Monday, July 6, 2009

Be careful with those birthday candles, huh?

Yahoo homepage headlines Sunday night said "CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION" I thought "WOW! Something to CELEBRATE these days..........what is it..?" What could it be? Guess what, LINDSAY LOHAN turned 23!

No, I'm not kidding. AND, the hotel where her party was held, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, gave her a reported $70K (SEVENTY THOUSAND BUCKS??) to have it there!

Meanwhile..........Nero's fiddling, huh? Yahoo thinks Lindsay's birthday is a big deal while our country is....... not doing well! Check out the Greek Column in that illustration...Greek column? Oh................never just seemed reminiscent of........something.



JINGOIST said...

"Nero's Fiddling""...well said. Have you ever read the great Gatsby? It's been so many years that I only vaguely remember F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic. They indulged in conspicuous consumption and threw Bacchanalean(sp?) during the slide into the great depression if memory serves. I thought he was a bit too kind actually.

I'm the LAST person in the world to engage in class warfare Z, but this utter CRAP with Michael Jackson and the DITZ with the L.V. birthday just rubs me wrong. It's more of a sad reflection on our culture than a condemnation of the plastic weirdos that the celebrity culture venerates. The weirdos are only there because there is a market for them. That's what worries me.

Always On Watch said...

What Mr. AOW and I could do with $70K!

This country's priorities are all screwed up.

Chuck said...

With her lifestyle, making it to 23 is quite an achievement.

As far as the money, these people have no touch with reality.

RaDena said...

People are such idol worshippers! This is nuts.

American Power has a post regarding the possibility of people rioting in Los Angeles if they can't get free tickets to Michael Jackson's memorial service today. The post is here, just in case you wish to read it. People really and truly do have their priorities screwed up!

Ducky's here said...

More important, Robert McNamara just died.

But in contemporary America he was no Lindsay Lohan.

If there are any here who haven't seen Errol Morris' "Fog of War" on McNamara's review of his justification for the Vietnam War, it's a pretty profound piece of work.

Not quite up to a Michael Jackson music video in contemporary America but ...

Anonymous said...

Yes, all hail Bob McNamara and the Kennedy whizkids who thought they could "manage" a war from the White House w/"body count" metrics.

Sun Tzu rolled over in his grave at THAT thought.

heidianne jackson said...

fog of war is an amazing work, ducky - i'm surprised you concur. and no he was no lindsay lohan by today's standards. heck, yahoo doesn't even acknowledge his death on their front page. he's not as important as a football qb either..

yes, jingoist, it's a sad commentary on where our society is and where it's heading.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Hmm. Nice photo comparison with the columns.

FJ hit it outta the ballpark with reference to micromanagement by the Oval Office.


Ducky's here said...

Yeah Farmer, that certainly was one of his legacies, the "body count" war.

It's still with us to some extent and we certainly believe that overwhelming force can kill ALL the bad guys.

Maybe the most instructive lesson was that McNamara was not the person for the job at the start of the war but he was very slow to admit it, if he realized it at all at the time.

Anyway, Heidianne seems to agree that our media is not necessarily concerned with informing the thinking adults among us.

Only 70 G's to attract a bunch of drunken, drug addled, dumb, high rollers to your casino? They got a hell of a bargain.

Bryan said...

Many celebrities have been made into gods by many people. The Superstar Cult is not lacking in followers.

Z said...

Jingo, VERY sad commentary....
May ONE SOLDIER get as much attention as Jackson has, huh?

Always...that's exactly what I thought. That's a lot of money for giving a party. Well, for ANYTHING.

Chuck, I thought she was at least 30.

RaDena, I have a girlfriend who might have jury duty very close to the Staples Center Tuesday...if she gets called (She'll know tonight), she's calling in sick. Imagine the CARS in that area? (the PEOPLE? way!)

Ducky...sorry, I'm with FJ on McNamara, but of course it's sad when anyone dies.

Hi Heidianne...very sad commentary, but we didn't need THIS info to make that conclusion, right? ..sadly.

BZ..thanks! I thought about the tie in after I found the image of Nero..saw that column and thought "boy, THAT says it all". We're losing this country because of OUR "Greek Columned ONE"..

Ducky, By the way... Overwhelming force has killed enough of the bad guys in previous wars. Nobody quite knew what we had there and our CIA was woefully uninformed. I think I said here MR. Z had worked some months in Iraq and knew more about their planes than our guys did. Scared the H out of me, frankly..during Desert STorm.

YOu said "Anyway, Heidianne seems to agree that our media is not necessarily concerned with informing the thinking adults among us." YOu read this blog and others and you really think that? Ducky, are you paying attention? And..."Only $70K?" Do you understand that we can all agree a hotel got a LOT more money back than that if only 3 of Lindsay's liberal hypocrite ('we must feed the poor') gazillionaire friends played a night at the tables but it's still astonishing and might bother some people in America these days?....does that register?

Bryan, it SURE isn't.

Anonymous said...

Z, pathetic isn't it? Well I can top that!

My grandson celebrated his 21st B'day yesterday!!! Now that's news. Not only that, there were no drunks, or drug-addled celebrants in attendance.

The family celebration took place on America's Birthday. A double whammy, if you will. Food was supplied by his Mom, Stepdad, Uncle, Mr. Pris and me. A good time was had by all.

I can assure you he is a supremely better role model for young people than Lindsay Lohan.

I'm sure he would be happy to accept any donations in contribution to a belated recognition of this momentous occasion!


cube said...

I wish someone would give me $70,000 to have my next birthday party at their hotel. Oh wait, I'm not a drug-addled, sexually-confused, celebrity nutcase. Nevermind.

beamish said...

McNamara is the icing on the cake of reasons why Americans have hesitated putting Democrats in charge of a war effort since Vietnam.

Not to slam McNamara's blatant lack of military expertise too harshly, though. I mean, there were Democrats that fell for McNamara enough to hire him.

lovelyprism said...

Jeez. Does anybody really care if the drug addicted has been has a birthday? My daughter turns 18 this week, I'm going to call RIGHT NOW and see if they will pay her to have a party. She could use the money for college.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

This woman has lived a lot of life to be 23 years old. We'll visibly see that in a couple of years.

All of the big hotels in resort areas or areas where college kids hang, pay these "entertainers" to show up. That's how Paris Hilton lives these days - well that and the trust fund. I don't see her on many runways anymore.

Loved the "column" comment.

MK said...

On the plus side it wasn't another wacko jackos hero-worshipping.