Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So many GREAT BLOGS, and...

More and more, I'm stumbling upon so many REALLY good blogs...it's devastating because I wish I had the time to read every one of them every single day. And, of course, I want their authors all HERE giving their input on whatever piece I hope to discuss. I love to see blogger friends at others' sites giving input I value and always see something good in. It's kind of a great CLUB, isn't it?

It gives me hope, it really does.........We have to put all this energy with which we blog ALSO into writing letters, making phone calls, going to Tea Parties, starting NEW groups (stay tuned..?), seeing to it that good Americans with traditional values get GOOD, CONSTITUTIONAL, SUCCESSFUL AMERICA back.

Maybe we can start helping America by welcoming the Democrats who don't want socialism (see Matt's story below) to our blogs for open discussion, trying to understand their viewpoints on other issues, really explaining our viewpoints better, with less bravado (that would include me, I KNOW)........

I wish Liberals would understand that Conservatives don't deserve the 'all or nothing' label so many in the media and so many of our liberal teachers and writers and pundits accuse us of. Because we're against illegal immigration does NOT mean we hate Mexicans! Because we are totally against the new health care overhaul does not mean we LIKE it that some Americans don't have any health care! Because we support the Second Amendment does NOT mean we want the Wild West back! Because one anti-abortion nut killed an abortion doctor does not mean we who support life condone that! You see where I'm going with this? I hope all our blogs will welcome both sides and that both sides keep it civil. It's TOUGH these days, I know, but a divided America isn't going to cut it. Conservatives should understand that Liberals do love America, they just see it differently than we do. We need to know most Liberals do support the constitution. I long for the days of the O'Neils and Moynihans who we knew and loved America and put her FIRST but only argued in the implementation.

Lincoln said this: "We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearth-stone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature." Amen.


Ducky's here said...

Wow, you been spending time over at Kos or Eschaton, z?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Z, you're quite correct. It's very tough to keep it civil sometimes. I enjoy some heated discussion as long as things don't turn into four-letter flame wars. And it's particularly difficult when you see that actual Conservatism really isn't embraced by the GOP anymore -- or very rarely -- and that, more and more, it's increasingly difficult to tell the difference between the packs of arrogance on BOTH sides of the aisle. You know, those who make laws for us "groundlings" and insist the first thing they do is EXEMPT THEMSELVES from damned near each and every piece of legislation.


Z said...

Ducky....you know me better than that! And, really, as if Kos or whatever the other one is (never heard of it) would expound THIS kind of thinking!? I WISH, right? :-)

BZ...I saw Sen Grassley speak this morning and thought "My life's in his hands, oh (*&(#*& " ...
Of course, I think of that every SINGLE time I see Pelosi.

Opus #6 said...

Z, good point. I remember the time when, post 9/11, we were all together as Americans. I know we are countrymen. I hope we can all pitch in to stop this socialst/marxist train from going over the cliff.

Great blog, I am now following your site.

RaDena said...

You make a really good point, Z. Of course not all liberals are far left, and not all Democrats are nutjobs, as some of the Blue Dog Democrats have already proven, but I don't believe the far-left loves America. If they do, then they are the type of people who destroy what they love. They are the one's I have a problem with, and one of them is in the comment section of this post!

Miss T.C. Shore said...

Excellent post.

There are times I wish I was a contributor to a blog rather than running my own blog. I know that I occasionally have some good ideas and a different take on the days topics, but there are also times I get worn out trying to keep my own blog timely and up to date.

Anyway, I enjoy yours. It's an inspiration and has given me much food for thought.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I see me moving out of the political spectrum as each day passes by. I have seriously not watched television or have even bothered checking the news online, and have also been negligent in visiting blogs.

Liberals just tend to make decisions based on their emotions. No wonder Obama is screwed up in the head.

"Oh! Isn't Obama such a great orator!"

"Yeah, but so was Hitler."

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Talking about "Great Blogs", I'm on one right now!

namaste said...

great post, z. there's no hope for the far left democrats. i ignore them. i recently told a far left "friend" of mine (he has an irrational hatred towards sarah palin) that arguing with him his like arguing with a chair.

but as far as engaging in dialogue the more rational thinkers on both sides of the aisle, you couldn't be more right.

An American that cares! said...

Give em hell my good friends.

Tom said...

Great post, Z!

Just because we disagree on the method doesn't mean we don't have the same goal.

Brooke said...

Good post, but I don't think that most liberals even see America as anything but a commie nation anymore.

How do we can we be friends with that?

M.A. said...

I used to think that conservatives and liberals wanted the same thing for America, but just had different ways to get there.

Over the last year, this outlook has been shattered, because I don't think the two sides want the same things anymore. It's frightening.

Always On Watch said...

After the November election, a lot of bloggers shut down.

But you're right, Z. There are many, many good blogs out there. No way to make complete blog rounds every day!

Always On Watch said...

Also, I've noticed a surge in anti-BHO blogs and posts. A bit of a groundswell against him, I think.

Z said...

Brooke, I think the far left is a totally lost cause, Centrist Dems aren't.....The difference I FEEL between the two sides is this:

FEELINGS and FACTS. Who can argue with people who feel we need protection, the poor need to be cared for, the hungry to be fed...Lovely sentiments, right? So, they want to 'law' us into safety, into conservation, into better behavior, kindness, etc etc? They think laws work better..people can't be really trusted.

FEELINGS...it's nice to think EVERYBODY will have health care! It's another thing when the FACTS are that America can't afford it and any universal healthcare will destroy our good medical care in this country..that's just a fact.
FEELINGS are that it's nice that the very rich will pay for the poor! FACTS are that isn't NEARLY enough money and we nEED the rich to own business which employ, pay taxes, etc. To say nothing of the fact that it's not fair; America's about success! Encouraging success in our children is a good thing, not a thing to be discounted and demeaned as if that makes you a CAPITALIST PIG like only our very rich celebs seem to like to do, anyhow.........

You all could do a far better job than I with this list....start one here! Facts/Feelings...

My point is that I can't blame people who hate war, or hate that there are hungry Americans, etc.!!...but the FACT is that Conservatives don't like war and hate for people to be hungry, too! We just want to handle it differently.

On Matt's blog (Matt Rose, the fellow who is now not supporting Obama, see the post 2 down from this one), he said I HATE WAR.
WHO LIKES WAR? If we asked him if he'd approve of American soldiers standing up to bad guys to protect his kids, I'm sure he'd say YES!

anyway......fire away, folks....you think ALL DEMOCRATS are a lost cause of just far leftwingers?

Opus, I don't 'technically' follow, but I sure will be coming by Opus, trust me..GREAT blog you have there..and thanks.

Dude..man, thanks..Your rants are PRIMO!

EVERYBODY ELSE?: You're all exactly the kind of GREAT BLOGGERS i admire and respect so much.
Heck, I hate to get corny here, but even not knowing most of you, I kinda REALLY REALLY Like a lot of you, too. We become friends through this weird world, don't we. Let's face it, you and I probably know more about eachothers' character than we do our doctor's or our neighbor's or even some friends; because we talk IMPORTANT ISSUES...we KNOW our values, our goals, our love for America, right? That puts us on a great basis to be pretty fond of each other; we know such important things about each other, I think.

End of corniness! (Ptui!) but I MEAN it!!

DaBlade said...

It is tough for me to keep it civil in cyberspace because I get sick and tired of biting my tongue in the real world. I take more the attitude that liberalism must be defeated in both political parties, not accomodated. Too many folks have been conditioned to think of the role of government as their nanny. Love your blog. Top of the roll!

Pamela D. Hart said...

Z: Kudos to you. I like having Liberals on my blog, because I enjoy the diversity of opinions. It also assists me to see things in a different light and it helps keep me educated. We don't always agree, but we try to be respectful of each other's views. We have a few trolls to deal with now and again, so it does get interesting!

christian soldier said...

Z-you know my take-
The Dark Side (Lucifer) has pawns and some can -via education- be led to the truth of freedom...
A little opposition research is good :-)

Anonymous said...

Great post Z. To answer your question, absolutely I don't think all demorats are a lost cause, and I certainly would hope that they don't that of conservatives.

I think, for the most part, that these two sides of the debate are more likely to say, we want the same things, but different ways to get there.

Conservatives are more likely to say, freedom in choices as individuals tend to influence where we end up. If we respect that concept we have to accept the results of that concept, and realize that for the most part the overwhelming majority of the people end up in a pretty good place.

Democrats, or lberals, seem to me to believe that government can be the balm that eases the way or buoys up the less fortunate, or more importantly, those who have made downright destructive or wrong choices. Although most democrats I know personally, aren't willing to sacrifice their autonomy, or freedom to accomplish this.

As a conservative, and one who, along with Mr. Pris, have made many sacrifices in our personal lives along the way, in order to ultimately succeed, and avoid being a burden on our children in later years. We believe in tough love, and individual responsibility.

I do believe in a safety net for those who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in dire straits.

I don't believe that we are responsible for people who refuse to accept responsibility for themselves, or claim victimhood because it's convenient to do so.

This is just my opinion. I can't opine for democrats, except for my perception above. I'm sure if I'm off base, I'll hear about it.

P.S. Ducky is outside this loop as far as I'm concerned, he's too far gone.



There are good blogs and great blogs...then there is your blog...which is SUPER COOL!

I am hopeful we can get some seats back in 2010. This is where the GOP needs to focus. 2012 is still way down the road.

Z said...

Thanks again, everyone...Conservative Flix..thank you VERY much.

Pris, Pamela, CS, DaBlade...I hope that good discussions between reasonable people on both sides help.

Pris, excellent overview, thanks!

Pamela, I like having Dems here for that reason; Plus, I don't want to be a conservative echo chamber....though I LOVE the different slants so many Conservatives have on things and the HUMOR with which a lot of them say it..or the sharp perceptions, ironies, etc. Fantastic stuff. The whole mix works so well sometimes.

WomanHonorThyself said...

great post Z..I havent stumbled across any civil libs yet however..lol

Radio Man said...

I don't know, Z. One day when all of our property is seized, our businesses ruined and our liberties demolished, I for one will take no solace in exclaiming I gave it all up with civility.

I say less civility and more meathooks!

Radio Man

Z said...

Radio Man..Hi (email me, please!)

I'm not saying 'roll over and play dead'......I just think we can convince more leftwingers to see things differently if we listen more openly....and maybe we'll learn a little something, too......easier to understand?

You know me better than that: I'll fight far lefties till the end, TRUST ME!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Radio Man,
I think most people live pretty conservative lives, yet many don't vote that way.

How are we to persuade some of those folks if we just discount them? I'm not planning on giving up anything in the name of civility, except some time, and discussion.

I know quite a few democrats, as I'm out and about, who are as alarmed as we are. They're not all loons like Ducky.

There's nothing wrong with trying to use the power of persuasion. We're all in the same boat, and we'll make more progress if we're rowing in the same direction.

The tea parties I've attended had people of all stripes, I know because I've talked with them. Don't worry Radio Man, we have our eye on the prize.

We'll save the meathooks as a last resort!


dmarks said...

Ducky: Kos is not a thinking-person's blog. The first time I really went over there was when I heard them make the claim that Sarah Palin had radically cut special needs funding in Alaska.

The budget facts showed she increased the funding by more than 10%.

Kos just told a flat-out lie, and never retrated it. They just pull numbers from thin air and hope the lies stick.

Not a "great blog" at all.

Jess said...

Z, I think that our writing is important, I think it has to continue. A lot of people out there have had their eyes opened by those of us in the blogosphere. We've got to continue to our last breath. Keep up the good work my friend!

Susannah said...

I've found the same thing, Z. I LOVE it, too!

Duck, the funny thing is, conservatives tend to NOT be the ones who write blogs, protest, march in the streets. That's usually the stomping ground of libs. The fact that we're getting into the game like this is VERY telling!!!

Go get 'em folks!