Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sotomayor....Should she have done this?

I think Sotomayor should NOT have felt 'forced' to give up her membership in an all woman's club. I like men to have their own private clubs if they so choose and women can have theirs. What's the big deal? She says she's afraid Republicans will make a stink over it, so she quit.

By the way, does suddenly quitting make her look any better to those who disagree with me and feel it's wrong for a woman to be in a private club? Isn't that sort of like Obama's tax-evading appointees finally paying what they owed and suddenly looking like law abiding citizens? (you don't need links know who they are).

Here's a woman who was a member of LA RAZA (read ALL of that link, not just the top half, the second half is the very telling bit) and we're worried she was in an all woman club? Are we crazy? How's about investigating THAT La Raza membership!

I wouldn't make a stink about same-sex private clubs, would you? Read THIS.... What do you think? I'm eager to know.



Steve Harkonnen said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Z. Her presence in an all-woman's club clearly has nothing to do with her professional life - unless someone can point out a good reason why. Maybe I haven't thought of one yet, that's all.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Let me explain what I think the reason is why nothing's being said against her LaRaza membership, especially from the GOP.

For the past few years, the GOP has been afraid to criticize groups like CAIR, LaRaza, etc. That's because they are too far in the dirt - beleaguered politically - to make any statements against her association with that radical group.

That's just another reason why I don't like the current composition of the GOP.

Steve Harkonnen said...

To add more, I think the GOP is afraid because their critics will toss the race card at them.

Apparently, that race card is pretty damned powerful. That's because they are terrified to be accused to be racists.

Z said...


We have to STOP...Obama's got his INTERNATIONAL APOLOGY TOUR and the damned REPUBLICANS have an IN-HOUSE APOLOGY TOUR that HAS TO END, don't you think!?


Anonymous said...

A reminder from me. While we are following news reports from Iran, the media can take a welcomed vacation from congress, who I imagine are using this opportunity to complete their plans for national healthcare.

Make no mistake, this is fortuitous for those who once again will steamroll the American people, this time, with a healthcare bill if we let them.

Please call your representatives on this, and let them know we're watching, and we don't want
Washington MD!


Z said...

Oh, Pris, I was thinking the very same thing.
It's utterly amazing how many 'big news stories' are happening while obama's pulling the rugs out from under us.


I think I'll post that phone number post showing all the senators and congressmen's numbers again soon..remind me, okay?!

Thanks. (Oh, everyone...when you call, don't say 'ma'am' heh)

Anonymous said...
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Tom said...

Don't we have the freedom to belong to private clubs? If not, then why not?

I'm actually more interested in her qualifications than what club she belonged to. She's just starting to sound like another political hack...

Anonymous said...

I would direct your attention to Canon 2c and corresponding commentary in the Code of Judicial Ethics.

Does the Belizean Grove practice "invidious" discrimination? I guess that's something that only a current SCOTUS member could legally determine, but it seem's we have Sotomayor's opinion (in afterthought) on the matter in her resignation.

Chuck said...

I could care less about this. It just frosts me when they make an issue of a man doing it. I have never been clear as to why same sex clubs are such a big deal and why someone of the opposite sex needs to force themselves in

Always On Watch said...

Personally, I don't care about her membership in Grove.

However, that last link mentions the following:

Federal judges are bound by a code that says they shouldn't join any organization that discriminates by race, sex, religion or nationality.

So, if there's such a code, then I guess she's supposed to adhere to it.

Why isn't her La Raza membership an issue -- based on the "code."

beamish said...

Same sex club?

Are there ferns hanging over the pool table? Broadway show tunes on the jukebox? Autographed pictures of Marlene Dietrich smoking a cigarette on the wall?

Maybe I'm missing something here.


Z said...

Tom, glad to see you! It's nuts, isn't it?

FJ...what's discrimination about joining an all ANYTHING club? We've become CRAZY in this world. Yes, if she felt she needed to resign then she must have thought it is, but she blames it on the Republicans.

I absolutely have no problem with any all men's club...let them have it.

Chuck, me, neither..what's the big woop?

Always and FJ...Ya, okay.."no men allowed", "No women allowed"..fine, maybe that's discrimination, but what could be going ON in there that would make anybody CARE?
of course, I'm pretty positive it was feminists who stopped ALL MEN'S

beamish...I'm not sure about the ferns, but I know it's not that kind of same sex club....or I don't THINK SO!! heh

Anonymous said...

Wow ... the difference one letter makes.


Anonymous said...

I don't think she should've resigned. It shows weakness, and I don't see how ANYBODY will like that.

Can you imagine how the remaining members must have reacted?


WomanHonorThyself said...

she's a racist tool..that bout covers it girl!

christian soldier said...

Illegal immigration into the southwest states is sometimes viewed as a form of reconquista, (Wikipedia)

LaRaza has a firm grip on the 'Hispanic studies' at our universities...

sadly- the students are being taught RE_WRITTEN history...but-what is new---

BTW-I figured out a connection between the open borders crowd and $$$-
Stanton-(under indictment)-was 'friends' w/ the drug cartels ( I read that last year) and he also gave lots of $$$ to the Dems and some Rs!!!(according to the source that I read)

christian soldier said...

OH-forgot the 'pawn' Sotomayor....
She's a deflection...
If she wants an all woman's club-so be it---

The Merry Widow said...

We should be concerned...that club is politically VERY leftista...and our associations scream what we are inside.

As for belonging to an all women's club THAT doesn't bother me. She can belong to whatever...but the fact that she quit so quickly, ells me that she is hiding someting. Or, that this club is basially uamerican in character!


Anonymous said...

I've got no problem w/all women's or any other so-called "discriminatory" clubs, just so long as they're not "publically" funded.

Z said...

CS, it's all about "RECONQUISTA", absolutely...nice, huh? A SCOTUS justice who ever had a thought like that in her HEAD? Charming.

TMW, is the all woman's club leftista, too, or you mean La Raza?

FJ...I hadn't thought of that, hadn't considered it was publicly funded..most private clubs aren't..but you're absolutely right.

NO WAY would I want tax dollars funding an all men's or all woman's group EXCEPT if it were children...the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. I think those groups do so much good that I wouldn't mind.
What was that flap about? Didn't they finally have to accept the other sex, or?? I can't remember.

beamish said...


Wow ... the difference one letter makes.


Not to mention:


shoprat said...

Her belonging to a womens' club is the least of my concerns. I too find nothing wrong with such groups.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

La Raza, folks, believes in Aztlan and RECONQUISTA, which is the TAKING BACK of all of the southern portion of the US "claimed" by Mexico. Demographically, they're doing it.


Anonymous said...

La Raza is a racist group plain and simple.We are however supposed to just accept as gospel that minority candidates for all levels of public office be held to a different standard and just hold our collective tongues.BS and I won't.Zero was elected not in spite of but because of his minority status.A sycophantic media that walks on eggshells when issues of race arise is thoroughly absent and devoid of any criticism.As for this justice her comments about legislating from the bench being an understood practice as well as being justifiable should completely disqualify her nomination.Another pile of Schumer courtesy of the twit in chief.

This ugly Duck has got to GO!

Z said...


Something you all might want to know is that VERY frequently the cops stop cars in this city and the outskirts and find Hispanics and TONS OF guns or ammo inside.
These stops were for traffic tickets! Then BAMMO!>>>look what they FIND!

IMAGINE how many are NOT getting stopped for speeding or illegal lane changes? think abuot it.


and, by the way, I feel I MUST SAY (not to be PC but to be sincere), I have rarely met as sweet people as I have the hispanics at my church or in my garden or working at the grocery store.....

RightKlik said...

You've made several excellent points.

I do appreciate the fact that conservatives are taking the opportunity to point out the hypocrisy of the left on this issue.

Remember the Augusta National Golf Club controversy a few years back? The libs were having a field day.

When libs join exclusive clubs, it really undermines the empathic, "we love the little guy", "diversity is so important" image they are always trying to create for themselves.

When a liberal is discovered to be a member of a sex-specific or race-specific organization it hits a raw when a conservative his caught in an adulterous affair. It just reeks of hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for her in an "Ugly" contest

Anonymous said...

Don't have a big problem with her belonging to a club, my problem is that she is a racist and that's apparently alright according to hussein o.