Monday, July 6, 2009

"My comrade, Barack" Funny, that's how I've been viewing him lately, too!

The European press is talking about how naive Obama has been lately, particularly in his relations with Russia so far, the 'subject du jour' since Obama is there in Russia right now. One of the things they've commented on is how, in April, Medvedev referred to Obama after their first meeting as "My new comrade".

I got to thinking of "My friend Vladimir.." remember? And I wondered how much this had to do with THAT. Is it a little jab or are they just really hitting it off, ol' Dimitry and Barack? The picture's kinda CUTE, isn't it? That's from THIS visit.

Let's hope Obama's not too different on the missile shield than Bush was....because here is a sentence from the first linked article which should give us, and all of Europe, pause.. "The Russian president contrasted Obama as "totally different" to his predecessor George W. Bush, whom he blamed for the "mistake" of US missile shield plans fiercely opposed by Moscow."

And then there's THIS today....Russia and the US are going to reduce the world's two largest nuclear stockpiles by as much as a third........I don't know about you, but I'm thinking I'd be saying "I'll show you MINE if you'll show me YOURS"? Will this leave Iran with THE biggest nuclear stockpile? Or N. Korea? naaaaaaaa


Anonymous said...

This agreement for Russia to allow the US to use Russian land and airspace for our war in Afghanistan has me curious.

It's hard for me to believe Russia would allow this access without getting something in return.

What that concession might be is anybody's guess at this moment.


Z said...

Good point, Pris...who knows, indeed?

I just hope it's not "We'll take our missile defense program away if you..." We can't be THAT trusting and stupid. Will history EVER educate this new president? Will he EVER get it?

Ducky's here said...

It's hard for me to believe Russia would allow this access without getting something in return.


I know, bummer. We should have just gone ahead and violated their airspace.

Z said...

Ducky, please grow up. Nobody was violating air space, more's the pity.
When are you ever going to put our country first? EVER?
It must turn your stomach to live here...just turn your stomach.
I hope so.

Tony C said...

My guess is the Russian plan on reducing their stockpiles via Iran and North a profit of course.

Don't trust the Russians! How many times do we have to learn that lesson?

beamish said...

Saudi Arabia recently announced that Israel may cross through their airspace if they want to do a bombing run on Iran's nuclear facilities.

But, it's pretty sad when you're the President of the United States of America and you go to meet the leader of the Russian Federation and Putin sends a flunkie to meet with you.

Anonymous said...

I think Bo agreed to give up Park Place in exchange for Statist Avenue. Just a SWAG on my part.

Anonymous said...

"I know, bummer. We should have just gone ahead and violated their airspace."

Ducky, did I say that?

Is it possible you could, just once, quit playing bait and switch and address what I did write? If you can't, that would be understandable since you're incapable of real world comprehension.

Mustang - Oh my, not Park Place!I'd settle for giving up B&O railroad!


cube said...

God only knows what the US is giving to the Russians with BO at the helm. Trust but verify isn't a part of his creedo.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Poland may have just been placed squarely on the altar. Great question, Pris. Russia won't give up anything to the US and Poland may have been the bargaining chip. We'll see in the coming days. Hope's are that the damage can be undone by the next president.

Leticia said...

This is wrong in so many levels! BHO is definitely naive and has no idea what he is getting into or what he is doing. Truly frightening scenario.

shoprat said...

Naive is the nicest thing I could call the ignorant buffoon in the oval office. I wish he was merely naive and not destructively hateful toward everything American.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Obama has no lack of self-esteem. This is the result when teachers keep telling their mediocre students how bright and gifted they are. Combined with innate narcissism, he is a dangerous man to place in the White House. In spite of this, he is na├»ve about the real world. But lets do give him credit when it is due … he knows what he is doing; he is out to break the back of the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

Ducky if you had half a brain it'd be lonely. The Russkies are going to play Obambi like a fiddle. Lord how they must be laughing their heads off at how easily the man-child caved in to them. I'm telling you, Obama is going to deliver this country on a leash to an envious world. If we survive the next three and a half years of this clown we'll envy the way Cubans live. Johnnymac.

Z said...

VERY sadly, I couldn't agree with any of you more.
I wish I could..sincerely, I do.

To watch the footage I just saw on CNN almost turned my stomach. And then to hear that Obama has given up our creating NEW NUKES to test to replace the old ones Russia will allow us to have?

HOLY @#$&()*$#&

Brooke said...

We are so, so screwed.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I just ordered fifteen 55-gallon drums of KY Jelly.


DaBlade said...

This deal is useless window dressing for the libs and Obama'smainstream media lapdogs who don't have the brains of Michael Jackson's corpse. Now if they could forge an agreement to reduce stockpiles of teleprompters... I can dream can't I?

Z said...

Sam? Whoever you are, that is hilarious! It's going to take MORE THAN THAT! always get the comic award, though! HA!

Maggie M. Thornton said...

I think Russia has suckered us in, set us up for 4500 fly-overs and then when the troops desperately need our shipments - guess what - blackmail underway.

Just loved the Obama snipe at Putin. His diplomacy cannot be shamed. He doesn't know shame.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

And then to hear that Obama has given up our creating NEW NUKES to test to replace the old ones Russia will allow us to have?

This brings to mind Obama's Senate Bill 2433 - known as the Global Poverty Bill - which sells us lock, stock and barrel to the UN. It goes far beyond transnationalism.

The "poverty" portion of it then joins the UN Millenium Development Goal. The goal is to disarm everyone but the UN. The goal is to also DISALLOW any and all weapons technology.

While this is far-fetched, Bush bought none of it. Obama liked it so much he created his own bill.

It's been sitting there festering - waiting until Obama has the power to make it happen. Everyone thinks this is just about poverty.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think he can bring this about, but we must remember that he is behind everything in the UN MDG. I'm ranting. I get really wound up about s.2433 and its ties to the MDG.

Z said...

Maggie, he SURE doesn't know diplomacy, either.

And yes, Bush wouldn't buy into it because it's so against America.

Another thing this guy Obama doesn't know about.

MK said...

There goes the missile shield, another ally betrayed, another enemy appeased. Well done lefties, your lord and savior is doing you proud.

Mark said...

I believe, although I may remember it wrong, but didn't a Democrat President try to get the Soviet Union to reduce their stockpile of Nuclear Weapons before?

I think it was called the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Seems I remember the Soviets agreed to it, but didn't actually do it. In other words, they lied to try to get the United States to drop their guard.

I don't know. It was long ago and I am getting old. I may be wrong.

Fortunately, The United States didn't trust them as much as Obama does.

Always On Watch said...

At best, BHO is an idiot, particularly if he believes that Russia will not first look out for her own interests.

Z said...

Boy, I read the last 3 comments here above this and I could cry with frustration! it's impossible yet we're living this nightmare.

Misfit410 said...

Don't mind Ducky, he still thinks Obama's stimulus is actually working, not sure what Rock the Duck lives under.

Anonymous said...

Mark - The treaty was originally called SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty).

It was changed under Reagan to START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty).

There were reductions under START. If you'll remember, Reagan's "trust but verify", when the treaty was signed.