Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Faith Blog.......another break from POLITICS!

"Come unto me, ye weary, and I will give you rest
O blessed voice of Jesus, which comes to hearts oppressed
It tells of benediction, of pardon, grace and peace
Of joy that has no ending, of love that cannot cease....
And whatsoever cometh I will not cast him out
O patient love of Jesus which drives away our doubt
Which, though we be unworthy of love so great and free
Invites us very sinners to come, dear Lord, to Thee"....from the hymn

"Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the lord is kept safe." Provers 29:25

Things are getting tough in America......for all of us..........hymns and Scripture like this really help. Have a blessed Sunday...Mr and Mrs Z



Sue said...

Thank you, Z, for this wonderful reminder...

In the midst of all the madness and chaos, lies, uncertainty and everything this world has to offer right now, we are to look to our Lord as our only source of refuge.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Always On Watch said...

I'm sure that you're familiar with the related aria from Handel's Messiah. I hear that music every time I hear the words Come unto me, ye weary, and I will give you rest.

I took a different kind of break from politics today at my site. As you know, I've had cars on the brain for the past week or so.

Matt Rose said...

What a beautiful blog and picture.

Thank you

The Hermit said...

Hey, Z. I hope you and Mr. Z have a nice, quiet Sunday out there.

Matt Rose said...

In reply to your post on my blog...No I am not being 'tongue in cheek'
And yes, I am having a change of heart regarding my support for Barack Obama.
And yes, i do think that Truth101 is a Kool-aide drinker.

Z said...

Matt, I SURE don't agree with you on a lot (after looking at your blog just now) and I don't want to sound patronizing, i hate that....but I'll just say that you, my good man, have GUTS.

Someone who can say he's rethinking his vote for Obama on a conservative site's just asking for it (if you get my drift).

I just hope everyone treats you with the respect that honesty deserves and not "I told you so".... Frankly, i hate it when people whose political ideologies I don't agree with are this reasonable..makes me question their disagreements with my way of thinking more seriously, not just 'write them off because they're a kool aid drinking lefty'.I hate to admit it but that's the truth!!!......thanks for helping me think there's HOPE (you should pardon the expression!! heh!)...

Matt Rose said...

Be my guest and link it, trust me I can take it.

As for your question, "
So, do we fight this socialism?"

The way we put him in is the same way to get him out.

We can only do it at the ballet box.

Maybe it's time to re-do my blogs side bar.. :)

Z said...

I'm linking it, then. I'll set it for about 2 pm LA time ....and let the games BEGIN!

Re: your sidebar? DON'T TEASE ME, MATT !(smile)

christian soldier said...

OK-Z-My Sunday Faith blog is a little more on edge than yours-thanks for visiting anyway! :-)

Anonymous said...

As I look at this wonderful scene probably early morning, with the water like glass, no doubt an occasional fish boiling up out of the water, I picture Mr. Pris and I sitting on the bank with our fishing lines in the water.

We sit quietly and take in the beauty of this place and just allow ourselves to become part of this gift from God.

I wish we were there, away from the daily worries, if only for a few days. A sort of renewal and a reminder of what true beauty is and how serenity feels.

Thanks for this Z, believe it or not, it helps.


Z said... was a good one!

Pris, I'm so glad. We need peace and calm and I looked for a LONG TIME for a picture that fit the amazing words in that glad you liked it, too.

WomanHonorThyself said...

stunning Z..ahhhhhhhhhhh peace!

Joe said...

Thanks. I need to start doing this, too.

Z said...

Joe, it's catching on and I'm so delighted about a Sunday Faith Blog!
CS is doing one, Susannah does sometimes, Mustang has a Sunday Reflections blog.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Hymns are my favorite worship. I can't sing a note but I sing in my head.

Beautiful Sunday blog Z, even though I didn't get here until Monday. Thanks.