Sunday, July 12, 2009

Let's just close the CIA, okay?

THIS must give our enemies THE biggest kick in the pants, don't you think? The New York Times is writing all about it, too, of course.........can't wait for details, apparently. I'm thinking that this might be just the reason why Bush/Cheney couldn't go to congress with whatever this thing was because Congress has leaked to the Times before. Rich at has a good take on this whole thing, too...make sure you read it HERE.

Let's LET IT ALL HANG OUT! Let's tell EVERYONE all our spy business in public, right? That's really GOOD for America! (NOT) (are we NUTS?)
Here's the new HERE to learn that this plan was apparently regarding capturing and killing Al Qaeda operatives. And to learn that the initiative hadn't become fully operational at the time Mr. Panetta ended it. Will we be closing ideas which could keep us safe down now, too?

Lots of CIA stories lately.....lots of attacks on them. Great for the morale of all those fine men and women who put their lives on the line, isn't it? Well, no by a college some time soon and tell me how many you'd think would or COULD do the work after the guys who're being insulted now QUIT (and many are). No, don''ll make you sick. I heard a man in the FBI, twenty years ago on CSPAN, say they get ZERO applicants from the Ivy League Colleges anymore, where they'd got ALL their good applicants in the past. He also said you can't find a kid who'll pass a lie detector test to the satisfaction of our spy agencies... ("have you stolen?" "Have you done drugs?") It's worse today. And Democrats playing politics isn't helping.
Also, it's very dangerous to indoctrinate kids against your country like so many of our schools do. Other countries don't do that, did you know that? It's only the American left which has taken us down this slippery slope...........

Don't jump to conclusions that I want anything illegal done by the CIA...If there's a perception of a problem, however......let's take care of it in private, we don't really NEED to have islamists and other terrorists know how weak our left is making us, DO WE?; Not that I trust congress anymore not to leak or do the work competently, but let them do SOMETHING with integrity and dignity. LET THEM AND THE NEW YORK TIMES ERR ON OUR SIDE, PLEASE, just ONCE?

z (mustang, the poster worked perfectly, thanks)


Anonymous said...

The CIA HAD TO HAVE lied to Nancy Pelosi about waterboarding (or else she could rightly be accused of being a hypocrite and a demogogue), and for that reason, irrelevant cases must be fabricated proving that the CIA LIES to Congress ALL THE TIME (on Dick Cheney's orders, of course).

Z said...

And, of course, there's something about intelligence that congress is voting on today or tomorrow......I'm not sure what it is but many say this is ALL about that...ALL of the CIA LIED stuff.

Anybody got a link?

beamish said...

So, the Democrats plan to make us "safer from terrorism" than the Bush adminstration did is to politicize against the agency responsible for knowing about threats to America BEFORE they blow up our port-based nuclear weapons detectors and the city around them.

The general perception among political analysts that Democrats are inept at foreign policy still applies.

Z said...

Exactly, Beamish.

I'm hoping some of the lefties come here to dispute; that should be fun.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Z, you mean it's legal for Congress to vote on intelligence, when they have none?

Anonymous said...

Good post Z.

This is such a joke, and would be laughable if it wasn't so serious.

Let's see. The Intelligence Committee chairmen (Majority and Minority) and House and Senate leaders who were briefed on coerced interrogations were briefed regularly, and approved those measures.

No dissent, no disapproval at the time.

Years later, when it became politically correct to take the stance opposing this practice, some of those same political leaders tried to back off from their approval, and hold the Bush Administration responsible for what was called torture.

Suddenly, the attorneys and agents who took part in this decision are up for grabs. The CIA is a bad organization.

Now, in order to give Pelosi cover, they're out to prove the CIA lies. They'll destroy our ability to gather intelligence for political gain, and to spare the Speaker embarrassment.

The plan now in question to the best of my understanding, never got off the ground.

The same people screaming the loudest, wanted to know after 9-11,
"why didn't you follow the dots"? What did you know and when did you know it? Why couldn't you prevent it?

For analysts to follow the dots they would have had to break rules that were put in place by the same folks who are now blaming the CIA for....well..breaking the rules.

So, basically, they're damned if they do, and damned if they don't.

We now have retroactive retribution, for what? For people doing their jobs under existing approved rules at the time. Why? For political gain and political cover.

So, someone has to tell me what is gained from briefing and approval if the rules are changed after the game is over or not played at all? And, if we give the enemy a head's up in leaked info printed in the NY Times?

And why in God's name would anyone work in a job in which you can break rules which don't yet exist, or be prosecuted for actions which were deemed legal when you performed them?

We are back in a pre 9-11 mode. Regulations will no doubt be passed by the same people who wanted the dots followed after 9-11, which would have required ignoring certain regulations.

It's a lose, lose proposition. But then, with these jokers in charge chaos reigns supreme, and America is more vulnerable. God help us.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

You KNOW there ARE persons who think the CIA should be shuttered immediately. Why we EVER would conduct our intelligence in the CLEAR is beyond me! FJ's got it.

And yes, it's motivated as a "get back" for Pelosi.


christian soldier said...

off topic -but - not so much off topic - sell out by Rsss on Sotomayor :

Anonymous said...

This is the leftist plan for America: destroy her.

I have said, and will continue to reiterate, that we can point to Jimmy Carter as an example of high-ranking idiocy. Barack Obama, the leftists in Congress and their enablers, on the other hand, are not idiots; they know exactly what they are doing.

It is impossible not to see that this administration and congress intend to demoralize the Central Intelligence Agency, just as they plan to demoralize the military. Just as they intend to usurp the Constitution, states rights, individual liberty, our right to property, the integrity of our electoral system, apportionment of congressional seats, internal security, and our nation’s standing as a world leader.

They will do this; all that is needed is for good and thoughtful men to do nothing.

Z said...

Well, Mustang, then don't see CS's site (above your comment..)
So far, so good for the left, huh?
catch a bit of the hearings..
no, never mind, you're too good a guy.

Z said...

Oh. I just heard a bit of Franken.
Mustang, they are also after the Supreme Court.
It's the 'last place anybody can go' for justice.


Anonymous said...

I'm following it, Z ... I just don't understand the need for confirmation hearings. They've already made up their mind.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

I think this may be the same "secret" program sanctioned by Bush in 2001 to kill al-Qaeda leaders. If that has not been the program all along, what the heck have we been doing, and since we are at war, why would there be any doubt that we are targeting al Qaeda leaders. What is astonishing is that we would not.

When this report about Cheney (or maybe these two are not connected - there are so many it's difficult to keep track of the last Cheney hit jobs) it said that Cheney sanctioned assassinating state leaders. If that isn't heresay and libelous, I don't know what is.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Z and Mustang: About the need for confirmation hearings. It's hilarious. Every Dem has made up their mind (or maybe we'll be lucky enough to have a few vote against) but even those not on the Judiciary Committee have made up their minds.

From the information I have, and Mrs. American citizen, I have made up my mind. We are not stupid.

Dianne Feinstein has made up her mind and she used the word "amazing" to describe Sotomayor yesterday - 4 times in about 6 sentences, and I'm not exaggerating.

I like the idea of confirmation hearings because there should be a mission there. Just so happens that that mission has been hijacked.

Pat Jenkins said...

how unamerican for the cia to come up with a program to actual kill al qaeda members. what is this country coming to?.... he says tongue in cheeck.....

heidianne jackson said...

i'm with you mustang - they do know exactly what they are doing. they are being willfully ignorant which, imho, is much worse than just plain ignorant.

btw, where's the outrage against the fed? we know gobs and gobs more about the cia than we have ever known (and still "know") about the fed. and they controll our money.

MK said...

"It's only the American left which has taken us down this slippery slope...."

And it's time people started asking why, after all, they're also being dragged down the toilet.

The times was happy to quash any media coverage when their reporter was being held by the taliban to help his case, if only they showed the same concern for their fellow Americans and those that protect them.

Fear not, one day these scumbags will get what they wished for, then some of us will still be standing to giggle at them as they lose their rights to any speech.