Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Faith Blog....and a video you shouldn't miss

Give thanks for all we have.
"Now to our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen."
Philippians 4:20

"If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

Have a wonderful Sunday! Mr and Mrs Z


Faith said...

2 Chron 7:14 is definitely the battle cry for God's people to save America from the mess we're in and I'm glad to see you post it. Only it's been clear for some time that our usual level of praying for the nation isn't going to do it or it would have happened by now. I think protracted sacrificial prayer is needed, with fasting, by many many churches across the land, but more than that I think the key is in the "humble themselves" and "turn from their wicked ways" because I think God is not happy with the church and "judgment begins at the house of God." Pray to understand first where His own people have let Him down. That should be humbling for starters.

End of sermon for the day.

JINGOIST said...

Z, I posted my initial thoughts on the DC tax protest over at Founding Principles.

Tonight I plan on adding more. It was a CRAZY day yesterday!

Sue said...

The song states, "it's time for all believers to make our voices heard!"

That is my prayer. That believers in Christ will speak up BEFORE it becomes a matter of life and death to do so...

I agree with Faith's post stating, "judgement begins at the house of God." I heard George Barna interviewed yesterday on one of the MSM channels. Here is a quote from his site.

"Overall, the current research revealed that only 9% of all American adults have a biblical worldview. Among the sixty subgroups of respondents that the survey explored was one defined by those who said they have made a personal to commitment to Jesus Christ that is important in their life today and that they are certain that they will go to Heaven after they die only because they confessed their sins and accepted Christ as their savior. Labeled “born again Christians,” the study discovered that they were twice as likely as the average adult to possess a biblical worldview. However, that meant that even among born again Christians, less than one out of every five (19%) had such an outlook on life."

I would say the churces need to get it figured out before we start "casting stones" on unbelievers. Just my thoughts.

Thank you for your "Sunday Faith

ExPreacherMan said...

Dear Z and Mr. Z,

Great post and video. How did you know I was a traditional country music fan (for 64 of my 80 years)?

As an OLD warrior in the conservative and Christian battle, I am thrilled to see you younger folks taking up the banner and running unafraid.

The World needs America and America needs Jesus Christ. There is salvation in no other.

In Jesus Christ contentedly, happily and eternally,

Philippians 1:27

Z said...

Thanks, Jingo....everybody ought to go read your take on the DC tax protest..! I'm going now...

Anonymous said...

We must not lose our voices, Z. We must not allow ourselves to become the silent majority again. We face tremendous challenges in our nation, not the least of which includes those who would silence us through accusations of political incorrectness. They want to push our buttons; I say we need to push back; now rather than later.

It is not enough to say we Trust in God; we must live it. I agree, we must pray.

Semper Fi

Z said...

Thanks, Mustang.
We do have to live it.
That convention is something, isn't it? And there was PASTOR Rick Warren speaking at if he is going to make Hamas leaders and other people on our terror list who are attending suddenly be our if a Christian Pastor shouldn't have talked His faith.
I'd like to see a transcript of that speech if anybody comes up with it....I only saw a clippet of what the gist of the speech was.

Always On Watch said...

In her final film, Farrah's Story, Fawcett said, "I know that it's in God's hands. But I have to do my part."

Her words apply to the situation of our nation today too.

Leftism is a cancer, eating away at the very principles upon which our nation was founded.

Z said...

Always, I couldn't agree with you more.

Part of that, I think, is getting people to wake up and know God needs us to be good stewards.

I'm always reminded of how, in the O.T., God sent ARMIES of men to do His work. We're those men, ladies (smile

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I'll be the first to admit I need a lot more faith in MY life.


Anonymous said...

I'm staying home having a quiet Sunday on the mountain. Hope you have a good Sunday out there in the city, Z.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

A Sunday Faith Blog is a wonderful idea. Thank you.

The conversation here of a biblical worldview and born again Christians always brings up this question to me: so of my long-gone family members knew nothing of being born-again, because the term was not known then. They were baptized and they definitely were biblical. They knew the Bible. Somehow, I think the media has used the term born again against us. I think I prefer being biblical. Maybe I'm missing a point somewhere.

Rick Warren is troubling but then he fits in with the whole National Council of Churches disaster and the World Council of Churches. I believe they are both evil.

This is where finding wide-support of churches - and especially those large, long established denominations - to pray and fast for our nation, may not happen, because many of those believe we are on the right track.

Many churches know nothing of the Bible, in my opinion :-) Next time I'll tell you what I really think LOL!

I really love the idea of a Sunday Faith blog, Z.

Anonymous said...


I read somewhere (a few years back) that the World Council of Churches was actually funding the purchase of automatic weapons and ammunition for Marxists guerrillas in some African cesspool. I share your concerns about not trusting these groups. Church means community; the money collected within the Church is supposed to go to the community; charity begins at home. Where we ever deviated away from that is beyond my understanding.

BTW, you have an excellent blog.

Semper Fi

christian soldier said...

Just posted my Sunday Faith blog..'swiped' the video....:-)

Maggie M. Thornton said...

@ Mustang: First, thank you so much for the nice compliment. I'm so glad that I found both you and Z. I don't know what took me so long. I've added both of you to my blogroll.

I know the rumors of the WCC you are mentioning. Sometimes you have to dig inside their websites for the stuff that matters.

Even with the NCC, I am appalled at what I find. When I look at the women's ministry, I can't believe the positions they advocate for. Not always is it apparent, but I do come across some astonishing statements.

The NCC wants gun control and I know they are spending our money to get it.

They want diplomatic relations with the terrorist state of Iran.

They trotted themselves over to Syria to meet with Assad.

They do not want immigration and border control.

Both the WCC of the NCC are far-left and dangerous.

I agree that our tithes should not fund these organizations but I believe the do. I know all the mother-churches give a portion of our offering to the NCC - I think it's 8% in the Methodist church.

How did we get here? Who would have thought?

Anonymous said...

Z, thanks. A great song, and as you have said, "SING"!

I so agree with Mustang. I think it goes without saying, we must pray for America, but it's not enough.

We must stand up in the face of the assault on Christianity, and America. We must push back.

To me, it comes down to us. It's not enough to expect that good will come to this land once again, if we pray and do nothing else.

Years ago, I began to wear a cross around my neck. Not because I had suddenly become a Christian, but because I began to see Christianity and we Christians come under attack.

It was then that I realized, it's not enough to believe, we must exhibit that we do. Not with preaching to others, but simply to make a statement we are here, and we will not shrink back from this fight. And it is a fight, make no mistake.

And no, it's not enough to wear a cross either. What is needed is to refuse to back down. Refuse to be intimidated and hunker down. We are free citizens with the right to freedom of religion, with no apologies.

There are those who would overtake us if they could, with lawyers and judges, and all manner of tactics.

We have the strength of our beliefs in God and country, and that should give us the will to be strong and enter the fray.

So, let's put political correctness in the back seat where it belongs and lead the fight for America's preservation and welcome all those who would join us.


Z said...

BZ, with what I know you've gone through, you have faith, babe, BELIEVE me. you're sane, that takes faith :-) Funny, when we get the lowest is when we doubt and who do we turn to for faith again>>>"Dear God, please help me...give me more faith!" (secret tip: Say it aloud)

Hi, Hermit....everybody ought to go see your corn bread post and I want more recipes!! I thought cornbread WAS corn pone....see? I'm prodding you on to set me straight!

Maggie, thanks for coming by again! I really like your blog, too! I'm very happy you like my Sunday Faith Blog...I think I've been doing it about a year now..not sure. Almost from the beginning of my blogging days, I think~! we get into some great conversations sometimes.
As for 'born again'..ooooh, yes, the media LOVES to say it like they'd say "PLAGUE" or "psychotic" or sticks in their throats with dread and revulsion.
All our relatives read that Scripture of 'born again' but never got CALLED it...and, of course, they lived in America when Christianity was part of the landscape, not a ball for secularists to kick as hard as they could.
Oh, and wasn't life better then. Of course it was.

Both you and Mustang have handled the WCC NCC subject enough...I've got nothing to add EXCEPT I'll be looking for a transcript of Rick Warren's speech this morning at that muslim convention this weekend (funny any America-loving group would have thousands at a mtg on the Fourth, isn't it!?); very curious about that.
Gee, wouldn't it be GREAT if just ONE MUSLIM reached out to Christians in the apologetic, smarmy way I hear so many Christians do? AND WE GOT ATTACKED!

CS...GOOD! And I'm glad you and Mustang have started Sunday Faith Blogs, too. The more the merrier!

The Sunday Faith Blog might not appeal to all readers....
and I thank those of you who say you're not as 'faithful' as some of us here (and trust me, that does NOT mean we never doubt~!!!), for coming and saying hello and wishing us a good Sunday.

I'm SO racked with doubt so often (altho less often lately)it's probably funny for me to have kicked these Sunday Faith Blogs off..... I say that because I've SO been where some of you are now, and am SO there from time to time still. I hope this helps you all as it helps me.

It's just so darned hard to remember that it's the hardest times in our lives which can be the times we get the closest to God...that it helps to use those times. He never promised us a rose garden, and the thorns are still there as we pass through..but we pass through and survive, either on this side or on the other, having come to deeper belief on the way.
I guess I'd rather be on the "What if He's RIGHT?" side. Plus, it's not as mercenary as it gives GREAT GREAT GREAT comfort.
End of sermon.

Man, is that ME? OY.

Z said...

Hi, Pris!

I agree...and I wear a cross, too, and I encourage others to all the time. Say something really nice to the doctor's receptionist...go out of your way to do something kind to someone......they'll see the cross. I like that.

As for doing something...absolutely!
As I said in an earlier comment here....WE ARE TO BE GOOD STEWARDS. God used armies OF MEN in the Old Testament....

STEP UP ...America's WORTH it......She DESERVES IT :0)

Anonymous said...

"God used armies OF MEN in the Old Testament....

STEP UP ...America's WORTH it......She DESERVES IT :0)"

Hi Z, yes, she DESERVES IT!


Debbie said...

A very timely scripture. The turning away of Americans from God had no doubt led us to the state we are presently in, and the slide downward that we face unless we do turn back to him. The concerted efforts of the Left to remove any references to God and Christianity from the US.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

David Wyatt said...

Z, this is encouraging!

Anytime you see "world council" or "national" church groups, it is almost always going to be liberal because of the ecumenical spirit. Not always, but one should always be watchful.

Faith is so important, but what makes it important is its Object! if I have all the faith in the world in an unworthy object, it is useless, but even if my faith is small & weak, if it is in the Lord Jesus Christ & His finished work on the cross for me, it brings eternal life! He is truthfully ou only Hope, but He is also all we need!

Susannah said...

2 Chronicles 7:14.
It has been whispering over my shoulder for weeks now. EPM said, "The World needs America and America needs Jesus Christ. There is salvation in no other." Amen, my brother.

It's time, no?

Thank you for another beautiful piece here, Z.

Z said...

THANK YOU, everyone.
Our land needs healing and ONLY ONE MAN CAN DO IT. If............

have a blessed Monday, too.