Thursday, June 25, 2009




Ducky's here said...

Already called Ed Markey and voiced my support.

Z said...

Thanks, Ducky!
I hope you enjoy making the poorer amongst us have an increase of approx $1200 a year. I hope you can help support the families of those small business owners who will be pushed out of business because their electric bills are 100% over what they were. Gasoline prices are supposed to rise 58% or so.
You know Obama lied about taxes, hiding them everywhere else, and that's why you voted for him. WHat a man of principles you are!

Anonymous said...

In a way, i think it's a good thing. I realize that the poor and the rich won't be affected much by it, since they'll either be subsidized against it or won't feel it. But there are enough in the middle-class who voted for Hussein o. So let them learn the hard way.

I wish the rest of us didn't have to suffer from their mistakes too, but that's the form of government we have.

Debbie said...

What a great image.

Everything Obama is doing is costing the average Joe in America more and more money. At some point people just won't be able to afford to live any more.
Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Susannah said...

Yes, Debbie~ and who will we have to turn to then...when achievement is dis-incentivized by our own government?? When hard work & ingenuity don't 'pay-off' anymore? Who will we turn to then?? THEY want you/me/us to turn to THEN...the ones who will have crippled us in the first place.

What is it those Socialists say: from each according to his ability, to each according to his need...or something stupid like that? Who do THEY think is gonna provide jobs for people to work 'according to their ability'...Oh, right - THEY're the ones who're gonna provide jobs, to pay salaries with tax $$ that is less than it has ever been, b/c nobody's making any $$, b/c businesses are taxes out the WAZOO, b/c THEY want to give it all to those who DIDN'T work for it!!

So then, we'll all be living on the same standard - government rationing nickels & dimes to each, while we all wait w/ sweaty, needy palms out - according to our need.

Oh, Heaven help us. I'm serious. Keep talking, Z. We must do something to stop this madness, before we descend into it.

Anonymous said...

I called Rohrabacher's office (my representative) and he's voting against it. Good for him.

I called Jane Harman's office and she's voting for it. I told the fella on the phone I'll be donating to her opponent. Had a debate with him, to boot.

Z, Ducky doesn't think it will affect him negatively. He doesn't care about who else it will affect. What would we expect from a leftist? That's right, nothing but misery.

Sorry mks, you lost me. What the hell are you saying? Enlighten me.

The form of government we have, up to now that is, allows us to be for or against what the leadership presents to us. It's also what we make of it.

Are you for it or against it? Please don't muddy it up with platitudes.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Dudette; I love ya, but I gotta reference ya here.

Cap & Trade is for LA-HOOO-ZERSS.

Oh yeah.

Like Herr Dukkie.

Sieg Cap!!


Z said...


Pris, I think MKS's saying that the poor will get subsidized, the rich are wealthy enough not to feel the pinch, but it's the middle of the roaders who voted for obama who'll be hurting (and us, of course)...and he wants those voters to see just what they did!?

Susannah...I think we've descended already...I just can't believe this..

And, Deb...that image is from a German newspaper, I thought it fit this just right!

We are SO in big trouble with this awful many attachments; so deceitful.
And SUCH a typical obama thing...he lied again. "no new taxes on the middle class".

Right...just squeeze them every other way till Sunday. Who didn't see THAT coming!? (Oh, right..Obama voters)

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Trap and raid . . . You're trapped while they're raid your wallet for the biggest tax increase in American history.

Another day in the life of Obama's reign of error.

And all to reduce global temperature in 2050 by a mere 0.05 degrees. Yes. You read that right. Makes a thoughtful person wonder who on earth is that gullible?

Obama himself once opined that this would explode electricity rates by 90% (after inflation!). What, does he think 95% of Americans don't use it? Or what is it again about not raising taxes on 95% of us? I think I hear the sound of shells shuffling. Wonder where they've hidden the pea this time.

beamish said...


No nation has ever survived the destruction of its middle class.

We can't all be rich. But we all certainly can be poor.

DaBlade said...

can we cap or trade The One?

Anonymous said...

Not sure I fully understand this one or know about the deceitful attachments.

Companies using producing carbon (using energy) will have to buy permits to that about the size of it? So anything you buy that requires energy to produce will have an additional cost to it?

Were they going to give permits to companies already existing? Or do they just get hit with a tax they previously had not had to worry about?

Is the premise that global warming is a bigger concern than the economy at this point?

tio bowser

Always On Watch said...

Duck is rich and won't feel the pinch.

Z said...

Deborah, facts, facts...what do they care, right? You're so right. Such good science tells us that it's NOT humans causing the largest part of any possible climate change (and that it's cyclical, as well, and following suit) but they're not even INVITED in this new American world to give their considered responses. Doesn't suit the BIG GOVERNMENT OF THE LEFTWINGERS.

Tio..Yes, on everything.'s only that bunch of dopes Obama promised he'd not tax who're going to get this added approx $1200 a year AND raise by 58% of gasoline. Think they'll finally rise up THEN? in WHAT?

cube said...

God help us if this stupid legislation passes. Anyone who votes for HR 2454 should be voted out of office.

Z said...

Oh, it WILL pass, Cube.
We're sunk.
And we'll have a lot of clean-up to do in 2010, after the public's realized how much more they've been gouged and they're hungry for Conservatives again.

Anonymous said...

"Pris, I think MKS's saying that the poor will get subsidized, the rich are wealthy enough not to feel the pinch, but it's the middle of the roaders who voted for obama who'll be hurting (and us, of course)...and he wants those voters to see just what they did!?"

That's what I thought. Isn't that "cutting off your nose to spite your face"?

I mean, the lesson to those who voted for Obama comes at too high a price. It's not worth it.


Z said...

Pris, there isn't anything they can do now....sadly, the ONLY thing obama voters can learn from is pain; more sadly, we have to suffer because of them, too. :-(

Deborah on the Bayside said...

It's not designed to control carbon emissions. It's purpose is to raise revenue. (Check out the ridiculous sidebar deals going on. Markie and Waxman are cutting 'em left and right.)

Z said...

Ya, Deb..and the best I could do was write my congressman: HENRY WAXMAN!
REAL effective, huh?


sue said...

z - I didn't know where to put this. I liked what you said about MJ - exactly how I felt, and that you closed comments.

Z said...

Sue, thanks..I just saw this comment.

Ya, I didn't want to hear all the negatives..he died, he was a great talent.....enough said, right?
Thanks very much, I appreciate your comment.