Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama just said the reason the Professor Gates situation is in the news still is because there is still racism in America. Imagine...all Gates had to have done was show his ID and thank the police for having come by and Sergeant Crowley is being asked to apologize. Obama feels people are wrong in suggesting he should have stayed out of it because racism is "part of his portfolio". He has invited Professor Gates and the policeman to the White House for a beer. All will be well with the world if we just talk. right. I hope so.


beamish said...

Never let a "crisis" go to waste.

Now would be a good time for Sgt. Crowley to send President Obama a note:

"Thank you for the kind invitation to your stupid beer social / photo op, but go f*ck yourself."

Ducky's here said...

Couple updates:

1. There have been a few front door break ins in this neighborhood in the last several months.

2. A reported break in a Gates' home was investigated by the Harvard police two weeks ago. Damage to the front door is the likely reason Gates had trouble opening it.

3. The Cambridge police commissioner had a news conference yesterday and held firm under pretty withering fire. He isn't going to give in.

4. No apology to Gates is forthcoming and it's pretty clear he's trying to step back from this. He still has denied nothing in the police report nor has he made an accusation that constituted anything outside standard department procedure in a matter of this type.

Now, what was that about health insurance reform?

FrogBurger said...

I'd love to know the exact fact but the conclusion is: race still is an issue for both sides. And Obama is not the great uniter that he has. Otherwise he'd have shut up the other day and avoided a smirk. Doesn't do any good as the President of ALL Americans.

FrogBurger said...

Typos, typos, "that he has" = "that he has said he was."

I love the fact that this incident brought up the fact that the Big O only paid his Cambridge parking tickets before the election.

Another hypocrisy of the left when they have to pay their dues. They'd rather have the other guys work their butt off or pay taxes.

Chuck said...

Obama is also amazed the media made a big deal of him saying that the police are racist. He genuinely thought that he was supposed to say that without being questioned.

Ducky's here said...

Chuck, at no time did he say the police were racist. He said they acted stupidly.

Get it right.

Anonymous said...

Obama believes in privileged classes. So do his lackeys. Maybe he feels a wise black professor should be above compliance with the same standards as are expected of us. The fact that Gates is black is all that the Obama apologists will need. They'll have a list as long as your arm of why he is being "put upon."

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Apology first (from Gates and Obama) and beer later. Maybe those two should get some sensitivity training. Those Uni types are big on that.

FrogBurger said...

Ducky's right. Obama didn't say they were racist. Only stupid.

I wish Obama wasn't acting stupidly all the time with the economy.

I'll take one stupid cop instead of one stupid obama.

Law and Order Teacher said...

What is really disturbing is that Obama is going to wriggle off the hook on this. The fact that the lackeys in the press room passively accepted his original statement without any challenge whatsoever is telling.

We will make a big deal of it for awhile until the media forgets about it or more accurately finally buries it. Then the adoration will continue unabated and life will go on.

Meanwhile, a police officer is forced to fight for his career and reputation and Gates, abetted by Obama, will continue to spew his hatred.

It is a pox on our country that there is a class of these race baiters that populate our universities that will continue to indoctrinate our students in their left wing creed.

We have gained nothing from this and it will go away because Obama offered to meet with Gates and Crowley over a beer at the White House. Shame on us for accepting this crap.

I was in a similar situation, not with the president, in which I was ordered to give an apology. Twenty-five years later they are still waiting. I hold grudges, and they can kiss my a**. My post explains my feelings.

I hate to be the voice of doom but, I can truly say, been there, done that.

Good day everyone.

Larry Durham said...

Suppose that it really was a break in and the cops didn't show up in time to catch the bad guy...Gates would have screamed that the reason they didn't get there on time was because the cops knew it was a black man's house and that the cops are RACISTS. Obama would still get to play the race card; and liberal weenies would still get to preen over the poor suffering minorities and their mistreatment at the hands of the horrid white devils. Idiots.

TO paraphrase Chairman Ann: the biggest danger to the black man in America today is his being patronized to death.

1) We have a BLACK (almost) President and AG. Blacks have NEVER been in such positions of power and influence as they are now.
2)Pop culture is dominated by strutting, make believe "gangstas" spewing out moronic rhymes not worthy of an embicile and purchased mostly by mind numbed white people. An irony that seems to be lost on you ebonic weakened, brain dead "progressives".
3)The movies and TV rarely portray black people as anything but cool operators, always 10 steps ahead of their bumbling white oppressors. I can appreciate portraying blacks in a positive light, but what is passing for entertainment these days is multicultural garbage aimed to make you libs out there feel relevant.
4) Millions of white people purchase tickets to the NFL, NBA, etc, etc, all which happen to be dominated by black men. Have you ever really looked at the demograhics of the folks in the seats at a sporting event? Who in hell do you race baiters think are buying the products that afford the salaries these cats are making? Hmmmmm?

I'm sure I could go on.

What other country in the world has as many successful black people, organizations and businesses? Gates should be on his knees thanking God that his fate was to be born in the US...and for the cushy make believe job that no doubt has made him prosperous beyond belief. All this asshole had to do was act like a man to diffuse the situation. But hell no, he had to whip out the race card. His black brothers around the world live primarily in squalor. His whining makes him look like the weak, tenured, overpaid bureaucrat he really is.

Now you lurking libs with the raging cases of white guilt can play the race card on ME in 5,4,3,2,1...

christian soldier said...

bho did intimate RACE in one of his most recent speehces on this though:My take---Victimology still reigns!!!:

bho's words :
"I have to tell you, that part of it I disagree with. Race is still a troubling aspect of our society."

"Because of our history," Obama explained, "African Americans are sensitive to these issues."

Read more:

T. F. Stern said...

Not much to add folks, looks like you've covered most of the items.

Z said...

Ducky, YOU get it right...Obama added at the end of his statement this morning that this is all about racism. He didn't have to call the cop racist, he couldn't..the cop is their expert on race RELATIONS in the police dept of Cambridge!!
Gates is the head of AFRICAN AMERICAN WONDER he had to kick up such a freaking FUSS...victim pimp.

L& about PATRONIZING...BEER AT THE WHITE HOUSE...THAT's patronizing "Now, calm down, boy, we'll just have a little chat........maybe we can invite Ahmadinejad and Kim Jung Il and we'll ALL chat and have some beer and the whole darned WORLD will be doing what I WANT"
GOOD ON YOU for never having apologized, Law & Order. Because I know YOU WOULD as sure as I know CROWLEY would if he felt he should.

Meanwhile, the CAMBRIDGE POLICE DEPARTMENT, many of whom are Black, are demanding apologies from the president to the governor to the mayor..And THEY deserve it. They're 100% behind Crowley.

Larry, that's gold...nobody's going to accuse you of ANYTHING, here... That took guts.


And, PLEASE, SOMEBODY; I WISH ONE of you could show me where Bill Cosby seemed surprised or dismayed at what THE ONE said because FOX said he was and I listened to the video and he said nothing of the kind. Stop thinking Cosby's a help....he blames White America for everything. He does have the dignity to tell our young black kids to listen up and to to school and speak English, but...other than that? HE got WAY too much BRAVO for those few remarks that time.....what's the BRAVO, anyway? That's what Americans are SUPPOSED TO DO, isn't it? ALL AMERICANS? Big WOOP, Cosby; he lets me down every time he opens his mouth when I get stupidly hopeful.....
PLEASE, SOMEONE..produce for me different...I'd LOVE that ..I'd LOVe to be WRONG.

Thanks for the link, CS..

Thanks, anyway! I like to hear your opinions!

Jungle Mom said...

I wonder... what if Bush had made the same statement about a similar situation with the races turned?

Chuck said...

"Chuck, at no time did he say the police were racist. He said they acted stupidly.

Get it right."

Duck your full of it on this and you know it.

This is the quote

""But I think it's fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry," Obama said. "No. 2, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. And No. 3 -- what I think we know separate and apart from this incident -- is that there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that's just a fact.""

Are you going to try to tell me he wasn't calling this a racist incident?

Calling it a racist incident is calling the cop a racist.

You get it right

Anonymous said...

Gates is the head of AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES...

As if there was any more of a useless bullshit, racist, buffoonish, position in an institute of "higher Learning"? Other than being Fat Al Sharpton? Hustlers, frauds, liars and black cheats...all.

Gates..I'd like to see you put up a phony fuss like that in front of Hugo Chavez. Matter of fact Gates...get your ass out of here and go to Venezuela...It's hopeless folks...the Poverty pimps will never let go of the profits of race baiting. They all suck.

shoprat said...

There is still racism in America, but it's not exclusively white.

Susannah said...

This was only a race issue because the President of the USA inserted himself into a situation that he had absolutely no business getting into. It became an issue of race only when HE created it!

"Look folks, racism is still a big problem...just watch, I'll show you..."

Z~ I like your take here. Similar to my post today. (We've been out of town. Hope you're doing okay!!)

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Z, if you can take one more comment on this. Charles Krautkamer put it well in an interview yesterday.

"It hearkens back to the old stereotype of Democrats .... of soft on crime, and the flip side of that is tough on cops. And they just don’t respect the people of the thin, blue line between us and barbarism. And that’s what came out.

Here was the president of the United States not knowing the facts, taking the side of a professor at Harvard over a cop who has an incredibly good and clean record of being respectful, particularly on issues of race, and secondly, accepting the narrative that the reason for the altercation was racism, for which there is no evidence."

President Obama just marinated in that "narrative" too long. Look at all the quotes from his book "Dreams" you linked to in a later post. It's reflexive, and he can't cover it up.

Anonymous said...

It angers me that the President of the United States of America is spending time on issues like this.

Maybe this is the kind of thing that's not above his pay grade.

This man is not a leader.

Z said...

Deborah..'reflexive'..PERFECT word, I felt it in my guts but didn't come up with it..exactly right; and THAT is precisely why it's SO SO SO SCARY that obama did's inside HIS GUT and it's in that huge chip on his shoulders...

Susannah said...

Z, et. al., here's what a funy, dry-witted friend commented on this very matter on my post,

"Beer should help.

Basically, O shot his yap off because what he said is what he believes. He is deeply ashamed of America. Average guys are just stupid losers to him, only fit for taxing and being told what for. It fits the pattern.

Stupid clingers

Stupid plumber

Stupid cop

Stupid Flanders."

Deborah, thanks for the Krauthammer reference. Having been out of town has me out of the loop w/ my favorite writers! I'm off to find this article!