Thursday, July 30, 2009

Do You Hear The People Sing? Be one of them

UDPATE: Things are getting HERE.........they don't LIKE it when we speak up! But, we must try to keep it calm, read the article and you'll see what I mean.

CHECK THIS OUT.........and try to go. Come on, America....get angry........SING and MARCH!


FrogBurger said...

I'm going. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

This is what we hoped for. We will try to go. Waiting for more details.

God bless those who are working so hard to make this happen.


Susannah said...

Oooooooh I LOVE it!!!!!

Just emailed it to my husband @ work, my mom & her neighbor (the ladies I went to the 4-15 tea party w/)...

Maybe we can get there!

Always On Watch said...

Aha! I might be able to attend if Mr. AOW and I don't head out on our annual road trip in the Mustang.

Will mark my calendar.

FrogBurger said...

If people from LA are going, let me know. I already booked my flight and I know DC well since I lived there for 7 years. I love the place.

Joe said...

Well, I can't go due to health reasons, but I sure would if I could. I hope they reach 100,000 people, but even 30,000 would be great!

Somehow the message HAS to get to this administration and congress.

christian soldier said...

Heads up...

FrogBurger said...

Are people emailing their representative on the exemption for Congress in the healthcare bill? I just emailed mine to get an answer on this.

cube said...

Sing like canaries, people!

christian soldier said...

Z-checked the 'Tom' comment at Gateway..and links..thank you..

My Questions - are they always present when a President is traveling?
If not-what were they doing at this event?

Always On Watch said...

About that update....Note the frustration level that people are feeling. That's what happens when their taken-for-granted freedoms are eroded by the government.

christian soldier said...

The Washington March looks like it's going to be a WIN...
Thank you for the heads up on it...
Read the article too..
The good D 'servants are surprised that their 'peaceful' townhall meetings aren't so peaceful anymore..

Z said...

CS, I don't believe we know who all's present every time a president travels. TONS of secret service, yes...I'm sure. And heavily armed, I'd imagine.

When we lived in Paris, we'd be walking along and just happen to glance up against the building skyline and you'd catch a flash of sparkle someone told me is usually the sun shining off a policeman's gun certain places, they have very discreet armed people all the time! WHO KNEW?
I suppose our presidents need a LOT of protecting and there's all sorts of stuff we can't see.

Having heavily armed guards very visible could dissuade the loons, too, right?

shoprat said...

These songs were written by leftists who moronically view themselves as the saviors of society, when they cannot see that they are now the oppressors, as if they were ever anything else.

Freedom before equality or there will be nothing like equality.

Z said...

shoprat, I definitely see your're right.

Except, I love the song's energy and call for people to get together..You're right, I'm leery of the lyrics you mention BUT, I still think the melody's so compelling and exciting and appeals to good Americans get out there and March!!

(I'd kinda hoped nobody'd notice the actual song intent...!)

FrogBurger said...

I noticed the song was more of a left one since it mentions France. And shoprat is right. Liberte, egalite, fraternite is bullcrap.

But the melody is great, the singing is fabulous and we must get together to fight Obama's gang.

Come with me to DC on 9/12!!!

christian soldier said...

According to the account-they pointed the guns at the tea party citizens...that is dangerous - I don't care how well trained the individual is --you point a gun directly at are showing intent...we are talking peaceful citizens...
Now it this is always the practice...I'll buy it--if it isn't -I don't..

Ducky's here said...

I'll go if the White House is providing beer.

Make mine a Pilsner Urquell.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Trust me..I'm angry girl!..and speaking up on the blog almost daily! (hugs)

Z said...

Ducky, Urquell is one of Mr. Z's very favorites.

Angel, you sure do..keep it up!

Always On Watch said...

Frog Burger,
My email addy is at my web site -- toward the top of the sidebar.

Maybe we should team up for this?

Anonymous said...

I listen to this mighty song- eyes open wide,then closed with tears-
heart pounding--calling God's name
praying for America to remain free.
The fight for freedom by my grandparents, began with F.D.R.
Then, my parents, against the left, trying to wake up their fellow citizens,who thought they were extreme in their worry
about our country and it's
acceptance of the left wing.
Now the fight is mine, but it is getting tighter,
the take over faster. Every day another crisis. The county is so
passive still, even with the tea parties and blogs and talk radio. Do we stand a chance to stop this??

Is Dick Morris right, when he says that more bad things must come,
before we can right the country,
and throw out Obama?
At this rate, how will we ever
correct all the damage? It's now, the fight is now.
My grandparents would not believe
the gov't takeover.
Will we survive??


Z said...

Matisse, we've got to stand TOUGH and hope our KIDS, the twenty and thirty-somethings WAKE UP.
I see plenty of good young people starting to see the light..
the anti-abortion numbers in young women are rising,
Americans started saying 80% of them were happy with their health insurance, now after hearing a tad about what they WILL be losing if this passes, the number's creeped up to 90% other words "LEAVE ME ALONE"

I knew Obama was a man of terrible character but it was illustrated when he stood in front of us and, like Clinton promised he'd never had sex with that lady, told us that we could keep whatever plan we if Blue Shield will stay OPEN when cheaper gov't nasty care has been bought by those who don't understand? Will we then have to bail Blue Shield OUT?

Barry knows, he must be completely unversed, uncaring or STUPID.

A very dear friend is terminal with leukemia..he was in the hospital, scheduled to go home to hospice quite in a day or so...he mentioned to one doctor he had a slight headache and the next thing he knew he was headed for a CAT SCAN of his BRAIN! He said the headache was gone by the time they got to to the scanning room! The nurses laughed at the dr's overzealousness....He did NOT have the scan, nor did he have the gall bladded removal they'd recommended....this bless-ed, wonderful optimistic man is going to meet his maker very soon and the docs wanted all these tests and procedures? Well, at least we know we wont be able to have that happen under Obama care; even if it IS warranted. Small Comfort, eh? Pray for M, he's one of the REALLY REALLY REALLY good guys God's yanking back to heaven because he likes the lug as much as some us do. Darn! XXXX

Susannah said...

Z~ What in this world are you doing up @ this hour?? :) We're just waking up to get ready for church, here in NC...

I will certainly pray for your friend, M. May God be merciful in his passing.

Z said...

Thanks, Susannah...he's a feisty hard-headed guy with strength and humor and I'm sure he isn't going anywhere TOO soon! But, I appreciate that sentiment, for sure!