Monday, June 29, 2009

Rich Galen nails Cap and Trade.........

PLEASE READ Rich Galen's COLUMN at It's on CAP AND TRADE, it's on Obama's inconvenience for having to delay a golf game to talk to the media, it's about energy and the TRUTH about what we'll be paying, and losing, if Cap and Trade goes's about a President who, I believe, needs to remember HE IS OUR PRESIDENT, whether WE like it or not; whether HE LIKES IT OR NOT. GeeeeeZ Please read it, you won't be sorry. z


Ducky's here said...

You sure of the link, z.

I get to a kind of funny post on Michael Jackson and some safe hiking tips from Mark Sanford.

Z said...

Try again, Ducky...I mislinked the first time. I think I've got it right this time.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, that's the link although Mark Sanford's safe hiking tips were pretty good.

Imagine that, some page on a blog has THE TRUTH about one of the more controversial and complex issues of our day. I wish I had that kind of childish faith.


1. I believe there is a high probability we must do something or face some serious consequences.

2. Taking steps to reduce carbon emission AND developing alternate technologies may in fact have a cost although I believe much of that will be returned in the future.

3. The cost could be absolutely trivial compared to betting wrong on the need to do something.

So I say start here and forget about waiting for some utopian idea that doesn't have a potential cost. Although I am troubled that pebble fuel reactors seem to be lost in the discussion and they are part of the solution.

"Drill and drive" however is a mugs game.

Average American said...
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Average American said...

Let's try that again, without the drink in my hand this time.

Remember "no new taxes?" Cap and trade, IF it passes, will be the noose that hangs NObama on his bid for reelection. By 2012, enough people will realize how bad the messiah screwed us! You're wrong on the cost Ducky. This will be the biggest tax increase we EVER had.

Z said...

They're reckoning an average of $1200 per family per year....58% rise in gas prices.
Small business unable to pay the rise of energy costs closing or moving away.
Yes, Average....this could be the end of Obama. or us.

cube said...

$1200 per family is a conservative amount. The real cost won't be known until the totality of the countless jobs lost is held up against the few green jobs created. This is a boondoggle and to my eyes, Carter redux.

Keep your eyes on the pols in the House who voted for this and vote them out. Keep your eyes on the Senate and make sure those pols know they will be voted out if they pass this bad bill.

Chuck said...

Z, this bill is scary. Everything we touch will cost more. Food, fuel, services, goods. We will pay higher property taxes because schools and local governments will pay more for food, fuel, services, goods.

This tax is comparable to a VAT tax in that every good is taxed at every step of it's production.

Take food. The farmers will pay more for fuel costs and more for everything they use. Whoever transports it to the processing facility will pay these increased costs. The processing facilities will pay the increased costs. The transportation to the storage facilities will cost more. The storage facilities will pay increased costs. The transportation from the warehouse to the store will cost more. The store will pay higher costs. It will cost more to drive to the store to get the food.

The increase in costs is almost exponential. I fear we really do not know how much extra this is going to cost.

Finally, we have libs like the Duck promising that we will get this money back with future savings. They never seem to elaborate on what these savings will be.

To say I think this promise of savings seems dubious stretches the defintion of the word.

christian soldier said...

Z-one of the 'traitor 8 ' (my words) is McHugh-(his profile at my site)...
bho has nominated him to be ARMY Secretary..
Just what our Army troops need-another turn-coat (A.Burr - anyone?) to 'lead' them ....
The R party --are there any with the spin to stop affirmation?

christian soldier said...


shoprat said...

The best part was that it will have trouble in the Senate. I certainly hope so.

Z said...

Cube and Chuck, I wish the left would at least be honest. Who doesn't understand that this is going to be a horrible setback to our economy? Just for GREEN?
Green everything..but green DOLLAR BILLS. Wait till Kyoto's signed and we're paying for everyone else's spewing while we're putting such unreasonable restrictions on ourselves......
My gosh, but think how the world will LOVE US, the leftist UTOPIA, huh?

Shoprat...I don't believe it WILL pass. Normally, 'close' in the House, means "NO GO" in the least it seems that way to me.



Anonymous said...

There is no reason why we couldn't drill for oil and rely on coal, while building nuclear power plants, using those ugly windmills, and solar power.

Except one. The goal through all this is, to lower our standard of living, regulating our lives, and redistributing our wealth thoughout the third world, thereby making our government ever more powerful over Americans and a few people very rich who are already invested in the "green" boondoggle.

This is simply another power grab through the guise of energy independence and "saving the planet". It's a sham. A hoax.

Saving the planet? China is buying up oil resources from Brazil, Venezuela, the Gulf of Mexico, etc. They have no intention of going "green". Only Western countries are committing to this ridiculous scam.

India dosen't plan to sign on either. Now, last time I checked, these countries are on the same planet we are.

Finally, this bill has a directive that the federal government will impose California building codes on all 49 other states. Ummmm, don't we have a 10th amendment? What about state sovereignty? Just a little detail.

Also I heard today, that in order to sell our homes, the home has to pass environmental muster.

I'm sure these regulations are the tip of the iceberg (pun intended).

So, while we are figuring out why we can use huge amounts of energy plugging in those electric cars for hours, yet, using hazardous light bulbs to save energy, the government no doubt will decide all manner of controls.

All based on a scam. Beautiful isn't it? Yes, our thugocracy at work for you.


Z said...

Pris, well put..thanks SO much.
It's AWFUL what's happening...
Axelrod's mantra is "we have to keep things moving..." YA? Without THINKING ABOUT THEM?

Rubbish...we should be ashamed to have a media like we do. A real media'd have alerted to the BOTH sides of this ridiculous "Cap and TAX" thing we're having forced down our throats. :-(

Anonymous said...

Of course Axlerod says they have to keep things moving.
They have an agenda, they were put here for a reason.

Once people start catching on to the fresh hell they will be living in, well, things could get nasty.

Let's see.....Dear old New Senator Al Franken.

Wow, anything is possible in America.

There will be a day of reckoning.


Z said...

Hi, WV...where you been? I'll email you now.

Ya, Senator Al Franken. Let's HOPE he doesn't appear in diapers.
I've always found it odd that he was behind in the ballot count UNTIL HE SAW HARRY REID in Washington..remember that sudden trip?
After he went back, it was a MIRACLE..!...suddenly, every vote in every ballot box that had been lost in every car trunk was FOR HIM! I mean, this guy is just AMAZING! (sarcasm here, of course) but that IS EXACTLY how it went.