Monday, July 27, 2009

The Phantom is angry!

I got this from a friend this morning and wanted to share it with you:

Z: I woke up this morning and I am so upset with Congress and this Obama Healthcare Disaster I could hardly sleep last night. What I am really upset with is the American public. When are they going to say enough is enough? Where are the baby boomers, out golfing or fishing? Where is AARP, I thought they had horse power? This to me is just nonsense. How about a few common sense items? Leave the damn healthcare system alone as it is, it is the best in the world and works for most of us. If you want to help the 47,000,000 non-insured people and all the illegal aliens, then spend your time and money on creating a new system for them. There was a system created for the veterans of the military, so expand this system or create a parallel system. You could call it Medicare clinic and hospitals systems. Keep the damn illegal aliens out of my hospital emergency room, let them go to a special clinic built and operated by the Federal Government. Sure they deserve health care of some level, but I pay $1,230 a month for mine. I am willing to continue to pay this monthly amount. I worked hard my entire adult life and this is one of the perks for working hard, you get a better level of care. Why is this simple concept so hard for people to understand???? Take the billions and billion of dollars to be allocated for a restructuring and create a new health system to address that portion that has a problem, don't bring a good system down to help the masses and average things out.

Another idea, nobody wants to go to medical school and come out $250,000 in debt and then get destroyed because the cost of insurance and business goes up every year and the income from Medicaid and Medicare is not adjusted. So, make a deal with motivated people; the government will pay for your medical school, you will owe nothing when you get out, but you will be required to work 5 years at a decent salary in one of the Medicaid clinics or Medicaid hospitals. I guess something along those lines is just too creative and logical.

Everyone in this country is suffering because Congress has no financial discipline and gave out credit left and right to people to purchase a home and a disproportionate number of those people simply were not credit worthy. People had phantom equity, so they went out and took out second mortgages. Prices fell and people walked away, leaving the tax payers again to pay the bill. Congress screwed up with Fannie Mae and Freddy Mack, then we pay the bill to clean up the mess. What is wrong with this picture? The people that created the mess need to step up and be accountable. Every time I see that horse's ass Barney Frank on the television I start looking for a brick to throw. Seems like Canada is not having a housing melt down and credit problems. Just makes me sick how the American public sits back and takes this. People have no concept of what a Trillion dollars is. It happens to be over 10% of our GNP and the day is approaching when the U.S. will not even be able to pay the interest on all of this debt. Mr. Z knows a little about the consequences of turning on the printing presses, as they did in Germany.

The end of the story is simple; Obama is and always will be a radical liberal and he got elected because he is a rock star, not a rocket scientist. Naturally, the republicans had a great chance for tort reform under Bush and did nothing so the legal system is still out of control and part of the high cost of medical service in this country. Bush was a train wreck in my humble opinion. Unless this country gets term limits and until there is a balanced budget we are on the path of disaster and in my humble opinion the end is now in sight. I wonder how Ted Kennedy would have fared under Obama's new plan? 465 pages to the plan and they are trying to pass it before anyone reads it.

There are endless stories about Bernard Madoff and his ponzie scheme. Congress is running the biggest ponzie scheme in the world, they were just smart enough to pass laws to allow them to do it. Makes me ill to watch what is happening to this country. I have been writing letters to all the people in Government here in the state of Washington, but it is all for not. There is not a creative thinker in congress, just a bunch of bastards with law degrees who think they are smart. Signed, The Phantom

Z: Well, Phantom, I agree with everything you say, which is why I asked if I could publish this here. I will add, however, that the number of uninsured includes at least 12 million ILLEGALS, so that's to be considered. Regarding AARP, GREAT point.....WHERE are they when you consider that one part of the bill will make a law saying government people will come to the homes of the elderly every 5 years to advise about 'options' in your later healthcare...if you're old and need cancer therapy, "have you thought of just riding it out with pain killers and no chemo or radiation? Those are expensive and you're so old you'll die soon, anyway." AARP goes for THAT or any mutation of that? And, by the way, I know a LOT of doctors who came out of med school with huge debt and they're rich right now, so that story's getting a bit old and needn't be dwelt upon, either.............but, I'm not averse to your idea at all. Some of my readers will find this too liberal; Comment away, folks...The Phantom can take it ! What do you all think of his ideas and opinions? Thanks, readers... and thanks, Phantom!



Sue said...

GREAT post, Phantom. Thanks for sharing, Z.

I read somewhere last night about AARP going along with this madness and became livid. Guess I will be canceling my membership. What are they doing for me??? Yeah, it sounds like the elderly are becoming a fiscal liability.

I am telling you, we are living in the beginning of some very scary times if this country doesn't wake up and take control back from the socialist morons in Washington. (Oh and let's not forget the status quo...anything goes...Republicans there too!)

Thank God some of the BD Dems are finally listening to their people back home!

This post really set me is much too late in the evening for my blood pressure to be up! LOL

Mark said...

Z, I wrote to my two State Senators, Mark Warner, and Jim Webb. Warner replied by reassuring me that he is not in favor of a single payer health care system. He sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders. I don't know how he will vote, but I think he will vote the way he thinks is best despite his party. Webb, on the other hand replied with the same old tired lies his party has been propagating.

This is the e-mail he sent me:

Dear Mr. xxxxx:

Thank you for contacting me regarding health care reform. I appreciate your taking the time to share your views.

As you know, addressing the health care crisis in our country is a top priority for me and my colleagues in Congress. There are 47 million Americans without health insurance and millions more who are underinsured. Health care costs currently consume more than $2 trillion per year and are estimated to reach over $4 trillion by 2017, jeopardizing family budgets and the long term financial stability of our system. Despite these huge expenditures, the United States ranks 42nd in the world in life expectancy, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and our health care system ranks lower than many countries on quality, access, efficiency, equity, and preventative care. We must improve the value and availability of care while addressing the increasing burden health care costs are placing on American families.

With my support, the U.S. Senate passed legislation this year to expand the Children’s Health Insurance Program (H.R. 2). This important bill will ensure continued health insurance coverage for the 6.6 million children from low-income families currently enrolled in the program nationwide, and provide coverage for an additional 4.1 million uninsured children. In addition, I supported passage of the bipartisan American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (H.R. 1), which will help modernize our health system by providing funding for health information technology infrastructure and incentives to encourage doctors and hospitals to use electronic health records. These investments will help reduce costly medical errors and generate savings through improvements in the quality of care and care coordination.

While these measures are helpful, there remains a critical need for comprehensive change that will advance the type of systemic health care reform that is essential to our nation and all Americans. I will continue to work with members from both sides of the aisle to achieve this objective. I believe that everyone in this country should have access to health insurance that is affordable, that provides adequate coverage, and that is always available. We can do this by producing better information regarding treatment, promoting health and preventing disease, and creating incentives so that all Americans can receive quality health care. We should also closely examine the role that health insurance companies play on the rising costs of health insurance in this country.

As the Senate continues to debate health care reform, please be assured that your views will be very helpful to me and my staff. I hope that you will continue to share your views with us in the years ahead.

I would also invite you to visit my website at for regular updates about my activities and positions on matters that are important to Virginia and our nation.
Jim Webb
United States Senator

Mark said...

So, I wrote back to Senator Webb. This is what I wrote:

Senator Webb,

The oft quoted figure that 47 million Americans do not have health insurance is a lie.

Approximately 10-12 million of those 47 million are illegal aliens. They are not citizens and so, don't count. They should be sent back to their own countries instead of gumming up our health care systems.

Many of those 47 million make enough money to afford their own health care, and do not choose to have insurance.

Many of those 47 million are young people who are healthy and don't see a need for health insurance so they don't buy it, even though they can afford it.

We logical thinking Americans do not want you expanding the Governments intrusion into our private lives. We want you to leave us alone to live our lives the way we know is best for us and our families.

Please vote against any health care plan that violates our Constitutional right to self government, or rest assured, that you will be looking for new employment after the next Senatorial election. We, the people of the United States, will not stand for tyranny.

Respectfully hoping you will see the light,


I urge all freedom loving Americans of any party to write and/or call your Senators and respectfully ask them to vote no on Obamacare.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much agree. It's that free medical school courtesy of the government that I don't like.

The government doesn't offer anything without strings attached. There would probably be 500 pages of regulations attached to that subsidy.

I do agree with tort reform. That would make a big difference in cutting costs. The talk of tort reform in all this debate in Washington, is non existent. In fact the silence on this is deafening.

Other than that, I say, leave us alone. Health care is our problem. It always has been. We don't need the government to complicate an already difficult problem. One size cannot fit all.

I still believe we were better off with no insurance. The medical industry had to compete. Doctors had to compete with each other, and the market set the costs. And, we never knew anyone who didn't have a doctor, or who couldn't get care.
There were clinics for the indigent.

We, as families, prioritized and saved money for emergencies. If it was needed, we took out a loan. Doctors accepted payments. I can't see that we're better off today.

We bought houses, or cars we could afford, and didn't go into hock to impress our neighbors, or buy our kids expensive clothes with the "right" logo on them.

Insurance has led to abuse, raised costs and has made us lazy and dependent. Government help, has made us lazy and dependent.

There is no free lunch. The cost we pay for government help, is freedom. For me, that is too high a cost.


Z said...

Sue, glad you liked the post; Phantom's a good friend, and smart, and successful...I'm glad he allowed me to publish this.
It sure does make a good conservative riled up when we read these words, doesn't it.
And yes, the elderly are definitely a fiscal AWFUL, how unAmerican, how unkind and thuggish..despicable. And OH, the stories about Michelle Obama and Axelrod and their little hospital plan...she earned a huge amount and, guess what....she left and they never had to hire her replacement...Imagine?

Mark, GOOD JOB! WE ALL HAVE TO DO THAT. Yes, Webb sounds like a cookie cutter guy who's espousing party banality, not really standing UP.... Sounds like he DEFINITELY hasn't read the bill, right?
GOOD for Warner! I don't know much about either of them but I'm glad you wrote them.

Pris, I agree; those were the days, weren't they. And nobody went without health care, you're so right.

Z said...

Mark? I just looked them up: As you know, Warner's the Republican and Webb's your Dem, right? That makes everything very clear.
I have Boxer and Feinsteinn..imagine? Horrible. AND WAXMAN...UGH!

Mark said...

No, Z, both are Democrats. Webb used to be a Republican, believe it or not. He was Reagan's (or Bush 41's) Secretary of the Navy. He has a great war record, but somewhere along the line he lost his way.

Warner is a moderate Democrat. he once was the Governor of Virginia, and he did a pretty good job as Governor, from what my wife, a lifelong Virginian (I am a transplant), tells me. His opponent in the last election was also a Governor and apparently nearly bankrupted the state, which would explain why he lost to Warner.

Anonymous said...

I know what the veteran's administration sent my husband one day.
It was a nice long sheet of paper wanting to know if he owned a house, what his bank accounts were, did he have other insurance policies, did he have any retirement accounts, any other real estate, and so on.

This , was for treatment at the VA medical center.

They claimed they needed this information to keep their files up to date.

He read all this and tore it up.
My husband served 20 years in the USAF and actually is a Viet Nam Veteran.

There is ALWAYS a price.


Anonymous said...

On a happier note, soon as I turned 52 , AARP was constantly mailing things to me or calling me.

I had a nasty woman trying to get me all signed up for funerals and burial .

She was told to never my call house again .
And yes, I reguarly tear and destroy their mailings to me.

When I am not destroying the ones to me, I do the same they send my husband.
AARP is so in bed with the DEM machine.

They were , back when Miss Hillary was up to her tricks in the early days of Bill's tenure in the whitehouse.


Mark said...

BTW, Z... Trying to convince Boxer and Feinstein to vote against Obamacare is indeed a daunting task.

But we must keep on trying, mustn't we?

Z said...

Mark, I think it's a lost cause!
I'm sorry...the first link on the page for Warner said REPUBLICAN, must be an old one!! Thanks for the clarification. ANd JOHN Warner was sen. from VA, right!? I"M CONFUSED! :0)'s hard to resist but we do NOTHING with AARP here, either.....imagine their not standing UP to this elderly (non)care part of the Obama package? They're so leftist they can't think our media..only older :-)

Mark said...

Z, John Warner was a Repubican (spelling intentional) Senator, now retired. Oh, and one time husband of Elizabeth Taylor.

Mark Warner (no relation) is a Democrat Senator from Virginia.

Anonymous said...

We have Warners in politics in West Virginia, too.

SOrry to add to the confusion.


Z said...

Well, Mark and time you're going to CONFUSE a girl...WARN-HER!! (OUCH!)

christian soldier said...

Phantom about says it all-
P and Z -We have been on a sloooooow slide for a long time --Bush was just part of it---few saw it because it was subtle ...

Now we have an avalanche and folks are waking up!!!!!

DaBlade said...

Great read phantom. As to this... "Every time I see that horse's ass Barney Frank on the television I start looking for a brick to throw." I suggest making it a nerf brick. That way you can enjoy beaning him over and over.

Jess said...

I am so glad I made you a permanent part of my morning reading! Rock on!

Ducky's here said...


This country deserves a quick death.

Z said...

I thought I'd add this that Heidianne (Biggirlblog on my sidebar) sent me this morning:

From a leader: "I'm just amazed they are so strong in what their beliefs are," Anderson said of the Tea Party members (who came to Cornyn's office to protest the healthcare overhaul). "With people being without health care, it's just hard to imagine people could be so against the plan [President] Obama is trying to put in place."

See, they don't know what's IN The package, they just believe and subtly propagate the bunk that REPUBLICANS DON'T CARE ABOUT PEOPLE. THIS is the stuff that's got to stop, folks, this ridiculous "all or nothing" JUNK.

Z said...

OH, poor Ducky..Can't you just talk about the points and stop the silly comments?

Is it SO daunting to talk about the valid suggestions in the post? Argue intelligently Ducky..>STOP BEING SO AFRAID OF SARAH, she's not going to bite you!

Z said...

Thanks, CS....Phantom's a good guy.

DaBlade, definitely, but the nerf doesn't QUITE give you the IMPACT! HA! Of course, Phantom misspelled Frank...Barney himself pronounces it FWANK!

Jess, I'm so glad to have you here...that made me feel great, thanks!!

Anonymous said...

If the suggestion that Sarah Palin in 2012 for president is an attempt at making fun of her, or people who support her, and suggests that Sarah or her supporters are , darn, what IS that word that Intellectual GIANT : B. Obama used?
Oh, got it...STUPID, that's the one, all I can say is too bad , for I think it has been proven that plain old common sense trumps the vastly over rated windy one who has been installed at the whitehouse.

Any so called executive leader who inserts such language about law enforcement officers, who help support him and this country, at national press conferences, really, needs to sit down and re think his act.

Pride does go before a fall.


Z said...

WV..good one.
I refer to Obama's terrible remarks ad "Murtha-esque" I know you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I think the health care system we have now is pretty pathetic. Not a popular view but there it is. I'm not able to come up with a solution, but letting the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies run the government position on the issue by making campaign contributions to the political tools up there in office seems a sorry way to fix it.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

There are many other ways to improve healthcare rather than trying to take down the entire system solely for the purpose of a governmental power grab.


Z said...

Hermit and're both right.

I don't see QUITE why the COMPLETE OVERHAUL of MY insurance is needed. I HATE my program (until I reach our huge deductible, then I'm happy as a pig in (@$&@*(#, but at least it's MINE and I know my good doctors a part of it and I feel self reliant and, okay, BROKE, for having to pay for it, but............COMPLETE OVERHAUL? WHY?

Mark said...

Hermit, America has no health care system.

What we have is a free market system, and Obama has been systematically dismantling the free market system since he was coronated in January.

He started with the banks, and insurance and AIG and General Morots and Chrysler, etc, and now, he's trying to do the same with health care.

Ducky's here said...

Now, let's have a little test.

Take a couple that doesn't have health insurance and say the husband applies for a job and is in consideration along with another man whose wife is employed and has health benefits.

The second applicant doesn't have to be offered health benefits since his wife has coverage so under the blue dog/republican bill that looks like it will pass ... the guy with no health coverage through his wife doesn't get the job because he's too expensive.

Gonna be a real winner with unemployment almost guaranteed to go over 10%. Should help to really put the screws to some folks.

Z said...

Ducky, can you even READ?
EVERYONE here wants change, positive, free market CHANGE.

Learn the facts, we all should, then come back and make your sweeping nasty slams, OKAY? Thanks

Always On Watch said...

Who Will Tell Michael J. Fox He Needs to Die?

I just finished reading his second book, BTW.

Always On Watch said...

You wrote to Senator Webb?

I learned a while back that he's totally aboard the BHO train.

Interesting that Warner wasn't as strongly aboard that train.

Z said...

Always, what a despicable, horrible nasty truism...who, indeed, will have to tell him and the millions like him?

MK said...

"If you want to help the 47,000,000 non-insured people and all the illegal aliens, then spend your time and money on creating a new system for them."

Exactly, but you see, that was never the real objective of those pushing socialized health, their objective is socialism, power and control over us and socialized health is just a means to their end.