Saturday, July 11, 2009

Carol at Christian Soldier Blog has such an amazing article over there....regarding Sotomayor. Go check it out......the Left's back at it..........but, this time, it isn't Joe the Plumber, just the same punishment.
And YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT OBAMA SAID in AFRICA! Pardon the language in the post link, but, HAVE to check it out...HERE!! (I mean, it just can't be TRUE!)
(And then, tell me what kind of vacationer you are (below!) Enjoy the comments!)


Anonymous said...

What?!! Is he kidding?

While Obama and his administration trample all over the constitution, confiscate private companies, industries, and taxpayers money, lie on a regular basis to the American people, and generally promote the administration's thugocracy?

He's lecturing Africa basically, on the premise of, "don't do as I do, do as I say"!

This man has no shame, but I guess at this point, nothing should surprise us.


Z said...

But WE DON'T MEDDLE, DO we!! NO NO, we don't MUSLIM AFFAIRS, but we SURE DO meddle when we don't like what's going on, Priscilla, right?!!
And, when hypocrisy is the name of THE ONE's day.


Always On Watch said...

In that link about what BHO said in Africa, Pastorius let fly -- he was that angry.

Z said...

He OUGHT to be 'that angry'..everyone in America should be.

RaDena said...

Obama speaketh sh*t because he beith a sh*thead... and that's the truth!

shoprat said...

I read what Obama said with some disbelief. End the corruption in Africa and bring it to America.

MK said...

Frank Ricci is the new Joe Plumber ey. Typical of the left, they always go after the small targets, but a bunch of bullies and thugs.

Whatever you do lefties, you can't change the fact that your nominee is a racist, just accept it and get on with it.

Jan said...

Yeah, Z, he said it, and while I was listening to his words, I think I could actually feel my blood pressure rising!

Such hypocrisy!

And speaking of that, where are the sacrifices he and his family and administration are making?

Who is paying the expense incurred with all the family sight-seeing excursions which include the mother-in-law and godmother, and goodness knows who else?

I just read where the Dallas police are cutting the drive-bys at President Bush's home, in order to save 300,000 dollars a year.

That dinner date with his wife in New York the other day, cost a bit more than that, didn't it?

Sorry for the rant, but I get so incensed when I see this happening over and over.