Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Senator Jim DeMint

I've been reading more and more about this guy and liking him more and more.
Just a HEAD'S UP about his new book, "Saving Freedom, We Can Stop America's Slide into Socialism"....HERE is the link to his book at HERE is the link to 'Jim's Blog' . HERE is his official blog on which he has an article on health care you might want to read. Check him out!


Ducky's here said...

Nice to see a South Carolina pol who isn't jetting down to Argentina on a bootie call.

Z said...

Sure is, Ducky.
I'm fairly sure this guy never had a male prostitute ring operating out of his living room, either.
And no sex with a young girl in the S. Carolina federal buildings, either, I'll bet.

shoprat said...

Great but sadly most of this is preaching to the choir. We need to get the message to the people who get all there news from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN etc and thus are totally clueless.

Z said...

I agree, SHoprat...but, first, we need people who can explain their stances well and who have the love for this country from which they can speak out for her...
I think DeMint's one of those.
But, you're absolutely right.

Had it not been for this media, obama would never have won.
Imagine even what ducky would have said had Bush's pastor said:

G*D DA>>> America.
Or if Bush knew Bill Ayers that well and LIED and said, like Obama did, "Ayers and I only live in the same neighborhood", which was the first excuse Obama used...that was all he admitted to at first.

Or if Bush was 45 with 2 years in the senate..

If Bush had stood against helping a child live who'd somehow made it through an abortion

Or if Bush said NO TAXES TO THE MIDDLE CLASS and would do what obama's doing NOW$$$$

It's sad........nobody's hearing; it's like we have PRAVDA for our media now, but I've been saying that for almost 10 years now.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Duck, at least he wasn't a homosexual like the artsy fartsy who thinks that Fannie Mae is still being too strict on mortgage loans.

beamish said...


The people that live outside Massachussetts prefer to be called "heterosexuals."

Anonymous said...

Yes Z, Jim DeMint seems like a good man, and smart.

Mitt Romney is already campaigning, and I think Newt's gearing up for it.

However in the latest poll of Republicans Mitt Romney is far behind Sarah Palin, and that's why she's getting the slings and arrows.

I'd like to see Michelle Bachman in there too, learn more about her.

Right now we have to focus on next year. So far I've committed myself to donate to Specter's and Jane Harman's opponents, and Mary Bono Mack's primary opponent.

If we want to have an effect we have to put our money where our mouth is. No matter how much or how little, it counts.


Z said...

Pris, I'm very impressed by about Michelle Bachman... She's NO shrinking violet.

Maybe I'll do a blog post on her, too. We need to keep up the heat. There are MANY good Conservatives coming up.

And we need to watch the RNC dump Palin in the mud. They've been doing pretty well so far; they seem scared to death of someone who doesn't play party games.

Chuck said...

Beamish, "The people that live outside Massachussetts prefer to be called "heterosexuals.""


The Duck tries not to get bogged down with relevancy when making a cheap shot.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I have thought many times there are conservative voices out there and in politics no less, who can and do articulate their position well.

Now it's about these people staying the course and not giving in to political expediency. The conservative philosophy of limited government, self-help and free market capitalism is a winner.

As BO's policies become less and less popular, conservatives should become more insistent and fight the tempatation to compromise and become "moderates."

When alleged Republicans lose the courage of their convictions, we end up with atrocities like the "stimulus", "bailouts", and "cap an trade."

Now is not the time for "moderation" read: weakness.

Z said...

Chuck, have you seen my sidebar with the beamish quotes...? Beamish ROCKS.

Law & Order; when our LIBERAL doctor's fed up with the obama HE VOTED FOR and asks Mr. Z "Where are the Republicans? " YOU KNOW we have a chance of beating this creep.

May it be so, please God.

RightKlik said...

Jim DeMint is rock solid. He's the gold standard conservative. Perfect ACU scores.

Z said...

RK..GREAT, coming from you, that's high praise. I"m glad to know that, I have to admit my admiration is based pretty much on cursory info..but what I see, I like.
And I SURE liked him on Hannity the other night. Amazing.

I was also impressed with Andre Bauer, the Lieut.Gov of S Carolina and his handling of the Sanford nightmare...very dignified, classy guy, I thought. YOu know much about him?

MK said...

I didn't know ducky lived in Argentina, there i was thinking he's just another leftist blowhard hating america and choosing to still live there.

RightKlik said...

Z: I've been paying attention to DeMint for a little while now. He never disappoints. Seems too down to earth to have skeletons in his closet, but these days you never know I suppose.

DeMint recently put Marco Rubio on the map with a glowing endorsement.

While we're on the subject of conservative stars, here's another promising young gentleman.

Too early to get hopes up, but definitely one to watch.

HoosierArmyMom said...

Z I so agree with on DeMint. A politician who understands the importance of freedom. Quite refreshing.

Now... who wants to help me figure out on the ACORN census questionnaire, what questions are Constitutional and which one aren't. I am thinking of posting all questions that aren't Constitutional on the blog.

I only intend to answer the ones that the Constitution indicates I must.

Ducky's here said...

Ah, Beamish and Elmo fresh from a GOP wife swap.

Thanks for checking in guys, love it when you try to get butch.

beamish said...


It is not the GOP's fault that a survey of Massachusetts men found that 9 out of 10 had engaged in oral sex with another Massachussetts man and the remaining one couldn't talk with his mouth full.

Z said...

Ducky, Elbro and Beamish don't have to try.