you step outside.


Anonymous said...

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Steve Harkonnen said...

This past weekend I took the bike out for a spin. My two doors down cop neighbor gave me a look and told me "you should wear a bike helmet" and I just kept on pedaling, thinking that I've rode a bike for 40+ years in my life, and never once fell on my head.

Come to think of it, what kind of cartoon character GOON would fall on their head from a bike in the first place?

Goes to show how stupid people have become.

RightKlik said...

Don't want anybody to get hurt..why don't we just pack everybody in bubble wrap?

heidianne jackson said...

i never baby-proofed my house. i never made it "safe" for my children. we had guns (well still do actually) that were stored properly and the children knew that they were dangerous.

all three of my children survived - and not a major injury amongst them. my oldest DID dislocate her shoulder on a jungle gym once. oh, and my son sliced his finger open with a utility blade that he climbed to the cupboard above the refrigerator to get. who knew you had an artery in your index finger?!? and my youngest once burned her belly when she bent across the oven door as i was removing brownies.

they learned from these incidents. kat learned about gravity and weight and balance and never tried to walk across the top of a jungle gym again.

jesse learned that he could regulate the spurt of blood across the kitchen floor. oh and make kat pass out when he squirted it at her.

tatiana learned hot. from that moment forward she learned to ask or check to see if something was hot before touching it. she still has the scar on her belly from it and it's a lesson she'll never forget.

we cannot create a risk free environment. nor should we try.

in our quest to eliminate germs, we've actually made things more dangerous. there is a school of thought that one of the biggest causes for the higher rate of childhood allergies is that we're eliminating germs for the immune system to strengthen itself against.

i've also never used anti-bacterial potions at my house and my kids rarely had anti-biotics. and though they were all homeschooled until high school, once in high school none of them ever missed a day due to illness. i think this says something...

we have to get back to the concept of living and not surviving.

and yes, beamish, i agree with you that it makes me believe they don't really believe in survival of the fittest. but on the other hand, that's no real surprise - they espouse darwinism, but want to equalize every single part of life's outcome for all people...

sorry to take over your comments, z - as you can see, this is something that gets me riled.

Z said...


BZ...We even had what we called a 'farmers field' at the end of our street when I was a kid in Van Nuys, California (when it was nice) and it was a cul de sac...we played ALL DAY long and nobody had to even watch us, though one mom or another would occasionally peer out.
Moms were all (ALL) home, not working...somehow our dads handled the bills..amazing, isn't it? Just AMAZING? We survived..we prospered and moved to a nicer city within LA...we all went to college.

Heidianne, it's positively SPOOKY you'd mention antibiotics because I deleted this from my original post: "Mr and Mrs Z have had FAR FAR less antibiotics than even ONE of the young people in our friend/family circle." and that's true. We're making our kids (and society in general)MORE susceptible to REALLY heinous stuff because our moms today run to the doctor with the first sign of ANYTHING, God forbid they have to stay home a few days and let their bodies heal them...building up real immunity and strength.
SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST? We're doing away with that.

RK...I used to say that had I had children, I would have wrapped them in bubble wrap and given them blended food till they were 30!!

Steve..while I've seen AWFUL head injuries that could have been prevented..HOW MANY? Not that many. And, it's common sense; if you don't want to wear one, DON"'re right.

Anonymous said...

I guess this means no baby hats or bonnets huh?
Good grief, how did mass insanity take hold? This is nuts!!!

Steve - a helmet? Doesn't that have a neck strap? Doesn't that cop know you could strangle to death? Hmmmmmm


Leticia said...

I suppose they want parents to put children in a plastic bubble.

I, too, am very happy that I experienced playing tag, dodge ball, climbing up tree houses, running barefoot, playing in the mud, drank from the garden hose, rode my bike without fear of falling on my head.

I wonder if the government of today would have hauled my mom off to jail for child abuse?

lovelyprism said...

Loved it! And the debate about bike helmets. I am one of those children who grew up in a cul-de-sac and played outside all day. And now I am one of those mothers you mentioned. It's a lonely life, there's not one other housewife in my neighborhood. Here's my anecdote... when I was a kid I had Little People! The real ones, small and made of wood. When my kids got big enough for them I found that little people were plastic and FAT and the little circles on their butts didn't fit in the old furniture. I went to thrift stores for years and bought my kids "real" little people to play with. The small wooden ones that they could choke on. On purpose! Because they were cuter and more fun and my kids actually had PARENTS with a bit of common sense who watched them. Guess what? None of them ever choked to death on a Little People!
And one more thing... those drawstrings? The drawstrings on ANY garment have to be knotted at the ends or they come out of the garment when you wash it. So if you're that worried about your moron kid being strangled, why don't you just pull the string out?

Common sense isn't all that common.

sue said...

I'm with you. I can remember so many times when food would be declared to cause cancer, then later on that would be cancelled.

But some things are definitely a safety hazard and they want to get on top of it. It's probably hard to decide which ones to recall.

Always On Watch said...

Any clothing with a drawstring poses a "strangulation risk"! I guess that string bikinis do, too.

I know that bicycle helmets are nearly demanded nowadays, but I'm with Steve on that issue and ride helmetless: I've rode a bike for 40+ years in my life, and never once fell on my head.

Come to think of it, what kind of cartoon character GOON would fall on their head from a bike in the first place?

I climbed trees as a child like you wouldnt' believe and even "parachuted" out. Guess what? I never landed on my head -- or strangled on a rope swing either.

Anonymous said...


We have counted some 5,000 anti regime demonstrations from the beggining of the year, but each time the number of the repressive forces were 4 times more than the protestors, the Mullahs feel the danger from the smallest demonstration,
the people use any events to protest against the regime, even a football race.
So, this election and the internal war of the different factions of the regime for the power was the best upportunity for the people to gather more and more, and you see what happened.

Zin, we had never seen the US Administration so indifferent about a nation who fights for his freedom.

If Bush or McCain was there it could be different.

How your educated people see this?, US young and educated and "SUPER DEMOCRAT" president is so cold about the holocaust of the islamist nazi!!!!

please pass it in your blog, tell to the AMERICANS that this is the word of the IRANIANS who are dying to eradicate this nuclear Islamism, that in their hardest days they have got a polite reaction of the US ADMINISTRATION for their executionors!!!

Zin, about the Austrian Rifles, this is a very new arm against the protestors, we had never seen it before, this is a new invention, we have not seen it in any catalog.

The Austrians had manufactuered it for IRAN.


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that these drawstring sweatshirts were allowed on the market to begin with. There were recalls like this a few years back.

I started down the slippery slope of child-proofing my life (?) when Big Sis was born, but I realized REAL QUICK that it lead to nothing but BIGTIME anxiety for me, and would not serve her well in the long-run.

We've lost our common sense as a society. Seat belts seem to be okay. But banning draw-strings?

Oh, and we don't use anti-bacterial soap, either. In the health care industry, MRSA (amoxicillian resistant staph aureaus) has become nearly commonplace due to overuse of antibiotics, and the use of antibacterial soaps / whatnot does NOT help stop these super bugs.

Z said...

Regarding the TOPIC (Smile)...Ya, Pris..let's ban christening caps because they have string ties (and heck, they're CHRISTIAN dontchaknow)...and WHY NOT JUST TIE A KNOT IN THE END OF THE STRING ON A HOODIE? Right, Lovely Prism!!!

I LOVED my childhood safe cul de sac.....Today, parents have "PLAY DATES", a term I have ALWAYS's so 'planned' and so "Desperate Houswives"..I'm sorry, but it is! Very sad.

Jen, more people need to hear the truth on Antibacterial's uncharacteristic of your blog, but it would be a public service to do a spiel on that. You're SO right about it. We don't use them, either.
And why NOT just knOT the strings of the hoodie instead of banning them, right?

Sue, I agree..some precautions are important; for instance, seat belts in cars have PROVEN to be highly successful in keeping people alive. You're so right.

Pat Jenkins said...

personally i would like clothes sold how i like them. stretched and ripped in just the right spots to fit my body!!!... he he...

Z said...

Blogger Z said...

Yes, very few of US understand why the US is so quiet ... You'd think a president who's heard Ahmedinejad threaten US with annihilation and Israel with more imminent annihilation would do something, but he's just waiting for the UN, I think.
Perhaps he's grappling now with Sarkozy's more vehement and proper reaction and will have to be say SOMETHING stronger. He doesn't want to "MEDDLE", SAM, and your regime's paying close attention to our media because your people said today "the US is getting too close to MEDDLING"

I have OFTEN heard Ahmedinejad use terminology our leftist media uses...If our Left warned about meddling, for example, Iran would come out with something about HOW WE ARE MEDDLING..MANY times, I've heard the same terminology, forcing our Left to respond with "See? WE THOUGHT that's what they're thinking!" It's ridiculous, but they fall for Ahmedinejad every time. Our own leftist Larry King on CNN (you have him on International in the mid morning) had a lovely interview with the first time he'd EVER had (before or since) flowers on the set..with Ahmedinejad. He asked about his family and told him very sweetly that "you don't LOOK old enough for grandchildren"..this, after the guy practically denied the holocaust to Jewish Larry King. unbelievable.

This president's more interested in how he appears: He can't appear to look too strong or his far left base will hate him ("No war at ANY COST" types of people)

I will give you the opportunity to defend your group because the information on GOOGLE shows quite a lot of things Americans should be worried about..

beamish said...

I know "enemy of my enemy is my friend" geopolitics. It's never good in the long term.

My only concern is that offers of help to SAM, innocent or not, are serious business, particularly because of the MEK's status as a terrorist group. Don't give our own totalitarians in Washington DC cause to come after you.

The fact that Saddam Hussein gave them to ability to be para-national terrorists - striking multiple targets in several countries simultaneously - reminds me of the same assistance Saddam gave to Egyptian Islamic Jihad to get them to merge with Osama Bin Laden's Al Qaeda.

MEK attacks within Iran would only bolster the mullahcracy's justifications for cracking down on them.

From what I understand the MEK forces in Iraq are not so much being "helped" as they are being "kept alive" and "detained" -their camp is the site of some allegations against our soldiers for "torturing" prisoners - true or not, the MEK in Iraq are basically prisoners under guard. Both to keep them from continuing terrorism (against anyone) and for their protection - as they helped brutalize the Iraq Shia during Saddam's crackdown on the uprising in 1991. Lots of Iraqi Shia probably want them dead, not to mention the enemies they made in Iran after running to Saddam's arms in the first place.

I know it's complex, but the MEK was trained directly by the Iraqi Mukhabarat under Saddam. That's reason enough for me to be leery of them. Para-national terrorism is at the heart of our war on terror. It's what we're fighting.

Should the Iranian regime be toppled and replaced? Yes.

Should it be replaced by another faction of terrorists? No.

Just a pragmatic concern. As long as MEK is listed as a terrorist group by our government, offering them help is against the law.

Don't think Democrats won't throw you under the bus.

Anonymous said...


Please google << Iran Policy Committee >> for the MeK.

This is an American site founded by Professor Raymond Tanter " Reagan's Security advisor " and many US generals and even CIA officers.

A delegation of this IPC group and professor Tanter had visited several times ASRAF.

Zin, Austria had equipped the Qods Forces in IRAQ with special rifles to kill the American soldiers, they use the ballets to pierce the armors.

Austria has the biggest oil deal with the Mullahs.

I went to your friends BLOG, he is wonderfull, if the others do the same thing, we can have a chain of the people's media.


sue said...

z - I had to laugh when you said you hate the term 'play dates.'
My daughter uses that and it always sounds funny to me.

Z said...

Thanks, Beamish, I went and edited some of my comments, as SAM probably noticed. Please check out his newer info. I would never support any group on an American terrorist group! Not like SOME PEOPLE WE KNOW who are friends with terrorists in this country ...and nobody CARES.

Still, I believe it's up to us to to be informed.
I haven't looked at SAM's information but will soon.

Sue, that is funny! Didn't moms used to say "go out and play"? NO MORE!!

Deborah on the Bayside said... did we ever get out of the 20th Century alive with drawstrings on sweatshirts?

I had a friend whose nephew strangled and died in one of those double-stringed mini blind cords that were tied into a knot. Warnings about THAT made sense.

THIS is trumped by, say....

Hitler, Stalin, the Kaiser (and that Austrian goofball who pushed him into war), the New Deal, the Great Society, Jimmy Carter, the atomic bomb in Islamic hands, terrorism, global cooling ...errr warming... errr change, fast food, oversized soft drinks, MTV, the MSM, Kim Jung Il, malfeasance in education that hampers thinking and achievement, including Howard Zinn, and Barack Obama appointing supreme court nominees.

To name a few.

Anonymous said...

Once you allow even a small bit of government interference to do what people ought to do themselves, it only gets worse. It's like a beast that can never be sated.

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