Monday, July 20, 2009

“Hide nothing from the masses of our people?" Why are you hiding?

You'll want to read this HERE and maybe send the information around. (New Zealand had to tell us this, of course)

THIS is the kind of person, an avowed Communist, that Mr. Obama has in the White House advising him. This is the kind of input he's getting. I think we all should be informed about all the czars and people they say "have his ear", don't you? Here's a highlight from the article linked above: "The communist organization Van Jones went on to lead was called Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM).

Returning to Van Jones, with all the shimmer associated with a rising star, many forget that a man now advising the president was a member of a revolutionary organization in the SF Bay Area called STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement). Throughout the group’s history, Van Jones was seen as a public figure within the Bay Area left and a leading member of STORM.

STORM had its roots in a grouping of people of color organizing against he Gulf War in the early 1990’s and was formally founded in 1994. The group’s politics had a number of influences, but evolved towards what could be best characterized as third worldist Marxism (and an often vulgar Maoism). The group grew in influence until its disbanding in 2002 amid problems of internal dynamics and especially controversy around the leadership roles that members played in the youth movement (such as the fight against Proposition 21). Nearly the entire membership of the organization was staff members for various social movement non-profits in the Bay Area, many linked to the Ella Baker Center, which Van Jones steered.

This man himself, Van Jones, says "Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures. Claim no easy victories....Our experience has shown us that in the general framework of daily struggle this battle against ourselves, this struggle against our own the most difficult of all."

I'm starting to wonder if he or Mr. Obama would include US in "the masses of 'our people'..." because we're sure not getting the truth or having people listen to us.

"Tell no lies"? But, your new job, Mr. Jones, is a position about "GREEN JOBS"...your ilk doesn't even invite opposing views regarding CLIMATE CHANGE to symposiums! Or, maybe that's your idea of "mask no difficulties..."? KEEP THEM OUT. Is THIS the 'battle against' yourselves? Is this your 'weakness'?

Please, don't let it become America's.

This article is from New Zealand, of course. And DARNED if Wikipedia left off some of the info. about Mr. Van....Isn't that a coincidence? (ya, right)


Z said...

Sorry, Ducky, just plain felt like deleting you for a change: I woke up this morning and didn't feel like putting up with your anticapitalist harangues...
I know it's rough to address THE POSTS but please do.

shoprat said...

Tell no lies unless the truth interferes with the revolution.

Never let mere facts get in the way of the truth. Many leftist philosophy and political science teachers.

Radio Man said...

Isn't it time socialism is declared the criminal enterprise it is? Isn't it time that professors and others who advocate for sinsiter socialism be ostricized and removed from their jobs? Isn't it time socialist media incompetents are fired and replaced with genuine professionals?

Most of all, isn't it time that we held Nuremburg style trials for the crimes against humanity committed by untold numbers of Marxist criminals? Why have none of these people ever been held to account?

How much more of this crap are you going to take?

Let's face it, our country is nearly lost. Even most conservatives aren't really free market advocates (another word for liberty and protection of private property). Most conservatives I know don't understand their own principles - threaten their social security entitlement and watch them cry like the babies they are.

Quit treating socialists as anything other than the human scum they are. Their point of view does not merit any consideration beyond your deepest contempt.

Socialism is not some viable political alternative, it is a crime.

Kill it before it grows!

Radio Man

Maggie M. Thornton said...

This appointment is just one more step for Obama. He's taken many in such a short time. Hilda Solis (Labor) falls in to the communist-socialist-loving category. There's Susan Rice at the UN - globalist and socialist. Now Sotomayor. Van Jones has a violent arrest record and he is no where close to the main stream. The good thing for us, being Green in the Extreme, is also becoming out of the main stream. Americans are catching on.

My biggest hope right now is that we can defeat Cap and Trade and the Democrat Health Care. It will be a huge and crippling blow to the administration.

I had no idea how STORM was founded. Thanks!

RaDena said...

Good morning, Z.

The appointment of this "Czar" is just another Obamination. There are so many of them! The only transparency Obama has brought to the White House is the fact that we can see right through him. I truly do wish the people hadn't been so mesmerized by his smile and his BS!

Z said...

Maggie, I'm hearing they're threatening small business if they don't go along with health care; I'm hearing about cutting funding for aortal surgery in people in their sixties when the stats who it puts people back on their feet, feeling very well and strong, for years. We HAVE to stop this bill.
Funny, Obama shuns SCARE TACTICS but is SURE using scare tactics, isn't he "If we don't do it NOW"
What's the "NOW" about?
Let's READ THE DAMNED BILL, not be fooled.'re so right.

Hey, Radio Man! So good to have you here...Doesn't this all make you SO MAD? We are putting up with SUCH AMAZING STUFF in this country lately...ALL in the name of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and all because we've weakened our voters into wanting freebies. "To hell with the constitution" is the new mantra. We should have bumper stickers made with that on this:


Maggie...Americans aren't paying attention that avowed communists are welcome to the WH and paid for their 'expertise'.

Z said...

Good morning, RaDena....
Have you read how many are SUCH far leftwingers? And their accountability is to HIM?

Remember when the lefties said Bush had too much power? This is HILARIOUS. At least Bush's TOO MUCH POWER had our safety at heart

Anonymous said...

America didn't arrive at its present condition by accident. It was a long time in development "educating" the population to the wonders of socialism — a system that has failed abysmally wherever it has been tried. From the National Socialism of Hitler's Germany, to the Stalinist Bolsheviks of Soviet Russia, to the supposedly more benign type of Welfare State Socialism that has been tried in most western countries and shown useless.

That a President of America would pretend that socialism that he advocates is some sort of workable wave of the future is laughable. Only a Harvard graduate like himself would fall for idiocy — simply because he is too stupid to see that what he has bought is a crock of crap. Too bad that the media cheerleaders that instead of practicing journalism as as some sort of honorable craft instead show their similar type of stupidity by cheering instead of honestly criticizing his administration — but then the New York Times has for too long been socialistically sympathetic — at least since the time of giving Walter Duranty prominent front page space to propagate his Stalinst sympathies.


Maggie M. Thornton said...

From what I know about the latest bill, Seniors are still target. As O imderstamd ot. few to no preventative care is offered.

The NOW is his strategy of manufactured crises. The faster he can get it done, the less time we have to know about the bill. It has nothing to do with bankrupting the Nation, as he claims. If bankruptcy was the problem, he would be listening to Democrats.

Small business will be penalized or charged right out business. I understand there will be no experimental testing or treatment - so how does medicine advance to the next step? The National Coordinator of Health Info Technology will track our medical "conditions." Forget your doctor should be the only one able to do this.

I have no hope for the House, but I do have for the Senate. Perhaps I'm being too optimistic.

Z said...

Waylon, it started with Cronkite, really. Americans believe a GOOD VOICE, a NICE SMILE. On TV, I just saw a picture of Lyndon Johnson having a cup of coffee and watching Cronkite on television turning Americans against VietNam...They fell for it, he fell for it, too.
I'm getting info that Cronkite was a one world order, big UN believer...he didn't hide it but we were sleeping and trusted that he had capitalism and our constitution at heart. what a joke.

You are SO right;
For years, I've said "We thought WE won the Cold War, but they just put their missiles down and went into our classrooms.." And, of course, Kruschev HAD promised us that, hadn't he.

What do you think of our new health bill? As a Canadian??xxx thanks

Z said...

Maggie: it's NOT going to pass. I just don't think so.
If it had a bigger chance, Obama wouldn't be so desperate about "Before Summer break"
He knows what'll happen when the senators go home and, maybe actually READ it, or listen to their constituents.
Or listen to the small business owners who have written letters...One talk show host said there are half a million letters written already.

Always On Watch said...

Coinkidinky! I included mention of Van Jones in my post today. I didn't have the comprehensive info you linked to, though. Kudos!

Z said...

Always, that is UNbelievable..I'd never even heard of Van Jones till this weekend and you talked about him in your excellent post, too. Thanks for getting me over to read it; it is SO IMPORTANT.

I want to bow to AMERICA not what Obama's got planned for us. But, I guess, if one doesn't LOVE AMERICA, one just doesn't GET IT. And, oh, will our country suffer with a president who taught constitutional law but doesn't understand the constitution.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Cronkite was a elite weasel. I finally posted on him today. He is THE example for what happens when one man speaks for America.

Of course, back then, I guess there were few choices, and virtually no way to do your own research (at least for the ordinary person).

Anonymous said...

"I'm hearing about cutting funding for aortal surgery in people in their sixties when the stats who it puts people back on their feet, feeling very well and strong, for years. We HAVE to stop this bill."

What better way to rid society of those of us who know best, what it is to be free and who resist efforts to deny us that freedom, than to deny us the care we need as we age.

We, more than any others are the ones who pass on American history and love of America to our young.

Buried in the healthcare bill is a provision to require elderly patients to have "end of life" counseling every five years.

I believe it's really an evaluation of the patient and the cost effectiveness (and inconvenience) of keeping us alive. As Obama said the other day, "just give them pain medication".

Gee thanks Mr. President. Throw us under the bus with your own grandma! My kids and grandchild don't think of me as a "typical white person".

This train is speeding down the track, steamrolling us into the oblivion of 'once was'. We can fight or surrender. Let's fight! For our children, we have to.

Radio Man has it right, kill it before it grows.


Z said...

PRIS! I thought the very SAME THING the other day "Sure, kill the conservative Americans who don't agree with YOU, OBAMA" I swear, I did.
And yes, I heard a young woman on FOX defending the "five year consultation"...Can you imagine? "So, Mr. Jones, do you REALLY like living THAT much that you don't mind a six month chemo protocol which could give you another ten years? Well, do you know what you're doing to your body with chemo? Do want to make your loved ones worry about how you'll react to it?" Imagine?

This idiot leftwinger girl said "But, we want people to know all their options...families don't discuss this!" DISCUSS EUTHANASIA when someone's still WELL? You're darned right we don't.
This makes Dr Kevorkian sound like Richard SIMMONS!

heidianne jackson said...

what an excellent post, z - par usual. interesting that wiki missed so much. i'm going to update that post with the missing information, i'll let you know if wiki allows the info to stand.

just one question what is "an unemployed rights group"? what rights of employment do the unemployed have?

btw, i have personally written three letters to members of congress as a small business owner. the senate is my only hope of defeating this idiocy - even after they passed the "hate crimes" bill i'm remaining optimistic. for just the reasons you listed. also, as a sbo, i have received four phone calls about the health care bill - one from the rnc, one from nfib (both against it) and one from rock the vote and one from "the president's task force" for something about improving the quality of healthcare in america. huh? anyway the last two calls were definitely FOR the plan and i hung up on both of them after giving each an earful.

disgusting is still the best word that comes to mind. he is filling his realm with czars so he can do as he damned well pleases with no regard to right or the constitution or even the best interest of those he purports to help. it's about power, plain and simple.

but one more question - if america has no money any more, where will he get his money to sustain his power? china's already saying no more...

Zack R said...

Brilliant work, Z-- leave it to you to dig up and emphasize this, which has been drastically undercovered.

Anonymous said...

Z, for the socialistically inclined government provided health care is part of the agenda. It's interesting that Obama can find some Obots in the health care system that are sympathetic to his agenda. In Canada more people support it and it is almost sacrilege to be against Medicare here. But there are plenty of horror stories from those working within the system and from those that have come face to face with the problems in how it is applied.
I don't really have any personal horror stories to relate, and I've recently had some up close and personal experience with the system, having a detached retina repaired and then having cataract surgery procedure done. My experience was first rate.

But the long waits in doctors' offices are standard procedure and quite frustrating. So in this respect Medicare is not free and the wait times are also part of the cost. Com,paring doctors to dentists who are not under a similar plan, there is a huge difference — I never have to wait for a dental appointment and the dentist sees you at the appointed time — at least in my experience.

It seems strange that America, given its founding ideals that politicians come along and have gained a sympathetic audience for it — but public education does wonders in bending minds, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Obama has a predilection for people with sordid or dubious histories.

Anonymous said...

Yep. We're on the same wavelength.
I, being the cynic that I am, believe the counselling provision is not so much for "counselling" but a way for the "counsellor" to size us up and justify not approving whatever healthcare we may need.

I guess that leftwinger girl doesn't have parents or grandparents? Or doesn't plan on getting old herself?

I don't know Z, I'm beginning to wonder how soon euthanasia will be a government option and eventually a requirement. Can Soylent Green be very far away?


Z said...

My friend Mike alerted me to this article and found more to show you, like Always has at her site; I wish more people would get to read it and he's glad I posted it so that could happen...
Would that the information you good bloggers find was seen by the American people.

Thanks, sis has the same experience in Canada; but, thankfully, she hasn't had anything major to contend with. I'm glad your eye's okay now.

Most Americans just can't believe what's happening and I feel the senate won't allow this to happen. It's mostly the LIES that upset me...that we can keep private insurance, when a MORON would realize it won't EXIST soon after this take over... lies that there won't be rationed care, etc.

if you all could have seen the look on the pretty young Obama worker on FOX the other night, so SNIDELY smirking at Laura Ingraham for not agreeing that the elderly ought to have 'consultations' every five years advising them to 'their options' was CHILLING.

OBOTS is a great term, Waylon. I hadn't heard that before.

Tony C said...

I only take exception with one point in the comments thread, Cronkite was truly calling it like it was in Vietnam. He didn't create the mess there...our leaders did.

Great discussion and very insightful post Z. I'd like to hear more about Cronkite's belief in one world order.

christian soldier said...

In other words-he's a 'community organizer'!!!

christian soldier said...

We are talking about Van Jones-and not Cronkite...correct? one wants to get me started on Cronkite and the loss of lives of our BEST because of his 'reporting' on the Vietnam War

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Z, Obots, is indeed a great term. I guess more Americans need to learn to speak Canadian, eh?

Seriously, though, I came across that word in a link from the WSJ some time ago, and I thought is was pretty damned ingenious.


cube said...

These people are all about lies. But I guess if you pound the table hard enough, you can deny any lie in the world. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Leticia said...

Unfortunately, there are still people out there that love and idolize BHO. Until their eyes are opened, we are in for a lot of more trouble.

I am afraid for my job, because it is a small business, we are three in the office and there is no way my boss could afford to provide insurance for me and the other worker.

I would be worried, if I were a small business owner, this could be the end of their careers and dreams.

heidianne jackson said...

leticia said "Unfortunately, there are still people out there that love and idolize BHO. Until their eyes are opened, we are in for a lot of more trouble."

how right you are, leticia, but how do we open their eyes? i know several who are in that camp and the other thing they all have in common is that they all believe jimmy carter was a great president and that history (apparently some far off history) will prove that we idiots who lived through his presidency misjudged him. how do we combat this stuff?

and yes, i am a small business owner and i'm scared for my company even though i'm quite busy at this moment...

Z said...

Everyone; we have to DO SOMETHING.

If you haven't WRITTEN OR CALLED you're part of the problem (uhh...that includes me, by the way, I'll admit..I have signed a web petition or two but I want to address MORE SENATORS than only my two empty headed Californians who might be stupid but at least you'd think they loved this country enough to WAKE UP to this bill's atrociousness..fat chance)

Leticia, good luck, honey....I'm hearing TONS of small business owners who are shaking in their shoes; it's just too big a burden.
Heidianne, good that you're so busy! We've just got to GET TO WORK and STOP this!


uM...Remember when Geo Bush Sr said that and what happened? ya, I thought so.

heidianne jackson said...

interestingly enough, i have edited that article three times and saved the changes dutifully. i have been certain to post the sources and all pertinent information about the changes i've made. and nothing. the changes never show. this is a protected page for some reason (gee i wonder what that could be) and i cannot save any changes. sheesh. talk about controlling the information outflow...

Z said...

Heidianne, that's WILD.
And, have you (or anybody else who's reading this) noticed how MANY ARTICLES DISAPPEAR?

They're a headline on Yahoo one minute and you send it to somebody and it's GONE!

The one I sent you and Pris via email about the Taliban and OUR bending over backwards to NOT OFFEND THEM completely disappeared.
It happens about 80% more than it did when Bush was in .....I find that odd.

beamish said...



They actually said "we won't raze your taxes."

Z said...

Ya, Beamish....well put...
sad, but true!
They could RAZE my taxes ANY day!! :-)