Thursday, July 16, 2009

La Raza........Sotomayor membership and the Supreme Court

Thursday afternoon UPDATE: I wonder what you think of THIS INFORMATION: Yahoo Homepage calls the Republicans "frustrated" and Sotomayor "calm"...a bit from the article says this: "Outnumbered, often frustrated Republicans launched a last-ditch effort Thursday to heighten doubts about Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's judicial temperament, grilling her hard on a key affirmative action case, gun rights and other volatile issues."

Um...are they just stupid, obfuscating, or have they REALLY forgotten the miserably nasty treatment of the Republicans' nominees? Or do they not understand what hearings are about? Aren't hearings to test temperament, grill on important issues? I just wish the Republicans had given a smidgen of what the Dems did to Bork, Thomas, Alito and Roberts.

But, this piece is about LA RAZA and I hope you chime in with your opinion:

I was curious, so I checked into La Raza; Here's a bit of information from the NCLR, National Council of LA RAZA

Overview: Driver's Licences

In recent years there has been much legislation and other activity in the states which impose harsh restrictions specifically on immigrants’ access to state-issued driver’s licenses and identification documents. These proposals go well beyond denying undocumented immigrants access to driver’s licenses and have the potential to exclude legal immigrants and even U.S. citizens from state-issued identification documents. Moreover, they are of great concern because they prohibit drivers from being properly licensed and insured, discriminate against immigrants and other groups, and make entire communities less safe......There are legitimate and sound avenues for individuals to prove identity which would allow state Departments of Motor Vehicles to fulfill their mission of ensuring safe roads without creating new licensing requirements that would make the driver’s license a de facto proof of legal residency in the United States.

Overview: Racial Profiling

Racial profiling tactics not only violate civil rights, they also undermine the ability of law enforcement to enforce the law effectively. Specifically, when an individual’s race or ethnicity is used to establish a cause for suspicion of a crime, then that individual – along with family members, friends, and neighbors – loses trust in the integrity of law enforcement.

Overview: Home Ownership

Homeownership is the “American Dream” because of the many benefits it provides families. Homeowners tend to have access to better community services and schools, and to more stable neighborhoods, and their children tend to be healthier and do better in school. Moreover, owning a home is the primary way to build wealth in American society. Homeowners are able to leverage their home equity to send their children to college, open new businesses, save for retirement, and enjoy significant tax relief. Unfortunately, Hispanic families have not enjoyed the same access to homeownership as other Americans. Untraditional sources of credit, lack of affordable units and information about the homebuying process, and other market barriers keep many families from becoming homeowners.

NCLR Position

Latino families must have equal access to mortgage financing. To increase Hispanic homeownership substantially, all sectors – public, private, and non-profit – must work together to craft flexible mortgage products and outreach activities that will increase access to the mortgage market. This includes making the increase of Hispanic homeownership both a business and policy priority, demonstrated through strategic planning and allocation of resources. Latino families stand to represent a significant portion of new homeowners in the coming years; their financial needs cannot be ignored.

Overview: Criminal Justice

Like all Americans, Hispanics are concerned about crime and the effects it has on youth, families, and communities. Unfortunately, Latinos do not always feel confident that our criminal justice system properly and fairly addresses crime. Many have negative perceptions of the system because they observe ineffective responses to violent crimes, public offenses, and substance abuse. Some Latinos have been treated unjustly by the system or have been arbitrarily disciplined. Others recognize the disproportionate number of Latinos serving long – and in some cases unjust – prison sentences for nonviolent offenses. In addition, Latino youth are disproportionately represented in the juvenile justice system and receive harsher punishments than their peers, even when they commit the same offense.

Z: This article, click HERE, has some informative and very interesting videos and quotes about La Raza and concerns about Sotomayor's membership. La Raza has a very negative reputation here in Los Angeles, you don't hear anything positive about it at all, though our Mayor is, or was, a longstanding member..... people have always been quite fearful of maybe I'm a bit biased (can I be without sounding racist myself? Is that allowed in our society these days?!) I'm not positive that La Raza membership should disqualify a Supreme Court Justice nominee like Sonia Sotomayor, who apparently is still a member, what do you think after reading more about La Raza? Should Sotomayor's membership mean "CASE CLOSED"?


From the June 17 Washington Times article:

Gender politics have proved a minefield for male Supreme Court nominees. The wife of Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. broke down in tears after aggressive questions at his 2005 Senate confirmation hearings about his reported involvement in a Princeton alumni group that opposed affirmative action.

Justices Antonin Scalia and Anthony M. Kennedy quit all-male clubs when they were being considered for the Supreme Court in the late 1980s, and Justice Harry Blackmun resigned his membership in the exclusive Cosmos Club in 1988.

The only two women to have sat on the court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, were members of the women's networking group, the International Women's Forum, but their memberships did not become a major issue in their confirmation hearings.

Z: Scalia and Kennedy dropped all-male clubs WHEN considered.....Blackmun, too. Looks like Sotomayor is still a member of La Raza.........and Alito's grilling made Mrs. Alito cry with its inferences. WHY NOT SOTOMAYOR, folks? Don't make her cry...just ASK. Some reports are Sotomayor stopped being a member in 2003, some don't. That she'd BE a member is suspect.

(then, I'm curious about the post below...COULD YOU DO THAT? Let me know..thanks!)


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I would further recommend:

La Raza and other MEXICAN (NOT "hispanic") organizations embrace reconquista -- the reconquering of the US for themselves.


christian soldier said...

'case closed!' YES-

Anonymous said...

I realize that the Democratic machine is powerful enough to get her on the bench regardless of any legitimate issues that are raised. Obama did not choose a "Latina" with a history of pronounced judicial activism and racially inflammatory statements by accident.

Anonymous said...

BZ ... the reconquest is happening already in terms of birth rates, illegal immigration, and likely, great humanitarian acts such as "amnesty." Moreover, unrestrained legal immigration from the gerbil producing areas of the world (Middle East) will create within 100 years, a completely different demographic within the United States. There will be reconquest, and Islamification. That is why they are here.

As to La Raza membership, I suppose that if Judge Henry Barnswaggle was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, he could be excluded as a candidate to the US Supreme Court. Or a member in good standing of Al Qaeda (although, I'm not sure). But if Sonia Sotomayor is a member of a similar organization, why ... that's just fine.

Yes, it may be a double standard, but it is politically correct. We should all feel good about that.

Ducky's here said...

If this is such a big deal why didn't Conyers bring it up during questioning?

You can't tell me he's afraid of what they'll think about him at home.

Man, you've got Jeff Sessions, John Kyl , Orrin Hatch, and Tom Coburn , one of the dumbest white men on earth and they aren't questioning this?

Even those nimrods know it's a dead end.

Always On Watch said...

I posted on this today, too.

In my view, she should be disqualified on the basis of her membership in La Raza, which is the Latino KKK.

Always On Watch said...

If this is such a big deal why didn't Conyers bring it up during questioning?

Because Aztlan is anti-Israel and so are Conyers's constitutents? Just a thought.

And there is also this:

La Voz impugns Americans' allegedly "racist attitudes against the Arab peoples." "The Arabs and Muslims have been demonized [through] years of mental programming through biased education and media propaganda," says La Voz. "This kind of [anti-Arab] mentality is the same as when us Mexicans are called 'spics,' 'beaners,' and 'wetbacks' and Black Americans are called 'niggers,' 'koons,' or 'mayates.'" The publication fiurther denounces the "perverse racists," "religious bigots with a well defined political and economic agenda," "Anglocentric xenophobes," "right wing Fundamentalist Christians," and "International Zionists" who "have launched a well funded global campaign to destroy the legacy of Islam and its contributions to world culture. … Leading the effort to demonize Islam are, of course, the International Zionists."

Also see Aztlan's web site.

Z said...

DUcky, you said "You can't tell me he's afraid of what they'll think about him at home."...if he asks about La Raza.

You honestly don't think so?

This is a good lesson for you, Ducky; Yes, all of them, especially Kyl, might be nervous about asking about La Raza and, if you had any honesty and integrity in YOU, you'd be demanding it of YOUR senator as well.

Of COURSE we're left less safe because of ridiculous leftwinger political correctness. With this situation, with the CIA, with leaks of the NY Times even when asked to keep things private for OUR SECURITY sake.

Yes, your ilk HAS made it less safe because that La Raza membership should have been asked about...
By bringing this up you just see that you haven't just condemned the Republicans, who actually asked some very good questions and showed incredible restraint and dignity when comparing these hearings to the hatchet jobs of BOrk, Thomas, Alito and Roberts, you condemn all senators who should have asked. It was a must.

Mustang, BZ, Always on Watch, CS.....they all say the same thing.

Any American who feels this should not have been brought up at a hearing like this by ANY thinking senator doesn't understand La Raza.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, for once I half-way agree with you about something. I don't particularly like the Repub. Senators out there right now and they certainly won't touch the La Raza thing. because they're chickens though, not because it's a dead end.

Z said...

Kris, thanks for coming by.
What bothers you about the Republican senators in this situation? I thought they were pretty forthcoming and showed a lot of legal knowledge...but I'm open to your take..thanks.

Also, I wondered what anybody thought of senators who aren't lawyers particularly on this committee; I'm one of those who'd like to see electricians and plumbers as senators (as Germany has, for example) and regret we have so many LAWYERS, but this senate hearing, it seems to me, should be conducted with questions by senators who do know and understand the law...and I thought they did.

Obviously, suddenly also on this committee, Franken knows nothing about the law but I have to admit, as sycophantic as he came off to Sotomayor, he did go against the advice of the WH not to bring up abortion, etc. (CNN said that, I DIDN'T)..HE DID ask. Bravo to him.

CNN cracks me up. Yesterday, I watched approx 30 min of Wolf Blitzer's 5 person panel. of whom was (drum roll here) A CONSERVATIVE!! But, he couldn't finish a was hilarious, Blitzer'd ask something and then start talking EVER SINGLE TIME.
Today? ALL Leftwingers..the Republican was dropped.

Ya, Ducky..maybe he was at the dentist and there weren't any other Reps around. That's probably it. :-)

Always On Watch said...

Islam in Mexico, all in Spanish

Z said...

AlwaysONWatch..where's FJ when we need him? xx

dmarks said...

Aztlan is a "Hispanic Nazi" movement, explicitly devoted to creating a sort of Latino homeland against the wishes of the people in the desired territory. They say they will achieve this by ethnically cleansing the native population.

I have looked into it, and have found La Raza condemning the Aztlanazis.

I see La Raza as a milder racist organization, rather like the NAACP. They push for quotas/preferences/goals where people of the "proper" race are promoted for skin color instead of qualifications.

Z said... raza isn't as radical as some, but it's known here in LA to be pretty darned radical; much more than the linked website here.
There are feelings amongst them that their rights trump or even equal those of naturalized or native Americans...that doesn't fly.
Nobody wants to hurt illegals; I know several who I'm sure are not legal who work in gardens,homes, etc., and they are some of THE sweetest people I've met, but it's ILLEGAL and La Raza has to learn that this is AMERICA...home of Latinos, Europeans and Americans who are LEGAL.

Z said...

...not that I thought you were sticking UP for anybody, DMark! Sorry about that, if it sounded like that.

Anonymous said...

Eh. Reading that info from La sounded like a victims club. Odd thing is, the members might agree!

We could all for a club for the different ways that we've been 'victimized' and claim that we need special treatment. Yuck!

Affirmative action is soooo 1990's.

I won't enjoy seeing her as our newest SC justice.