Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just for the; liberals changing their minds.

So, Mr. Z went to that very liberal doctor we go to Friday morning....I had written about liberals changing their minds about their having voted for Obama HERE. They talked politics again, Dr K and Mr Z...for a good 20 minutes after the examination....and the doctor says he's against the nationalized health care fiasco Obama's pushing down our throats harder than any tongue depressor could be shoved. This LIBERAL doctor said, in a nutshell... "It'll bring everything down to the lowest common denominator, stop all advances in medicine by bringing down the experimenting pharmaceutical companies....and America and Germany are the two biggest countries for breakthroughs in great medicines. Germany's system is a good two-tier system and we're trying to do a one-tier without looking at the consequences...without honestly looking to Britain and Canada...part of the costs is due to frivolous WE doctors are going to get less income AND will still get hit by lawsuits."

All Mr. Z could say was "yup." Then, the doctor added "WHERE are all the REPUBLICANS!?" (This guy is a tall, lean, long haired, very hip liberal.....or was?) Mr. Z says to tell you all, also, that his German friend who reads our news here in America over the internet from Cologne is also asking "WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS?...CAP & TRADE is a NIGHTMARE for America....WHY AREN'T THE REPUBLICANS TALKING OUT?"

Why not, indeed? (By the way, anybody have the names of the 8 Republicans who were stupid enough to vote for Cap & Trade in the House yesterday? I'd like to know who they are)


Anonymous said...

First they came for the Republicans, but I did not speak up. Then they came for the doctors, and still nobody spoke up...

christian soldier said...

posted the names yesterday...

Anonymous said...

Well, the doctor's pocketbook is involved. ;-)

That's when most people become involved.

I've never heard of a doctor who appreciated the meddling hand of HMO's, so I can't imagine one going along wtih Obama's plan.

Z said...

FJ...there is that, true.
what a thought.

CS...OY, I missed it..will publish that here now, thanks...

Mr. Z's responding about the doc, I type, he's typing his longer'll see his point about 'pocketbook' in a second! I hope you come back to see it. XXX

Anonymous said...

"Well, the doctor's pocketbook is involved".

For this doctor, it's not the pocketbook. His argument is that we have in this country all the technical and medical advances to provide better healthcare - and it would be stupid to bring this down to a generally very low level by emulating the systems in Canada or the UK.

BTW: As Z said in the article, he is generally a person with liberal beliefs - but we always have very good and intelligent discussions, and we generally agree about most subjects, like about the healthcare issue. Maybe he is not that liberal, but doesn't know it yet....


Z said...

McHugh (NY)
Reichert (WA)
Smith (NJ)
Lance (NJ)
LoBiondo (NJ)
Bono Mack (CA)

Carol from Christian Soldier published the names of the dopes who voted for Cap and Trade.
We need to contact them...WHAT were they thinking? How many are having clandestine affairs (heh)?
I mean WHAT kind of muscling would have forced them to vote for our ruination? I can see the Dems, but....?!!

Z said...

Mr. keep telling me he insists he says "But, I'm A LIBERAL!"

Another friend, K, goes to that doctor and she said that, before the election, she told him "Dr K, you look like so-and-so on FOX" He said "FOX!? OH MY GOD..NOT FOX!!" She said "FOX BUSINESS CHANNEL!"

he relaxed.

This guy's one of those dillusionals who thinks he's a could be right. But, he's clinging on. LIke my Black girlfriend who says "Z, I agree with you on abortion, gay marriage isn't 'civil rights', and we should reward for excellence...but I could NEVER vote Republican, it would be going against a long history of Democratic family members"

ANd she even knows about the Republicans and the Civil Rights Bill! go figure. She didn't know it was US...she didn't have a clue that Republicans pushed that bill through.

This is what Republicans need to get the truth, NOT the leftist media "anti gay, anti woman, hate the poor, hate all immigrant" NONSENSE the Republicans have been labeled with.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I take a lot of satisfaction in seeing the medical community squirming. If Obama gets rid of Blue Cross, and everybody who works for Blue Cross has to go on welfare, I may even buy an Obama poster and worship it like his followers!

That's how much I hate the private health insurance people.

Bryan said...

We need more leaders who have wisdom, courage, and integrity, leaders who are skilled in the art of war against ignorance and dangerous agendas.

Anonymous said...

I'm calling Bono Mack's office Monday (couldn't get through yesterday). I'm going to tell them I'm donating to her primary opponent next year, after I give them an earfull.

I'm not in her district here in California, but I don't have to be to donate money!

These Republicans put this bill over the top. It's important that it costs them their seats.

Hermit - If you think you hate the insurance companies, wait 'til you're under the thumb of the government. You can sue an insurance co. Try suing the government.


beamish said...

So... when marijuana is legalized and we have universal health coverage, does this mean Obama's going to give us weed?


"but I could NEVER vote Republican, it would be going against a long history of Democratic family members"

It is refreshing honesty to hear a Democrat admit he can't think for himself.

TheBigHenry said...

The 8 Republicans -- Mary Bono Mack(CA), Mike Castle(DE), Mark Kirk(IL), Leonard Lance(NJ), Frank LoBiondo(NJ), John McHugh(NY), Dave Reichert(WA), Chris Smith(NJ) -- are all from the West or East coasts, except for Kirk, who represents the northern suburbs of Chicago. They are all leftists in disguise, not doubt.

Jungle Mom said...

I wonder where all the Republicans are myself. my Mexican brother in law manages an olive Garden and has lots of college age employees who voted for Obama. He says now many are regretting it.

Z said...

Beamish, you always say just the right thing.

Big Henry...thanks! Ya, CHICAGO, big surprise, huh? that right?

Well...folks....we're going to have to group together some day soon....stay tuned. I promise :-)

JINGOIST said...

, I gotta tell you, the Republicans did a MAGNIFICENT job last night by nearly killing that wretched bill. It's been a LOOOOONG time since I've been that happy with the Republicans.

Z said...

Jingo...if the House was THAT close, I truly do believe the senate will not pass it.
The trouble is, the media's not telling us about what happened. I've watched some of this afternoon..CNN, MSNBC and FOX. CNN waited 25 minutes into the hour before they got off Michael Jackson.......and onto Iran. FOX did 20 minutes on Jackson and went right into cap and trade..MSNBC, the station all the libs say is doing SO well, is running yet another 'special'...well, it's better than their weekend "poor guy went to prison by NO fault of his own! and here's a day in his life' programming! SOme success, huh? They can't even afford live programming on Sat. or Sunday!

I had to laugh at Barbara Walters talking about Fawcett's son Redmond being "in jail for drug abuse" the other day. think that over! WE're jailing FOR drug abuse now!? Subtle, isn't she?

Then we had Obama in his weekly message tell Republicans who've been trying to get drilling going in this country for YEARS that "we NEED to be energy independent and off foreign oil" Sounds SO good to Americans who don't know the truth, doesn't it!?

AH, well..the beat goes on

Law and Order Teacher said...

Stealing a word from Jinoist, these wretched eight must be defeated. It is the Republicans that are putting these bills over the top. They need to be sent back to where they came from. Shame on them. This is another case of putting reelection ahead of the what's good for the country. Disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

I've never called my does that usually work? Hard to get through? Do you typically get a receptionist who takes a message? Is there much back-and-forth?

tio b

Z said...

Hi, Tio..check out my CAP AND TRADE post below...about six down? I have CALL CALL CALL and click on those words.

Or just type in your senator's's very easy. Email is easier but calls are more effective, I think.

Anonymous said...

Tio, you can usually get through. Friday, when the vote was coming up in the House, the phones were busy. Just keep trying.

It's probably easier to get through when calling a local office, but I think when you call their Washington office you have a better chance of talking to a staffer.

Some just listen and take your message, and some will talk with you. I actually got into a debate with a fella in Jane Harman's office. They're usually respectful.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Z,
I coulda swore I left a comment here last night.
Well, maybe your doc is clinging to the crumbs of his hippie days. Maybe he's afraid to 'come out' as a moderate. ??

I can't fathom it. I'm in a 99.7% republican district.

Dr. John said...

Know where the cap and trade went? Bye bye, ever so grateful that Michael Jackson died. Maybe when his autopsy toxicology report comes out in a few weeks, we'll get a new healthcare bill voted through. And I bet they won't even read that one either...

Z said...

sorry, Jen...did you write the letters in? Sometimes I forget. I don't delete, except for Ducky a few times (smile)

We live in anything BUT a Republican bastion!

Dr. John, you're right....who COULD vote C&T after having really studied it?

Pris is's easy to call. OR email...calls ARE more effective, from what I hear.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I don't expect anything better. I don't think the health care system can be fixed. More and more people, more and more treatments and tests, how is that ever going to work out? But we have a saying here, "don't piss down my neck and tell me it's raining." The private health care system is so bad, so crooked, so unjust, so inefficient and so outright evil that telling me I'm better off under it's grasping claws won't fly. I could tell you things about my daughters illness, and what it has done to us despite the huge premiums I pay Blue Cross, that would turn your hair gray. But what use? Until someone gets screwed themselves they won't believe.

Anonymous said...

So a liberal is asking where the republicans are. Let me get this straight, he votes for the left, then when he gets what the left are all about, he whines about the republicans not doing anything. Yes, it is true that the republicans can and should offer an alternative, however it's not them who are running the country. If they want to blame anyone for the consequences of socialism, then find a mirror.

Z said...

Hermit, I know your story and I grieve. And I SO applaud you and Mrs Hermit for the yeoman's job you're doing of caring for your dear daughter. God bless you both.
You're right..most people would never understand what you're going through. And most wouldn't sacrifice like you two are for your girl. I admire you so much.

MK..we need more Americans like you...thank you SO much for your comments on this post and's a pleasure to have you here.

I'm blessed with a LOT of fantastic biggest dream would be to get us all in one room around one big dining table I cooked for..little wine..lots of politics..lots of commiserating....bliss.

Anonymous said...

I'll make you a special apron to cook that dinner in...when you get ready!