Saturday, July 25, 2009

But, it's BAD for small business employees..........

Obama: Health care reform good for small businesses

That's the Yahoo homepage headline this afternoon.
Does Obama even CARE about the fact that small business employees will be having to give up their private plans because small businesses will be going to GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE!? That might be great for small businesses but.... for their employees? What is it about 'keeping your private plan if you like it?' HOGWASH, and anybody who can think knows that.

And WHY won't the Republicans remind people as to the plan Bush tried to implement, which was co-ops for small business owners...?...into PRIVATE GOOD HEALTH CARE, not rationed, government-controlled horrible messes? Co-ops are a fabulous idea and Republicans on the Hill have other good ideas like that...but who's HEARING THEM?

Do you see what's happening here? OBAMA gets the INK...the AIR WAVES. He says it and people hear it and don't question it with the facts in the bill....and he and his 3 professional TV news producers in the White House now it, too. Why do YOU think he's on television so often even though Americans are noticing and commenting negatively on it? IT WORKS.

We need to stop this but I just don't see how.

By the way, it's too small to read here, but I hope you've heard how they're prohibiting Republicans from getting this information to the public.
Click HERE for the details.



Deborah on the Bayside said...

It's hard to keep lying when faced with the facts.

I heard HHS head Kathleen Sebelius laughably hemming and hawing in response to a reporter's question about the CBO's estimate of the gargantuan costs of a program being touted as saving money in the long run. The bill's a 'work in progress' don't ya know.

Oh, for a tuppence for ev'ry lie they spin.
I'd be a millionare in the end!
But then my status would get the ax
When face to face with O's health care tax!

Anonymous said...

Of course I guess Obama thinks higher taxes and higher minimum wages are good for small businesses too?

When he said he wanted to pattern the federal government after California, he wasn't kidding!

Absolutely Mr. President, what better way to bankrupt the country. We love IOUs here in California. But then, that's the plan isn't it?


Susannah said...

"We need to stop this but I just don't see how."

I'm with you, sister! The more I hear of this, the worse it sounds. It's really, really scary.

Heaven help us!

Z said...

Deborah, nice verse, thanks!

As for Sebelius, every time I see her she seems so very uncomfortable, almost guilty and so unsure. It could be my imagination but it's weird.....she's no dummy; I believe they're being told to do their jobs with very little backup for the information they're told to spew.

Pris, yes, imagine if Congress got IOU's? That might (MIGHT) wake them up. Higher taxes and higher min.wage...yes; soon, no more small businesses; GOVERNMENT RUNS IT ALL.

Susannah...we just have to stop it...thank goodness lots of the Dems feel the same way.
I'm afraid they're going to keep tweaking and tweaking and we'll never know what's actually in the bill.........

Always On Watch said...

This administration has the mainstream media in its hip pocket. That was true even before the election and is truer now.

As for the final paragraph of this posting, I find that detail absolutely maddening.

Ducky's here said...

Ah, the famous right wing war cry --- "It's bad for small business".

It's already bad for them and most don't provide coverage. Now, unless you give people a public option it's going to be a problem.

Our health delivery system has a problem - the costs are rising so quickly its sending us to the poor house. So what does Obanarama do? He decides to pour more money into the system. That'll show 'em!!! That'll control costs.

The insurance companies and big pharma are lovin' this right wing douche. Bought and paid for.

Yeah we need to stop it but we need to stop the insurance companies first. Ain't gonna happen as long as you nice polite right wing suckers think Obamarama is a leftist.

We need to control costs --- so he gives the insurance companies more money. And you fall for it.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Here's a link to Doug Giles' column on OBH lies - The Dawning of The Age of Nefarious.

"This guy has taken lies, hype and spin to an all-new human level. I hear Beelzebub is jealous." The first 3 lies are on health care - and worth a read.

Z said...

Deborah...will see that later, thanks so much, eager to read but busy right now.

So, Ducky, what's your plan?

Z said...

I just read your piece, Deborah......Obama said THIS? “You haven't seen me out there blaming the Republicans.”

All he's said is how he inherited this economy a thousand times!!! How the Republicans are the PARTY OF NO...he's implied in 1000 ways, too, how we have to MOVE ON...URGENT...STOP THE HOLD UPS...oh, brother.

Super lyric there, too!

LET THE THUG SLIME IN...for sure. Imagine saying that about an American president? It's very, very unseemly, but the way he's behaving is so far more unseemly that..well......if the lyric fits...

Chuck said...

The media needs to stop regurgitating this whole "it's not socialized medicine" nonsense. Every time I hear something new about it, the more it sounds like socialized medicine.

As far as the GOP being stopped from mailing out the flow chart, that's not entirely true.

While it is true that the Dems are stopping them from mailing it out on the public dime, they can't stop them from mailing it on their own.

They need to milk this a bit to embarass the Dems and then mail it out on their own AND include the information on how the Dems attempted to prevent the public from hearing the info.

Instead, as usual, they are going to sit around and whine.

Z, you know I am not being critical of you, I am just getting frustrated with the GOP for not putting up at least the barest of resistance.

Elmers Brother said...

if the government wants to control costs start enforcing our immigration laws and going after medicare fraud

Anonymous said...

Oh my Ducky, first it was bad ol' wall street, then it was the bad ol' auto companies, now it's the bad 'ol insurance co.s and of course the bad ol' pharmaceutical co.s.

Add to that, Big oil, Big tobacco, and bad ol' Haliburton and my gosh, that about covers it!

What the hell, let's just 86 all those companies that provide jobs and grease the economy.

But, wait a minute, what about Goldman Sachs which is all over the Obama administration!

Oh, and what about GE who has the blessing of the President and is setting up the infrastructure for guess what..........The Government Healthcare Program!! Imagine that.

Healthcare hasn't even passed, and yet Ge is very busy in the administration. Amazing, isn't it?

It's just as though the American people don't matter at all. If we don't want universal healthcare, well, it doesn't matter.

It's about power, control of the people, and whatever the left wants. And the left wants to destroy America.

So, save it Ducky, you're so full of it, and we're on to you. My fondest dream is that we'll be your worst nightmare!


Z said...

GOod job, Priscilla..facts, as usual...they blind some people, don't they. Then again, MOST people don't even HEAR the truth with our media's lack of integrity.

Elbro: INDEED! Very well said.

Chuck...I share your frustration. Our own VERY liberal doctor asked Mr. Z the other day "WHERE are the REPUBLICANS? They have to FIGHT THIS HEALTH THING!" Ya, after he voted for THE ONE.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Ducky, did you read Z's column? Republicans offered several measures to help small businesses.

Most people who work for small businesses tend not too stay too long. So if they have company private health care plan, once they leave they'll never have that option again. It's government health care for eternity.

Z, I don't think Obama cares about small business at all. He wants to be President of everything and that includes our health. There is nothing small that Obama admires except the "little people" and Papa has plans for them.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

There is only one way for the government to reduce costs in the health care system: tort reform. There is only one way for the government to control costs in the health care system: rationing of supply.

Which would you prefer?

I don't get it. I realize the current US health care system needs some changes, but does the government actually think it can manage it better? Does the government actually think it can afford this?

I live in Canada. I know all too well how the government manages our doctors, nurses, hospitals, wait times, access to tests, and access to specialists.

I know if I were the American dictator, my instinct would be to get out of the business of a helluva lot of things.

Department of Education: gone.
Czars for this and for that: all fired. DLTDHYOTWO.
Income tax: replaced with an ad valorem tax on goods and services (bye-bye IRS!).
Regulating the amount of water a toilet can use per flush, and other micromanaging lunacy: finished.
Annual federal budget not to exceed $1.5 trillion in 1999 dollars for the rest of eternity.
Things you cannot afford you either drop entirely or leave to the States.

Think of the files that could be burned! Think of the time that could be freed up, on one end by government officials having less to worry about, and citizens having few interventions from the government to worry about.

That's why I don't get what these guys are doing. They want to grow and increase their own workloads, when their instinct should be telling them to do the opposite.

As to how to stop this health care takeover from happening: make the lives of your Representatives and Senators a living hell. Bomb them with letters, petitions, e-mails, telephone calls, and demands for face-to-face meetings with concerned citizens who are mad as hell, and are not going to take it anymore. Be relentless - don't let them or their poor staff have a minute of peace. Turn off the tap of donations to those in either party who refuse to toe the line. Petition your State to pass the Federalism Amendment to the Constitution.

Fight. Sometimes freedom is ceded by one party to another, but usually it is won when one side takes it from the other.

Anonymous said...

So tell me why the Republicans should have to pay for those mailings?
How dare the Dems censor them.

And by the way, there are certain companies who are so in bed with the Obama administration in this health care crap.

I read today that Obama's monopoly czar ( and I ain't talking about the board game from Parker Brothers)is very busy trying to find ways to break up big businesses like airlines and so forth.

So please, don't anyone try to tell me Obama is trying to help America with his forced socialized medicine, people.

Four years in England showed me socialized real up close and personal.

We do have great medical care in this country .Yes, it can be incredibly expensive, so there have to be some serious attempts at fixing THAT but that does not give the Obama and his cronies the right to run rough shod over AMerican Citizens and demand they sign up and surrender every ounce of privacy they have.

My gosh, how many times a year do we hear yet another federal agency has been hacked into?

The thought of the federal government mailing me notices that I need to be checked for a pap smear or any other maintainance procedure just burns me up.

How can anyone enjoy such insulting treatment.

Back in 1976 , I watched a sci fi movie called : Logan's Run.
Remember that one??

Well, I am way past 30 years of age now, don't know if I could still "run".

This is one person who is contacting congressmen and senators and making her voice heard.

I realize the WON has the majority in both houses, but I have just begun to fight .


Radio Man said...

I agree with Ducky, I wouldn't argue the merits of gub'ment healthcare on how it impacts "small business".

Republicans have to quit falling for this Dem rope-a-dope strategy of arging over details rather than the issue as a whole.

Ducky knows full well that anyone with a brain bigger than a pea understands that government isn't going to offer cheaper/better anything.

So let's attack the bigger issue: We hold this truth to be self-evident that it is NOT within the purvue of the federal government to provide mandatory health coverage. Period. End of sentence.

These left-wing jackasses aren't listening to ANY arguments about the merits of private healthcare. They aren't offering a "service", rather, it's an all out asaault on private enterprise, i.e., private property.

This fight is about human liberty. It's time for all good conservatives to put down the word processors and pick up the pitch forks. I say let the left-wing thugs feel the pinch of sharp steel under their throats.

One day we're all going to wake up and they will have smashed the American Dream. Fight them!

Radio Man

Z said...

Hey, Radio Man, good to see you here!! xx

MY POINT is that it impacts US when the president tells LIES about how his plan will impact small business and its employees...that's an impact I do feel worthy of discussion, don't you?

I think the American Dream might be snatched back from the socialists for ten years, then the good guys who still understand the constitution and who love America will die off and we've got generations who don't even know what the constitution IS. I generalize, but........
That's what scares me.

Susannah said...

Oooooh, so many good thoughts & comments here! I'm especially encouraged by you feisty people who've told me what I can DO!

Isn't there a website that has all the 'contact info.' for Congress? I think I'll go find it...

MK said...

"OBAMA gets the INK...the AIR WAVES."

Which is why i am pessimistic about where the world is headed. Too many people out there think that they can trust the MSM. Battling the left is an uphill battle because they have the deck stacked in their favor.

dmarks said...

I see that here Ducky is repeating the claim that left-winger Barack Obama really isn't a leftist just because Ducky says he isn't.

Obama is a typical leftist in that he advocates more control of matters by ruling elites and less control of matters by the people (the ruled). Leftism is all about concentration of power in the hands of those who rule.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

But good for the racial grievance industry. pg. 909.

BTW, small business is THE employment engine of the nation. So I think that makes it a legit argument from the pragmatic side, but (agree with Radio Man) not the primary focus of issue. Too much of that just makes the pols add "yeah-buts" to the bill that carves out ridiculous exemptions for the squeeky wheels.

Anonymous said...

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