Saturday, June 6, 2009

D DAY and Obama's Egypt Speech

WORTH THE READ regarding Obama's Egypt speech. It has implications about D Day in it, too. Rich Galen...MULLINGS.COM. Rich does a great job on this, the unpopular TRUTH about so many situations, so disdained by the mainstream media.


Anonymous said...

A great column. The truth of it cannot be denied. Strength repels aggression, weakness invites it.

Diplomacy can work if it's backed up with strength and a willingness to use it, while the one on the other side of the table believes you just might do that very thing.

It will not work, if you have given your opponent all your chips, and demonstrated with words and deeds the will is not there.

Pretty rudimentary really, I think it's called common sense.


cube said...

I'm no fan of Colin (large intestine) Powell. I don't care how wonderful his speech sounded at Rich's site, I've been wary of Powell for many years.

I am, however, a great believer in strength repelling the bullies of the world. There is no better way to keep our country safe.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Yes, some interesting points to that column.

However, how is it that we can possibly convey the truth and reality that the LAST thing Evil does is consider logic, rationality, proportion, common sense and facts?

There is NO "arguing" or "convincing" of Evil. It will not be swayed, it will not be moved, it will not be persuaded.

Evil exists and cannot be removed; Evil exists because it is easy and it appeals to the most base of human emotions.

Evil cannot be assuaged and it cannot be appeased. It must simply be DESTROYED.


christian soldier said...

BZ is right-evil must be destroyed...
Z-Have a great week-end...