Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Please see my UPDATE on the Professor Gates situation according to Mr. Obama, just 2 posts down. Then please read Mr. Z and Klaus Lewin's information below...I thought it was really interesting.


Chicago Ray said...

Good stuff on that Gates deal.:)

Jess said...

Obama made a HUGE mistake when he called out the Cambridge police. He kept saying "my understanding of the situation" which I took to imply that he was trying to be careful that his words not be quoted as fact of what actually happened. However, by condemning the Cambridge police, I'd say he was giving the implication that what he was saying WAS fact!

WomanHonorThyself said...

ty for the update! :)

Maggie M. Thornton said...

I left the comment below on the previous post. Sorry, I'm not spamming:-)

The police will lose on this one. When I heard this last night I remembered the discussion here. I went looking for press reports. Gate's attorney says when Gates was asked for id he furnished both Harvard ID and Mass. D.L.immediately.

I'm wondering if some reports have been sanitized? It seems most support Gates, and with the president weighing in, I think Cambridge police lose.

I guess the police officer who appears to be Black does not count as a voice of authority???

Isn't JJ clever: the stain remains! Forever victims and lovin' it!

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Z, have you see this in an article about the police officer (Crowley) refusing to apologize:

He tells The Dennis & Callahan Morning Show that Gates refused to answer whether there was someone in the house with him. He also says he asked Gates to step outside for the officer's "own safety."

Crowley tells WEEI that Gates was very upset from the beginning. "It's not just what he said, but how he said it. It was somewhat peculiar."

The police officer also says he asked Gates for a driver's license even after seeing his Harvard I.D. because the university document does not include an address, which would have verified that Gates was, in fact, in his own home.

Crowley says Gates followed him outside and continued to speak loudly, and that the officer twice warned him about possible arrest, the second time while holding a pair of handcuffs.

There is also a link to the police report which it appears has been taken down by the Cambridge police but a snapshop saved by two conservative websites.

Z said...

If Gates produced his ID, then he should have been left alone.
If they hassled him, the cops should be in trouble.

Yesterday I heard a rumor of this being a rented home so his name might not have matched when the cops checked; we'll see what happens.

Vernon Jordan was on this morning on MSNBC "this isn't about prof gates, a friend of mine, this is about ALL black men who "CONSTANTLY" are harrassed by this type of police behavior"


Z said...

Maggie, thanks...he could have asked him if anyone was inside because burglars can intimidate and tell you to say they're your friend.....

Great thing that the cop's not backing down; The Yahoo homepage is actually mentioning how Obama say the police "acted stupidly"...sort of like Murtha dumping on our troops before he knew the facts. Or maybe facts he wanted to believe were different?

Obama's the story, in my opinion. HOW DARE HIM? How could he say that without having been certain what he'd heard was right? That scared me, I swear.

Elmers Brother said...

Crowley tried to save Reggie Lewis' life when he collapsed playing basketball at Brandeis.

Z said...

Wow, Elbro.....Crowley just seems like a cop who knows his job and what to do. Like he said "I am not a racist" ..of course not.

Again, what REALLY bugs me now is that Obama would say Crowley "acted stupidly" without knowing what happened.

If Crowley did act stupidly, he should be in trouble; if he did, he'd be admitting it and apologizing, and he's not backing down on this one. Good for him

Maggie M. Thornton said...

I'm also hearing (and maybe it was here:-) that the question in the middle of a health care prime time address was probably a set-up. If so, Obama knew what he was going to say.

Obama doesn't care about fact, he cares only about Black power. He is hot on the trail for it. It's payback time, don'cha know.

christian soldier said...

The full police report is now available to read--just posted--
bho used his Bully Pulpit(my words) w/o knowing the facts..
It is my belief that bho is a racist...

Z said...

I just heard FOX Cable say BILL COSBY said all parties should come together and discuss this, get the facts out, etc. and one of the reporters added that he said Obama was wrong for what he'd said.

He did not. I just heard the way. He's actually throwing his grease on the fire:

as far as Obama, according to Cosby... "He lived in Cambridge...he may know more than he's saying about SITUATIONS OF THAT SORT" That's a direct quote..

Z said...

CS....I hope you're wrong. It so often does feel as if he feels America's really done nothing good, doesn't it...and as if everything is about slavery sometimes and how oppressed Americans are.
How I wish he was a Black President who'd say "We need to MOVE ON...most people aren't racists......let's get all our kids educated, our economy going, live up to all our potentials.." I can dream

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

You folks should pound it out on this front.

Obamarama says the Cambridge cops did something stupid? What? Asking a possible house breaker to show ID?

The only thing stupid that the cop did was not using his baton when "Skip" started going off about the cop's mother.

The cop has been all over the radio and he's not giving an inch and he's pretty well spoken. "Skip" has denied NOTHING in the police report and is demanding that the cop beg for an apology.

Want to fight health care? Keep this one on the front burner. MAKE IT THE STORY.

That's your Rules for Radicals minute from Ducky, your (sometimes) friendly leftist.

Z said...

Ducky, there's one blogger I just read (and promptly forgot WHERE, sadly) who's saying this WOULD be the perfect thing for the media to have thrown in last night during the questioning on the health care would redirect from the fact that things didn't go too well for Obama.
Good point, Ducky.

Man, if things are THIS planned and staged, it's getting REAL SCARY, Ducky.

That cop's a hero if he sticks to his guns (so to speak!) and I think he will. We need to get PAST this "You can't do ANYTHING to a Black man because THEn you're a RACIST" stuff.......maybe this will help. I'd like to think Dr. King would be smiling....

NO WAY should anybody be profiled just for color ...NO WAY......but maybe if Black people stopped yelling RACISM when it's not there, cops could relax and better do their jobs...arresting guilty people. regardless of color

Ducky's here said...

Well, z, it's a little tough to say that Skip was profiled.

A call comes in about a possible B&E. Now this particular neighborhood is close to the college and gets attention pronto.

A B&E is a "hot" call and there is someone in the house.

The officer enters the house and asks for ID. Gates gives him a pile of lip and a Harvard ID which is not an official ID for these purposes.

The officer gets on the radio and calls off backup but states he has an uncooperative subject and Gates is swearing a blue streak in the background on the radio call.

The cop final gets proper ID, says he's leaving but that any more remarks will be considered a disturbance.

Gates decided to test the cop.

Really, you should be contacting the press and demanding to now why Obamarama considers the cop's conduct as anything but professional? Obamarama stepped in it, don't give him time to scrape his shoe.

namaste said...

gates was wrong. obama was even MORE WRONG for commenting on this situation which he knew nothing about.

z, thanks to your comment, i wrote a post on this today.


Z said...

Thanks, Ducky, I was just saying nobody SHOULD be profiled, that's all... I'm not in any way saying Gates was.
What's it going to do for anyone to call our press re: Obama? Fat chance.

M....I'll get over this afternoon...we've got appts. I'm glad you wrote on it and am eager to read it..xx

christian soldier said...

I'm with Ducky on this... plus-
Gates exacerbated the situation-
I wonder if he saw an opportunity to enliven his career --
I follow the $$$ and POWER---
_Rules for Radicals_>>>>>

Jess said...

Gee, I just hope if I do something stupid that gets me in trouble with the police, Obama will not defend me on national television :D

LASunsett said...

Bottom line: If the cop is black, there is no story.

There are so many cases of rogue policemen on power trips and many cases of racial profiling, and wouldn't defend any of them on a bet. But the officer here was responding to a call, hence there was no profiling on his part. He was simply doing his job.

The other point Gates might do well to consider: The next time there is a call of someone breaking into his house, the cops may not be so fast to respond.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I did a post on this. I had a similar experience although in wasn't the POTUS, I not that important. Obama was way out of line on this one, even commenting on it. This is a local matter not one for the POTUS. Good points on yours. I didn't listen to Obama, so I got the heads up from you and researched it.

Z said...

Obama had a habit of not paying traffic tickets in Cambridge...OOPS..check THIS out!
(thanks, Heidianne)

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Z - that traffic ticket link - that's good stuff. Just add it to the list: pot, depression, booze (???) and a black man's anger. So much to need pot for, so many reasons for angst (see his books) and anger. After all, he was a poor boy of mixed race attending HARVARD...and the pressure was just too much.

When you are important, you needn't pay your traffic tickets. Maybe the Cambridge police were "stupid" for not hauling him in.