Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Poem to America and Mustang's AMAZING video you won't want to miss

O Beautiful, your stars and stripes

wave boldly in the sky

We celebrate you on this day

and hold you way up high

You are the constitution

and why it came about

The forefathers are in our hearts

their words still seem to shout

From spacious skies, stretched o’er this land

From sea to shining sea

From purple mountains majesty

He calls to us “Be free!

We look at all that God did make

we thank Him every day

Let liberty and honesty

resound in every way

God shed His grace, America

on us in this great land

He wants us to remember Him

and that we take a stand

Integrity and freedom

may never we forsake

Let those two things rule in our hearts

in every vote we make

America, America

from you we’ll never stray

We stand up and we honor you

especially on this day. Z

And now, PLEASE treat yourself to Mustang's incredible video he put together...The Arrogant American. It's stunning and it will MAKE your Fourth of July. I promise.


Mr and Mrs Z



JINGOIST said...

Thank you for that Z. And a happy 4th to you and W!

Julie's Jewels said...

Thank you and God Bless America.

Susannah said...

Thank you SO much for this post!

Happy Independence Day to you & yours, precious Z!

Anonymous said...

Happy Independence Day! In that vein I just watched the movie "Independence Day" the old blockbuster hit from 1996, that I had previously aid I would not watch because I found the idea upon which it was based outright wrong — depicting the destruction of the one country in history that had been founded on the rights of the individual and the limited rights of the state. Why that premise in the movie? Why not depict the destruction of the enslaving states based on socialism like the Bolshevik USSR or the Hitlerian National Socialism?

Back to the movie — I was struck by the pictorial depictions of the targets such as the Capitol and White House in Washington the World Trade Center in New York along with the Brooklyn Bridge and a destroyed Statue of Liberty. Seems those movie makers were truly visionary since most of that destruction came to pass five years later.

And talk about conspiracy theories! The mother of all conspiracy theories — the alien landing of a spaceship in Boswell, NM is actually the main theme of the movie. I guess there is a huge market for that "entertainment" — those who enjoy watching their world destroyed since this movie became on of the top grossing movies ever.


Anonymous said...

Guten tag Frau Z, hello everyone.Beautiful poem Zin, Happy Birthday America, 230 years young! I'm sure glad my ancestors caught the boat. Have a great Fourth everyone and remember our men and women in uniform who are serving today and most especially those who ''gave their last full measure of devotion''becuase without the Brave there is no Land of the Free. Johnnymac

Z said...

GOD BLESS AMERICA...and thank you for coming by!
I don't like to write rhyme, but this was fun! Glad there were no old tomato parts clinging to the screen when I got up this morning!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Waylon. I'm amused by the "Roswell'' thing too. Yeah, ufos and aliens in New Mexico. Ever notice how these supposed ''spaceships'', supposed to be so high-tech, go hopping around the univerese and all and when they enter Earths atmosphere they crash? Must be some kind of galactic jet-lag or something makes them go off the rails. J'Mac.

Always On Watch said...

Mustang's video is just wonderful!

I wish that I could do something like that, but I haven't a clue as to the technology.

Today, as Z has referenced in her poem, is a day to hearken back to our Forefathers -- and to look forward to re-establish the kind of America they gave us.

A blessed Independence Day to you, Z!

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Integrity and freedom may never we forsake Let those two things rule in our hearts in every vote we make

Our country is desperate for Congress to do the same.

Wonderful poem. You did a great job capturing what so many of us feel today, with a lump in our throat and knowledge that so much is at risk today.

Loved Mustang's video. Did he put that together? I linked it.

christian soldier said...

Great poem-since I lean toward rhyme and rhythm..and I read poetry aloud--it 'DANCED'..
Enjoy your day ...
I'll be thinking of you while in the other the Tea Party....

Z said...

CS, thanks! I'm not usually a rhymer, but this one worked together like that...I'm so happy you liked it.

Maggie Thornton, how nice to have you here..thanks for coming by. And thank you VERY much for your kind words about my poem. Felt nice to have it 'quoted' back to me...

Always..thanks to you, too. We have to look forward to re-establishing what we know. And we have to teach our kids what we know; not the America they've been taught to know by some teachers, TV, the media, etc.

I appreciate all your kind comments. And I hope you ALL have such a fantastic day in celebrating America

Anonymous said...

Let me confirm that not all Germans have forgotten the dedication and generosity the Americans have shown to our demolished country after WWII, as best evidenced through the Berlin Airlift and the Marshall Plan. General Clay and Col. Halverson ("Candy Bomber") will never be forgotten. Just ask anybody of us who have lived through that period about Obama's arrogance assertion.

Wonderful poem by Z and moving video by Mustang!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday America!

Z, thank you for the beautiful poem, and thank you to Mustang for his wonderful video contribution.

Well done.

And thank you to our troops for their service and sacrifice for this great land we hold so dear.

May we prove worthy of their sacrifice and devotion to freedom.

God bless them, and God bless America.


Anonymous said...

Tears of pride, are in my eyes!

Thank you Z and Mustang.
Your creative visions bring joy to my heart.

God Bless this great land and all who love her.

RightKlik said...

Thanks Z! Happy Independence Day. There's so much more to appreciate when you think about what it really means.

Z said...

Thanks, Mr Z !!

Pris, isn't that video amazing?

Matisse, so glad you liked them...have a great day.'re so right.

I have had one email not agreeing with the video after I'd sent it around; would that it were only one. But, I'm sure that's not the case. And we're teaching our children OBAMA SONGS and not finding that "arrogant"> WOW>

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Happy 4th of July! We need to keep what's left of Patriotism running in high gear!


Law and Order Teacher said...

Mustang's work is excellent as usual. Your poem was very well done. Gee, so talented! Have a happy 4th and I know you will remember the great gift from God of being an American.

I have been doing some things on the contribution of immigrants to our country and being the product of immigrants, as most of us are, is what makes this a great country. Thanks.

David Wyatt said...

You kept your promise, Z. Thank you & Mustang, & our valiant soldiers who've protected & continue to protect us, & most of all, thank You Jesus.

Elmers Brother said...

Happy 4th Mr and Mrs Z and thanks to Mustang too.

Warren said...

Happy Independence Day to you all.

And Duncy, if you read this, I invite you to do something anatomically impossible to yourself.

Chicago Ray said...

Good stuff Z, thanks for the note and Happy Independence day to you all,

(and for any lib Obamatrolls that stumble through by accident.. happy De-pendence day, enjoy the week ahead at the Welfare office and happy dumpster diving)

ExPreacherMan said...

Z and Mr. Z,

Great post and recommendation for Mustang's Arrogant American.

So much talent!!

But as I posted (to my Blog) and read excerpts from our Declaration of Independence, I wept, seeing how close we are to the time of 1776.

Our country has been sold out to the Liberals and I wonder if it is recoverable.

Thanks again -- Read the Declaration at my Blog and pick some great stirring old fashioned patriotic Military Band music.

May God again Bless out Republic!!

In Jesus Christ eternally,


sue said...

z - That is a very nice poem.
I hope you had a great celebration and that it isn't raining there like it is here.

Z said...

LAST YEAR's Fourth post was so light hearted...hamburgers, fireworks, a day at my sister' was the FOURTH OF JULY! THIS WAS STILL AMERICA!!!

This year, everybody's posts seem heavy, important.....videos, American music and the constitution.

It's not surprising, I guess...Last year, we never thought we'd have a man like this in the WH, or that so many Americans would vote for him even knowing who he was...but we didn't even know, really, last year at this time. We sure didn't know our government would own our car companies, or take banks over, or tell you what kind of lightbulb to use in your home.....or tell you you can keep your health plan if you're happy with it! (WHO BELIEVES THAT?)

The posts are far more weighty this year...far more worried, about 'can we change our land?'

this is very interesting..and very, very sad. And scary.

Z said...

Hi, Sue..happy Fourth to you!
No rain here...we're going to the Valley for dinner with family and friends, should be in the mid eighties out near the ocean it's in the mid seventies..

i hope your rain stops...have a great day

Chuck said...

Great poem Z, Happy 4th

Anonymous said...

I hope evryone has had a wonderful Fourth of July today. I thank our hostess of this web-site for her great poem and the continued gift of her friendship. As dusk approaches on this Fourth and before the dazzling displays of fireworks begin I just wanted to share something with you all. One hundred and forty-six years ago yesterday the most seminal battle this nation ever fought, to not only preserve the Union but one would define the nation we would become ended in the cornfields outside the small farming community of Gettysburg Pennsylvania. The next day America would celebrate its then eighty-seventh birthday. I'm sure there were many Americans who couldn't have possibly imagined 146 years later we'd still be here. I pray that we will still be here a hundred years hence, "The One'' notwithstanding. Goodnight all and God Bless America. J'Mac

Susannah said...

I've spent a beautiful, wonderful day w/ family & friends. We've had great fun & great food & neat fire works.

Now, I lay me down to sleep, I pray Thee, Lord, my country to keep...

Z said...

Chuck, thanks very much.

J'Mac, that is THE best kind of comment all of us could read today....what a very good thought. We survived then and we WILL survive again! GOOD ONE, Johnny! I really appreciate that.

Susannah...lovely. But you always are.xx

Anonymous said...

Merci Madame, merci beaucoup. Adieu. J'Mac.

Pam said...

At the end of this video and narrative, I had tears streaming down my face. I'm so proud to be an American and pray I can say that in the future! I also pray that my sons and their children can feel the same pride!

Anonymous said...

I received a link to this video in an email last night. Personally, I'd wasn't aware of the history behind "The Star Spangled Banner". I don't know if this is taught in American history courses today either. But, IMO, if it was the country and the world would not be in the precarious place that it is today.

I think it's a fitting tribute to the legacy of Independence Day, too.;&midTag=sz=1x204;&postTag=sz=1x203;&tickTag=sz=1x202;&illum=true&trackingID=&ssprod=true&audcode=&ht=false&clickTag


Deborah on the Bayside said...

Powerful! It plumbs the depths way beyond the shallow thinking of the callow quote at the front.

Thanks. We needed that.

Anonymous said...