Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Senator John Ensign's Scandal..... and the Media

Read this article AFTER you've read THIS article.

See anything the latest one left out? For instance, Senator Ensign, who has admitted to an affair, was SEPARATED when he had the affair? Or that, the reason he admits it (questioned in the shorter AP piece of TODAY) at all is so clearly covered in yesterday's piece from POLITICO.... because the women he'd had the affair with was trying to shake him down for money.

Odd that he'd lose his Senate Committee position, isn't it? Oh, I KNOW, maybe THE ASSOCIATED PRESS just couldn't get the information Politico could, RIGHT? (ya, RIGHT)

We have to fix our media. This is all about THAT, not HIM.



Anonymous said...

I'm with ya, Z!

RightKlik said...

the Democrat Media (a.k.a MSM) pretends to care about extra-marital affairs, but only when it involves a republican.

Pat Jenkins said...

z i will say one thing when scandal comes to a republican they do bend over and take it per say. now i know that if you are "wrong" you should swallow your medicine, but republicans do have a right to stand up for themselves!!.... p.s. i saw you and mr.z today at the laker parade!!!

Z said...'s NUTS.

RK...exactly. They did VERY little about Edwards and his wife was with him and VERY sick... and he had a child by the's CRAZY, RK.

PAT, you did not. But we were there in spirit. Glad to hear YOU WENT (Smile!) xx

cube said...

Thank you for bringing out the details of Ensign's affair. I'm not supporting his actions, but the press has been remiss in providing the details of this
case. No big surprise since he's a republican.

The liberal bias in the press is making me sick to my stomach.

shoprat said...

It's been that way with the media for years. It's a crime to be conservative and anything else is piling on. Being liberal causes all else to be forgiven.

christian soldier said...

Z-I answered your question at my site-I hope :-)--
also asked what "e-mail follow-up" does...

Chuck said...

I also noted that CNN (the one lib site I looked at) went out of theuir way to say he was a Republican, something they always seem to forget with Dems.

Z said...

So, even Hannity tonight didn't know the guy was separated and is recently reunited with the Mrs.
AND that the lover was trying to shake him down and so he came forward. I mean, I don't like infidelity ANY time, but when someone's separated..well...seems to me like it's worth mentioning in his defense, at least?

What's he owe US in regard to his private life? Anything? It's not like he was doing anything in the people's house...or as if this woman was practically his daughter's age, right?

Trent Lott lost his position for supposedly saying something he'd never have meant the way the Left took it..
This guy steps down from 4th place in the hierarchy because WHILE SEPARATED he had an affair.... the double standard for Dems is breath taking.
meanwhile, Obama swats a fly and the Libs are swooning.

WHERE is PETA? heh

cube said...

Don't you think it's time the republicans played hardball back at the democrats?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...




And the DEM/MSM wonders why it's tanking and why they engender the trust of an Iranian mullah.

beamish said...

Actually the farther left you go the more easy it is to find people who detest all human life, including their own.

Obama's fly-killing has earned their ire.

Expect violent suicide attacks from the Insect Liberation Front soon.

Z said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

I just deleted a comment I could maybe be arrested for! But it was pretty darned funny, if I dare say so myself!?

Beamish, that's a good one; I figured flies were too small for PETA.
I'll never forget the day I heard Pamela Anderson had gone after KFC for their treatment of chickens. Mr. Z picked me up for some reason from a meeting and we heard it on the radio and I, who RARELY eats KFC, said "We're going to KFC for lunch, okay?"

We did.

By the way, their new grilled chicken is pretty good. Considering this is coming from a girl who'd LIKE to (if health permitted) drive up and order "A bucket of extra crispy chicken....HOLD THE CHICKEN!"