Saturday, July 25, 2009

Horrible information............hard to take in

It gives me absolutely positively NO PLEASURE to post THIS. I feel it has to be heard. I feel these passages are revelations of what shaped our president and I ask that you hear his tone of voice in those parts where he's reading his book aloud, so 'matter of fact', so sure. No, this gives me no pleasure; as a matter of fact, it scares me for America.


Joe said...

" scares me for America."

And with good cause.

To me, the video was chilling.

What have we done!?

Z said...

Joe, I'm still trying to digest the video's meaning..the inferences, the negative feeling sucks the air out of a room. This is the President of the United States and he's none too fond of a lot of us.
I know there have been terrible racist things about America's past; I just wish Obama would say something like:

"My fellow Americans, I did say these things in the past, and I felt them, but I feel we need to move on now; we need to work together as Americans, not hyphenated Americans...we need to celebrate America and put HER FIRST here and around the world. We'll continue to help those around the world as we have, we'll continue to fight as we have.....selflessly, if we've seen injustice; Americans have fought in wars and died in wars and we need to remember and honor them all, no matter what color or creed.

My fellow Americans, this country was founded on Judeo Christian ethics and we need to continue celebrate and build on them, welcoming others who are happy to adapt to the American way of life."

See, folks? I have a dream, too. Z

christian soldier said...

there may have been slavery -the black africans were SOLD by black africans--
It was the WHITE CHRISTIANS-Wilberforce and et al who started the movements to but an end to slavery in the west...-STILL goes on in Africa and the mid-East---
No more apologies!

christian soldier said...

BTW-could only stomach 1/4 of the video of bho...

Anonymous said...

There is no reason to be shocked. This is not a revelation, it's consistent with Obama's associations, and his twenty years attending this church.

Too many believed what they wanted to believe, and heard what they wanted to hear.

Yes it is chilling, and we are supposed to feel guilty for things we did not do, and in fact have made every effort to overcome sins committed by others.

Because of paternalism, and condescension, as so amply exhibited by one Senator Boxer, we face resentment, and in some cases hatred from the black community.

However, I refuse to be a victim of racial hatred because I'm white. I also refuse to feel guilt. I'm tired. I'm sick to distraction of hearing how oppressed black people are. I've heard it my entire adult life.

No one oppresses black people except those black people who embrace victim status themselves, and the poverty pimps who have lived amd become wealthy off of instilling hatred, like Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Now, we have a President who it's always been clear is afro-centric, and it remains to be seen how much damage he will cause to America, with the help of the very people who still cling to the notion that black people need to be helped, and carried by the rest of us.

It is they, and President Obama himself who have little regard for the black race, because they still treat the black community as children who must remain on their plantation.

And, it is they, who have sinned, and should feel guilty for robbing an entire race of their dignity, and for not recognizing that the individual, no matter what race, is responsible for his own success or failure and only needs to use the tools available to us all.

Their sin is exploiting that race for their own gain. Power, and the misguided notion that they would be loved for it, as they held people back.


Anonymous said...

You do realize he was quoting his father in the book and audiobook, don't you? Jeez.

Z said...

No, Anonymous,I've read the Dreams of my Father book and this is Obama talking. It was not his father who related to the horror of having white blood in him, it was not his father's wife who said those things, please listen again.

Pris, Of course we have to refuse to feel the guilt; what I'm thinking about are incidents like Gates and what a perfect "entre" into victimization this opens again......the very idea that this was about race when Crowley is the head of Race Relations work within the department and has every Black cop in Cambridge on HIS side is pretty clear evidence that Gates and Obama were totally off.
Cosby said Obama lived in Cambridge for a while so he might know more than we do, you know what that implies. Also, Obama had something like 17 unpaid parking tickets in Cambridge; he clearly had little respect for law himself.

That Obama rushed to liberal elitist judgment about his buddy Gates was very disappointing.........

Deborah on the Bayside said...

I've heard all this during the campaign when Hugh Hewitt dissected the audio like the lawyer he is. Still unsettling, especially in light of his Gates comments.

He's right about one lesson he says he learned: race biting can make up for a host of limitations. Yessir - he learned that one well.

Always On Watch said...

I think I may have posted that video at some point, but I don't recall when or the title of my post.

Anyway, some of the material on that video helps us to understand why BHO took Professor Gates side so quickly over that over a white police officer's.

Anonymous said...

I don't like videos that are cut and spliced. It makes me suspicious. I haven't read the book, either.

I'm glad you've read the book, Z. It's best to have the whole picture.

The comments about his grandmother early on in the campaign were quite disturbing to me. Anyone who considers somebody "a typical white", typical black, typical...anything, has HUGE issues to begin with. It's groupthink at it's worst and it shows weakness of character.

Z said...

Good point about the generalizations, Jen.

The video's spliced, but it's not like context is's just one after the other of pertinent things from Obama's mouth, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

If he's stating his beliefs then yeah, it's totally pertinent.

Anonymous said...

Why are you all surprised? He abandoned his "white" roots long ago. Do you think he would have won if he had run as a white man? This is just the militant, ACORN, black in tan man coming out.

I think Gates learned that the tapes would be released of his insults spewed on the cop. I hope the cop tells barry to stick the beer up his ass and let the tapes get out.

And...does anyone think Harvard will discipline the racist Gates since he represents harvard as a "scholar"?

Law and Order Teacher said...

Chilling indeed. It just verfies my original opinion that Obama was celebrity cult pick that came about because a sufficient number of people wanted him to be something he had no intention of being: an honest, sincere man of change in a tumultuous world.

Instead, they got what a lot of knew. He is a vacuous, charlatan with no real plan to do anything of value. He has spent his career, such as it is running for president.

How were so many people taken in? Americans are suckers for celebrities and many are shallow with little knowledge of national and international policies.

Oh well, get out the violin.

Average American said...

Pinky and anyone else that hasn't read his disgusting books, you are more than welcomed to visit my blog and get yourself a pfd copy of either of them or both of them. I have past posts listed on the right side and they are both listed by the books names. The links are right there for your use. Both are free and both are disgusting!!!