Friday, June 12, 2009

Ann Frank would have been 80 today

….. here is her memorial stone at Bergen-Belsen, with the stones on top according to Jewish tradition…. Mr.Z


shoprat said...

Hitler probably never even heard of her, until he stood before God.

Z said...

Seemed to me she must have been much older.
Imagine, shoprat, that she could still be very much alive and very well at only 80 years old. I have a very close friend who's nearly 91.

Poor Ann...she had such dreams, such a joy for life. Her story affects all of us, I think...she's lived on and will continue to do so. Odd.

Always On Watch said...

We mentioned this on today's radio show.

We also observed a moment of silence for the guard slain at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Two sad remembrances.

Anonymous said...

I think she died at fifteen, if I remember correctly. I was enraptured by her book, but of course found it very depressing, too.

My kids will read it when the time is right.

I was so saddened by the murder of the guard at the Holocaust Museum in D.C.

Dennis Prager talked about it. Said that he (Dennis) is a board member of the Museum and had shook the guard's hand several times. The man had just remarried and was in the prime of his life.

God's justice will prevail.

Z said...

Always...what a good thing to do. You notice I had Mr. John's photo on my holocaust murder piece, NOT the murderer's..WHo'd honor HIM with ANYTHING. His face should NEVER be seen.
Like shoprat says above about Hitler and Ann Frank....Von Brunn, too, will learn Mr. Johns' name when he stands before God. I shudder for his soul.

Jen, yes, and she died of typhoid only weeks before liberation, after ALL she went through. I've often thought of her father and how he felt when he finally learned he'd never see her sweet face again.
Horrible to know Mr. Johns had just remarried, I hadn't heard much about him. What gentleman he must have been to have been so well liked and to have gone to his death thinking he was just helping a frail old man.
Like they said about the fire fighters in the Twin Towers, Mr. Johns opened that door to his eternal life.

LUCKY said...

I was gonna post something sacastic about those who don't believe the holocaust happened but I couldn't. Something just didn't seem right about it. I still can't fathom how some believe that the holocaust didn't happen. It boggles my mind. It makes me sad that it happened but hopefully we will learn from history and will seek to stop anything like this from happening again.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace.

Pat Jenkins said...

the reality of suppression!!!!!