Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What I hate to hear about our president.......

"Since Dave Jr. has been injured he has met and been overwhelmed by many, many political and military "celebs". The list includes Bob Gates, Sec. of Defense, who came into his room and told him 3 or 4 times that if Dave Jr. had any issues to call his cell phone number. It includes Gen. Petraeus who sat and talked with Dave Jr. for almost 45 minutes. The General recalled vividly all of the circumstances around the events that led to fighting that Dave was involved in. It includes Sen. McCain who arrived late on a Saturday afternoon during a thunder storm, unannounced, and talked to Dave Jr. about how similar their experiences with fate. It includes George Bush when Dave Jr. was invited to attend the very last Christmas party at the White House for the White House Staff. President Bush and his wife entered the ballroom and immediately went to Dave Jr.. President Bush knew Dave Jr's name as well as when and how he was injured. Dave Jr. had a picture taken with Laura and the President that he has framed and will cherish forever. The list goes on and on of people coming in to meet Dave Jr. and the other wounded warriors at Walter Reed and Bethesda.
Yesterday. Dave Jr. was ordered to be at the National Naval Hospital with another 12 soldiers and Marines to meet with Obama. Obama was supposed to arrive at 11:30 AM. He finally got there at 3:00 PM. He entered the room with the wounded warriors and quickly shook each of their hands. He never asked their names, where they were from, or how they were injured. Then he left.
Dave Jr. has met the people who really care about the military. All he remembers from Obama is a weak handshake. The others in the room, younger and less exposed to the people that Dave Jr. has met, were so disappointed. Word about Obama's "insensitive" visit has spread to the MATC ( the rehab facility) at Walter Reed and throughout Bethesda.

Z: I deleted a few finishing comments from Dave Sr, who wrote the email above. They were rather condemnatory and I want the facts in the email to speak for themselves. I got this email Saturday. I do have Dave's real name, his uncle, a Brigadier General's, name, etc., but I don't want to post it here. Suffice it to say this is a true story. I can't add anything to this. I only post it because I think we ought to remember these things the next time Mr. Obama slams the Bush people for maltreatment of our soldiers, etc. And I think we should all be praying for Mr. Obama's heart; sensitivity, kindness to all people, the time to show our soldiers their commander in chief cares.


Anonymous said...

What kind of leadership did you really expect from a man whose only experience is as a community organizer/politician from Southside Chicago? You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear … and you cannot make a leader out of a bucket of manure.


Z said...

welcome to the site, Sam.
Well, you might imagine that a man would grow up from having witnessed the actions of past presidents....You and I'D know inherently what to do..
What's it take to just chat with a badly wounded SOLDIER, RIGHT?
You might imagine he'd be a LITTLE more sensitive to Americans while taking a wife to NYC for dinner when the economic numbers just announced were so horrible, or going to play golf during Hillary's concession speech, or ..whatever.
Sometimes I HONESTLY wonder if he should have left at the WH the Bush family's staff people who were in charge of protocol.......
That's in weaker moments when I think he was just badly raised and doesn't know better.
Then I truly truly believe he feels above any restrictions or niceties if he doesn't feel like them. I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult visiting with wounded servicemen; it is heart wrenching to visit with surviving families of our fallen heroes. But leaders perform these difficult tasks because it is a leadership responsibility. And as demonstrated by General Petraeus and others time after time, a true leader demonstrates by word and deed that the wounded soldier or family member is important to you, that you truly understand what they are feeling.

Sam asked the right question: what would this president know of such things? Still, the most disappointing part of his election is that most Americans prefer this politician to those who have demonstrated true leadership. Well, what do most Americans know about quality leadership? Most people today do not serve in uniform; why should they? And this country is one in which the entire political left looks upon anyone who does serve in uniform as a bunch of saps. Like Rome, our country no longer expects “service to country” as a stepping-stone to citizen entitlements; like Rome, we have decided to set about the destruction of a once great society.

Tom said...

I'm not surprised. Libs tend to dismiss the military until backed into a corner.

One day, they will realize it is because of the sacrifices of our soldiers and their families that they have the freedom they so often pay lip service too.

Z said...

"They're saps..no war at any cost"...imagine if our WWII soldiers had gone to the same schools our kids are being indoctrinated in NOW?
How many more would have died?

Tom's right, too....but the problem there is I honestly don't believe the leftwingers WANT us to have that freedom anymore. Look at Obama slam FOX and RUSH, etc.
They have EVERY RIGHT to disagree with him with facts and figures.....yet he demeans and runs defense. It's scary. First time any president's done either of the following two things:

1. had the WHOLE media on his side
2. Laughed at the media representing half of America.

Those soldiers mostly don't agree with him politically, either....

Law and Order Teacher said...

I have a lot of trouble accepting celebrities who use military members for props in photo ops. This does nothing but confirm my opinion of the president: he is nothing more than a puff of smoke, fearing the political winds for his existance, that appears and disappears with equal speed. He has no substance.

Bryan said...

When a certain situation arose in the early church, the apostles guided the people by saying, "Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business" (Acts 6:3.)

Unfortunately, we live in a time that many lack the wisdom needed to make such leadership choices. Sometimes though, we are not given a good choice either way.

Elmers Brother said...

Clinton wasn't much better. Never having served neither he nor Obama can even come close to understanding anything about what people in uniform and their families sacrifice.

Their idea of sacrifice is to turn your thermosats to 80 degrees in the summer.

Anonymous said...

If one is meeting wounded soldiers, he need not have had military experience. He knows they suffered wounds. That does not require great study, it's obvious.

He just doesn't care!


JINGOIST said...

I wish I could say that I was surprised by this post, but I'd be more surprised if it wasn't true. Z, if you get a chance to talk to this fine young man or his dad, tell them that WE love and honor them!

Elmers Brother said...

If one is meeting wounded soldiers, he need not have had military experience. He knows they suffered wounds. That does not require great study, it's obvious.

I think he does. Bush and his father they knew having both served and Reagan knew because he lived through WWII.

Clinton skipped out on military service and it was obvious from the get go (and born out by several books by his military advisors) by the way he treated the military.

I'm not sure it's that Obama doesn't care, it's that never having been in the military he can't relate. He can't understand and he's surrounded by 60's hippie types who hated the military.

Yes it's obvious that someone's been hurt but I doubt anyone who hasn't served can fully understand the sacrifice.

Elmers Brother said...

BTW I'm not trying to stick up for Obama.

beamish said...

One of the things that has stymied Obama's efforts to reverse Bush policies in Iraq is that after going to Cairo he found that the ressurection technology he saw on Stargate SG-1 doesn't really exist and Saddam Hussein is going to stay dead after all.

Z said...

I guess I just have to add here that I'm a woman and remain grateful that I didn't have to fight. As much as I love this country, just the thought of D Day, for example, makes me cringe and I often have said how they'd have had to pry my fingers, frozen in total fear, from the sides of those boats so many of our brave guys jumped to their deaths from.
I can never EVER begin to understand the fear, the courage, the sense of duty that these guys had.

But, I have never had a Vietnam vet mention he was there without thanking him, I've joined friends in paying for the lunches of a group of soldiers eating nearby in a restaurant, I've stood in awe of people like Mustang and Law and Order and Elmer's Brother, who served their countries proudly.......

...and TRUST ME, I'm moved to tears just watching wounded soldiers on television or hearing them talk on Hugh Hewitt's show when thanking people for the generosity they've shown them and their families.

Could I walk by and shake every hand and keep going?...
NO way, absolutely no WAY. I might be bawling, but I'd hug them or want to hear their stories...

I'll say this for Obama; maybe he's so utterly humiliated by the courage they display that he just has to keep walking...and I don't mean that in an angry, spiteful, or demeaning way. Maybe he just plain can't STAND it.

Dr. John said...

Do ya think any soldier in his or her right mind would take a bullet for this commander in chief after reading this story?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...






Is THAT sufficiently succinct for ANYONE?


Anonymous said...

Hussein o disrespecting and ungrateful towards the troops that guarantee his leadership, typical leftist.

What a waste of space, he isn't fit to be commander in chief of a chicken pen.

Chuck said...

"Yesterday. Dave Jr. was ordered to be at the National Naval Hospital with another 12 soldiers and Marines to meet with Obama."

Staged from the beginning

Z said...

Oh, Chuck. bingo

Anonymous said...

All I can say is, would a Commander in Chief who cares, order Miranda rights for the enemy knowing his info could save American lives including our troops lives?

I never fought in a war, but I can empathize with servicemen who have been wounded, and some maimed for life.

If they are in harm's way because I ordered them there, how could I not show deep concern and care for them.

If he cares he would behave like he cares. I repeat. He doesn't and I do mean that in an angry demeaning way.


beamish said...


Just a "girl power" note for you :)

Chicks can kick ass too.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Um, Dave?

Who is Dave Jr?

I haven't heard much news lately except for following the situation in Iran.

Z said...

Steve..Dave's nobody famous, just the son of Dave Sr and Dave Sr wanted this story known! (good to have you around!)

Beamish, I KNOW the women are fantastically talented, I just don't like them in the armed services. I'm a fuddy duddy about it...so sue me!
It's weird...I just never have and probably never wilL!

Anonymous said...

"Beamish, I KNOW the women are fantastically talented, I just don't like them in the armed services. I'm a fuddy duddy about it...so sue me!
It's weird...I just never have and probably never wilL!"

Z, Make that two fuddy duddies. I'm with you.


Z said...

Really, Pris? I didn't know that.I feel somewhat reassured!!

Anonymous said...

excellent post..I agree 100 percent

beamish said...


I have no problem with women pilots, even as combat pilots.

It's women in ground forces combat roles that I think is a bad idea, even if Israel uses women in combat roles.

But I do not oppose it because I think they're too weak for it. Actually quite the opposite.

Women in ground combat are ruthless. Merciless. Without restraint.

My grandfather told me stories of women he'd met from the French underground resistance that attacked Nazi soldiers with their bare hands and stomped them to death just to steal their guns for the resistance.

History of females in combat going back to the Celts in Britain shows it's not a good idea to make armed women angry.

Z said...

beamish, I'm not totally against female pilots...I just don't like the whole West Point Cadet woman thing, tell you the truth. It's just unseemly to me.