Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goodbye, Stephen Tyrone Johns...America is so sorry

Oh, my...looks like James Von Brunn isn't a conservative, Christian, or a capitalist at all. He is a pagan, hate-filled socialist. About the only thing he has in common with many conservatives is white skin, which he disgustingly reveres as SUPERIOR, unlike most conservatives.

Read Ben Johnson's piece on him. Some of his next hits, after the Holocaust Museum, were to be the offices of the conservative WEEKLY STANDARD and FOX. Huffington Post blogger Michelle Kraus wrote simply, “Thank you very much Karl Rove and your minions.” The truth is, Von Brunn despised 'neo cons' and would have considered Rove one. Poke around the Huffington Post site linked under 'wrote' above.....You'll see what I'm talking about. The truth doesn't seem to matter to them, nor did not jumping to their typical generalized conclusions.

Does the awful truth about Von Brunn give life back to Stephen Tyrone Johns, pictured above, the guard who saw a frail, elderly man, and like any gentleman would, opened the door for him? Sadly, no. It should hurt us all that an American who apparently was so well liked and kind and professional died like this... I know we all grieve for him. God rest your soul, Mr. Jones, and give solace and comfort to your family and friends.

Also, I will not blame socialists, pagans or liberals for this death because Von Brunn appeared to be more of that ilk, unlike what the left was trying to do capitalizing on a man's death to slam US.
This man, Von Brunn, was NUTS, and EVIL, a MURDERER, like Dr. Tiller's killer was.

Does it give me some pleasure that he's not what people immediately thought? Yes, because I'm sick of "right wing" being used for me, most of you reading this, AND a horrible person like Von Brunn. You bet. Ever hear a murderer like Bill Ayers termed 'left wing'? No, I haven't, either.



Leslie said...

Excellently said, Z. I too grow weary of the labels placed on us. This whole story is sad because an innocent man lost his life. I'm sure he did not wake that day thinking it could be his last on earth. This is tragic, and leave it to the spin doctors to make it a political issue (and a wrong political issue at that.)

beamish said...

My first clue that this guy was a leftist was his association with neo-Nazi websites.

Always On Watch said...

I just heard on the evening news that Johns was opening the door for Brunn when the murder occurred. Another fact to add to this tragedy!

I see the mainstream media relishing in calling Von Brunn "right wing." We're going to see even more division in America now.

Anonymous said...

Labels are actually pathetic, the reason for my post on this yesterday. Von Brunn was an idiot; that's the only label he is entitled to. Those on the left (media) looking to classify him as right-wing simply reinforces what we already know: Americans are largely uneducated and woefully uninformed. Included in this, of course, is Shepard Smith of Fox News.

Semper Fi

WomanHonorThyself said...

its goin from bad to worse girl!

Z said...

Always, yes....he saw an elderly frail man and opened the door, to be polite. And got killed.
what more can be said?

Beamish, exactly.

Leslie, isn't it disgraceful that the spin started? You should have seen Shepherd Smith on FOX, he was the worst.

Mustang, your piece was so good..oh, yes, you mentioned Smith. Did you actually hear him like I did? It was literally SICKENING.
His disdain for conservative Americans "ridiculous enough" to question THE ONE, who "at least as brought young people together"> THERE's a requirement for president, huh? $#@(&@*(#$&

beamish said...


What remains in question is if von Brunn's idiocy caused him to champion leftist views, or if his leftism caused him to act like an idiot.

Bryan said...

Don't you wish liberalism was a little painful? If so, there would be a lot less of the liberal media players. Even if some remained, you could watch just to get a chuckle by the look on their faces when they began to spin liberalism and their left-leaning issues. :0)

Anonymous said...

Professor Beamish poses challenging questions.

I surmise one cannot become a leftist without first achieving idiocy.

This favors the old “What came first, the duck or the egg” argument.

Duck-->idiot, Egg-->liberal.

However, in terms of cosmic formation, I could accept that idiocy-->leftist could have been simultaneous components of the so-called big bang theory; nanoseconds being an insignificant factor.

Chuck said...

Good post.

Actually I don't have a problem being called right-wing, I am. This does not mean I hate, support a monster like this killer or the murderer of Tillman, nor do I condone violence of any kind to meet our goals. I do not mind the label because I know my heart and they cannot define me.

I do hope the family of this fine gentleman, Mr Johns, can find some peace.

beamish said...


I'm inclined to agree. There are idiots that aren't leftists. There are no leftists that aren't idiots.

JINGOIST said...

G-d bless and keep the soul of the brave Mr. Johns, and help hi family in their time of grieving.

I heard the lefty spin and was DISGUSTED! As usual the lied like hell.

Pat Jenkins said...

well done z! if there is anyone who has had an association with hate it is barack obama. as you point out! hello bill ayers and mr. wright!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah it is annoying how the media so quickly describe people are rightwing or far-right, but they seldom describe democrats as leftists or far-leftists.

Ducky's here said...

Ever hear a murderer like Bill Ayers termed 'left wing'? No, I haven't, either.

You are a stitch, z. The naivete is breath taking.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

Yeah it is annoying how the media so quickly describe people are rightwing or far-right, but they seldom describe democrats as leftists or far-leftists.


No sir, I've never heard a democrat called a leftist, socialist or communist by some member of the Texas congressional congregation or some such challenged portion of our government.

Z said...

Ducky, you think America's taken seriously what Ayers and his bunch did in killing a NYC cop and they knew all about that when they voted for obama, a man who LIED (LIED, DUCKY), BLATANTLY LIED, when people first brought Ayers up and THE ONE said "Oh, ...we just lived in the same big deal." Remember!?
Oh...then it turns out Ayers hosted O's first political event, they worked together on boards, Ayers hired O for some things, the wives worked together.....hmmm But, THAT's okay...because our public didn't really get to know about AYers.
Because of the media. The ONE must have counted on the media keeping Ayers quiet. Thank goodness for the internet .

As for your second remark: Exactly. I said MEDIA don't use that term very often. I don't have to remind YOU it's the Conservatives who get it, but it's the same media which dumps us in the RIGHTWING mud with Von Brunn but won't refer to Ayers as LEFTWING.

thanks for proving my point.

Ducky's here said...

But, THAT's okay...because our public didn't really get to know about AYers.
Because of the media.


I don't know where you live but there is a great documentary on The Weather Underground that is readily available. Very good film.
It has been shown on PBS and there certainly hasn't been any shortage of media coverage of Ayers.

Especially right wing America which listens to Fox. the equivalent of a bunch of people reading "The Star" and "The Globe" out loud. Except for Glenn Beck, he reads "Weekly World News".

Nothing but tabloids translated to television. That's all they've got. That's what they are. The only "news" they run is on their scroll, and about half that is nonsense.

So I realize that the fact that a police officer was killed is a terrifying event for you because in the right wing world you live in absolute fear that the thin blue line and a bunch of nuclear missiles won't shield you from the rest of the world, but really it's not so bad.
Just have to get involved with the great hurly-burly of life. No other practical way.

shoprat said...

Labels are indeed useless and the most meaningless labels/epitaphs of all are bigot, homophobe, right-winger, fascist and neo-con. The left uses these terms so willy-nilly that they have been stripped of any possible meaning.

Z said...

Shoprat, thanks...good point.

Ducky..what planet are you on? Did you see the videos of obama voters who were asked about Ayers and they'd never heard his NAME?
You can obfuscate all you want, but it's sounding just plain silly.

Really, Ducky? You REALLY think that FOX viewers are that stupid? When FOX is the ONLY channel to have both sides of every subject?
I must admit CNN has finally got the picture and, in the last few months, they've started having the Conservative side...finally, they got the picture because their ratings were plummeting, but mostly? FOX has both. That they have Conservative editorial programming is no less surprising or biased than Wolf Blitzer or Rick least FOX presents their conservatives for what they are. Blitzer and Sanchez are presented as JUST news ever heard Sanchez! ??? Ideologue of our times...he makes me laugh out loud at his unevenhandedness. But, that's okay..he's on the left, that's FINE.

Limit your comments to your points of view and less insults or everything more you post today will be deleted when I return this afternoon. Thanks.

Ducky's here said...

Rick Sanchez? Isn't he the one who killed a pedestrian when he was driving home drunk from a football game?

Z said...

Ducky, I didn't know that happened to CNN's Rick Sanchez, but he's such an unthinking,knee jerk liberal, I wouldn't be surprised.

beamish said...


Keep in mind the leftist formula.

Hitler was "to the right" of Stalin because he was anti-Bolshevik.

Stalin wasn't Communist because Communism's "never been tried."

Stir those around in your mind every day and you too can be as indistinguishably imbecilic as Ducky or any other leftist.