Monday, June 22, 2009

Obama and Iran........See Rich Galen's column

Rich Galen, at MULLINGS.COM has some pretty interesting things to say about Obama and the Iranian situation. Please CHECK IT OUT HERE.
His column changes Wednesday, so please look before then. You should subscribe, Rich is a good guy who has an interesting slant on a lot of subjects.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Mr Obama to the rest of the world regarding Iran and its demonstrations from the so-called elections, whilst twirling the American nightstick:

"Move along. Come on. Move along. Nothing to see here."


christian soldier said...

Thank you for the tip --enjoyed reading Rich's historical takes ...

Let's see-carter (LCOP) betrayed that Shah-let American hostages hostages 'hang out to dry' for over a year ( they were released during the first days of Reagan's administration)--and now 'disses' Israel..thank you libs...

I cannot think of a President in recent history who has backed true freedom in Iran..bho (LCOP) certainly would not...

Gosh-I do get 'windy' on your comments page Z- so unlike me...

Always On Watch said...

From the linked essay:

It is just possible that the anti-Ahmadinejad forces in Iran misread the words they heard from Mr. Obama. It is just possible that they interpreted them as a signal to step up their public opposition to the government of Iran.

If so, BHO is letting them down now!

No matter how all this in Iran turns out, the concept and viability of Islamic theocracy is being challenged. The ummah all over the world as now asking themselves, "What is the will of Allah?" That question is huge for Moslems -- something that few Westerners realize. Please see THIS. A must read!

Maybe a significant portion of the ummah will decide that Islamic theocracy and the caliphate aren't the way to go after all. Maybe. Maybe.

Chuck said...

I think with Iran, NK, etc. the jury is in, Obama is not up to the job. I know this is not earth-shattering news but if one were to give him the benefit of the doubt, the doubt has been erased. He simply is not qualified to lead America's foreign policy. I think what we see when he displays his "wait and see" approach to Iran is that he has no idea what to do and is hoping the answer will present itself.

Z said...

BZ..I don't know HOW hard I wanted Obama to hammer but Always On Watch's highlighting Rich Galen's comment which impressed ME so much really did help me decide. I knew he had to do SOMETHING more than he has, but this idea that the people are counting on us really impressed me. I believe that's true.
Whatever the left wants to say about Iraq and our war there, the world might have outwardly disdained it, but inwardly they were counting on us, they saw we cared and did what we could for the Iraqi and Afghan people. And still are.

I believe those demonstrators really DID believe America would step up with them...and we have not.
"don't be mean to the protesters" is not stepping up to the bat for people desirous of freedom. Not by a long shot.

Chuck, it feels like everything obama does is not thought out...since WHEN did America take a 'wait and see' attitude? We can't. The world is counting on us, as they always have, though the left has weakened our cause...time and time again.
The Iraq War didn't help, either...our intel, the way the left insulted Bush over and over again, insulted our troops even when the troops would get there and see the reason they were there and reup when they could!>> well, we can't rehash that, but I believe American foreign policy under THE ONE will stem largely from "we can't do THAT again" and that can't happen because the world will depend on us to DO THAT again...and we might even need to do that for OURSELVES. If we have the guts.

CS..I'm the queen of long winded comments, I'm sad to say. No problem to go at it here, I appreciate your comments.I don't know enough about the history to know if no pres. has backed freedom there, but you're probably right.

RightKlik said...

Great observations. Galen is very astute. It is becoming increasingly clear that Obama is not just misguided, but also incompetent.

Ducky's here said...

Ah, Dan Quayle's former press secretary checks in. That's credentials.

Still begs the question of whether we should be seen as publicly supporting one candidate or another.

Also, it is an act of incredible hubris to assume that Iranians can't act on their own and somehow need our approval. That's the pure stinky cheese. We can't do jack squat except make the situation easier for the hardliners by trying to intervene.

Right now you have numerous clerics in Iran who are moving away from Khamenei. Let it take its course.

I get a real kick when you right wingers start throwing around phrases like "backed true freedom" as if these phrases had some concrete meaning.

Of course we could always bargain arms for hostages like St. Ronnie Raygun.

Ducky's here said...

Any right winger want to make book?

Obama has an opening to denounce the crackdown on peaceful assembly as a human rights violation and he will do so during his press conference today (I believe it's today). This is the best method to indirectly criticize the Iranian regime.

Ducky's here said...

I surprised Rich hasn't urged John McCain (R - Mentally ill) to go on one of the talking heads news shows and remind everyone that the Republicans stood with Saddam Hussein and weaponized him during the Iran/Iraq war.

Those silly Iranians wouldn't remember stuff like that because the U.S. is always your best hope for freedom.

Republicans are a stitch.

Z said...

Ducky, Rich Galen is a friend. Also, he was press sec. before Quayle went into the WH. He's also worked for Newt and is pretty much a centrist, if truth be told. He's a friend and you could learn something from him.
Many on the Left in DC are friends of his and read his column religiously. Russert was a big fan.

Obama has 'denounced' the treatment of the protesters, where have you been?

This whole situation is liquid...yes, very recently, the hardliners are splitting up AND a Revolutionary Guard Commander, too, has sided with the demonstrators.

A-Job has threatened our existance and denied the holocaust and threatened Israel and lied HOW many times about his nukes?(if they were really only for energy, he could have had that up and running in approx 4 years)...
While I understand nuance and there are certain ways we don't want to react, how can speaking out against him be bad?

Or is Obama following Larry King's lead and treating the oppressor of his people and the threatener to us with Royal kid gloves for some reason? ("Really? You don't look OLD enough to be a grandfather.."giggle giggle")

The best news is the split within the Ayatollahs......

I'm going to try to get a copy of that obama statement abuot cracking down on peaceful protesters.........I wish his henchman Robt Gibbs had been that kind to the Tea Partiers.

Z said...

Ducky, and you're a stitch when you so willingly see everything in such black and white.

Rich isn't a fan of McCain's any more than most of us were. And less now.
But, when faced with a know-nothing suck-up socialist with terrorist friends, what choice DID we have? thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am getting so sick and tired of this wishi-washi stuff coming from the WH. Obama is a weakling (other than being a communist), and everybody has by now recognized that. One must be brain dead not to see that. "Please be careful how you handle opponents" was the strongest statement toward this oppressive regime in Teheran.

Contrast that with the statement from Merkel from little Germany: "We request that there are new elections", and "Germany supports the people in their protest against the election results", and they are even talking about regime change. Sarkozy of France made similar statements.

It is amazing how rapidly Obama continues the "progress" the communists have already made in schools: The U.S. is rapidly becoming a Nation of wussies - and if it wasn't for conservatives upholding principles we would already be in the ground.

But the people of this country won't let have some commies destroy their country. They will act before it is too late. You will see.


Anonymous said...

Interesting Ducky, isn't it, that this President has no problem with calling Americans arrogant, selfish, and appears to think we're too stupid to make our own life decisions.

He seems to think only he can make these decisions for us, and indeed will force us into government-run everything!

He even has his volunteer thugs ready to put the arm on anyone who dissents, including threatening fines or even imprisonment for those who resist being profiled on the census.

Yep, when it comes to his "fellow" (?) Americans he's downright tyrannical.

But, the butchers of the middle east? Uh uh, can't insult them now can we? Why, their people want to be free. What's the big deal?

We have to cow tow to the "Supreme Leader". Supreme Leader? To whom Mr. President, you? Why do you have to trip all over yourself for an evil regime like Iran, yet find it so easy, even compelled, to push us around.

Maybe it's as simple as President Obama finds freedom of the people a problem. He understands the need for dictators to maintain control at any cost, if they are to maintain their over-the-top power.

Indeed, one wonders if perhaps there is a certain admiration in this administration for unchallenged power, and the need to keep it that way.


Z said...

Pris, we need to keep his statements about the treatment of those innocent people just wanting to be heard, don't we. So magnanimous, so 'caring'.....
No threat to their oppressors, but SO understanding .."he feels their pain"
Too bad he's still insulting FOX, which represents, about half of the American public's opinions.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Dan Quayle's former press secretary checks in. That's credentials.

Ducky, I’m just curious … have you ever accomplished anything in your professional career? I mean, other than demeaning everyone else’s accomplishments. Something that you can really be proud of … perhaps, something your relatives might one day mention to someone else, besides the obvious refrain, “Oh yeah … my ____ was a caustic, leftist retard.”

Z said...

Mustang, at least he didn't imply Rich is gay. That's a huge step for Ducky when displeased by facts.

Anonymous said...

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