Thursday, July 9, 2009

I SURE didn't expect to post this when I wrote it, think my friend will respond to THIS?..

An email to my wonderful long-time American liberal friend who lives on the gorgeous island of Samos, Greece, when she's not living in Munich, and with whom I (try to) avoid talking politics, (and, after reading this which I just SENT her, whom I may never hear from again! She mentioned how it's hard to get internet there and she misses the American off, for the first time I've done this with her). Here goes:
Nice to hear from you! The summer's going well, thanks...(a little personal stuff here....I'm not including)...and thanks for the referral of the book!

Sorry it's so hot there..........but, it's lovely that the ocean's so nice to swim in. I know you enjoy that! Boston hasn't seen four sunny days since May 29, according to a Cypriot lawyer friend of ours there......America's having a very weird 'summer'.....I miss swimming but it's simply too cool...lovely, but too cool to swim.

Sorry you can't get our US news. I think you'd like it a lot more than I am. Anybody would, I think. California? What can I say? They tried high taxes and big government and we're screwed; suddenly , AHNULD wakes up to, just yesterday, "Hey, let's cut taxes on small businesses and control our spending" Gee, what a novel idea. It's worked in the past, but, gee, every OTHER part of America's slipping into the European socialism Europe's trying to rectify now, so why shouldn't we, too!?..........SO, he's actually considering cutting taxes and controlling spending..hallelujiah! At least there's sanity improving in the state....IF our 'representatives' can listen and get past their agendas. But, it'll be cutting police and fire before they cut anything that's not politically correct, like limiting paying for medical treatment and full college tuition for illegal immigrants....while my American friends struggle so hard to pay for their kids' college educations! Ah, well...same ol', same ol'. enough from me on that. Except, I will say I worry for Canadians who are already worrying about where they'll go to get quality health care when we've lost ours in the States...75% of Americans say they're happy with their private insurance, but OOPS...SOME won't pay for it and some can't! But, DO NOT rehaul the system and make improvements..NO! Just do a one-payer system....then we'll have NO health care.. they're talking about ridiculous scenarios like denying heart procedures if you're 'too old', but do NOT let big government stop paying for anybody's abortion! OH, GOD NO!! DO NOT do that. Then we're promised "You can keep your plan if you like it" ...ya, except there will BE no private insurance plans when Americans get more and more a taste of socialized healthcare and drop their private policies.....And, of course, our insurance provider, Blue Shield , will go broke. But, then, maybe Obama will subsidize them, too!? We own car companies, we own banks..why NOT Blue Shield, too? :-)

Aren't you glad you brought up news? HA! I can't help it...things STINK here. Even I'd prefer a two-party pay system like Germany's over what we're being told we need. And, if you argue with them, you're shut DOWN, I wish you could see some of the press conferences with Mr. Robert Gibbs! He shot Helen Thomas down SO badly the other day that even the slobbering sycophantic media was appalled..for five minutes. She had dared suggest, Ms VERY LIBERAL THOMAS, that, well, here's the exact quote "“We have never had that in the White House. I’m amazed that you people … call for openness and transparency.” She went on to add that "...the administration was trying to control the media, and she pointed out how they coordinated questions with the Huffington Post at a press conference." We MUST NOT question!! Obama's PR guy, Gibbs even actually said that Mr. Obama didn't bow to the Saudi King...."NO, he didn't" ALL of ours eyes must have gone bad........even admirers of Obama's had to laugh and show a LITTLE concern over that!! It does make for humorous situations!

Well, if I ever hear from you again, that'd be nice (Smile!!) HAH!! But, seriously, I'm glad to hear from you...I'm real worried about our country, and I'm just thought of as a wild 'rightwinger' for being so. !! Even if many of my liberal friends are starting to agree!
How's your family? Tell me about everybody!! WASSUP!! Now you can lecture ME...turn about's fair play. But, gentle. WE have the media to pile it on us here..there's not even a whiff of even handedness here anymore.
I should edit or delete all this, but WHAT THE HELL..things STINK already anyway.........the truth hurts ALL of us...America, especially. Love, Z



Anonymous said...

No, it never works...

Z said...

HI, Sarah...'work', NO WAY would she change. I don't question that!

Anonymous said...

Z, I think she'll respond. That's what a friend would do. There are ways for her to respond without getting in too deep, so to speak.


Z said...

She is a good friend, and a WONDERFUL woman, Pris...
I'm sure she'll respond, it'll be fun to see how. I've always listened to her and pretty much held back myself.......this was the first time I gave it back!

Anonymous said...

Beamish 101: Never sign for a ticking package.

christian soldier said...

Great letter!!!--
I have some family members who could use the same type --results - no more contact w/ them :-)

Anonymous said...

".......this was the first time I gave it back!"

In that case Z, she'll realize how bad it must be here, and cut you some slack!


DaBlade said...

"pretty much held back myself"...

Not any more apparently! I always try to stay away from politics with my liberal friends and relatives cuz i tend to get too passionate. Yours was an awesome response Z. And not over the top by any means, so no harm done. Will you share her response?

Z said...

Mustang, I believe there's a new book by Kazinskyi's about ticking packages.....imagine anybody wanting to buy a book about that guy? He really ticked people off..(ptui, Z~!)

CS, me, too...but not many, thank GOODNESS!

Pris, I was thinking the same exact thing. I've been polite and listened and only gently given my viewpoints (i was also not QUITE as plugged into this stuff as I am now when we lived in Paris, where she coincidentally lived when we were there...which was super) and maybe she will realize "Wow, Z's changed...maybe it IS bad!" I can only hope.

DaBlade, I'll definitely share her response...I'm hoping she even GETS it, her internet is really questionable there in a remote village on Samos, which is a pretty remote island of Greece altogether, anyway...very near Turkey; We had dinner one night and I asked which island that BIG one was, and she said "Turkey!" HA!!
thanks for the nice words; I get FAR FAR too passionate, too.....I think all bloggers have passion on this subject, or we wouldn't want to write and be read and read the thoughts of others like we do, don't you?
Your blog is THE funniest on a consistent basis that I read; smart and terrific, THANKS!

dmarks said...

In Michigan, blue shield is a government agency.

Z said...


HoosierArmyMom said...

Not to long ago, I forwarded an email expressing the outrage over Napalitano and the document reclassifying what we call terrorist, making the returning military "suspect", as well as those who oppose abortion. My older cousin in Phoenix was on the list. I got an email back from him basically giving me a verbal thumping and calling me nuts for that view... He still sends me jokes, but this is family, and I find it difficult to be myself with him now. So I forward the occasional joke and consider him a "moonbat". How anyone can live in AZ and not see the danger this woman has promoted is beyond me!

My conservative views simply aren't welcome among family members that still slobber and drink koolaid. Some of my old and dear friends have no idea "I've gone over to the 'dark side' and I'm not tellin em"!!!! LOL!!!

Z, your dear friend, if she is truly so, will respond back. She may ask you how long you have been in therapy and want to know how she can help or she may call you out on the carpet...or perhaps just act like you never said anything... but she will respond.
At least you won't be treated like a 'turncoat' or be called "grouchy" by family for now. LOL!!!!

Susannah said...

Fantastic letter!! I think you covered all the bases just about!

She'll write back, if she's the quality friend you think her to be. Good for you for being yourself, after holding back for so long. I've found it to be a freeing thing, when I 'come out' as a conservative. (Ha! I stole a phrase from the Left!) It's kinda what my blog is all about.

Good for you, my friend!

Z said...

Susannah and HAM....thanks for your remarks! Yes, I think she will, too.
The biggest problem is her Greek internet service is SO sketchy and difficult. And, sometimes, I don't hear from her for 3 months, sometimes!!!
But, I will not worry; I know we love each other and she'll probably just be amused that ol' Z went over the top!
She KNOWS my values and she didn't live by them, but we NEVER discussed personal things like that.
I think marriage is better for society than unwed cohabitation, for instance. But, I LOVE her and we didn't discuss that. It was HER CHOICE, she's an adult, she's bright, and she's a loving friend.
But politics.....well, her 'man' was practically a Communist, so though I have the pride of being able to hear "J said he disagrees with you a lot but he likes arguing with you because you obviously are smart and know WHY you feel like you do", he started to drive me more and more NUTS as the years went by and we got to see eachother and talk. Either he had gone MORE LEFT or I'd gone MORE RIGHT (i suspect it was both!)

Z said...


"i'm glad to have your perspective and your thoughts, that's what friends do... exchange opinions, ideas...and then fight and make up. i really hold you dear... so till next week."

Isn't she a honey?
Then I wrote back just now telling her "DO NOT write back ABOUT POLITICS...I KNOW your feelings are different and I'm not going to change my mind, it'll only make me MAD"

i'M not SUCH A HONEY!!

Jungle Mom said...

Today I posted some photos and memories of my experiences with socialized medicine.

Z said...

Jm...great post. You said that you like to go to doctors with Hispanic names with "ez" like Ramirez, Lopez, etc.
I wrote at your site that here in Santa Monica, we have more patients in the ER with 'ez" at the end of their name getting TREATED...FOR FREE!