Thursday, June 11, 2009

Miss California's fired......what's the real reason?

Did you hear about Miss California's Carrie Prejean being fired? Of course, the only reason this has a scintilla of interest for most of us is because we saw a young woman chastised and humiliated and called really terrible names due to her personal beliefs.

I was kind of amazed that Donald Trump had stuck up for her, but read the linked article and see how she found out she was fired. That doesn't show a lot of class, in my opinion. So, she was fired.........finally. Here's the reason they're floating:

"The group kicked the controversial beauty queen from her post due to "contract violations including Ms. Prejean's unwillingness to make appearances on behalf of the Miss California USA organization," the pageant's Executive Director, Keith Lewis, said in a statement."

And, that's probably true, right? It would seem to be out of character for a girl with principles, but, I suppose it can't be ruled out. But, here's what the co-executive director (who quit her job because Trump wouldn't fire Prejean a month or so ago for her comments saying she personally believed marriage was only between a man and a woman), is saying:

"First and foremost, my faith has been restored in the Miss Universe Organization and with Donald Trump. I believed eventually what I intimately knew would come to fruition," Moakler said.
She knew Carrie wouldn't meet her obligations?

So which reason IS it? Could it be that they didn't fire her at first because the media glare was still on them? I heard tonight on television that Ms Prejean is saying she never missed any appearance that she was asked to make. This could get interesting. I hope so.



Ducky's here said...

Wow, this is a huge story. Bigger than American Idol.

RightKlik said...

They really haven't been specific about how she violated the terms of her contract.

Z said...

RightKlik, that's what I'm hoping; Ms Prejean says she did NOT shirk her duties. Let's see their written orders to her and how she broke them; then we'll be able to see how, finally, she was fired for her views...later, after most of the media glare was gone: CROWD CONTROL, RK.

Ducky, that's why I posted this.

An American's free speech might not matter to YOU, but it does to good Conservatives.
If you read my posts at all and didn't just glimpse and gurgle, you'd see I opened with the fact that this, on the surface, is NOTHING any thinking America would give a darn about.
But, focus on the meaning behind it, and we ALL have to be aware.

Anonymous said...

Why would Miss California want to stick around with all those pageant idiots who hung her out to dry for a whole 'nother year? She's famous enough to make it on her own w/o them. Thanks lefties!

Z said...

Fj..that's what I was thinking.
At least she can speak her peace and not be threatened again.
The Left'll still hate her for having principles and having aired something they don't like in public...but she'll be fine on her own now.

I'm just HOPING she can prove without a doubt she did NOT shirk her responsibilities; purely to show this country what we're dealing with; what free speech is facing from the left.

Pat Jenkins said...

z the climate has become such that anybody who stands up fot the idea of inalienable rights is the one who is to be "hatted". that is utterly unbelievable isn't it? and it is only going to get worse!!

Pat Jenkins said...

z please take out one t from hated... my bad.. ok procede.. he he...

Z said...

Pat, no problem! If I take it out it'll be a comment from ME and I want them to know it's from YOU...and that YOU, too, aren't perfect and make typos like we do!

And yes, we are HATTED for speaking our truth; !! (thanks for coming by!)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The Lefty trashing of her rep has begun...

The pageant is claiming in televised interviews that she missed "tens upon tens" of appearances and that she was extremely difficult to work with.

Anybody surprised that the pageant would go out of their way to trash her rep on national TV like this? Not me. They've been doing it ever since Dali stopped kissing surrealist ass back in the 30's.

The vindictive Left black lists and destroys anyone and everyone who balks at their agenda. The gays are "especially" nasty in this regard.

Ducky's here said...

An American's free speech might not matter to YOU, but it does to good Conservatives.


Actually z, what most concerns me is that many don't have a good sense of what a constitutional free speech issue involves.

The right (and at the moment it is absolutely primarily the right that moan about "free speech") seem not to understand that the issue of "free speech" is government restrictions on speech.
That isn't the case with Miss Cali who appears to have run into some contractual problems or is just milking the controversy for financial gain. Either way it is something that is probably best ignored and most certainly has nothing to do with constitutional free speech.

Z said...

FJ...thanks, I figured that would start.
I just so badly want her to prove she didn't miss engagements. She ought to be able to do that and is probably getting her ducks in a row (you should pardon the expression:-)

Imagine they didn't contact her before TV shows did? That's cold, don't you think?

HoosierArmyMom said...

I really am not worried about Ms. Prejean. I think she is better off without affiliating with the organization that obviously doesn't value the First Amendment rights of the contestant. As far as legality, I just bet she has a case but probably won't pursue it. We will wait and see.

I say I'm not worried because this young woman is beautiful, strong and very smart. There are those in this country that will stand by her for her courage of conviction and I'm sure she will have a great life from here on out. I think she is better off to be distanced from the less than honorable people running the Miss USA Pageant.

Anonymous said...

Here's the nationally televised trashing...

Z said...

Ducky, for pete's sake......
I'm talking free speech in general..that's an American concept, too, Ducky..the CONCEPT that anybody ought to be able to say whatever he or she feels in public.
How dishonest of you to bring this up when you'd be apoplectic if it was a liberal that the Right had slammed for having spoken out.

You're so disdainful of a Rush Limbaugh and have no problem with the really distasteful, ugly Keith Olbermann, right?

MY GOD...look what Letterman said...they talk about raping Republican women and don't get fired; they slam politicians' children and don't get slammed...

Just apply HONESTY to both sides, Ducky, that's all America expects.

She got herself fired to 'milk the situation'? Ya THINK?

Ducky's here said...

z, if it were up to me I'd let her say whatever she damn well please and I'd probably get an assault rap for busting Perez Hilton in the mouth but it isn't.

Donald Trump makes a pretty good piece of change creating these "controversies" so the suckers stay tuned. It is nothing more than corporate and media maneuvering to keep Rollo watching.

If you think the gay marriage issue is influenced one way or another by what one of these bimbos says then I have to say you are sorely mistaken.

Anonymous said...

That isn't the case with Miss Cali who appears to have run into some contractual problems or is just milking the controversy for financial gain

Yes, she was milking being "bashed and abused" as a relatively unknown figure on national television by Leftists who created the controversy and then attempted to get her fired... sounds plausible... to a Leftist. And since she triumphed over them, let's hops she makeds TONS of $$$ and gets MOUNTAINS of endoresement offers!

Z said...

Ducky, I agree with you..
But this is about the media and how they treated her for having spoken her mind.
I will say a lot of people deserved to feel pleased that a young person would find the GUTS in a crowd like that to tell her truth.

FJ...the hostess on that interview sure didn't have any bias, huh? (Smile!)
I am so sorry the situation got combaTATive (heh). Subtle of him to mention who her attorney is, wasn't it? No prejudice there intended..he was SO open, SO encompassing "EVERYBODY'S WONDERFUL!"
"Do you think this HELPS Carrie Prejean?" Julie Chen, or whatever her name is, asked?

I hope so, Julie...sorry you don't share my opinion.

Steve Harkonnen said...

What really angers me the most from all of this is that homosexuality is a choice in life, yet we're all supposed to "celebrate" homosexuality.

Sorry, it's just not my cup of tea. If a faggot thinks they deserve respect from me, they've got another thing coming.

Read up on how Edward II of England met his fate. That's how I would line each and every single one of them up, women included (well, the women who try to make themselves look like men).

Steve Harkonnen said...

Duck said

"I'd probably get an assault rap for busting Perez Hilton in the mouth but it isn't."

Duck, let me shake your hand. But I wouldn't bust him in the mouth with a hot poker. I'd put it someplace else.

beamish said...

Anybody surprised that the pageant would go out of their way to trash her rep on national TV like this? Not me. They've been doing it ever since Dali stopped kissing surrealist ass back in the 30's.

I get what you're saying on the "Surrealist school" of art pretentiously exiling them from their ranks on political grounds, FJ, but nobody made Dali celebrate the act of whacking off in a condom and giving it to his own father to declare a "debt repaid," among other disturbing behaviors. And surrealists didn't make the general population's skin crawl upon hearing about it, even decades later. In that regard, Dali made his own noise, though I suppose you could say his public disrespect to his own parents was itself "surreal."

"There's no such thing as bad press" seems to be the rule.

There's far worse fates than being Miss Ex-California. Maybe she'll end up across the table from Baba Wawa on the View.

Anonymous said...

Carrie Prejean has responded to her critics.

Sounds like a class act, to me.

Z said...

FJ, thanks SO much.
(I wish somebody'd corrected ENDURING for ENDEARING and taken out some commas, but that's just me..sorry)

Well, she says she didn't miss an event they asked her to do and that she'd done nothing without their approval.
I'm betting they stay quiet and hope she goes away instead of responding to her.
I hope some good conservative publicly asks for confirmation from the pageant people of exactly what she'd been asked to do and missed....only because I want to see if they ARE lying about why she was fired. (IF the media'll let America KNOW what's happening)

WAY easier to do the firing now, without the media glare, than back when it seemed more important to our media than about anything else.

IS Donald Trump this duplicitous? Was it all a big act and a terrible unkindness to her to act like she was staying on principle? OR is it legit that she's not cooperated? I'd like to know, wouldn't you?

I'm thinking she'd never have said she's missed anything if she had......too easily disproved.

and, yes, her statement is very dignified and classy.

Z said...

By the way, wouldn't you all question what the ex pageant official said? "She knew?" Knew WHAT?
She has faith in Trump again because...he fired Prejean for allegedly not making every event? Really?.....or she had faith he'd finally fire Prejean for the beliefs this ex official found loathsome?


beamish said...

If Prejean has missed "tens of tens" of scheduled appearances (ten of ten makes a minimum of 100) since April 19, 2009 - some 54 days ago at this writing, I would think a case for 100 missed appearances (or multiples of 100) within that short time could be easily produced - Prejean would have had to skip out on more than two schedule appearances per day since winning the pageant.

I think we can safely assume that the reasoning given for firing her is bullshit.

sue said...

z - I want to say that as a fan of David Letterman I am disgusted with what he said about Palin's daughter. Of the shows that I have watched, that is by and far the worst 'joke' I can think of. (I didn't actually see that show.)I don't want to be lumped together with fans of his who might have thought it funny - and it has nothing to do with liking Palin or not. It's a matter of decency.

Z said...

No, Sue...this Letterman thing had nothing to do with politics, you're right; it was just such bad taste. Thanks for your comment, I'd not have expected you to have thought it was funny.

Also, I think the excuse of some that "he meant her 18 year old" is lame...nobody should have had that comment made about herself Don't you think? 14..18..who cares? It's someone young daughter.

What really bothers me is that he's pretty much gotten away with it...the double standard for Republicans isn't fair.
It's like the far left ridiculing Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter as mean spirited and nasty when keith Olbermann is so much more directly mean and belittling.

This is when I begin to even better understand the power of the media; they can completely cover for someone and they can fan big fires for those they don't like. It's just not right and it's doing our country a disservice.


Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin, like Miss California, is a target.

Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

5. "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage."

The proper Alinsky response:

4. "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity."

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't surprise me if the leftists kicked her out for not bending to their will. You know what those hypocrites are like, there is no room for diversity of opinion amongst them.

Z said...

FJ...perfectly correct. Alinsky at work..again.

MK, bet on it!