Monday, June 29, 2009

"Teach Your Children Well" Please watch both...unreal

I'd rather teach them
to be HONEST and just LOVE AMERICA...You?
Please listen to the second one till the's a little hard to understand the words till about halfway through, then it gets'll see. Also, ignore the Osama thing at the end...that should NOT have been included or be allowed to take from the horrid things our kids are being taught in, as one person said, our screwls.
Thanks, Always on Watch!


WomanHonorThyself said...

I'd rather teach them to be HONEST and just LOVE AMERICA...You?..amen Z!!!

Anonymous said...

Z, do you know where this is? This is criminal.

It has a "Heil Hitler" kind of feel, doesn't it?

I don't know about anyone else, but to me, this is frightening.

I'm surprised his countenance isn't painted on every building, you know, like Saddam Hussein's was.

Very creepy to say the least.


Deborah on the Bayside said...

Oh yippee. The Obama Corps is here!

I wonder how enthusiastic the teacher in charge would have been with, say

"All hail to you George double U
You may be gone but we still view
The shining moments in our youth
When you showed us the truth.
You kept us safe, you kept us free
From the Islamic tyranny.
And on the court you gave us two
Who make us more praise you."

Hah! Al Gore will freeze over first!

Z said...

Woman! Ya, me. IMAGINE?!! heh

Pris...I don't know where it is...Of course it has a HEIL HITLER feel..absolutely.
If I were obama I'd put out an edict of NO MORE OF THAT, THIS IS AMERICA.

but, no........

Deborah..fantastic! Love it...thanks very much, and EXCELLENT POINT!

Anonymous said...

That's absolutely terrible that they're using his middle name like that! Where did they learn that? Ann Coulter? Bill Cunningham? Apalling.

tio b

Steve Harkonnen said...

More government intrusion into our lives. Education, brainwashing our kids with liberal ideology, and now as of late the government now tells us what kind of lamps we have to own, insulation being a certain grade, and now you can't sell your own house without it being "green" first.

What a crock.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Ahhh, propagandize your children well.

As I've said for years: how do you control America? Easy. By education and by SCOTUS.


Anonymous said...

I do not believe there is anyone in the White House orchestrating this kind of thing (not that you even suggested it), but I do think that our school systems are plagued with teachers who continually and mindlessly stray away from approved curriculum to pursue their own political agenda. I’m not even sure they are doing this intentionally; if you have ever met or spoke with an elementary school teacher, then you might understand where I’m coming from. They are mostly space agents, full of touchy feely fun things to entertain the children and embrace them with ‘hope and change’ for a better tomorrow.

And of course, this reminds all of us that the road to perdition is lined with good intention. We can look askance at the teachers, of course … and the school principle who no doubt has extensive background in elementary education, but the real culprit here are the parents who see nothing wrong with socialist indoctrination of their children. They, ultimately, are paying for this “service.” Until communities begin taking back their schools, this can only get worse.

And now let us suppose that instead of “heil Hitler” indoctrination, the kids were actually learning to read, write, and do mathematics —I know, an amazing thought —perhaps when students arrived in high school, they could actually read at grade-level, write a cogent sentence, and not have to take classes in remedial math.

Z said...

tio!! Excellent point! HUSSEIN just adds to that DIVERSITY thing now, doesn't it! The very same name the obama thugs during the campaign were outraged anybody would use.
And very few Americans have awakened to that yet.
Sure..NOT GOOD to remind Americans of the middle name.
VERY GOOD to remind Muslims of the middle name. Go figure.

Steve....freedom's going down the drain and a LOT of Americans don't get it. they've been trained "Cradle to Grave"....who knew what our schools were doing then?

BZ: you're right.

Mustang...I'm not 100% sure this kind of thing's not associated with the WH. I'd have never dreamt I'd be right about any president doing this in the past, but there is just too much of it.
As I've said before; if I were obama I'd put a stop to it NOW.

And yes, it's much more important to learn about GREEN, and PEACE and EQUALITY and HOMOSEXUALITY and BEING NICE TO EVERYONE than reading, writing and arithmetic...and the test scores reflect that...and all that got us was electing a man who also seems to be sorely lacking in these 3 things. or how could he support what he supports?
Meanwhile, China, India, Russia..THEY STUDY, THEY are ahead of us now. Thanks to our teachers.
(And, yes, I KNOW, teachers...nobody means YOU who DOES teach what you're supposed to teach, who never indoctrinates children by even suggesting anything like this song or telling your politics in a biased way)

Bryan said...

The public school system has become a den of vipers poisoning the youth of this country.

Do we blame the teachers and the powers behind the veil or the parents who fell asleep when they should have been on watch?

Leslie said...

This is what we end up with when parents let the government raise their kids. The cheapest childcare in the world is the public school system, yet it is the most costly...

Z said...

Bryan, the parents were sleeping, no doubt about it. The woman's movement encouraged women to that an accident, or just a leftwinger thing that worked better than even they'd hoped? Women didn't know; who knew one couldn't trust American schools? We sure could when I was a child, could there have been anything more good and innocent then?

Leslie...So costly.
And, here in California, they wanted to take over the preschool system. our church's preschool first got swept into it "they're going to subsidize and refer to us!"
Then we realized.."When the State subsidizes, Jesus goes.." The thing went south after we decided "NO WAY".

christian soldier said...

The 'slow slide' -'camel's nose under the tent' has been happening for 50 + years--we have not been awake....You are seeing the abject results now...

beamish said...

This Obama Jugend indoctrination crap wouldn't happen if there were no government-run public schools for it to happen in.

Law and Order Teacher said...

On a lighter moment, Teach Your Children was my graduation song. In the times it meant explore and find your own way. Education=discovery.

Nowadays, holy crap. Are you kidding me? As a teacher I'm appalled at that little episode of indoctrination. These type things make me ashamed of my profession.

What Mustang said about most elementary teachers is true. They are mindless drones who are in the entertainment/indoctrination business. Education, if it happens to slip into the indoctrination, OK?

My assistant soccer coach is a kindergarten teacher and she is far from this type of crap. After all, we wouldn't get along enough to coach together if that were the case, huh?

Where are the principals in this case? Oh, as in the Lawrence, KS case, they may approve.

This is why I opted out of the National Education ASSociation (NEA). I have never opted out of a union in my working life, but this one isn't a union, it's an arm of the Dem party.

I was a union president when I was a cop. I believe in unions, but until I see that the NEA is about making solid changes that represent teacher working conditions and make school better for the kids, count me out.

Sorry for the long post, Z, but this set me off. Screwls indeed.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Mustang Said:

"...but I do think that our school systems are plagued with teachers who continually and mindlessly stray away from approved curriculum to pursue their own political agenda."

It wife is a teacher. They follow SOL guidelines, but there's always time for the teachers to stray into their own political arena and show the kids a thing or two. She tends to leave politics out of things, however.

Interesting thing to do: Ask Misfit about this. He has a couple of horror stories to tell where one teacher even has a poster of Che Guevara in his room.

Anonymous said...

The White House doesn't need direct involvement. They've got community organizers all over, especially the urban areas.

I think it's a fairly well thought out plan, with ACORN smack dab in the middle of it. There's WH deniability involved here.

Remember the IG was let go from Americorp, because he was keeping close tabs on their books and where the money was going.

In this the White House was involved and even implied the IG was "confused and somewhat addled", because of his age, which was a lie. More than likely he wasn't into "pay for play".

You can call me crazy if you want, but, where there's smoke there's fire.


Z said...

Law & must be thrilled that only union members might be exempt from taxed health benefits if this stupid C&T passes, huh?


JOIN A UNION, UNITE WITH SOCIALISTS, and THEN maybe we won't tax you! WHAT?

Steve...,of course your wife leaves politics out of it..she's probably a conservative. I'm thinking she'd best get it BACK's only the deceitful leftwingers who are indoctrinating, in other words. *(#@$&*(#@&
I hear that SO SO OFTEN.

Pris..this is THE scariest WH EVER....I'm thinking there are democrats who are wringing their hands these days and dreaming for the good ol' days of Bush. I swear.

Anonymous said...

Teach YOUR children, Lefties... not mine!

Law and Order Teacher said...

I don't know what I think about anything this Admin. does. I've had health care all my working life. I don't want to lose that. I say let health care go and see what comes up. I think the statistics are cooked.

Z said...

No remark from Ducky? know, I think even HE thinks this is a LOT too far over the edge, don't you? I really do.

Sue said...

My, oh my...

I really wouldn't want my kids(only have 1 and she is 22)or grandkids (don't have any yet)to be "educated" by the public school system. What a farce. And before we know it, homeschooling will be outlawed.

One more thing I just HAVE to topic, I know, but I had forgotten how utterly beautiful Graham Nash was back in the day!!! LOL Thanks for the reminder.

Z said...

SUe, you know I FORGOT to mention that? I melted when I saw that video for the first time yesterday...I'm talking MELTED...I"m with you girlfriend!!!!!!!

Always On Watch said...

Activists for BHO feel it is their sworn duty to propagandize for him.

We are in the Age of the BHO Cult. Ugh!

Z said...

Wouldn't you all THINK Mr. Obama would come out and say "This is enough. It's America we love, I'm proud to serve this country, but this is about the country. I would prefer no more of this kind of thing happens, especially with's very flattering, but we need to teach our children that AMERICA is the thing that's important, certainly not me. God bless America."


I can dream!