Monday, June 1, 2009

How's one murder more newsworthy than another?

Why didn't THIS get more play? Blogger Carol, at Christian Soldier, found that a man named Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammed killed an American soldier and wounded another in a recruiting center Monday, yesterday, for 'religious' reasons. She very rightfully makes the connection between this murder and the abortion doctor murder. Who wouldn't?
You hearing anybody calling Abdulhakim "Taliban" or inferring that all muslims are thrilled and shouldn't they be ashamed of themselves for having spawned a killer like this? (see my COMMENTS page on my Sunday Faith Blog for that discussion) NO? But, wouldn' t you have thought? I'm hoping Tuesday brings some media coverage. A man DIED, folks, another is wounded. Where's the same outrage that Dr. Tiller's killing got?

And, I know Carol would feel like I do...that it's unseemly to make political points from the death of ANYONE, particularly our amazing soldiers. But, this story needs to be told and heard and hypocrisy must be revealed.


Anonymous said...

The honest answer is that today in America Christians are fair game. But, because of political correctness, for some reason, muslims are not.

No matter that more than a few of their religious leaders have called for "death to the infidels". Or that three thousand people were slaughtered because of that belief.

That, it seems has no place in our dialogue. In fact I doubt it's regarded as hate speech.

But, let a Christian fanatic commit a crime such as murder, and it's the fault of his religion and conservatives in general.

No one who is able to reason thinks that makes sense. But today, in America, not much makes sense.

Nonsensical thinking takes precedence, and is so convenient for creating false enemies for political purposes.


Z said...

Of course you're right, Priscilla..excellent points.

Do you think that this can be turned around again to normalcy, to where Americans are MORE revered than those who want to kill us?

Yes, this is just another thing that makes no sense; kind of like our gov't owning a private car company.

"creating false enemies for political purposes" is an excellent point. I"m waiting for Ducky to say this is what WE have done to Islam, we 'bed wetters'!, like he so often does.

I watched five minutes of Olbermann today and your quoted line above comes to mind because I sat there thinking "Why does he seem to get such joyful GLEE out of slamming our intelligence agencies, or politicians,...always trying to GOTCHA US!?" odd duck. heh

beamish said...

Well, having some training in journalism, my simple answer is that Dr. Tiller's murder has a level of unusualness to it in that Dr. Tiller was making news before he was killed - he was famous / infamous for his professional infanticidal services.

Muslims killing US soldiers is rather "the sky is blue" news except for the unusual story facet that it occured on US soil.

Both murderous incidents are tragedies. Using one or the other for political bang is rather disgusting.

The Merry Widow said...

Too right, Mr. B.!
And isn't it funny that the name of the soldiers murderer was withheld for so long?

I had a sneaky thought that it would turn out that the murderer was a mohammadin. I think the "religious" reasons gave it away!
G*D bless and ARANATHA!

When will we(media and politicians) get it that we have an enemy that hates us, just because they hate us?

Bryan said...

A New York Times article led into the story like this: "A 23-year old man UPSET about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan opened fire..." (Emphasis mine.)

Upset about the wars? Why does that word seem to stand out to me? Doesn't it seem like the use of that word is trying to invoke sympathy and understanding? Maybe its just me...

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy is stunning isn't it Z. The left will insist that not all muslims are bad etc, etc, but one of their beloved abortionists gets killed and they're going off their heads.

They should be ashamed of themselves, but who am i kidding, leftists are incapable of shame.

Ducky's here said...

I wouldn't say it's not getting play, z. Heard it on the news this morning.

With the national dialog at the venomous level it's at right now you can expect more.

christian soldier said...

Z-thank you for the link--
One of our BEST is murdered by a terrorist trained in Yemen-nary a peep...
abortionist killed- and it's all over the news...

Ducky's here said...

Trained in Yemen?

Where did you find that? And why did he have to go to Yemen to learn how to open up on a recruiting center.

He could have gotten that kind of training through the local NRA.

Elmers Brother said...

the NRA doesn't teach people how to kill our soldiers.

FrogBurger said...

"With the national dialog at the venomous level it's at right now you can expect more."

Indeed, Duckette. You're part of it by twisting one's words.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...
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Z said...

I just woke up and watched CNN's (morning here) News..the big show with Tony what's his name.

Nothing on this murder at all on CNN.

FOX carried it early on. But, I guess that's just a rightwing thing to tell all the truth.

Beamish, I thought it was important to show that similarity between this murder and the abortion doctor murder and how the media and some of my commenters will handle it, that's all. I was not disappointed on that level.

Yes,'s as if "That explains WONDER he'd kill a soldier!"
No "the man, UPSET about the wholesale murder of late term babies......."

NEITHER gives license to kill. Just license to the media to infer their agenda into the mix.

I.H.S. said...

I wonder what would happen if we start seeing positive news reports and the ones like this would be the 2min blurb the positive stuff is now?

I think the sad part of it all is we won't, and to answer your rhetorical stlyed question, Z...No, one murder isn't more noteworthy than the other, but nothing more than another way to keep Americans at eachother's throats about what is fair and what isn't...This is my take on it all.


Z said...

I.H.S...I guess I figure it's my job, if there's a 'blogger job'!, to help us all see what's happening; If we don't see it, we won't work toward fixing it and, trust me, things are happening to try to do that.
Sadly, every step of a conservative's way, the media's there deriding and mocking, as my leftwinger commenters here do; making sure the public hears their mocking so it appears they're right in suggesting the Right's wrong yet again. Or going overboard in their trying to show what's really the truth.

This story's as important as any this morning...CNN still hasn't run it. FOX has; wait for the left to suggest that FOX has because it's Anti Muslim, as has been said here so many times by leftwingers.

The good thing is I believe people are waking up.
The bad thing is i detest anything that keeps America more and more divided, as you suggest. But, I refuse to think our talking about this is to blame; it's the media's covering for this story and others which is to blame.

Thanks for coming by!

Anonymous said...

CBS is reporting the guy went to Yemen for "religious training" and came back into the U.S. using a Somali password. This apparently was not considered out of the ordinary.

Z said...

WEll, Hermit..thanks. CBS, huh?

Better tell Ducky, who commented here:

Trained in Yemen?

Where did you find that? And why did he have to go to Yemen to learn how to open up on a recruiting center.

Z: Well, in Ducky's mind, a newly converted muslim going to Yemen for 'training' is not worse than a new Lutheran Pastor going to Germany for a seminar, so that should have been just as ignored as it was, I guess.

shoprat said...

It is getting a lot of play on the blogosphere and conservative DJs are talking about it, but that's it.

I.H.S. said...

Z, please don't think I believe it's because we are talking about these things that is and has divided us in this country; not at all. I believe it's a ploy of MSM, because although they may not follow the tenets of the scrpitures they believe this one thing..."A House Divided Will Not Stand".


Khaki Elephant said...

Bryan, how did I know that how the story would be covered? Right, he's a war war protestor and never mention religion.

Ducky, you should attend an NRA education program. They focus on NOT injuring people.

Khaki Elephant said...


"In His Service" or "Iesus Hominum Salvator"?

Z said...

Khaki, my friend is In His Service......

And, to's an interesting and scary thought, considering if this terrible raucous dislike each party has for the other is flamed on purpose by the MSM, but some of it, I believe, is their hopes for a Fairness Doctrine which, by definition (since lefty radio hasn't worked due to the fact that anybody can get their 'truth' from the MSM and conservatives don't get the whole picture so they have to supply it to their own ilk when they DO find it and, apparently, the left's afraid of that so they want it DOWN)...will only shut conservative talk down. Sure, slam the style because the substance is ...way too close to the REAL truth.

Sadly, we must keep the pressure least right now. I don't know how else we can begin to defeat those programs obama's implementing which are so NON AMERICAN and so disliked for a growing number of Americans every day, seemingly, if you check polls.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

That's most interesting in terms of similar minds; I likewise posted on this with a similar theme. But, as I asked, what is the MOTIVATION for the MSM to completely ignore the story?

I wrote: "This is only one example, but WHAT PART OF ISLAM, I ask ALL of you, is in the best INTEREST of the American MSM?

ANYthing even reMOTEly resembling the truth would be first to be sacrificed by Islam in America.

So WHY bury a story like this?



Z said...

BZ: Just read Ducky any time, the leftie commenter here who seems to REALLY believe Conservatives are "bed wetters", and there IS no viable threat of terror. A lot of people actually DO believe that!!

So, since the media's mostly Left (CNN might have covered it by now but hadn't by noon today...FOX did this morning), either they don't want people to wake up and figure out there IS a terror threat, they want us all to be NICE (like Obama's going to Egypt to again tell mu slims that we'll do all we can do to get along with them) to EVERY Multicultural species in our country..OR they're owned by mus lims.

pure and simple. Who's going to be honest when your children are threatened, or the building you work in has been promised to come down if you write the wrong information?


Always On Watch said...

Both stories are getting some news coverage.

Clearly, however, the murder of the abortionist is getting more thorough coverage.

Agenda, agenda, agenda.

Besides, BHO doesn't want anything negative about Islam just as he begins his apology tour in the Middle East. Note: BHO is skipping visiting Israel on this trip. Not an accidental omission, IMO.

Also, BHO apparently wants to protect Saudi Arabia from any prosecution related to 9/11.

Always On Watch said...

Z asked, Do you think that this can be turned around again to normalcy, to where Americans are MORE revered than those who want to kill us?]

Not without thousands, if not millions, of dead Americans.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Ducky, you're all wet on what people learn in NRA meetings. Cite an example - one that isn't an abberation you "heard" about from some kook whose emotions are more informed than their mind.

I'm sure it won't be the Monroe, North Carolina case where the NRA trained a group of local blacks to successfully rebuff and cause to cease predatory KKK assaults on a local black doctor who was not adequately protected by local authorities.

Nor will it be the Springfield, Oregon school shooting that was stopped by a student whose NRA training prepared him to recognize the brief open window in which he was able to overcome and subdue the assailant.

Nor will it be the NRA's outstanding youth gun safety training program, nor any of the dozens of cases I've seen of thoughtful teaching seminars, dispassionate demonstrations or training in the exercise of discretion and calm restraint --and, in general, cooperation with law enforcement.

Z said...

AlwaysOn Watch, CNN had NOTHING by noon, PST Tuesday...they did mention it tonight. Anderson Cooper even referred to it as "The first islamist terror attack on American soil since 9/11" But, no, FOX had it on hours before CNN deemed it worthy of exposure.
OR if millions of muslims speak out against their own extremists.
Oh..that's right; it's against the KORAN and still I feel hopeful. (I know, dummy me!)

Thanks, Deborah, you are SO RIGHT. It's like saying KARATE is an art for killers when, from what I hear, the number one rule is KILL ONLY AS THE ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT.

HoosierArmyMom said...

Ducky seems to be very good at quoting KOS "factoids", which have no basis in fact.

I did notice the story about the shooting in Little Rock didn't start getting reported on until a couple of days afterward, where as the abortionist getting killed was instantaneous. The MSM is just a left wing propaganda tool.

I'm surprised Homeland Insecurity isn't calling the shooting in Little Rock a "Man caused temination of Life".

beamish said...

Ducky is rather consistent.

On Mondays, he'll tell you that we need to tax employers out of existence to pay for unemployment programs.

On Tuesdays, he'll tell you that fighting wars in Islamic countries will create terrorists among the people we should never profile at the airport.

On Wednesdays, he'll say Republicans have made America less safe from the terrorist threat that doesn't exist.

On Thursdays, he'll gloat that the forces of conservatism are being obliterated by a socialist awakening in America that isn't socialist.

On Fridays, he'll trash talk evangelical Christians and compare them to Islamic extremists he believes America should be diplomatic towards.

He doesn't come around much on the weekends.