Thursday, June 18, 2009

GREEN JOBS........

Here's a clip from the article: "As Van Jones, the White House green jobs guru, stated, “We imagine formerly incarcerated people moving from jail cells to solar cells—helping to harvest the sun, heal the land and repair their own souls.”


Then .."From jail cells to solar cells"? (reminded you of JESSE JACKSON, admit it)

PLEASE read the article and let me know what YOU think and why more Americans aren't getting this truth? OH, it sounds SO GOOD..."GREEN JOBS". Lately, all 10% of America is 'green' about is GREEN WITH ENVY of those with JOBS. And have you seen how many company and specific agenda commercials are about GREEN? Sure, we all want a clean planet, we want our children to live in a safe world..............but read the arguments to GREEN JOBS in the linked article. Read Bjorn Lomborg, at least LISTEN to those who say this is cyclical, due to the sun, etc etc. You know, that side that doesn't even get invited to GLOBAL WARMING "Conferences"........It's important we KNOW THE TRUTH.

z (thanks, Mustang)


beamish said...

I wonder if President Ogabe realizes solar panel factories don't run on solar power.

DaBlade said...

good point beamish. Obama's policies will lead to a greener country. After it decimates commerce and cities are bulldozed into meadows.

shoprat said...

Green means nothing. It is little more than a slogan.

Chuck said...

About the only jobs this administration has created so far are for "czars".

Anonymous said...

So much bizarre "think speak" is coming out of Washington now that the real trick is to figure out how much they really mean, and how much is just to assuage the growing disenchantment of all the different left wing groups who were promised the sky during the campaign.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Oh, just WAIT, America, just wait!

Just wait until Mr Obama acquires his full-blown CAP & TRADE plan and drives this economy ever further down the TANK.

And how, for example, about this teensy-weensy PURPOSELY-IGNORED fact:

Solar power, as just one example based in EMOtions and not in FACTS, requires prodigious amounts of water to CLEAN. You must keep the panels CLEAN or their efficiency plummets.

Where is the best, most efficacious location for solar panels, where they'd be occluded the LEAST?

Why, that would be the DESERTS of America.

So, WHERE DO YOU PLAN TO ACQUIRE THE WATER NECESSARY FOR CLEANING? Or are you simply going to send a person out with some rags and Windex?



Larry Durham said...

You people are going to have to get with the gameplan. Green is the new religion. You are all filthy oil consuming sinners that that need a good spanking from Mother Earth. Now go recycle a couple of cans and get your heart right with Gaia.

Gore be with you.

beamish said...

It would be a lot more cost-effective to lower the Earth's average temperature by putting more data sampling thermometers at the North Pole.

Z said...

Oh, my friends, you're all so smart and all so funny.
Beamish, what do you do, plug the solar panel factory into electricity! OH, the irony.

I'm hoping Mr. Z chimes in here soon, he's more up on the ridiculousness of all these GREEN solutions for energy than anyone I know... but, it sounds like you guys sure get it, too!

Shoprat's right:GREEN is a slogan, another way to beat young Americans into marching into submission.."You will BELIEVE US and you will LIKE RUINING YOUR ECONOMY to pay for the rest of the world's spewing toxins into the atmosphere..and THEN you will have PEACE ON EARTH!"

Chuck...this one's a GURU, did you read that!? HA!!

Hermit: This is all about payback. When will THAT be over and we can try to reconstruct the mess it made$$$?

BZ: YOu must have seen My BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING...."Windex cleans EVERYTHING!"

Larry....Gore. That mansion in TN used MUCH MUCH more energy than Bush's ranch house, remember? The media barely commented.. most did not at all. Typical.

Beamish...a polar bear might die. :-)

Z said...

check that out! Mustang just emailed it to me.

Get the planes down so they don't interfere with the windmills 40000 ft in the air?


Anonymous said...

Hi Beamish;

About our terrorist lable,

Just some notes,

1 - Declaration of your STATE DEPT. (During Clinton Administration ), " we labled Iranian Resistance terrorist to welcome President Khatami ".

2 - Mohsen Rezai, former commander of the regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and a candidate in the sham elections, on May 24 said: “One of Ahmadinejad’s unforgivable mistakes was to neglect the progress of the PMOI’s removal from the list of terrorist groups”. He added that this had afflicted “billions of dollars in damages” to the country. Previously, during the mass executions in the summer of 1981, Rezai had announced: “More than 90 percent of the Mojahedin have been eliminated and the rest will soon be destroyed”.

Beamish we are removed from the terror list of all the countries, JUST USA is extremely FIDEL to his deal with the MULLAHS.

Several Billions is payed every year to your politicians to keep us on your terror list, Madelaine Albrieght, Gary Seek, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Hilary and dear friends, Brezenski,

Beamish, the terror tag is a trade mark that the Mullahs BUY from your SUPER HONNORABLE DEMS and use it where they want.

Very dear Beamish, do you know your huge "ANTI WAR" Mouvement is directed and funded by whom????!!!!

By Ahmadinejad and Co.

Wonderfull, NO?

We are fighting for our freedom, and the WE FIND USA and all the Coallition armies who BOMB our Bases 120 times daily during 19 days with their 50,000 pounds of Bunker Busters.

Do you believe more your BRAVE soldiers or your Politicians?

in any case I suggest you to google << HUMINT & MeK >> or << Capt. Gambara & MeK >>.

and << colonel philips & MeK >>.

Unfortunatley this Blog do not accept the Internet adresses, I could write you the hundreds of sites and articles about our Resistance.

Beamish, that's up to u to believe your soldiers in the war field or your politicians in the oil/Dollar field.

Do you see the pictures of the Iranians fighting against the Mullahs forces and dying?, this is MeK, this is our Resistance.

Do you know why the Mullahs have stayed till now? during these 30 years any time we rised up to overthrow the Mullahs, your USA GOVERNMENT stopped us and BOMBED US, and at 2003 disarmed us, and now, we are fighting with our hands, and no arms.

Are you and the other Americans ANTI-TERRORIST??, if the answer is yes, so please, write to your Government to return our Weapons so that we can save more lives,

Beamish AUTO-DEFENCE is a right.
Fighting for DEMOCRACY is a right.

If we are terrorist, so you ancesters are terrorist too, they had fought the enemies for their freedom.

Please go to this site
iran-e-azad <0> org/Ashraf/

and see more about our terror.


lovelyprism said...

Huh, how come this one is only a guru, not a czar? I would be offended. I'm all for leaving the Earth better than we found her. But Global Warming, Climate Change and everything about the Green movement is fiction created by Gore and supported by other politicians. It'a all about power and money. Did you ever see that movie where Danny DeVito says "I want my house to be seen from SPACE!"? Well... I want my carbon footprint to be seen from SPACE! Gore can kiss my grits.

beamish said...


Why did MEK help crush the Shia uprising against Saddam Hussein?

Why did MEK help slaughter Kurds for Saddam Hussein?

Your organization's philosophies mix Marxism and Islam.

You're not fighting for freedom, you're in Iraq wishing Saddam Hussein was still in charge, still funding you, still sending you to kill Shia in Iraq and Iran.

Anonymous said...


Did you cheked the IPC release about the MeK?

IPC is not ou people, they are the US officials.

And during 16 months we were screened by all your juridical and intelligence organizations about the terrorism and Shia and Kurd slaughter in IRAQ, you don't need to believe me or anybody else, you have now official reports and investigations about ASHRAF City.

The only people who reject the thousands of the evidences and official and legal investigations are the Mullahs and their relations.

7 years of courts in the EU courts and UK POAK COURT brought the result of 3 comndamnation against EU COUNCIL (All 27 European Countries ) and 6 times against UK for keeping MeK intheir terror list,
You can see all these statements and documents on the official sites,

I think that you have seen only the MOIS sites.

If we were funded by Saddam, could we have the support and Alliances of 3,000,000 Shia and 5,200,000 Iraqis?!!

Do you consider the QODS Forces Iraqis Shia?!!

Why you don't read the US Militaries reports to your Senate and Congress?

Why you don't trust your own officials, your own militaries?!!!!!!

You repeat the Mullahs allegations and claims against us.


Anonymous said...

Well, might as well get those felons to work, building Emerald City.
After all we are living in the land of Oz are we not?

I really am beginning to hate the color green.


beamish said...


Things are more complex than that. Your group bombed embassies in other countries.

That they were Iranian embassies doesn't matter. If Iran had embassies in the United States your group would have bombed them too. Para-national terrorism is para-national terrorism.

I agree with you that the mullahs in Iran need to be removed.

I disagree that it is your group that should remove them, or replace them.

Anonymous said...

Van Jones - Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ)

Anonymous said...


I think that you confound us with the Latino americans;

beamish, we are Iranians.

Iran is in Midel East and not in the American or African continent.

beamish no Iranian embassy is bombed till now,
and we have never done any operation outside of IRAN, but we have fought the Mullahs FORCES inside IRAN and we have killed the Mullahs thugs.


beamish said...


I am reading material on the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) terrorist group.

MEK killed Americans for supporting the Shah in the 1970s, and participated in the taking of hostages at the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979.

In April 1992, MEK carried out near simultaneous attacks on Iranian embassies and installations in 13 different countries. OUTSIDE IRAN. This is unacceptable. The attacks may have been on Iranian embassies, but why should other nations be your battleground?

From what I have been able to find out about your group is that little to no support exists for it among the Iranian people inside Iran, because of your groups service to Saddam Hussein in the Iraq-Iran war and in Saddam Hussein's crushing the Shia uprising in Iraq.

The left-wing politics of your group also give me pause, and not just because leftists using terrorism have been a recurring nightmare on our planet since the days of Robespierre.

I understand that there is some support for MEK among some of our military and politicians - to use MEK as a tool the same way MEK was used by the Mullahs against the Shah and Americans in 1979, and the same way Saddam Hussein used MEK to attempt to break the current Mullah regime after MEK fell out of favor with the Mullahs and fled to Iraq. I find such a stance counterproductive and ultimately untrustworthy. We'd be replacing religious tyrants with secular leftist tyrants. It would be a temporary alliance at best.

Actually, worse.

We'd be replacing religious tyrants with a group that shifts allies and ideologies like the wind and above all else kills those who disagree with them.

All revolutions have a purging phase. MEK was purged from the Iranian revolution, and became soldiers of Iran's enemies.

It is not my support you need, SAM.

You need the support of Iranians in Iran. You might get that if you disassociate yourself from MEK.

beamish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Beamish: bada-bing, bada-BOOM!


beamish said...


Let me put in another way.

Suppose my discontent with the American government grew to the point that I decided the best way to show my discontent with them would be to attack American embassies in other countries.

Should those other countries back me against America, or would they be rightfully offended that I would take my war against the American government to their soil?

MEK's use of terrorism outside Iran is why it is considered a terrorist group. It has nothing to do with trying to be nice to Tehran.

It has everything to do with hosts being offended that MEK attacked guests in their homeland.

Think about the damage done by MEK outside Iran. Think about the civil liberties of the people in different nations that must be curtailed to search for terrorists hiding in their populations because of para-national terrorism?

If you want to make war on the Iranian government, make war on the Iranian government.

It's in Tehran and Qom, not Ottawa, Canada.

Anonymous said...

"OH, it sounds SO GOOD..."GREEN JOBS"."

And that's all it'll ever be Z, a feel-good scheme. It'll make greenies and inner-city latte-sipping leftists feel real swell, but not much else.

Anonymous said...


When there is a deep disagreement between two persons, we should use the official reports and documents and the judgments based on those international and official investigations.
In addition, this is the case,

You are American, and I am Iranian.

You have the freedom and you are borne on freedom.

We are seeking freedom, and we are dyeing for freedom.

We have accepted to be Screened and interviewed by all your political, juridical, social, military institutions, and it was done during 16 months,

All our members were screened and interviewed on all the regime's claims against us.

Torture, Shia and Kurd slaughters, Saddam's money, Saddam's help and support to MeK, our personal and famillial and childhood, and scholarships of all our members were under question and under the deepest investigations by all these American institutions below;

1 - Ministry of Justice
2 - FBI
3 - CIA
4 - State Dept.
5 - Pentagon
6 - US treasury Dept.

in addition, the result of all of that investigation was that, all the allegations and claims against MeK were false and without BASE,
Then we received the letter of the Chief commander of the MNFI (who was the highest international Authority in IRAQ) who congratulated us very warmly and offered to MeK and all the residents of Ashraf the status of the protected persons under the fourth convention of GENEVA.

I know that you do not accept even your American judgments, Because I can send you the judgments of the POAK of UK, Supreme Court of UK, and six other judgments of the European Union courts of Luxembourg.


We have accepted to be judged and be investigated; we trusted your AMERICAN institutions investigations without knowing the issues.


Between we and the people like YOU, WHO is more civilized? who is more human?, who is more progressist?

We accept to be judged in any court in EU or USA, even one thousands times, we accept that you bring all the regime's allegations against us in all the courts (except Regime's and Arabs and Communists courts).

In addition, we did what I say here, BUT the Regime and you reject all those courts and institutions.

The regime says that, “all those courts are Zionist and Imperialist ".



beamish said...


I say you're a member of MEK.

I say the US State Department has ruled that MEK is a terrorist organization.

I say the US State Department has ruled that MEK is a terrorist organization because of its history of attacks outside of Iran.

I say if you want to make war on the Iranian government, then go to Iran to do it.

Even if I believed MEK is not a terrorist group, the US State Department rulings make it illegal for me to assist you.

But I don't believe the US State Department ruling is incorrect.

Anonymous said...


The discussion was about the Mullah's made claims against MeK and not your help.

However, about your State Dept.

They do not comply with their own investigations any more.

You have very strong lobbies of the MULLAHS in your state Dept.

Look, your Madeleine Albright is on the payelist of the Mullahs and she has kept her ties in the State Dept. until now.

Have you heard about Sorros, Richard HAAS, CFR, and NAMAZY?

Your State Dept. admitted he that they tagged us terrorist on behest of Mullah Khatami.

Beamish, If the Arabs, or Poor Africans, and Corrupted African governments, and China and Putin Tag our Resistance Terrorist we will not even care about it, but you are a free nation, you are educated, and if your government who is installed by your own votes gets money from the Mullahs and executes the Mullah's ORDER, What is your reaction?

Should we expect the same thing from you the most FREE NATION OF THE PLANET?

You Hate us, that is absolutely your right, But stay please AMERICAN as you CLAIM.
We like and accept you as you are and you are American, but we don't like the Mullahs and their supporters even if they have American citizenship, But we don't touch him, just we denounce them, we trust American people, we know that they are anti Mullahs and Anti-Terrorist.

Just now, we are in court with your State Dept.

Their report says that all the individuals of the MeK are screened and interviewed and we didn't found any charge against them, but MeK is on our Terror list and we will review our list next six month, and from June 2004 we had 10 times six months, and each six months, either Iran of the Mullahs has an American hostage and we are negotiating with them and we don't want to anger the mullahs, or we are negotiating with Iran about the security of our soldiers in IRAQ and we don't want to anger the Mullahs, or, please understand us , if we enlist you, The Mullahs will not be HAPPY, or Please, Iran is electing a new President and we don't want to give any pretext to the Mullahs!!! and so on.

So, do you understand that?

An imminent American personage was saying that, one day the Americans will know the truth about your HEROIC Resistance and the Terror tag of MeK, and they will never forgive us.

Beamish, the reason why I write you all these lines at these moments, is that, I respect the People and Zin Asked me to answer you.


beamish said...


You began with saying MEK never attacked any Iranian embasssies or installations outside Iran.

When I showed that yes, MEK did attack Iranian embassies and installations outside Iran, you want forgiveness for what you first claimed never happened.

I think I'm done making my case against MEK.

beamish said...


Lest anyone forget, before MEK fell on hard times in Iran and became a militia for Saddam Hussein, MEK participated in attacks on Americans during MEK opposition to the US-supported Shah, and participated in the taking of hostages in the US embassy in Tehran in 1979 during the Iranian Islamic Revolution which put the mullahs in power in Iran in the first place.

It is forgiveness enough, I think, that we stopped dropping bunker busters on you in Iraq.

Anonymous said...


We want to turn down the regime, and the REGIME is in IRAN and not the Embassies,

we are serious; attacking Embassies is not a serious action against the regime.

This is not our Method, this is not our STYLE.

Attacking the Embassies outside of Iran is done by the small Marxist or communist groups that are not able to fight inside.

Beamish, I have two brothers and one Sister and my mother Martyred by the MULLAHS, We have all the Martyrs of our dears in the MeK and the Resistance Council, put you yourself in our shoes, Attacking the Embassies, can extinguish your RAGE?!!


beamish said...


The MEK may have changed its tactics.

The MEK can not change its history.

Answer these questions:

How did Maryam Najavi become "President-Elect" of Iran?

Where was the election held in Iran?

How many votes did she recieve?

Your group wants to pretend it is a government-in-exile. It is not.

Z said...

Beamish, just to play devil's advocate here on my part; can a group regroup, change its goal, never live down a past, mature?

Just wondering..I have no horse in this race except I think SAM is sincere on a lot of what he's said over the years.
What you've had to say has certainly been enlightening too.


Anonymous said...


Maryam Rajavi is the Elected President of the Resistance,

Maryam Rajavi and all her transition Government will resign six month after removing the Mullahs from the POWER.

Like FRANCE during the Nazi occupation, General De Gaull was the elected President of the Resistance.

Maryam Rajavi has writen to UN that the resistance asks a free election under the supervision of UN and with the Observors and controllers of all the EU and US governments.

The NCIR is the Government on exile, we are 542 members, there are all the iranian societies representatives in the NCIR.

We have a pannel like a constitution, MeK is making part of the NCIR.

More than 51 percent of the Council are the Women.

And in MeK, all the Commanders and responsibles are the WOMEN.

This is the best ARM against the Islamism and Integrisim.


beamish said...


Beamish, just to play devil's advocate here on my part; can a group regroup, change its goal, never live down a past, mature?

Can they bring back the lives of the Americans they killed in the 1970s to punish America for supporting the Shah?

Z, the MEK has barely been diassociated from Saddam Hussein for six years, and we had to bomb them to get that far. The only thing keeping MEK off their historic path of para-national terrorism is the US military's monitoring of them.

America's fight against the Iranian mullahs and MEK's fight against the Iranian mullahs is not the same fight.

Enemy of my enemy is my friend geopolitics do not work.

Yes, we allied with the Soviet Union to stop the Nazis. Should the people who lived under communism in Eastern Europe for 50 years thank us for that?

We have enough knowledge of MEK history and tactics to not reward them for termporarily having a common enemy.

beamish said...


Women being allowed leadership positions is a nice change, but compared to Western Civilization, short of a congratulations for entering the 1st Century (see Celtic history), what do you want for that?

Maryam Rajavi told MEK commanders "Take the Kurds under your tanks, and save your bullets for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards" when Saddam Hussein sent MEK to crush Kurdish uprisings in northern Iraq.

Maryam Rajavi ordered her MEK tank commanders to run over unarmed Kurds protesting for democracy against Saddam Hussein.

But, they're just Kurds, right?

Anonymous said...


If we crushed down the Shiite and the Kurds, why they are our allied now, and why your six investigations never found any stand able argument to prove those allegations?

Beamish the US investigation against MeK were based on all these claims of the Mullahs against MeK.

So all those six USA institutions are wrong?

So why you do not repeat the regime’s accusations against your army?

The Mullahs says that the US ARMY has Killed more than 1 millions of Iraqis.

Beamish, tell to your Iranian partner who is just seating in front of you to repeat the Mullahs accusations against your ARMY.

Beamish, why do you read the odd pages of the MOIS BOOK?

Beamish the only part who rejects all these official reports and documents are the Mullahs,


Our defenders used those US Investigation reports in the VERY CONSERVATIVE UK ROYAL COURTS and condemned strongly the UK GOVERNMENT, 3 times, and they used the same reports in the EU union Courts and all the 27 EU Countries were condemned and have to pay us the damages and all our expenses.

We are removed from all the Terror lists by your own reports, and we will condemn the US STATE DEPT. in your own courts.

I remember colonel Philips who told us, " accept to be screened and investigated, if you are innocent you will see the light " and we trusted him,

He was the Ashraf MP Commander, at the beginning he was so indoctrinated against us that he wanted to kill us, at the end of his mission, he said that he will defend us in all the courts, he tolled in your senate that, if there was a little more security in Iraq he would ask his daughter to come to Ashraf and stay there.

Beamish, all these are in the internet.

Your General Odierno said that we are his dear friends,

Read the report of Capt. Vivian Gambara who has seven military medals, she reported for the senators; do not believe the Regime's thug who is your guest now and you are repeating what he says to you, these are not your words.

These are the words of your partner, but your partner is working with the Mullahs services.


beamish said...


I do not have an "Iranian partner sitting in front of me."

Do you have a MEK Rajavi cult handler in front of you?

It is not a "Mullah claim" that MEK attacked the Iranian embassy in Ottawa, Canada on April 5, 1992, as well as Iranian installations in 12 other countries the same week.

Ask your Rajavi cult handlers at your next ideological cleansing if these attacks on Iranian embassies in 1992 were for Iran or for Saddam Hussein.

Ask your Rajavi cult handlers if MEK attacks on Kurds in northern Iraq were for Iran or to pay rent for your group in Iraq.

I do not care if you worship Maryam Rajavi or if you worship Allah.

I do care that MEK has a past history of terrorism, and no past of seeking democracy and freedom.

You don't want democracy and freedom in Iran. You want power.

Anonymous said...


Do you read the facts that I brought to you?

It seems that you do not accept the civilization rules, between me and you What is the solution, when you rejects the daylight facts.

So, I think that it's better that we stop the discussions.

So, Adieu.


Pigeon McNugget said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...


I have read all of the arguments for and against taking MEK off the State Dept. list of terrorist groups.

I'm not convinced MEK should be removed from the terrorist group list. There's too many wrong turns in MEK policies to forgive.

Your group has earned some political capital finding information on Iran's clandestine nuclear program. I acknowledge that.

Your group has potential as an intelligence asset against the current Iranian government. This does not excuse MEK's past history of terrorism, nor does it justify MEK having a conventional army and pretending to be a government-in-exile. Nor is it a good idea for the United States to employ MEK against Iran the same way Saddam Hussein did. Iranians, no matter how they feel about the mullahs, feel MEK are traitors. Where was the protest in Iran when MEK leaders in Iranian prisons were executed for treason?

There were none. MEK does not have popular support within Iran.

The Iranian people inside Iran do not like MEK. It is their approval you need to win, not America's.

Anonymous said...


The next days we show you who is who?


beamish said...


We will see.

Don't prove me right.

Z said...

SAM, i just saw you asked BZ if you could use HIS blog to argue with Beamish...WHY?

Anonymous said...

Hi Zin;

I didn't want to impose myself on your site,

I know that you are a brave and courageous lady who believes that the people desrve the democracy, who do not admit the injustice, bassed on these principals you openned me your site, but I felt that you are under pressure from the people who are influenced or who are en partenership with the regime's services.

And your columns change very fast the titles, to write about the Iranian's resistance in a column of Green energy is to impose a situation to a column which is for something else.

From other part, there are the partial voices who insult our nation, our Resistance , our martyres, Either I had to answer or to leave for ever.

And I didn't want to abuse from your kindness,

These are the reasons that I asked BZ if he permits me to reply in his column of IRAN.

J'espere que je vous ai pas vexé

Avec toutes mes Gratitudes


Z said...

SAM...pas de tout...merci pour l'explanation! J'ai eu peur que j'ai di quelque chose du mal...c'est pour ca j'ai vous demande "pourquoi?!"!

bonne chance, mon ami.

Anonymous said...


We have more than 150 killed and more than 1500 wounded on in Tehran for today.

We don't have the arms.

The Regime shoots on Calibre 50 from the helicopters on the youth.

This is the result of our disarmement.

Iran is different from Ukrain
Here in Iran the people face the armed hezbollah who do not recognize the international rules.

Here, all the medias of the world recieve our messages and pictures and they watch our execution on live.

the Regime has done everything to cut all the communications, but we have stablished the new ones and we have broken their filters and today the people have transmitted the thousands of the pictures and the films to all the medias of the world.

Even Voice of America in persian language transmits minuit by minut the live events on the screen, the people call to VoA and each caller says his witnesses.

Yesterday Khameneii came himself and threatened all the people to stop the riot or they will face the death.

Now, he has put himself on NON-Return situation.

And we will go to end, the end of this shamefull and non-persian power.

Zin, votre ami est en relation avec le regim, je suis desolé de dire ça, mais c'est la verité, et j'ai la preuve.


Z said...

quel ami?
ici? Avec qui vous avez discute? c'est ne pas possible...
le regim mullah, ou ???

Non, SAM......croyez moi!

Anonymous said...

Oui Zin;

C'est sur, je ne me trompe pas, il s'est dennoncé tout seul, dans c'est ecrits il a laissé quelques chose que ne laisse aucun doute.

Z said...

SAM, Je connais cet homme..! Il a dit ce que l'internet a dit. Il a doute votre verite et il a trouvez autra et tres patriotic ici est il pense que notre gouvernment a raison...c'est tout.

beamish said...

Z and SAM,

I'd love to continue the debate over whether or not MEK should still be considered a terrorist group, anytime, anywhere, but my internet access is going to be spotty to non-existent after this week, and I don't know when that will change.

Anonymous said...


ça fait plus de 30 ans que je suis dans cette lute contre les mullahs, leur systeme de l'infitration dans les infrastructures economiques et politiques es considerable, et nous, dans la resistance nous avons des codes et methodes pour decouvrir leurs agents.

Ton ami est en contact ou en business avec le Regime, il a utilisé une code qui ne tromp pas.

Il a utilisé quelque chose qu'on trouve pas sur l'internet.

Je dirait meme que ce qu'il a dit est dicté directement par un agent politique de regime.

en 1988 le regime a executé plus de 30,000 de nous dans un mois, ceci est consideré comme un GENOCIDE, c'est notre HOLOCAUSTE.

Cet Genocide est connue le crime contre l'humanité, et le regime essay d'effacer touts les traces, cet année ils ont commencé de detruire les tombes collectives des victime dans les plaines de Khavaran pres de Tehran.

C'etait une Massacre horrible.

Et vous savez ce que votre ami a dit?

je transcript ce qu'il a dit.
<< no matter how they feel about the mullahs, feel MEK are traitors. Where was the protest in Iran when MEK leaders in Iranian prisons were executed for treason? >>
Zin; comme vous pouvez voir, votre ami appui et theorise les execusion de mass de 1988, et ceci c'est un crime.

et ces jourci nous somme on 21ieme anniversaire de ces genocides.

Vous savez, le regime n'ose pas avoué en publiques ou en internet ce type de declaration, ils le disent en privé.

Maintenant, comment il pourra les avoir lu sur internet?

Je suis desolé pour vous, mais je doit vous dire adieu pour toujours, parceque vous laissez passer ces declaration criminels sur votre Blog sous pretext de libre opinion.

Adieu ZIN.


Z said...

SAM, I think you're wrong.

The people here have a right to their opinions....

I will always wish you well and I, like all the others here, are cheering for the demise of the extremists in your country.

beamish said...


[I don't speak French, but my computer does.]

I didn't say I supported the mass execution of MEK leaders in Iran in 1988. I'm saying the Iranian people did.

Remember, MEK attacked Pasdaran with air support from Saddam Hussein's Iraq right before the mass executions of political prisoners were ordered.

MEK's participation in an Iraqi ground invasion of Iran during the Iran-Iraq War absolutely did not endear MEK to the Iranian people. A lot of imprisoned MEK supporters in Iran died at the hands of the mullah regime because MEK had joined forces with Saddam Hussein and helped Iraq kill Iranians in the war.

The Iranian people do not forgive MEK for joining Iran's enemy in wartime. Even now, 20 years later.

The leadership under the Rajavis has been disasterous for MEK. Some might even call it stupid. Doesn't surprise me a bit that the Rajavis and MEK are leftists.

Every step of your march with Saddam Hussein was a propaganda coup for the mullahs to use against MEK supporters. They still use it.

Do Iranians see MEK as a hope against the mullahs, or do they remember MEK as an army used by Saddam Hussein to kill Iranians in war?

We both know the answer. MEK's alliance with Saddam Hussein against Iran is not forgotten by the Iranian people. MEK has as much chance of being popular with the Iranian people as Saddam Hussein does.

If MEK killing Americans in attacks on oil company compounds and airlines in the 1970s seems hard to find forgiveness for, imagine how residents of Pasderan and Iranians in general feel about forgiving being shelled by MEK and Saddam Hussein.

MEK is a lost cause. Maryam Rajavi is an idiot.

beamish said...


And to keep myself from being misunderstood -

I can oppose the mullahs in Iran without following Maryam Rajavi.

You can too.