Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is it RACIST to ask for ID?

I did not watch Obama's healthcare speech....no way...there aren't enough martinis....but I digress.
I DID see his response to a question about this incident here with Professor Gates: Mr. Obama said he understood that this professor did nothing wrong, implied it's a typical profiling case, smiled sadly, and said the police there "acted stupidly". Article HERE.
Howard Feinman from Newsweek was on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow and they showed the statement by Obama on this....Feinman actually SAID..."what's important is that you could see Obama BECOME THAT MAN....." I swear he did. The implication being that Obama is so empathetic and has suffered from racism so much that he actually BECAME Professor Gates and ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL OF HIM? What struck me is that OBAMA HEARD WHAT HE WANTED TO HEAR, FOLKS, and got it WRONG. This president is such an angry man. If he didn't have the facts, why didn't he say so; he got it all wrong and had no problem giving his version as if it just had to have been that way. This was BAD.

Tuesday evening UPDATE FOLKS
: HERE is a NEW ARTICLE on the subject, extrapolating on your comments..... OH, BROTHER, is this amazing. IS AMERICA INSANE?

Tuesday afternoon: There are so many aspects to this story HERE that I don't know where to start, really.

A Black Professor at Harvard University was on a trip....he had a driver get him from the airport and drive him home. The driver and this professor walked up the front steps and found that the door wouldn't open so they pushed against it long enough to arouse the curiosity of a caring neighbor who decided she should call the police and alert them that someone was obviously breaking into her neighbor's home. ...for more, see the link.

The upshot is that the professor didn't like being asked to present identification to prove that was his home. WHY NOT? Instead, he accused the cops of RACISM. But......if they had NOT come to this Black professor's home and 2 guys WERE trying to bust their way in the front door, then what? Racism for not coming immediately to a Black man's home?

Of course, JESSE JACKSON says "The charges have been dropped, but the stain remains. ... Humiliation remains," Jackson said. "These incidents are so much of a national pattern on race."

What are your thoughts on this? Should the woman who called not have mentioned that what appeared to be two burglars were Black? Then, perhaps the police wouldn't have known what they were looking for, right? It sounds like it might have a happy ending (especially for Jesse Jackson, who got a chance to get his name in the limelight again), the cops are dropping charges, but HAVE WE COME TO THIS? Shouldn't the prof be HAPPY they were on the job? A cop can't ask for ID because, if you're Black, they must be RACIST? WOW

Unrelated..but related......There is this story HERE about kids being turned away from a private pool in Pennsylvania, remember? This story HERE, today, implies this was all about racism....That makes me grieve. NO RACISM SHOULD BE ACCEPTED!!! But, it's not helping America when things are twisted and mischaracterized. Some of the kids couldn't swim, the pool was too crowded for the amount of lifeguards and it hurt the children's feelings...why? Couldn't they be told THAT instead of the implications of racism? Remember that little boy crying that "this is America and this shouldn't be happening here"? You think a 7 year old would say that on his own? .... that's my take, anyway. Now these poor kids learn a lesson I'm not sure helps them...or America. Do I think it's marvelous they have a free trip to Disney World? YOU BET. But, this? Notsomuch. (and, do I need to add that if ANY member of that club DID say anything about those children simply because of the color of their skin, that there's a very special place in hell for them?)

z (thanks for the tip on the top piece, Mustang)


Always On Watch said...

The charge of racism in this case is trumped-up nonsense.

Having had my home broken into, I'd want any neighbors to notify the police of what they see.

I'm guessing that the Harvard prof is an elitist -- and one with a chip on his shoulder.

Sure, racism exists. But in this case the professor was way out of line and looking for trouble.

shoprat said...

Racism is a joke anymore and not a very funny one. A non-white friend of mine once, half-jokingly, defined racism as having white skin and not being ashamed of it. (He, by the way, was quite conservative but I haven't seen him in while.)

Z said...

I guess racism exists, I must be very insulated somehow......yes, I DO live in RODNEY KING VILLE, but I just don't see it. Some of my friends go NUTS when I drive through areas near downtown that are considered sketchy, but...I don't feel scared! so sue me. (oops)

And, truly, sometimes I feel that if it weren't for the jesses and Als of this country, there'd be a lot LESS racism.

God only knows what happened that day but these kids are learning the Jackson/Sharpto dance quite well, aren't they. The SHAKEDOWN?
YES, I love that they're getting a day at Disney World....and THEY didn't ask for this trip, it's very kindly given to them, but......
"Come one, come all..."

Will America EVER get rid of this?

Elmers Brother said...

if he had just produced his ID without all the fuss about racism I doubt if he would have been arrested. Sounds to me like the chip on his shoulder got him thrown behind bars and now the race baiters get to make a claim of racial profiling. Look for the city to suspend the officer, perhaps fire him...all in the name of avoiding a lawsuit.

Elmers Brother said...

...a few people pointed out that he may have violated the cardinal rule of avoiding arrest: Do not antagonize the cops.

The police report said that Gates yelled at the officer, refused to calm down and behaved in a "tumultuous" manner.

What does any reasonable person expect to happen when you piss the cop off?

Law and Order Teacher said...

I feel for these cops because I've been there. I worked for many years in a predominantly black area. We were accused of arresting, ticketing, field interviewing,etc., too many blacks. That's nice, 98% of the residents were black.

On another occassion I stopped a speeding vehicle at about 3AM. The driver told me I only stopped him because he was black. I asked him "Suppose you tell me how I could see you were black in the dark?" He mumbled some jazz about white officers always stopping him. I told him "Maybe you ought to think about slowing down." He complained about my charming demeanor to my supervisor.

The PD wanted me to apologize. I told them to jam that one and if they disciplined me I would grieve it. I didn't hear anything more about it. Maybe I shouldn't have had my radar set on "Find black speeders."

Just kidding. Now you know why I don't miss being a cop.

Z said...

And, L&0, I like to think most Black Americans would agree with you!! I hope so. Astonishing..98% Black and you arrested 'too many Blacks'...we're a VERY sick country, aren't we.

Elbro..absolutely; that's the whole point. Give them what they want, thank them for doing their job, and take a nap from your long journey from Europe.

Cops are supposed to just EAT IT, Elbro..you know that. They can have five little ones and a loving wife at home and be shot at, but they have to just remain calm, take the (*&$#*(#& and apologize later or be arrested for the slightest infraction. It's NUTS. Americans used to WANT protection, now we accuse and arrest our protectors...all in the name of ............what? Stupidity? Self HATE?

RightKlik said...

I suppose we should all ignore suspicious activity if a member of minority is involved. Is that what the professor wants?

sue said...

I don't get it. Didn't the woman recognize her neighbor, or even know that he was black?

heidianne jackson said...

the prof is an idiot - i can pretty much guarantee that had it not been him and his house had been actually under attack, he'd have been crying foul that none of the neighbors called the cops because he's black. these people need to pick a side, they can't have it both ways.

as for the pool story, give me a break. from that story:

"Officials and antidiscrimination groups expressed concern over the allegedly race-motivated decision and protesters assembled outside the Valley Club's locked gates twice yesterday.

Among them were Silvia Carvalho, 32, of Northeast Philadelphia, and her daughter, Araceli Bagwell, 9, who had been among the city campers swimming at the club.

"This is pathetic," Carvalho said. "The next day, she was telling me she was a minority. I don't want her looking at herself that way. We are not going to allow someone to humiliate us like this."

Homer Floyd, executive director of the state Human Relations Commission, said the civil-rights agency began its investigation after receiving requests from the NAACP and other groups.

"We thought that with issues like this - swim clubs and so forth - we had crossed that hurdle, but clearly we have not," Floyd said.

In a letter to the club, U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter (D., Pa.) suggested the day campers be allowed to return.

On June 29, 65 black and Hispanic children from the city camp Creative Steps Inc. made their first visit to the Montgomery County club and heard some members make racial remarks and escort their own children away from the pool, Creative Steps executive director Aletha Wright said."

this whole thing is just sooooo trumped up. carvalho is excercising just another double standard - doesn't want her daughter to grow up thinking she's minority, but sure wants to be treated with kid gloves because she's a minority.

and the leader of the group, aletha wright, if she heard examples of racism, why didn't she immediately go to the management and give them an opportunity to address it? my guess is because it didn't really happen, but it's politically expedient to say it did now.

and don't even get me started on that idiot, specter. sheesh. have i used the word "disgusting too many times, today, z?"

heidianne jackson said...

sue, it was dark, her neighbor was out of town on an extended vacation and there were TWO men attempting to enter the house. better to err on the side of caution than political correctness.

Z said...

Hi, Sue, I don't know why she'd have called had she recognized him...plus, did you see the picture? The porch is rather deep and it would be hard to see. I don't think the neighbor called BECAUSE there were Black men at the door...I think she called because there were BURGLARS at the door (or she thought so) Burglar being an equal opportunity job, of course!

Heidianne, exactly what I'd said: If they HADN'T come, they'd be in trouble because he'd say they neglected his home because he was Black.
Great points there. thanks.

sue said...

I've heard of stories like this before where people did not want to show their ID, and if they had it would have saved them a lot of grief.

Z said...

Sue, exactly!
I can see it being YOUR HOME and feeling funny having to produce ID, but the police were doing what they're supposed to do.
Any burglar can say "Yup, this is my house"......

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Such a crock of crap. This nonsense was getting old 20 years ago, and now it's positively decrepit.

It's like my Laugh at Libs post yesterday in which gays and lesbians at a party insisted that the officer who responded to a noise complaint did so because he's homophobic.


T. F. Stern said...

Z, and all the others who took the time to comment;

Glad I stopped by after Z left a comment to a similar article I posted. I was reluctant to post it, having been tagged as a racist so many times in my past (retired cop); but this professor was clearly jumping out with a chip on his shoulder, his sour grapes for any type of white authority figure.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Whites go the Hell.

You are ONLY good for paying when the ObamMessiah says pay.

Otherwise, you must SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Look at the bright side of Life: hey, isn't that simple?


Z said...

Pasadena, VERY similar stories, aren't they..sad.

Hey TF...glad you came by! No, you're not racist, just sensible ...NOBODY wants injustice done to anybody, particularly not because of their skin color; but this guy REALLY has a chip on his shoulder. All he had to do was comply "Yes, sir..here's my ID, it's my house, no doubt about it, and I"m glad you checked." Go in the house and send the neighbor who was keeping watch flowers for her concern. right?

BZ, the bright side kind of dimmed when THE ONE took office, in my opinion.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Oh brother -- Beam me up, Scotty!

You wouldn't believe the stories cops hear from perps. But one of the biggest is over some problem with ID.

Grow up, professor! The police want to know who is the good guy and bad guy. Okay? Witnesses and ID help.

Personal Examples:

1) We caught a burglar. When I called the police they asked me what he looked like and my husband, who had him in a headlock, so they'd get the right one.

2) I called the sheriff to arrest an intruder another time. He proceeded to spin a very believable tale about why he was there, and had come after some guy who broke in, found the door open, blah, blah, blah. I couldn't tell the sheriff what he looked like because I was hiding in a locked retreat. But I was asked to identify him and myself. Same reason.

3) My doctor called the cops when a patient cried out from the parking lot that he'd caught a man breaking into his car. No description was given, so the cops had them both on the ground while they sorted it out. And oh yeah, the bad guy was dressed in business suit and tie with a nice saleman's sample case (where he stashed all the stolen radios), and the victim was a contractor in scruffy dress straight from the job site. The doctor identified his patient, the patient showed the police his ID and that was that.

I hope the point is obvious. When no one is around to say who the bad guy is, du-uh...... I wouldn't be one bit miffed to be asked for identification. Bad guys don't wear labels. Clever bad guys dress to fit in. And they seem to come in all colors. This is childish. I'm disgusted! Can you tell?

Anonymous said...

Racist cops.

Isn't that a black cop in the picture?

Just asking.

Anonymous said...

I think it's been scientifically proven that the more formal education one receives, the less common sense he or she has.

Therefore, the Harvard professor is quite possibly running on ZERO at this point.


We're only weakening ourselves from the inside when we allow this kind of crap to continue. If ElBro is right and the cop is fired, I consider that a victory for our enemies. Political correctness is the sweet spot for terrorists.

I wish municipalities would stop backing down when this kind of thing happens.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Absolutely the Harvard prof should have whipped out his I.D. pronto and without a thought - it has nothing to do with race. The police were protecting his property and he should have been grateful.

Looking for trouble is right AOW, and probably money.

The kids at the swimming pool. I don't know. The manager DID MAKE THAT COMPLEXION COMMENT. I don't see that word being bandied about much.

I wonder why they accepted the membership in the first place? Perhaps the truth was not told about how many children would show up, or said that they all could swim??????

Z said...

Deb, you have a LIFE OF CRIME!! (Smile) WHO KNEW!?

Jen, absolutely true. it seems like the more educated we are the dumber we are. And yes, the municipality should just say "YOU'RE JOKING, RIGHT?"

Mustang, I noticed the same thing and wondered about it.....The black cop's probably thinking "What the.........?"

Anonymous said...

It seems like to me there had to be more to this than the Professor asking for the officer's name and badge number. That's not disorderly conduct is it?

If he presented his ID, and could prove this was indeed his home, that should have been the end of it.

Regardless of his race, he complied with that request. He must have physically done something to have been charged with disorderly conduct. There has to be more to this than a request for a badge and the officer's name.

I myself have helped a couple of neighbors get into their homes, when they found they'd locked themselves out.

I can't imagine being hauled away in handcuffs and arrested for that. The neighbors would have vouched for me if the police suddenly showed up.

I doubt he was arrested for racial reasons, there's more to this story than meets the eye, imo.


JINGOIST said...

Two things come to mind immediately.

1. Why didn't the "neighbor" know who he was? I know everyone in my immediate vicinity.

2. The charge of "racism" is crap! The person who called the cops obviously didn't recognize him. Was she supposed to say, "he's black, so I think I'll call this a money making opportunity for him."

Jess said...

Here's how the conversation should have gone:

Police: Sir we had a report of a break-in here, may I see your ID to verify this is your house?

Man: Yes.

Police (after verifying): Thank you sir, have a good evening

Man: Thank you officer for working hard to keep our community safe

He could have avoided the whole mess if he would have just showed them his ID. After all his tax dollars pay them to keep HIS community safe.

It's just that simple.

Ducky's here said...

Well, let's just say this has been a topic of conversation in and on Boston media.

When Gates was asked to go outside the house and show ID his reply, according to the police report and not denied by Gates, was "I'll talk to your momma, outside". This was reported by Jim Braude who is a LIBERAL reporter and talk show host.

Emily Rooney (Andy's daughter) who hosts a news show on LIBERAL PBS was commenting that Gates has a reputation for being unreasonable and is known to be difficult to deal with at times.

The lovin' Reverend Al doesn't have much of a presence in Boston (we are too sensible to listen to his crap) and it doesn't appear this is going to reflect negatively on anyone but Gates.

And for damn sure nobody makes Sgt. in Cambridge (minimum 12 years in) without knowing the rules on "sensitivity" in these situations.

Only problem I see is that the Liberal boson media is the only one calling this joker, Gates, out. Rest of the country seems freakin' gutless.

heidianne jackson said...

i'm currently on an island in southeast maine, ducky, and i can concur with what you are saying about the media up here. and i don't believe that this is a liberal/conservative issue, but more a victocrat/common sense issue. however, i do find it to be more and more common in today's america than ever before.

one has to wonder why that would be. ta all! i'm heading to boston for the day...

Z said...

Pris, he did get edgy with the cops, denying the ID, etc.

Jess, that's exactly what I think should have happened. Thanks for coming by!

Jingo, the porch is set back and I believe it was late in the day....who knows how elderly the woman who called the cops is, too.

Ducky, glad to hear that.

I believe less of the country would be making this a race thing if the professor hadn't been the first one to label it that and Jesse Jackson hadn't piled it on afterwards.
This is about THAT; the PROFESSOR labeled it.

Heidianne...enjoy Boston!

Pam said...

Racism is being way over done these days. It makes my immigrant hubby shake his head and laugh. "Don't they know they have it so much better here in the U.S. than anywhere else?" The children should be taught to be more positive and count their blessings rather than being indoctrinated to jump to conclusions that all is to be blamed on "racism".

Chuck said...

"if they had NOT come to this Black professor's home and 2 guys WERE trying to bust their way in the front door, then what? Racism for not coming immediately to a Black man's home?"

This nailed it. There has historically been complaints in black neighborhoods (at least here in Michigan) that police are slo0w to respond to calls in their area.

Z said...

Hi, Pam..my immigrant hubby, too, says that...and my mother was also not born in America and there IS no more American a person than my mom!

When the Obamas visited AFrican slave-departure sites, I'd have been so grateful if they'd mentioned how relieved and glad they are that their ancestors came to America and what an opportunity that was.........how hard is it for a president to brag on his own country. In my dreams.

Z said...

Chuck, Thanks for the support on that; that was my gut feeling. I hadn't considered that that IS actually what some people have accused the cops of. Interesting.

Ducky's here said...

It may also be worth knowing that the neighborhood is pretty well integrated and the original B&E call came from a black neighbor.

Z said...

excellent, Ducky...the only person who caused any problem at all was the professor. Everybody did their job, which is good to see.

Ducky's here said...

Yes z, mark it down. We are in agreement.

There was such a damn national frenzy on this one that it really steams me off that these damn race pimps grab the headlines when, yes, there are significant incidents of discrimination but we aren't going to be able to talk about them with the damn noise from Lovin' Al and the rest.

Z said...

it's on my calender...a red letter day. (funny about the 'red' part, Ducky! heh)

Law and Order Teacher said...

I'll try to post as I've been having some trouble the last couple of days. It is heartwarming that Ducky sees the riduculous nature of this race-baiting. Now I would never say that there aren't cops who do stupid things.

I never lost my temper with anyone and I was the model of professionalism at all times on the job. :) But most cops are only human and they slip sometimes.

But I've seen this one one too many times and it makes me sick. Gates has a chip on his shoulder and his arrogance is staggering.

Someone told him one too many times how great he is and he can't stomach that he has to comply with the uneducated civil servants on the PD. How demeaning.

Z said...

"arrogant" is a word we have only been able to use for whites, Christians and Jews.....
since Obama came into the American scene, "Arrogant" has been used by both the Left and Right, Black and White, to describe him and other Blacks when it used to be VERBOTEN.
That's a sad turn of events but probably a good thing, metaphorically? At least we know ALL PEOPLE can make mistakes, ALL PEOPLE deserve to be called a term if it applies.........? But, every time I hear ARROGANT in application to a Black man I still cringe as if it was the 'other word' almost....not quite. We're getting over that, that's a good thing?

Maybe I sound racist, I hope not. I think you all know me better by now?

Law and Order Teacher said...

Arrogant is merely a word in the dictionary meaning having an inordinately high opinion of oneself that leads one to feel that rules that apply to others do not apply to you. No connotation just the dictionary.

That's on a par with "you people" in the pantheon of words or phrases that have been outlawed by the gods of political correctness.

Too bad, really.

Anonymous said...

I would have tazed the little monkey.

Z said...

FJ.............you did NOT say that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the real skinny Ducky.

Maybe the Professor treats everyone that way, including his neighbors.


Anonymous said...

...and Gates, too!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Z, I think I got my threads confused... ;-)

Always On Watch said...

HERE is some common sense about the Gates incident. A must read!

Anonymous said...

Krist...will they ever grow up? I wish I could sue for every-time I was "humiliated or embarrassed" in my life. The stupid ass should have been happy that the cops were looking out for his property. And he should know that the stats bear out that blacks are more likely to be involved in crime in proportion to their numbers here in the US. I'm sick of blacks demanding special treatment due to their infantile, asinine ideas that they've been discriminated against, aggrieved by a sideways look, real or imagined. People are sick to death of the set asides, affirmative action and BLACK ONLY colleges, groups and History months.

Chuck said...

Ducky said,

"There was such a damn national frenzy on this one that it really steams me off that these damn race pimps grab the headlines when, yes, there are significant incidents of discrimination but we aren't going to be able to talk about them with the damn noise from Lovin' Al and the rest."

This is the exact thing I thought with this business between Barbara Boxer and the CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

She maybe could have been a bit less condescending but my thought was, "this is what we have to worry about in this country?".

There is so much for blacks to be concerned with right now and these clowns are fighting over nonsense like this?

Maybe he should, in his position of influence, worry more about the unemployment rate among blacks, or the graduation rate among black teens, or a host of other real issues.

This proffesor could do the same. He is in a position of considerable influence, use it to help others instead of making an ass of himself.

Jess said...

One more thing (just can't stay away from a good thing!) Obama stated tonight he is a friend of the professor and that his understanding of it is that the professor showed the police his ID and they arrested him anyway. Cut and dry. And then he stated the police acted stupidly.

Woah. When it comes out (and it will) that in fact Obama is wrong, he owes the Cambridge police an apology.

Z said...

JESS! I'm SO SO SO SORRY that I put my husband's info on the German legislature up on the blog before I heard what Obama said...I think Mr. Z's info is so important but I'm DYING to post on the thing you talk about here.

I saw Howard Feinman on MSNBC listen to the LIE of Obama's and then say "...did you see how Obama BECAME that man, BECAME the Black man accused of something he didn't do?" I nearly FELL OFF MY DAMNED SOFA.

That's simply DISHONEST..the guy DENIED THE COPS HIS ID. END OF STORY. CASE CLOSED. Good going, Jess!!

What scared ME is that it REALLY revealed where obama's heart and mind are...that LITERALLY scared me; that he'd run with the wrong story that supported his racist dreams of how horrid America is. That (*&$#(*&#@....I didn't trust him before, now I'm just plain scared to death of him. This was so revealing.

Anonymous said...

Between his avowed muslim ties, his treatment of Israel and now his racist, whiny ass attitude that the "cops were stupid"..he's become the worst nightmare that we could have expected. Racism..is alive and well...now in the WH. Expect fat Albert to get a post as "czar" of racism. I truly despise this POS in our WH.

MK said...

"The race card is an ugly part of life here in America; a permanent chip on the shoulder for many folks."

I have to agree TF. I've seen a lot of black Americans who just can't seem to get over themselves. They seem to see racism in anything and everything and live in a state of constant outrage. Quite frankly many of us are sick and tired of it.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

The police will lose on this one. When I heard this last night I remembered the discussion here. I went looking for press reports. Gate's attorney says when Gates was asked for id he furnished both Harvard ID and Mass. D.L.

I'm wondering if some reports have been sanitized? It seems most support Gates, and with the president weighing in, I think Cambridge police lose.

I guess the police officer who appears to be Black does not count as a voice of authority???

Elmers Brother said...

Everyone should be reminded that he wasn't arrested for not showing his ID or B and E but for DISORDERLY CONDUCT.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

@ Elmer's Brother: You're exactly right. The charges were disorderly conduct, not refusing to show i.d.

Z said...

He got disorderly when asked for his ID, which he finally did produce.
The police warned him that they'd have to arrest a few times...why would they without reason? The story is that he felt profiled because they had to ask for his ID as if he didn't live there.
There were lots of witnesses, neighbors apparently........The cop's not backing down.

I thought I cared about this case because it bothered me that this guy was making such a stink when all they did was make sure it was him! Now I care desperately that our president would discuss this on national television without knowing the facts; that he said the cops "acted stupidly" as if he just EXPECTED it to be their fault.

Anonymous said...

If he was really out of order, why were the charges dropped? Personally, the racism card is thrown around too haphazardly. On the other hand, I do believe that is an issue of the police abusing their authority yet again.

Anonymous said...

If he was really out of order, why were the charges dropped?

Probably in the vain hope that Gates wouldn't perpetuate his disorderly conduct outside of his local community and throughout the heavily monitored educational chattering class channels nationally... but of course, that was a vain hope, as Mr. Gates is a very VERY vain man.

They should slap Gates with a FEDERAL charge of disorderly conduct now that O'Stupid is squawking in a racial duet...

Anonymous said...

On the bright side, now the entire world knows just how much of a blowhard Gates is and likely always was... and they've also received a bonus display of just how petty the president can be when he gets off his teleprompter script...

Anonymous said...

Rick has it right. Very odd behavior for a president ... but maybe not a black president. A good read.

Z said...

Mustang, Sadly, Rick's right.
I had the same thought. I actually thought, too, that how Obama handled it, that knee-jerk RACIST crap, was scarier even than this hideous healthcare scam.
I swear I think Obama and his wife DETEST White America except for what they can do for him...like Axelrod, Gibbs,Ayers, Emanuel... etc....

Anonymous: Could you tell us where you read the police acted inappropriately? I'd like to see that, thanks. I'm not sure that happened.

FJ...you're right about people getting to know Gates better; sadly, his ilk will be MORE IMPRESSED by him than EVER, you know that.

FOLKS: I don't KNOW a racist. I might sound naive but I don't. I don't think any of my readers are racists, either. I know my family didn't raise me to hate anybody for their color or religion or anything.

I'll say this; I only have had a few Black friends in my life because of demographics, mostly....and ALL are conservatives and ALL say "Jesse Jackson doesn't speak for ME!" (hurrah) And most of them have told me that the Black barber/beauty shops are hotbeds of racism toward WHITES, which I have to admit, in my stupid naivitee I oftentimes exhibit, really surprised me. Let's face it, even WE hear so much against Whites beating up on Blacks that WE believe it, right? I have, I know.......I feel badly when I hear stuff like that. But, MAN, when we hear it the OTHER way, we can't SAY ANYTHING. THAT"S NUTS> (See the Bishop Manning video at Always On Watch's site today...don't miss it)

This isn't WHITE HATING BLACK..this both sides hating the other (if the people are so inclined, I don't mean you or me)...and SOME Blacks demanding that they can do nothing wrong, and we owe them something, etc......the Blacks I KNOW would NEVER think that, I"m generalizing from the nasty stuff we hear.

WHY CAN'T things change? I thought the election of this awful president at LEAST might help race relations, (remember some of you got down on me because I admitted I shed a tear watching the Dem convention when he was nominated and seeing young Black Americans crying with excitement..I GOT THAT, I GOT THEIR EMOTION!)...but all it's done is make things WORSE!

And his statement last night DID NOT HELP!!! MY GOSH!\

end of lecture on race relations! (Smile)xxx

Z said...

From Rich Galen..part of today's MULLINGS.COM:

When Obama was asked about the incident at his Wednesday night presser the WSJ wrote that he
scored the local police for "acting stupidly for arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home."
The President also went on to see in the incident echoes of "a long history in this country of African Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately."

Talk about acting stupidly. How about playing the race card and dissing a cop doing his job in the process? Obama isn't a community organizer anymore. He's President of the United States. And the cop in question is widely known as a decent guy who teaches the courses to rookies about the dangers of racial profiling.

Z: Exactly, Rich xx

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Okay, I was wrong. Obama is losing this one. Silly me, thought he'd get by with his racist remarks, but the Cambridge police is more than holding their own.

Anonymous said...

From that photo, it looks like Gates is mad enough to fling his poop at those officers.

Z said...

Maggie, I nearly WEPT (okay I did a little) in the car hearing the Cambridge cops..many Black.
1000% behind Crowley. Some were THERE.

I'm so so so humiliated to have a president like ours, who tried to make this about RACE.

I could puke.

ANON?...damn straight.

LASunsett said...

Ducky wrote:

//Yes z, mark it down. We are in agreement.//