Monday, June 29, 2009

Iraqis SO happy we're going they're setting off FIREWORKS?! read again

"IRAQIS SET OFF FIREWORKS AS U.S.TROOPS LEAVE BAGHDAD" YAHOO HEADLINE NEWS ON THEIR HOME PAGE. If you read that, what would YOU think? Sounds like they are really thrilled to see our backsides, doesn't it, from that headline? "should never have been there..happy to see you's about time.." Sure it does.

Read the ARTICLE HERE and see how yes, Iraqis appreciate the Americans are honoring the timeframe for leaving some cities. Then listen to the woman in the article's video saying that " the same time, the people are very worried about chaos, of violence."

See, the media's subtle message has to be stopped; honesty has to be restored, so Americans get the true picture. A simple truthful headline like "U.S. TROOPS LEAVE CITIES EVEN AS IRAQIS WORRY ABOUT CHAOS" .... might work?

Why not? YOU know why not.


cube said...

You know we're never going to get an honest headline from the media that gives BO tongue baths every single day, often more than once a day.

Sure the Iraqi's are happy to be independent, and sure this coincides with one of their holidays anyway.

Would it kill to MSM to be honest about it?

No credit is given to W for the unrest in Iran even though the Iranians are looking at their neighbors, many of whom are doing better than they are because of American intervention in the region.


And until we get a free press, we are in for a bumpy ride.

Always On Watch said...

Frankly, I've given up on any honesty whatsoever from the lamestream media.

After all, I have to keep my blood pressure under control. **wink**

Leslie said...

Until we see the liberal media taken to task in a very public way, we shall not see an unbiased headline. Unfortunately, they have done such a great job convincing the masses that they are telling the truth...Can't tell you how many times people say, "Oh, but I saw it on the news!"

shoprat said...

Sadly many people just read the headlines and that's what counts to the media.

christian soldier said...

Good take--the MSM cannot tell the truth-thus- the blogs...

Papa Frank said...

It's very sad that the Iraqi people are more grateful to our troops than the MSM is. We shared the greatest men and women we have with Iraq and they are going to miss them. I only hope we are as grateful to them when they get home. I know that I thank God for my country and for the brave men and women who protect her.

Greywolfe said...

I must admit that I posted on this from the point of view of yahoo news.

I wouldn't be surprised if it were true of many Iraqis. I mean, look at the slap on the wrist that the jerk with the shoe got and the uproar from his sentencing.

Point is, if they do want to see our backs, then I say "let em burn!"

The Iraqis that are nervous about our leaving should be. And I am dead set against saving their collective "assets" if they get into a "sh@t storm" after we're gone.

Z said...

Greywolfe, part of me felt, too, that we should leave and shoot off fireworks HERE in celebration of having LEFT IRAQ, no kidding!

Ducky's here said...

THE test is coming in Kirkuk.

As they say, "trying to keep the Kurds out of Kirkuk is like trying to keep the Jews out of Jerusalem".

The ethnic cleansing has been completed in most other areas but not in Kirkuk so we'll see.

But in the far right fairyland where the U.S. military is somehow able to resolve centuries old tribal and cultural issues, even conflicts they don't even know exist, all this is just leftist defeatism.

I'm still not clear on what you think the MSM, as you call this amorphous institution, has failed to report. We are going to leave the cities and test the ability of the Iraqis to maintain their own order. Doesn't this have to occur at some point or are you arguing for a permanent 150,000 troop presence? Right wingers are never very coherent.

Ducky's here said...

One interesting story that is only getting play on the financial pages is that the Iraqis declined to issue oil leases during a major bidding session which ended today.

The oil majors are still demanding very large fees and they don't seem confident that the security will hold up.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Oh, Iraq might be somewhat cohesive for a few months. Then, let the GAMES begin and the deaths mount.


Ducky's here said...

Still hard to see why z is so upset about the headlines.

This is considered a day on independence in Iraq. They are hoping they have achieved some stability and in something like our 4th they light of some fireworks.

They want to be optimistic and lord forbid they take the edge off for just a short time and celebrate.

What is the right upset about? I swear, you could be given everything you want and you'd still whine because that seems to be your real desire.

Z said...

Ducky, I can't be more explicit in my post. I'm so sorry you just don't understand.
Thanks for the rest of the information.

Steve Harkonnen said...


The right isn't upset about anything. It's just that we know there will be an increase in bombings once the US is out of there. That makes common sense. Hopefully you see that too. At least we can agree that, you're right, the US armed forces there cannot solve centuries of religious conflicts.

Heck, I say let them kill one another off.

Further, we know who the culprits are that want the US out, so they should be prepared for mass criticism.

beamish said...

I for one hope the Kurds take Kirkuk and wish them well. But that's just me recognizing how helpful the Iraqi Kurds have been over the last 18 years.

Saladin was a Kurd to. It's only fitting.

Z said... your breath. As if Ducky CARES that innocent Iraqis will get killed? he didn't give a damn about sadamn, so.

Beamish, the kurds are the ones who moved into Armenian homes after the massacre...lock, stock and barrel. Part of me feels "Well, the homes were there,all equipped, full of nice things...somebody ought to live in the places the massacred were shoved out of.." On the other hand.........

Pat Jenkins said...

let us hope this pullout means the iraqi people can have many celebrations of "bombs bursting in the air" instead of bombs in the streets!!!

Anonymous said...

"Ducky, I can't be more explicit in my post. I'm so sorry you just don't understand."

So good of you to try to help the thickie Z, almost impossible but at least you tried.

Ducky's here said...

Look mks, we invaded and occupied a country, we then proceeded to help trash the place even further and lucked out when the Sunni/al-Qaeda alliance didn't gel.

We went in thinking that somehow the U.S. armed forces were going to straighten everything out because ever since Korea we know what the U.S. armed forces can do, right?

So now the Iraqis want out butts out of there. Or did you plan on us keeping 130,000 troops there forever?

They want us out. The Kurds want us out so that they can take Kirkuk. Mosul is going to be a hell hole whether we are there or not.

Z said...

Ducky, sometimes I think you're obtuse and other times I know you're so agenda-driven your brain's addled....we OCCUPIED? LIke COLONIALISTS?
You have that little faith in what US FORCES can do, ducky?
You believe it's a good idea to pull out and waste all our soldiers' work they REUPPED to do after being there and seeing how important it was?

It would REALLY help to read all sides, to actually respect an American soldier enough to understand he means it when he says "I'm glad I was in Iraq...I lost this leg, but it was for a good cause."

You should treat yourself to real patriot could HELP!