Friday, July 24, 2009

Walter Cronkite and the Fairness Doctrine?

Well, he said something quite prophetic; something I believe in:

In this Sept. 30, 1971 file photo, Walter Cronkite testifies before a Senate sub-committee on freedom of the press in Washington. Cronkite said government control over broadcasting is like a threatening axe hanging over the industry. Famed CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite, known as the 'most trusted man in America' has died, Friday, July 17, 2009.

Fast forward to the 21st century: Conservativ radio might be threatened with government control over radio...............I wonder if he still felt that way when he died?
I think you'll like Priscilla and Klaus's exchange below....please take a look and weigh in. z


cube said...

I don't know how Cronkite felt about this before he died, but I do know that when liberals talk about 'free speech' they make certain exclusions for speech which doesn't agree with their world view.

I don't like Air America so I don't listen to it. Liberals hate Rush and the dems want to ram government control over talk radio. All the while talking about being for free speech. it's enough to make me shake my head.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

I too wonder if Cronkite was impartial enough, once out of the spotlight, to see what has happened to free press in America. I wonder if he felt that liberal radio should have government support to make it work. I wonder if he saw NPR as just that - government radio.

Ducky's here said...

The Vulgar Pigboy been on about the Fairness Doctrine again?

Damn z, pretty soon the libs are going to cancel everyone's subscription to National Review and force them to read the New York Review of Books. Right?

Right wingers are such drama queens.

Z said...

Maggie, I doubt he'd have seen it;
I have a conservative friend who took me to lunch with her very lib daughter about 2 years ago...the daughter was staying with her Mother...she said she had her mom listening to NPR while she's there instead of the conservative talk she usually listens to...
I said "does it bother you it's only liberal radio that's subsidized by the government?....would YOU consider it fair if you had to PAY FOR SEAN HANNITY? Just wondering..."

She said nothing.

Cronkite wouldn't recognize or care that we subsidize Bill Moyers or other liberals; The left is becoming more and more Machiavellian..."Americans need to realize conservative values are gone and get on track with us...whatever that takes" ..seems to be the message.

Cube...if shake your head's all, you're doing better than I am!! xx

Z said...

Ducky, WHY ARE YOU SO DARNED AFRAID? What causes your vitriol?

I deleted you the other day and I'll do it again. "Vulgar Pigboy"? I don't know who you mean, but if you consider calling anybody that for not agreeing with the Fairness Doctrine, that says more about you than it does about that person.

Is it because you fear what you're seeing? That you actually see what your left's doing and even YOU are getting suspicious? That can be the only answer.

Stop the name's my site, remember? Thanks

Ducky's here said...

Vulgar Pigboy = Rush "Talent on Loan from Synthetic Morphine" Limbaugh.

It's a common term on the left.

beamish said...

It's a common term on the left.

It's true. Just the other day the leftist Kim Jong il pulled North Korea out of the six-party talks demanding that America replace SecState Hillary Clinton with someone (anyone) less "vulgar and unintelligent."

Now how the leftists in the Obama Administration are going to find someone non-vulgar and intelligent within their ranks when it's far more easy to extract a quantum physics dissertation out of a pipe wrench is anyone's guess, but there it is.

Z said...

Then I was right,'s common (very common, I might add) to call names of people who scare us and who shine light on our lack of integrity, our lack of will to consider another side.
Because someone disagrees with us doesn't give license to name-call...I thought you lefties were all OVER PC, what's up?

beamish said...


You should be ashamed of yourself.

Asking a leftist to string together a coherent, intellectual thought is as cruel as challenging a blind paraplegic to a game of Twister.

Ducky's here said...

Is that pipe wrench displaying wave or particle behavior, Farmer?

Ducky's here said...

z, believe me, a group of people deciding their are just going to shut it down and not think doesn't scare me. Saddens me yes, but the right doesn't scare me.

heidianne jackson said...

z, just like with all things liberal the double-standard is alive and well on the name-calling protocol. republican (or conservative, makes no difference to the left) does something such as have an affair or hands out political favors or advocates constitutional ideals and they are evil and supject to all manner of personal attacks. democrat (or liberal) has an affair or lies under oath or hands out political favors or advocates the shredding of the constitution and he's a national hero.

yes rush limbaugh had a problem with prescription pain medication. he was never a hypocrite because he didn't ever speak against people who were also drug abusers. if he were a voice for the left, he'd be a brave soul who overcame a difficult affliction. instead he's evil because he didn't run and hide in shame that he's human.

and i'm not sure cronkite would have a problem with the fairness doctrine. he was after all an advocate for the libs and brought about our humiliation in abandoning a winnable war...

cube said...

I have moments where my frustration with the liberals goes beyond shaking my head. I do prefer to keep a cool head, though, because I think better that way.

Steve Harkonnen said...

"Right wingers are such drama queens."

Duck, that's like the rat calling the mouse a rodent.

Z said...

Ducky, what the hell does that mean about 'shutting down'? WHAT?
And, trust me, I knew exactly that you meant Rush, but it was good to see you reveal the nasty liberal mind, thanks.
The Right doesn't SCARE you? Then something's up with've been over the top even more since YOUR HERO got elected. weird..positively weird.

Cube, I know what you mean; it's so difficult sometimes to stay cool ...Americans watching their country fall apart isn't fun, to say the LEAST.

Steve, welcome home! Got to get to your blog for a nice post on England...I hope you've got it ready! (i'm a big anglophile!)

Heidianne, SUCH a good point; Voices on the left, the mentally and emotionally crippled, dependent, but OH so COOOOOOL because they were REALLY hot shoes or were in THE LATEST film, get BOOKS written about addiction "I was an addict but I'm not anymore, where's the applause?"

Rush gets sick enough to need to hide his getting of pain killer and he's looked at as a thief and's so typical.

Beamish, I keep trying. :-(

Anonymous said...

My my, all this vomit being spewed about the harmless, loveable fuzzball called Rush.

Well, goodness, he is just one man.
He has a mere 3 hours on radio.

The WON has legions of television stations and scores of teleprompters, so , come on , lighten up on poor old Rush.

Besides, Rush is making so much money, he is incredibly patriotic to have so much there for the left to tax.


Anonymous said...

Ducky, you know why the right doesn't scare you? It's because you know we wouldn't rob you of your freedom.

It's not the right who would try to control your life, or comfiscate your wealth.

It's the right who would respect the constitution and not interfere with your rights.

It is not the right which plots to oppress.
It's not the right which schemes to keep the people ignorant, or has the need to micromanage your life.

Finally, it's not the right who would rob you of your expression of faith as a Christian.

Scared? Of course you're not scared of the right, why would you be?


you dig your heel into our necks, and think you'll keep us down, and rob our children of their future, and their freedom. Then, and only then, maybe you should be scared.


Z said...

BRAVO, tell 'em, Girl!!

WVDOTTR....I keep telling Ducky he seems more scared of THE RIGHT now than he did before THE LEFTWINGERS started ruining our country with exactly all the things he loves..go FIGURE!

dmarks said...

The Left devotes so much attention to trying to censor Rush Limbaugh. That is fine with me. It diverts attention from actual Republicans who are in government doing necessary work.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Bravo Pris!

And more on the avunculuar termite. Quoting IBD, 7-20-09. "Far from the image of the patriotic war correspondent, Cronkite was a World Federalist who couldn't wait for what was called "the American Century" to end.

In a profile by Newsday TV writer Verne Gay in the Jan. 21, 1996, issue of Los Angeles Times Magazine, Cronkite spoke of his dream for America. "We may have to find some marvelous middle ground between capitalism and communism."

Three years later he accepted the Norman Cousins Global Governance Award and said "we must strengthen the United Nations as a first step toward a world government" and that "Americans will have to yield up some of our sovereignty."

He worked hard to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in Viet Nam (clueless about the Tet Offensive). And was still at it. Wonder how things might have worked out if he wasn't protected by the un-"fairness doctrine" that gave him a free hand to betray our trust without serious competition.

Z said...

Deborah, it's unbelievable...a guy who said that about capitalism and communism and he's SO REVERED.