Saturday, July 11, 2009

This has been on my mind......I finally have to ask..

The child is 10 years old (though she suddenly looks like she's going on 18..I know the White House is supposed to age the inhabitants, but...!!) I'm not suggesting ANYTHING close to what some of you might think I am....but this guy accompanied Malia around he Secret Service? In one picture, he has his hand on her arm, kind of watching over her, so he's clearly caring for her in some capacity..............who is he?


RaDena said...

She's ten?!!! Wow!

I don't know who he is, hon. I would think he's secret service, but who knows? If you find out let me know. You've aroused my curiosity too.

beamish said...

Maybe he's her Frank Marshall Davis.

I'm going to go puke now.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I pray that he's a bodyguard or a cousin.

Z said...

Well, he's certainly a bodyguard, I guess...but are many of them THIS HIP, and COOL?

Oh, I KNOW..maybe he's a plain clothesman! (Smile) NOBODY WILL NOTICE as he sticks like glue to Malia Obama, right?! What IS with that...? It just hits me as so weird!

Z said...

Beamish! Man, I HOPE NOT! NOT HER, TOO..her dad was ruined by Davis...not another generation.

shoprat said...

When I was the store manager of a store in mall (about 20 - 25 years ago) I had a regular customer who could turn the head of any straight man, with a cute face and developed figure. She could have passed for a college student but was only 10. Sadly this is all too common. (Fortunately for her she had a very protective big brother, also a regular customer, who was a karate instructor.)

They grow up fast enough and you don't need to hurry them.

I would hope it's a body guard. I may not care for her father but I don't wish trouble on any child.

MK said...

I was about to ask who the heck is Malia?

Oh well, i don't care either way, she has parents, they can look after her.

Z said...

Shoprat, I am not suggesting this is a situation like a boyfriend, that never occurred to me, honestly, when I saw him...I just figured it's a body guard....

MY QUESTION IS: Isn't the secret service good enough?

MK...right about the parents..I KNOW they'd never jeopardize her safety or her innocence (Until she's child bearing age and then he'll protect her 'right' to an abortion so she's not "PUNISHED" with a child..remember that?)

Anonymous said...

I don't think the secret service would let this suffice as protection. They had to be nearby. Obama would be crazy to allow this one young man to protect her by himself.

I feel sure the secret service would insist on every protection for her.


Z said...

Pris, some pix of this walking excursion show the typical Sec. Serv. guys there, too, or seem to.........why HIM?

HoosierArmyMom said...

Maybe he's the Italian version of a bodyguard???

Secret Service agents usually wear the suits to cover up their shoulder holsters... this guy is not Secret Service.

Maybe this is why Obama wants to push abortions... he did state during the elections that he didn't think his daughters should have to pay for a "mistake".

Z said... read my mind ...see my comment a few above yours about the MISTAKE! SO TRUE..And SO utterly sad. :-)

Anonymous said...

What disturbs me at that picture is the sign on her T-shirt. I know, some say this is an innocent "Peace" sign. In Europe, particularly in Germany, this is the sign under which large atrocities are done by these "Autonoms" - these are the extremely violent persons on the far left. In addition, it is used by these idiots who chain themselves to railway tracks to try to avoid that a train with nuclear waste gets through.

Bottom line, to "normal" people, the carriers of this sign are left fringe lunatics who are ready to use extreme force and destroy society.

It's either extremely tasteless to have the girls run around like this, or it shows the association with these groups by the Obama family. After all, community organizers come exactly out of that milieu.

This leaves an extremely bad taste in the mouth of an educated European.


Maggie M. Thornton said...

I'm in complete agreement with Mr. Z's comment. I was struggling to explain the icon. He said it perfectly.

No way this guy is secret service. I have a feeling that this family will push these girls into the public eye. They are all publicity hounds. J. Crew recently used their pic for a press release wearing $300 trench coats.

Great catch, Z. I hope to hear more.

Z said...

Mr Z, this seems to be another gaffe from the WH protocol people....they should know that sign means a LOT MORE in Europe than it does here in the States.
It's another thing like Obama being the only man in a political grouping in Europe with his jacket off...sleeves rolled up...strolling around while the heads of state from other countries wouldn't dream of doing that because Europeans just don't...not when in circles like that....officially.
It's like American politicians should know that, in Germany, a man doesn't walk around with his hands in his pockets; I learned that on my first visit to Germany....they feel it's disrespectful and slacker... But, there was Obama particularly walking around with his hands in his pockets around the Jewish cemetery with the German officials showing him around. I've not seen him do that here and I wondered then if it was purposeful....

Give the queen an ipod, give Gordon Brown a toy for his child he could have picked up at the airport, etc etc.

It's sad, but the need someone in the WH who's not a Chicago thug and who understands that whatever Obama wants shouldn't fly as president; we make sacrifices when we're living in luxury on the American people. Unless we have disdain for the people..Or half of them?

Jan said...

Z..the first thing I saw when I looked at the photo was the so-called 'peace symbol' which is nothing more than an upside-down cross of Jesus, signifying the wearer's distaste and disregard of 'normal' society, and is anti-Christian, to say the least.

Perhaps, the child knows nothing of this, but surely her parents must know--which makes it that much more disturbing.

Anonymous said...

"Pris, some pix of this walking excursion show the typical Sec. Serv. guys there, too, or seem to.........why HIM?"

Beats me, Z. Maybe a 'Nation of Islam' guy? You know, one of Farrakhan's people. Who knows?


Ducky's here said...

Were you folks posting on Free republic when they were going after Obama's daughter for being "ghetto trash", "A typical street whore", "Wonder when she will have her first abortion" ? It was pretty ugly.

At least Mr. Z, from the fashion police tried to keep it couth.

Z said...

Ducky, that's bullshit. Link it.
Also, I HATE FreeRepublic.
Now, go back to Daily Kos....there's really good information there to come here and spew.
I'll never forget you liberal BUMS slamming Tony Snow after he died. Nice bunch of people
what's the big deal with asking when an Obama will have her first abortion? ...the first time she'll be saved from the 'punishment' of delivering a healthy baby?