Monday, June 8, 2009

SHUT UP, Conservatives, a grrrrreat video! Conservative wins in Europe, Lebanon wins, and a possible surprising result in's all here...

"Shut up, CONSERVATIVES!?" Well, maybe that's working in America, but Mr. Z's here to show you it didn't work in Europe. Here's his overview of the significant Conservative win this weekend in Europe:

The 27 States of the European Union held an election this weekend for its Parliament. These elections were important since an increasing number of laws are made by the EU government, and the Parliament which, until today, had an advisory function, will get a larger role in the control of the European Commission, including monetary responsibility. The elections will make it more difficult for the passing of the „EU Constitution“, and they confirm the increasing anger of the people in all countries about the rise of Islam and illegal immigration..

The results of the elections were surprisingly clear: Europe has made a significant turn toward the right, with big wins of conservative, centrist, and EU-critical parties in practically all countries. At the same time, the Socialists in most countries lost big time (in Germany they achieved their worst result in major elections since WW II), while the Green parties maintained their level. The number of countries where the Socialists received more votes than the conservatives shrunk dramatically while, in all other countries, the conservative and centrist parties received most of the votes. The most notable changes happened in the UK, where the Labour Party slipped to 14.5% or fourth place (with the Tories in first place), in Spain, where the conservatives won big time over Zapatero’s Socialists, and in Hungary, Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovenia, etc. To be noted also are the substantial gains by the specifically anti-Islam parties in Holland and Denmark, two countries which suffered substantially from Islamic terror while they were still liberal and they are now both governed by conservative governments fighting the influence by Islamists in their countries.

The trend to more conservative voting has been visible for quite a number of years in Europe. This election reinforced the trend, with three factors generally believed to contribute to its success: (1) The drifting of the Socialist parties further into the vicinity of Communism has hurt them because the people recognize that redistribution and additional taxes cannot be in the interest of the people at large or the State, (2) bail-outs and huge debts proposed by the Socialists in this economic crisis are seen as counter productive, and (3) the non-existent approach by the Left to the Islamic and illegal immigrant problem is seen as catastrophic. In addition, specifically for the EU, the increasing influence by the EU bureaucracy on internal affairs of the member States is seen by most people as far too intrusive. (the graphic above here is only from GERMANY...CDU is the most Conservative mainstream party..SPD is the more liberal mainstream..the GRUNE, are the Environmentalist/anti-nuke people, the FDP is centrist/business party, Linke (or THE LEFT) is the COMMUNISTS, CSU is the Bavarian Sister party to the Conservative mainstream party, and "sonst" is miscellaneous splinter parties. just to clarify if you're that interested. Add the CSU, CDU and FDP and that's a clear majority for the CONSERVATIVES, considering the splinters would fall away and, in the German parliament, this would translate to a whopping 55%...don't forget, Merkel's has had to juggle her conservatism with the liberals in parliament; if an election happened today, she'd be saaaaailing...rather like Obama is in our Dem. controlled Congress, with nothing to stop him. But, she's learned about socialism, the hard, very personal way, and he won't until America's drowning and we'll be the only ones who'll understand what hit her, when Liberals will be wishing they'd listened to US)

The paradigm has shifted substantially: While European countries are moving toward the right, the U.S. is doing just the opposite, far beyond the so-called „achievements“ of social policies in Europe, right into the vicinity of Communism with very similar goals, against all the obvious experiences of the past, such as the failure of East Germany.

Z: So, "Shut up" isn't working too well in Europe. How long will it keep working here? (Thanks to PajamaTV for the's a great site, check it out)

: LEBANON'S WEST-SUPPORTED GROUP WON, too!! It's AMAZING! From the article: "Supporters of the coalition celebrated into the early hours after voters renewed their majority in parliament four years after the "Cedar Revolution" that helped drive Syria's army out of Lebanon and wrest control of the government." By the way, the article goes to great pains to make sure readers learn the big winning politician is a billionaire and how he "celebrated from his MANSION!"...get it? Saul Alinsky is STILL in gear in America's reporting. "He's RICH, must be BAD" Check it out.



Greywolfe said...

Well, here's the thing. Europe is trying to save its life, much like a drowning man caught in a whirlpool might after he gets in past the point of no return.

Peddle like hell, you're still worm bait. Europe is in exactly that position. The Islamics have brow beaten them into submission already. Not much they can do to stop it now. Slow it down a little, maybe. Stop it? Not a snowball's chance in Hell.

We are about 50 years behind Europe in our march towards Marxism/socilism. So, it stands to reason that we won't be able to stop our leftward slip for several years. Always assuming that secession/rebelllion doesn't break out first.

Personally, I'm praying for a little rebellion. I keep hearing "Let them eat cake!" in my dreams. The guillotine is starting to look kinda good to me.

Always On Watch said...

Sadly, I think that America is about to undergo a period of "shutting up." I expect a clamp-down on free speech, particularly political speech, well in advance of the 2012 National Election -- particularly if the Dems don't hold onto their power in the midterm elections.

Americans differ in one important regard from Europeans. We are armed. Reaction here to leftism could well swing to a violent, vigilante one. We're typically not as passive as Europeans.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I certainly am celebrating, because the BNP won a seat for the first time...I am extremely pleased of this since I am a huge supporter of this political organization. Look up Simon Darby in the blogosphere for complete coverage of the happenings in Britain with the BNP and you will quickly come to the conclusion that the BNP is the choice party for Britain. They are RIGHT WING, are anti-immigration and want to secure Britain's nationality and wish to ban the sick ideas of multiculturalism and tolerance.

FrogBurger said...

In the meantime, Obama is promising 600,000 unproductive jobs this summer. It reminds when France created jobs to help people at the post office to use the stamp machines. That's the kind of jobs a government creates.

christian soldier said...

Your Little Ray of Sunshine here-I just posted-
CA and welfare-
all is not lost thanks to the CA voters voting down the tax increase propositions-at least reform is on the table-Welfare-Going-Going-Gone?!

beamish said...

America will swing back to the right in the 2010 Congressional elections.

Barack Obama will be America's first Messiah to ever lose a bid for re-election.

shoprat said...

15 years before I was born Europe was a lost cause as it was being swallowed up by a different Barbarian, but once Europe woke up that Barbarian was destroyed. Europe may finally be waking up to the twin evils Fascism/Socialism/Communism (only superficial differences between them) and Islam. Let's see what happens.

Z said...

Greywolfe; sit tight, you might be pleasantly surprised.

If our Left wasn't in charge, we COULD use those 50 years behind Europe and stop the tide. But, they've indoctrinated our kids and they'll all be so sorry when it comes to America having to dig itself out of unsuccessful socialism. While China's licking its chops and islamists are watching, too...from a much closer place.

Always: ONly if we let it. And yes, that's why the left (Rahm particularly) want those pesky guns rounded up. Then, only THE ONE's CIVILIAN CORPS and gangsters and terrorists will be armed......perfect "ALL TOGETHER NOW..."

Steve... The left will go into OVERDRIVE there VERY soon telling the world that the BNP is only about HATING FOREIGNERS, etc...ALL EVIL, HATEFUL BIGOTED RACISTS.


Frogburger, it's frightening...Non sustainable jobs; those people will be jobless when the country's run out of money with which to pay them for having done NOTHING!

CS...will go to your site NOW and advise my other readers to, also."HOPE" ?? Dont' tease me!

Beamish, I hope so.

Shoprat, sometimes I believe Christianity might be the big winner here. SO SO many muslims are coming to the Lord; they can't talk about it, but missionaries and missionary-watchers I know are full of stories of huge numbers of muslims looking for the unconditional love they can't find in their koran. It has to be silent, but it won't be silent for long.
Even in China, the conversion numbers are ENORMOUS!! ENORMOUS!

Gosh, in my opinion, if their koran DID teach love, and admonitions to love those of other faiths, and not to hurt people to convert them, who wouldn't welcome islam ..but, as it is, that doesn't look hopeful. Especially with people like Keith Ellison either not knowing or blatantly LYING about their scriptures like I saw him do on TV the other day.

Pat Jenkins said...

people voting for their lives mr. z! whenever an individuals livelihood is called into question conservatism wins every time!! now all we need for a rebound in this nation is for it, conservatism, to be articulated!

HoosierArmyMom said...

Great post and great comments. The results of the European elections gives me hope. They aren't as aggressive as we are but are sending a message I think. All those here that use the situation in Europe as a "model" will have a hard time explaining this.

cube said...

Good for Europe. It finally got some sense. Unfortunately, we're lurching to the left. I can only hope it doesn't last long.

Anonymous said...

Good for Europe. It seems as though people have to have their backs against the wall before they take action.

Early on it would have taken less courage and a less aggressive population to resist the march leftward.

Political correctness was an insidious harbinger of things to come, and the left uses guilt as a strategy to make gains.

Now, the left has come out into the light for everyone to see, and flexing their muscles. Now, they can't be ignored any longer, and it's clear to most, they mean business.

And now, resisting them requires louder voices, and more courage than before. Political correctness has to be overcome as does multiculturalism, a huge undertaking.

I hope the Europeans have the fortitude to continue their resistance. I think they're in for a hell of a fight.

Here, there have been signs Americans are waking up. People forget that in California, we recalled a Governor not too long ago, which was a sign we'd had it, and now we have rejected the state government and their heavy handed ways.

The tea parties, and conservative groups are springing up, and people are feeling the left's heavy handedness thanks to the President, and the Congress with their impatience to implement their agenda.

It's going to be a tough fight here as well, and resistance is key. A louder, more aggressive voice is needed. Activism is a must.

I think President Reagan said it best. Conservatives have to think, speak, and act in "bold colors".

To sum it all up, We won't "shut up"!


JINGOIST said...

The good guys are winning everywhere except HERE!!!!!

Now that I got that out of my system I did give a great hoorah today when heard about these results.

Anonymous said...

Greta stuff here Z...keep punching.

Ducky's here said...

Things run in cycles.

Hugo Chavez says hi !

Ducky's here said...



Old news, z. The left has been telling you he's not much but a figurehead who's tolerated but nothing more.

Remember, the left is generally ahead of the curve.

But my, we are talking up violent revolution aren't we? Who you gonna whack first, AOW? Who would Jesus kill?

Ducky's here said...

The likeliest outcome of the poll is another "national unity" government, analysts say, though its formation might not go smoothly if the Hezbollah camp insists on veto power.

The United States, which lists Hezbollah as a terrorist group, has linked future aid to Lebanon to the shape and policies of the next government. Hezbollah, which says it must keep its arms to deter Israel, is part of the outgoing cabinet.


Doesn't sound like much but the status quo.

You have to remember that like Greywolfe and AOW, Hezbollah is armed and unlike Greywolfe and AOW they have won battles, against Israel.

You know the pace of change in the mideast, Z.

Z said...


This isn't about cycles, Ducky, this is about people seeing the light..FINALLY. Spin all you like.
Ducky, nobody thinks Ahmedinejad's more than a figurehead, but...okay.
The man who's running against him is civilization-friendly..that's the difference, Ducky.

One pro Ahmedinejad cleric has said : "According to the Tehran Bureau website, the unnamed cleric is said to have stated: "If someone is elected president and hurts the Islamic values that have been spread [by Ahmadinejad] to Lebanon, Palestine, Venezuela and other places, it is against Islam to vote for that person. We should not vote for that person, and also warn people about that person. It is your religious duty as the supervisors of the elections to do so." (VENEZUELA?!)
Man, that islamic hardliners may no longer be in control and we might get peace must really be bugging you ...I'll wait for your next link and disagreement!
Ya, this 'cycle' IRan's in with Ahmedinejad,'The figurehead' is a cycle of hate that maybe modern Iran is against...good conservatives can only HOPE.

Pris, it's really good, isn't it! Californians keep getting slammed but we are waking up, too. Funny, gay marriage is okay in Iowa, but not here. And, of course, any homosexual couple can get their rights at a lawyer in 30 minutes. Our gay friends tell us the marriage thing is about agenda; most get divorced pretty quickly, but the San Fran crowd freaked out after those first 'marriages' because there was no precedent for same sex divorce..they're stuck.

HAM and does give hope! ( has obama ruined THAT word for me)

Z said...

Ducky, just saw your most recent comment after I published mine.

The pace of change is not the same pace any longer; we've got an Iran going nuclear and threatening Israel and us, we've got Arab countries afraid of Iran's nukes......

And we need less of the extremist clerical figurehead A has been and more someone who represents the life-loving types of Persians I know here in LA, the ones like those still in Iran who do not vote for extremists. We can only hope.

Chuck said...

I'm with Beamish, I think the 2010 elections will see a swing here

Z said...

I think that if we don't try to do something now in convincing Republicans on the Hill, we won't want to see what happens before the 2010 elections..things which we might not be able to fix.

I hope I'm wrong.

Always On Watch said...

But my, we are talking up violent revolution aren't we? Who you gonna whack first, AOW? Who would Jesus kill?

You missed my point.

I am certainly not planning to "whack" anyone.

Also, note that I said "could" in my comment, not "would" or "will."

I don't believe that Americans will go quietly into soft socialism in the way that Europe has over the past few decades.

As evidenced by the recent election results in Europe -- and the low turnout, to boot -- many Europeans are feeling a total disconnect with their present political leadership. They don't have individual gun rights. What if they did? I surmise that the left wouldn't have swung as far left as it did. Politicians are nothing if they're not survivors.

Americans have a breaking point, I think. We're not there yet. But should we get there, I think that our reaction here in America would be quite different than in Europe. As I said earlier, Americans are not passive.

Always On Watch said...

Rounding up "those pesky guns" is impossible. Just look at any of the "gun free" cities in the U.S.

Z said...

Always, "gun free" cities have any law abiding folks still with guns, or just the bad guys?

Law and Order Teacher said...

Isn't it interesting that when someone has finally had enough that they put the brakes on? My only hope is that it doesn't take as long here to get fed up.

I listened to a historian of some eminence speak last night on the topic of the New Deal. Long story short it turned into an Obamafest. The good thing was that there were a number who were a little let down at the tenor of he speech.

I'm going to post on it either today or tomorrow. Thanks for checking in,

Anonymous said...

Oh thank goodness Ducky finally added his normal idiocy. I was worried that perhaps he'd been run over by a bus or something.


Load off my mind.

Papa Frank said...

I sure hope this trend swings our way in the next round of elections so as to slow down the unfortunate damage we are sustaining every day lately.

beamish said...


Hezbollah won a battle against Israel?

On what planet? It wasn't Earth.

Greywolfe said...

Funny thing about ducky, he seems to have gotten ahold of someone's military records. From what he said he couldn't have been talking about my desert storm era service records.

I love it when his head pops off by itself, he's amuzing in a brain dead sort of way. And as for my comment on my prayers for a little rebellion? Nothing in the world could be more American, than that. Of course, Ducky wouldn't know that. From his comments to date, it's apparent that he's the product of being educated by the government detraining and indoctrination centers known as public schools.

RightKlik said...

"While European countries are moving toward the right, the U.S. is doing just the opposite..."

Yes, Obama is lurching to the left, but America has not. Naive voters thought Obama was a centrist, maybe a triangulator like Clinton. Watch Europe closely Obama, the writing is on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Excellent video! Love it when things are summarized and lefties are called on the carpet for the brainwashing that they push.

Great news on the elections in Europe. Personally, I feel like conservatism is steadily gaining momentum in the US.

Seems to me that those who were luke-warm towards Obama to begin with are now swinging to the Right for answers. If he keeps going at this pace, he'll be a one term prez.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Thanks for sharing all the great news, Z. Love the video. Great distillation of censorship and marginalization by the left. In fact, I think I feel a verse coming on.....

Klavan has captured the radical's swell--
A hubris dialectic that goes apoplectic
When their mantras get challenged too well.

beamish said...


You're operating from the tragically common error of presuming leftists are actually capable of rational thought, a concept which Ducky strives hard to refute with every comment he posts.

Like Marx, Proudhon, Bakunin, Hitler and other leftists, Ducky isn't going to be satisfied with merely convincing you he's an imbecile. He'll make some sort of cheerleader remark for those motivated by the killing of Jews as well, just in case it's not clear he's a leftist.

Always On Watch said...

Hey, Duck.

What do you make of this little "rebellion"?

Always On Watch said...

Always, "gun free" cities have any law abiding folks still with guns, or just the bad guys?

Actually, quite a few law abiding citizens have or carry guns in "gun free" cities. Do you happen to know about this case from years ago?

Always On Watch said...

Dems in NY have a hissy fit:

Democrats fled the chamber, turned out the lights, and cut off the Internet feed of chamber proceedings, leaving Republicans and their two Democratic friends to take the vote in the dark.

DaBlade said...

Wow! Thanks for this most excellent post of good news. Mahmood Akmadeenadude is in danger of losing too? I thought he was passing out potatoes for votes. Potatoes are not "promises of a free Car, Kitchen & Bathroom" like Obama was handing out, but potatoes are the king of the tuber family IMO.

beamish said...


Every candidate in Iranian "elections" is pre-approved by the mullahs in Qom.

Whether Ahmadinejad is "voted" out of office or not, his opponent and potential replacement will still be vowing to wipe Israel off the map with their peaceful nuclear energy program.

WomanHonorThyself said...

So, "Shut up" isn't working too well in Europe. How long will it keep working here? it Z! optimistic!

FrogBurger said...

Ducky the left is ahead of the curve? Wow you guys are cool like in highschool.

So ahead of the curve that they're in the curb in Europe.

Your policies are not ahead, they're backwards *in the results*. Europeans, and I'm one of them, now realize the kill prosperity, jobs and they're not sustainable.

So stop being too much ahead of the curve because ahead of the curve means in the wall with this demagogy.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Once again PROVING that this country not only has Historical Alzheimers and can learn NOTHING from not only OUR past but even the RECENT past of Europe.

Our Leftists think that somehow they have the Magic Socialist Bullet that MANY other countries have tried to utilize but turned out as FAILURES?

Further, consider this if you will: even after only 4 1/2 months in office, the tides are ALREADY beginning to turn slightly against Mr Obama, reflected in his polling numbers. They like him personally; his policies: not quite so much.


Z said...

AlwaysOn Watch..don't tell me: "SHUT UP" in the NY government?

It's like the left to shut the lights when they're not getting their way, but this is really something! Sort of like the global warming 'scientists' and 'experts' like Gore who actually won't invite those with a differing view to their conferences:

Disagreement is not well received by the Democrats.....Watch MSNBC, by the way, it reminds me of that; They can be as nasty and demeaning and untruthful as they can be, but let Rush Limbaugh tell his truth and it's SHUT UP.

Z said...

Always! Read your first link. The NYTimes has to include that the Republicans were trying to get one guy out of the senate for having allegedly beaten his girlfriend but now are welcoming him as a Dem ready to work with them!
Poor NYTimes..the anti-Right spin never ends.
One would wonder if they'd have included that tidbit had it been Dems who gained control...
Of course, they'll make such a stink about Republican scandals but let a Republican bunch gain control of New York's state senate, and the NYTimes reminds us that one of the Dem defectors beat his girfriend. "The Republicans tried to get him to step down because of the scandal but now they're welcoming him"..Ya, they'll do ANYTHING FOR POWER. (GOOD THING Dems don't!! Tongue in cheek here)

Anonymous said...

Obama's trying to take credit for swaying the Muslim world with his speech...

Z said...

FJ...swaying which way? :-)

Gayle said...

This is an extremely heartening post and I thank you for it. It's always nice to know we aren't doomed, Z. The video is great!

Anonymous said...

As in taking credit for Lebanon's rejection of Hezbollah.

The Islamic masses have been convinced that Barry is their Bud and there's nothing to fear from Team America.

Anonymous said...

...and yes, the premise is laughable.

Z said...

FJ..right. The NYTimes, too, is saying Barry's wonderful NEW NICER AMERICA is making our'enemies' like and trust us more.

Sadly,I"m not sure that's working with the trigger-happy nut in N. Korea.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Did I miss something?

Obama admires the European way. The Europeans make big gains in rejecting the politics of stimulus. NEXT DAY Obama immediately doubles down on stimulus.

And this, right on the heels of the apology tour.

When you're in a hole -- stop digging, Mr. President.

Z said...

Deborah, YOU obviously didn't miss a THING...but America sure will!
Good comment!

Always On Watch said...

Sorry to be returning late to this thread. We had terrible thunderstorms yesterday, and I dared not get back online.

In all my life, I've known only one liberal who actually allowed for other voices to be heard in full -- a college prof I had back in the early 70s. She broke the mold!

Z said...

Always, good to have you back.

ONE PROFESSOR, huh?...that's all I hear, too. They just won't let a differing viewpoint be spoken let alone respected.

This is why I'm glad I've heard "our kids" twice from two Republicans yesterday; I THINK we're finally waking up. Republicans didn't want to think the indoctrination could be that bad; it's so dishonest and unAmerican, HOW could Americans do that? Well, they did, MANY did, and it will be stopping soon, I sense it. Maybe we'll even teach our kids to THINK for themselves again.

Anonymous said...

If we shut up, then they'll win.

Ducky's here said...

If you look at the Socialists, Green and Liberal party as a block, the EU election is pretty close.

Z said...

Ducky, but if you add the conservatives and the 'liberal'(which is more centrist in Europe, by the way), and others (Tories, etc.), they have a good sized majority.
It was VERY heavily LEFT before.

The French voted heavily conservative in this, too, we're finding out. In Figaro, they did a poll about the socialist party in France, Le PS....the readers polled that the socialist party was bound to die within the next six 82%.

BIG changes.