Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Stimulus money's going to Obama VOTERS?

FROM USA TODAY: Click HERE for full story (if you have the stomach to)

WASHINGTON — Billions of dollars in federal aid delivered directly to the local level to help revive the economy have gone overwhelmingly to places that supported President Obama in last year's presidential election.

That aid — about $17 billion — is the first piece of the administration's massive stimulus package that can be tracked locally. Much of it has followed a well-worn path to places that regularly collect a bigger share of federal grants and contracts, guided by formulas that have been in place for decades and leave little room for manipulation.

REPORT: Cities missing out on much needed road funds
STIMULUS FUNDS: States aren't using money as intended

"There's no politics at work when it comes to spending for the recovery," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says. (Z: and Obama did NOT bow to that Saudi might have SEEN it with your own eyes (and can again by clicking the link here) but he DID NOT do it ... because WE SAY SO....move on, folks..)

"Counties that supported Obama last year have reaped twice as much money per person from the administration's $787 billion economic stimulus package as those that voted for his Republican rival, Sen. John McCain, a USA TODAY analysis of government disclosure and accounting records shows. That money includes aid to repair military bases, improve public housing and help students pay for college."

And, there's always ACORN (I THINK they pretty overwhelmingly supported for Obama, too, RIGHT?) From The American Spectator: "Although ACORN operatives usually get their hands on such funds only after they have first passed through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development or state and local governments, the new spending bill largely eliminates these dawdling middle men, making it easier to get Uncle Sam's largess directly into the hands of the same people who run ACORN's various vote fraud and extortion rackets. And the legislative package provides these funds without the usual prohibition on using government money for lobbying or political activities."

DID the OBAMA PEOPLE also give money to UNIONS which supported him? Uh...surprise! CLICK HERE: "Stanek contends that lawmakers in Washington, DC, used the economic downturn as an excuse to throw more money at education. He notes that in the last decade the U.S. has only seen a nine-percent increase in student enrollment, but a 22-percent increase in the number of teachers and administrators in K-12 education. "

MORE UNION SHENANIGANS? CLICK HERE for the rest of the article the following paragraph comes from: "To keep unions on board, Reich's stimulus "plan" (though to call this a "plan" is like calling cyanide a "sleep aid") will tempt union bosses with the means to quickly allow them to unionize these unskilled, unwhite minions with - here's the best part - stimulus money set aside to pay the union dues of these new workers (at three times the normal rate, no doubt), some of whom last month had neither the skill and/or motivation to bus tables at TGI Friday's but in a few weeks can be trained to wire an apartment building."

I add this..CLICK HERE....for more STIMULUS items you might 'enjoy' seeing......this caught MY eye:
$650 million for the digital television converter box coupon program. (the GOVERNMENT is doing this?)

Ah, well............why don't we ALL just sleep through all of this, don't question, don't challenge, and just GIVE PEACE A CHANCE? Like Malia does. (didn't SHE grow up fast!? She IS a pretty girl, no matter what you guys who thought I was being sexist last time I said this say!)

(if you are still reading, please do yourself a favor and watch the video's one of THE nicest things I've seen in a long time. Beats the H out of the info in the above post, I assure you!)


Nickie Goomba said...

The stimulus money was used for POLITICAL purposes?? By a Chicago politician??

I'm shocked!

Z said...

Stunning, isn't it, Goomba! JUST IMAGINE? scary.

Mustang said...

You see how unfair the world is? Madoff goes to jail, Obama is elected. Blagojevich and Burris bite the dust, Unions, Acorn, and Blue States benefit from pay to play. Where IS the ACLU when you need them?

PS. We know when you're being sarcastic, Nickie.

Z said...

Mustang, ACLU...
the four most damaging letters ever put together in the English language.
And STILL even good Republicans donate money because there was ONE CASE for the conservatives and religion which they actually DID fight for! "see how fair they are!?" That always makes me laugh. They're SO GOOD at dropping a crumb from time to time to suck people in...............

Ducky's here said...

You guys didn't get your checks yet?

Z said...

Glad you brought that up. We never DID get a check, did you?
I couldn't figure out what charity to send it to when it DID come.
Frankly, I was afraid to give it back to this government as a sign of dismay and would go to ACORN, too.

Z said...

Oh, and, of course, with a government saying this economy's doing so badly and won't recover any time soon, who'd SPEND that measly check? (let alone buy anything or HIRE anyone?!!) The stats are showing people SAVED IT.
THAT's a boost to the economy if I ever saw one.

Jennifer said...

The sad part of this is that when I read this post, not one bit of it surprised me!

ACLU....don't even get me started!! LOL

Bryan said...

"The Stimulus money's going to Obama VOTERS?"

Those that voted twice, do they get double?

beamish said...

Let 'em have it. I didn't want no stinking stimulus to begin with.

Chuck said...

I think that's waht the stimulus plan was for all along, repaying the voters with our money.