Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HOW could I not post THIS?

6. 000 French people came out on June 11 for The Dinner in White..."bring your own white table, chairs, wear white and bring your food and wine..." No public announcements are made, it's just word of mouth, then they announce where to meet and when. This is apparently a yearly deal but we lived there 4 years and never heard of it. For those of you who know Paris, it's on the Place de la Concorde. We DID attend the "pique-nique" which had one picnic table stretching from the South to the North of France which was fun! Please, no anti-French comments..RESTRAIN yourselves (Beamish, that means you!)..........we just thought this picture was amazing! Joi de vivre! A votre Sante! Why not have a WHITE DINNER in your neighborhood? (Oh, that's right, 'racist'...oh, brother!)


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I must be missing something. What is the reason for doing this? Is it celebrating anything in particular?


Pat Jenkins said...

maybe you didn't hear about it z because they didn't want you to come!!... then again they could of been inspired to do this because of penn state's white out tradition.

Z said...

Nope, BZ..just a beautiful night, eating out under the stars..candles...just because it's beautiful! can be SO MEAN :-)
That Penn St. thing is VERY cool!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Ah, the French. I love their bread, their fries, and their toast. I also love...Sarkozy.

beamish said...

::resists urge to post something about wearing a surrender flag to dinner::


Steve Harkonnen said...

My experiences in France have been mixed. First time in France, 1984. Went to Paris for a proposed weekend trip. We ended up coming home the same evening.

The other experience was friendly. I was drunk. She was a prostitute. Toulon France 1988.

Z said...

Beamish, we are HOWLING here. That is sublime. Mean, but sublime!!

Steve...what could possibly happen in that gorgeous wonderful city that would turn you around? I went thinking I'd set Mr. Z up in his company amazing apartment and then we'd commute, I WASN'T LIVING IN FRANCE! By the end of the week (he took me to better and better restaurants each night after apartment hunting), I said I'M LIVING HERE!

Law and Order....THEIR TOAST? Tell me..........!?!?

beamish said...


You asked for no anti-French comments and singled me out as the one likely to be unrestrained about it. Sublime was the best I could do to stay within specified parameters.

One of my best friends in high school when I lived in Texas was a Parisian foreign exchange student. By the end of the school year I had him doing a mean John Wayne impression without a hint of a French accent. He taught me how to appreciate a cigarette :)

Imagine two high school juniors, one American, one French, arguing geopolitics over France's denial of airspace to American F-111 fighter-bombers doing an airstrike on Libya (does that date me?) because of the fear of terrorist reprisals.

What an intriguing world I've grown up in.

sue said...


christian soldier said...

I remember the French would not allow us to fly over their country when we went to bomb Qaddafi--We lost a plane and more importantly- the pilots...April 1986..

I have done a personal boycott of every thing French from that day to today--

With Sarkosy taking stands against 'dhimmi' banning burkas---I may have to 'look up' my old-favorite French perfume!

JINGOIST said...

I like it! They oughta turn that productive energy into REproductive vigor and start having more little frogs. The French are going to be SWAMPED by Arabs if they don't get on the stick asap.
Then, my grandkids will never see a picture as wonderful as this.

Z said...

Carol, that perfume line is an excellent one.

Beamish..something made you this way! :-)

Jingo...yes, all of Europe should start procreating more.
When you live in Paris, it seems like everybody's pushing a stroller; apparently NOT.
I will say they're great to their kids. Restaurants are less full on weekend nights because they're with their children on the weekends...they do a lot like that.
You see a lot of older women walking arm in arm with a younger version of themselves (their daughters)'s nice to see.

The terrible thing was hearing that JERRY SPRINGER comes on their TV just after high school is out for the day. I told them WE don't even watch Jerry Springer; And we wonder why they think a bit less of us something? Ya..

Anonymous said...

And when WE have a clan rally, everyone goes ballistic.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun to me. I always thought the French were pretty decent people on a person to person level. And at least they have the courage to "just say no" to more Islamic nonsense.

Z said...

Mustang...between you and Beamish, I'm laughing so hard!
You found a way to use it...I'm glad.:-)

Hermit...they are decent people! And they know how to enjoy life...really.

beamish said...


Yep. 1986 was the year. Henri (my French exchange student friend) argued that allowing America to fly over France to strike Libya would put the French at risk of terrorist reprisals. To his credit, he did state that France should not be ruled by fear of aggression, but it (at the time) didn't soothe my disappointment in our "ally."