Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Faith Blog......And Happy Father's Day

"Heavenly Father, My faith is in thee, my expectation is from thee, my love goes out toward thee, I believe thee, accept thy Word, acquiesce in thy will, rely on thy promises, trust thy providence. I bless thee that the court of conscience proves me to be thine. I do not need signs and wonders to believe, for thy Word is sure truth." (From The Valley of Vision, A collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions)

Happy Father's Day, gentleman bloggers. Cherish your dads, all of you who still have them....Happy Fathers Day, Dad. I miss you very, very much. Some day, I hope to tell you just how much...Some day, I hope to have my hand in yours again.

Please read Law and Order's Father's Day'll be so glad you did. And Mustang has written a poem you'll want to read.



sue said...

This will be the second Father's Day without my Dad. He would be 99.

The Merry Widow said...

It's my 12th without mine. And my children's 6th without their's.

It's a harder world without a Dad.
Praise be to G*D, we have HIM, WHO has stepped in!
G*D bless and MARANATHA!


Susannah said...

Beautiful. Beautiful.

I am so very grateful for my Dad, my Grandfathers, & my precious husband - my children's father. (We celebrated 17 years of marriage yesterday!)

"Praise be to G*D, we have HIM, WHO has stepped in!"
Amen to that!

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Sue said...

I will be spending the afternoon with my ( month) 87 year old Father.

I thank God for my Dad...He has always been there for me.

HoosierArmyMom said...

I lost my mother in 1997 and Dad in May 2001. Mom was only 69 and Dad was short of 73. There is not a day that goes by I do not miss them. But I do have some cherished memories of my father. Two weeks before my mother's death, I was able to move next door to my parents house. I had the 3+ years after Mom died to care for and bond with Dad. I was truly blest, and like Z, I look forward to being with them both again.

Always On Watch said...

I miss my dad (1911-1998).

Yesterday would have been Dad's 98th birthday.

Many times, Dad's birthday fell on Father's Day. Then, we really celebrated!

Pat Jenkins said...

thank you z!! and happy father's day to all who may read your kind words!!

Beverly said...

Lovely. That photo looks like it oculd be Ella with her daddy.

Z said...

My Dad's gone 15 years...

TMW; Exactly my point...."we have HIM, WHO has stepped in!" While reading the quote I used, I couldn't help thinking how my dad had been so many of those things to me, if in preparation for when I'd not have BOTH fathers here on earth.

Susannah, Happy Wedding Anniversary!

How lucky some of you are whose dads lived so long!
Beverly, I thought so, too!

Have a beautiful day, everyone.

Papa Frank said...

Thank you, Z.

shoprat said...

This may well be my father's last Father's Day. I will be missing mine all too soon.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

This is my first Father's Day without my father, and without someone to whom I give a card and take to dinner.

Those who read my blog know my father passed away early this year, at age 88. He was only about a month from his 89th birthday.

God bless you, Z, thanks for your "behind the scenes" assist. It is always much appreciated.

Folks, if you have a Dad, cherish what you have for as long as you can.


Anonymous said...

Lovely, Z.

Z said...

Cherish your're all so right. And be grateful we had dads deserving of cherishing.

Shoprat, it's not easy, no matter how you expect it.

BZ...whatever help, in any small way, I've been to you, I'm privileged and it's an honor to know you. I urge people to look at your blog pieces about family, they're stunning, just beautiful.

Thanks, Jen, honey. xx

Anonymous said...

Well, father's day isn't as important now to me as it was when my kids were home, but it's still nice to have it remembered.

beamish said...

My Dad is my best friend.

Z said...

Hermit, I hope you were remembered...

Beamish, that is THE best thing anybody can say about a parent.
I'm glad you have that because I think it's rare. He must be a GREAT guy.