Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yahoo tells THE TRUTH? (for Obama...sure)

OH, this TICKS ME OFF. Scratch this morning's prepared blog's a new one: ALL the way through Bush's term, 8 summers worth, the radio news would talk about how THE JOBLESS RATES WENT UP IN JUNE! As if "He's handling the economy SO badly that..." And I'd say to the radio "Why not tell THE TRUTH? Why not admit it's because SCHOOL IS OUT AND THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE APPLYING?" (silence from the media)

TODAY...Yahoo Homepage says THIS ABOUT THE INCREASE IN JOB APPLICANTS!! It's BECAUSE OF SUMMER JOBS! WELL, SHUT MY MOUTH! (in anger). They SURE told the truth to make sure the increase in Obama's jobless numbers are "understood", explained away, huh? Seriously...I couldn't believe it when I saw that headline. Suddenly..the truth. For Obama! The fun never quits, DOES it?



Ducky's here said...

Not a surprise. Unemployment is a trailing indicator and it continues to rise for at least a quarter after the recession has bottomed.

Right now it's better to look at business spending and durable goods orders which are improving.

Z said...

you cleverly missed the point again...

Ducky's here said...

I think the point is , z, that you get hysterical about the so called "liberal media" and get hung up on aphorisms.

Larry Durham said...

It's the caveman media...Bush baaaaad. Obama gooood.

I guess I was wrong about Sanford being held up in Lindsay Graham's DC condo...but reality is just as bizzare.

Anonymous said...

I’m not sure why anyone would begin a proposition with an oxymoron. You can look at whatever you wish in order to make yourself feel better about the economy, but facts are facts.

* Nov = 500,000
* Dec = 681,000
* Jan = 741,000
* Feb = 651,000
* Mar = 663,000

In MA alone, unemployment is 7.8%. People who are out of work are (1) not paying taxes, and (2) not purchasing goods. The effect of this is significant because tax rates among the employed are increased in order to sustain government unemployment subsidies, and the second instance creates more unemployment.

From a practical standpoint, high unemployment percentages threaten political incumbents, which explain why politicians always demand government intervention. They seek to save their own hides from adverse public reaction. Just as there is no simple explanation for unemployment, there is also no simple solution. There is a natural ebb and flow to the economy; government interference often does more harm than good, and for the wrong reasons.

Z's point is a good one; this is what happens when you convert a free press to one controlled by the state.

Z said...

Ducky, I think the problem is that America HAS the problem. I'm sorry you don't. And if you don't, you're not listening.

Larry, exactly. Think of the times Bush hasn't been touted for the amazing amount of trips he and Cheney and others had made to Bethesda, etc........zilch in the news, that's known now.
Obama slides by shaking hands the world swoons. AFter he swats a fly.
And has ABC from the White House. With no other side represented.

Thanks, Mustang...this is certainly no free press anymore and, the free press we do have is belittled and demeaned by the Obama thugs.

Mr. Z's just telling me that Ahmadinejad in iran is warning Obama not to get involved there. As if A-job isn't taking his lead from our Left, huh? But, he's too late.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

t's the caveman media...Bush baaaaad. Obama gooood.


Right, during the economic bubble the financial press was right there warning folks about the dangers of the financial bubble.

There was plenty of criticism of Bush? Are you serious?

Remember back in '06 when Bernanke was commenting on "some weakness" in the housing market.

Bush got a free ride. The right never lets up in its whining. Fact is that you can't bear to deal with the mess made by your own policies.

Ducky's here said...

There is a natural ebb and flow to the economy; government interference often does more harm than good, and for the wrong reasons.


Cheap dogma, prove it.

We just came out of a period of the least government intervention in ages and look at what we have.

Z said...

Ducky, have you never seen the information where Bush and Cheney both warned again and again about Freddie and Fannie?

Anonymous said...

Ducky loves to bow smoke, Z. He's very aware as to the real creators of the housing crises, and the fact that all the Bush presidency did was to bridge them.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Washington creates problems that only Washington can then solve...

...but Barney Frank's STILL trying to stretch this one out for a few more years.

Z said...

FJ..thanks for the reminder:

Have you ever seen anyone who looked more like a deer in the headlights IN YOUR LIFE?

"The Black National Caucus is the conscience of Congress?" wow. Good thing nobody said that about any mixed group with any white folks in it, they'd be fired.

beamish said...

Obama's new toy is the imaginary figure "jobs saved."

Republicans should counter with the same tact - "jobs that will never exist."

Anonymous said...

Oh, you mean those ever elusive "green jobs" that replace the stock market with a carbon trading market... cuz you know... who needs money when you can have carbon?

Anonymous said...

The day carbon becomes more valuable than money is the day I'll start looking for a "green job."

Anonymous said...

The media attaching itself to hussein o's ass, what a shock!

The media dutifully spinning for him, shock-horror!

Quacky studiously avoiding the point, typical.