Friday, June 19, 2009

Do you all know about this conference in July? You might want to read about it.


Anonymous said...

Z, This is an important post. It seems that Chicago is quite a hub of activity, and where more than one seed has been sown.

I find it would be hard to believe this President who gained influence and ultimately power in this area, would have done so without knowledge of this movement so close to his roots.

Frightening to say the least, and a piece of the Obama puzzle? We'd better stay tuned to this.


Z said...

I'm telling you, Pris, you're so right. But, I think we should have been TUNED to this at the very first roots of it.

Remember my little ditty I came up with "What's somebody got to DO around here to get respect, kill 3000 innocent Americans?" Apparently SO.

Why is this all happening NOW with our new president, indeed? Why does HE think we elected him to "protect islam around the globe"? (WHAT?)
Why the big muslim push AFTER 9/11, done by Muslims, when you'd have thought good American muslims would have been horrified and apologetic and worked to find the evil from within their bunch. Instead, suddenly, VERY SUDDENLY, we have cab drivers turning out fares for having a (filthy and unholy) Dog with them, and muslim butchers not cutting pork, and students suddenly unable to study without feet cleaned in a college paid-for sink? WHY?

Now THIS? Obama's bringing many Palestinians into this country..will they live by American standards, our culture? Or has our far left done SUCH a hatchet job with "America's an OPEN culture, we need to be welcoming!" Sure, we do, but to people who WANT TO LIVE AS AMERICANS! (oh, and I know..then the Left would say "define AMERICAN" as if we have no traditions, no constitution, no faith, etc.)(See John's site on Culturism on my blog roll)

I had an email this morning reminding me that CLinton brought tons of Bosnian muslims into St. Louis..(commenter, if you want to take credit for that, feel free and claim the info and talk about it here!! :-)
They are apparently working in the St. Louis area bringing more and more to islam..Peaceful islam, YA THINK? (ya, right)

Well, I could get into trouble, I guess, if I say too much more (not like I'm Michelle Malkin or someone with a big blog many read, can never be too careful)

Ya, I think the days of being humiliated and forced to SHUT UP by the Left are over.
I think this illustrated well by the Dem Senator whose name escapes me right now, on CNN or FOX this morning, I can't remember which...saying "Well, we're going to push through this MUCH NEEDED healthcare reform, and if the Republicans who only say NO to everything lately want to go along, fine, if they don't, we are, anyway..without them" And FAST, unREAD, like the stimulus package, right? GET IT THROUGH NOW! SHUT UP!

Feels like the whole country's gone mad. That's the American WAY? It's SAUL ALINSKY all OVER the place.

SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP, that's all we're hearing anymore.
Shut UP, Carrie Prejean, you don't share OUR opinion, so you're FIRED.
Shut UP, press corps, I, Robt Gibbs, TOLD you you didn't see Obama bowing so you didn't....end of story.
SHUT UP, health care naysayers, anything you say about healthcare which doesn't support it is WRONG and you're impeding poor Americans with no insurance!
SHUT UP, America...michelle obama has every RIGHT to use your Air Force One jet to tool off to London, it's their DAUGHTER'S BIRTHDAY and she doesn't have to fly with the president, she NEEDS another whole plane and security contingent. And SHUT UP about her not accompanying him to muslim countries twice so far.
SHUT UP, Rush LImbaugh, you don't AGREE so you are WRONG and HATEFUL.
SHUT UP, Republicans, WE have deemed RUSH YOUR LEADER, so you must all be nuts
SHUT UP, people who don't believe global warming, oops..cooling..oops (let's just call it) CHANGE is aren't even INVITED to the conferences with your ridiculous disagreement!

Anybody want to add to that? please do. unbelievable

Always On Watch said...

Hizb ut-Tahrir is coming to the United States??? Ye gods!

I read about his when I did this post at my first AOW site. That post goet over 200 comments.

Maybe I should repost it next week, now that Pamela has posted about the conference in July?

Always On Watch said...

Typos. Sorry.

Z said...


(not YOU, Always On Watch!)

Click on her name and you'll get the information.

And YES< Always, do post on it. UNBELIEVABLE.
I'm hoping it's "just a rightwing scare job" (those days are OVER, folks, we can't think like that anymore, we can't let people propagate that idiocy...we are not going to shut up)

beamish said...


Bosnians brought into St. Louis by Clinton after providing air support for al-Qaida affiliated KLA terrorists against Serbia have been for the most part peaceful, but it's not unheard of to see KLA stickers on their cars.

If the extent of their cultural contributions was just getting local high schools into state soccer championships, there would be no worry. But they already have built a prayer tower.

They haven't quite worked up the guts to blast the azzan over loudspeakers 5 times a day yet.

But they will.

cube said...

Feels like George Orwell's "1984".

Anonymous said...

Z, I'll just add, the more we're told to shut up, the louder we'll get.

This is not Spain, this is America, and we don't take too kindly to being pushed around.

If we cringe and cower, we're done. That's not the American way.


Z said...

Pris, you GO, girl!

YOU BET we're going to speak up!xx

christian soldier said...

Z-You've about said it all :-)
The 'servant' office holders and their contingencies honestly believe that WE are THEIR servants---and it isn't just bho-mo--(call me SENATOR-babs boxer) and
it's the entire Washington elite-

I can name on one hand those who are there to serve this country and her citizens.......and WE are PAYING them LOTS of $$$$ !!!!

Don't get me started on the banking execs. jetting hither and yon w/ the BAIL out $$$ WE gave them....
I want a vacation to exclusive resorts w/ a private jet--using YOUR money...(not really) :-) I heard about this on Greta tonight!